Normani & 6LACK - Waves (Audio)
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  • Clayton Kisner
    Clayton Kisner

    I want to hear more come from Normani!!! You guys are right, not to many black females get great support. Normani certainly needs more support

  • Nora Boesem
    Nora Boesem

    wwur a yuejfghjfg

  • Malaika Costeggioli
    Malaika Costeggioli

    Thank God for the weekend I'ma go out with my friends, I'd rather let the liquor sink in Than the thoughts of you that I should not be thinking When I'm with someone else, it's feeling like I'm cheating I just might go off the deep end When I've had too much, can't shut me up, now when you start to creep in Know that everyone is sick of all my reasons, I I let you come and go like seasons First I blame you, then I want you Fucking hate you, then I love you I can't help myself, no When I have you, wanna leave you If you go, that's when I need you I can't help myself, no You come in waves, waves, waves Every hour, every day, day, day You come in waves, yeah I keep on going through the motions But we ended long ago, I should be numb to these emotions But you flood my memory just like an ocean, and And I was drowning in devotion First I blame you, then I want you Fucking hate you, then I love you I can't help myself, no When I have you, wanna leave you If you go, that's when I need you I can't help myself, no You come in waves, waves, waves Every hour every day, day, day You come in waves, yeah I come with ups and downs, yeah, I know If you tryna ride, ride slow Deep breath for the tide Hold tight for the stride, I can see it in your eyes I come with monsoons Made love on the full moon, yeah Wave like water, not a trend If we start it up then this'll be the end (start it up) First I love you, then I hate you I won't dare try to replace you I ain't crazy, no (I ain't crazy, no) I'm ecstatic, then I'm sad On a high then I crashed 'Cause you made me so (damn) You come in waves, waves, waves (yeah, oh, yeah) Every hour, every day, day, day Oh, it's so bad that you come in waves You come in waves, waves, waves You come in waves, you come in waves Every hour, every day, day, day (yeah, yeah, yeah) You do, you do, you come in waves You come in waves, yeah, yeah, oh You do, you do, you come in waves Übersetzen in: Deutsch

  • Alma V
    Alma V

    C'est lourd wesh

  • Leroy Smith
    Leroy Smith


  • Natasha Ricci
    Natasha Ricci

    Cherish the day brought me here ❤ Love this song !

  • Saniece Robinson
    Saniece Robinson


  • RaspberryVina

    😍 good tune

  • Liyah Sunshine
    Liyah Sunshine

    I love this song so much!!😍😍😍

  • Valderice Silva Militão Custódio
    Valderice Silva Militão Custódio

    Si eu n tiver enganado essa música faz parte do filme cred 2 🤔

  • Billy Larkin
    Billy Larkin


  • Annastasia Myers
    Annastasia Myers

    Brings out my stripper side, oh God 🙃

    • Leroy Smith
      Leroy Smith

      What? Lolll. 😭😭😭😭😭🙌🏿🙌🏿

  • Anaston phillips
    Anaston phillips

    This woman is a really talented artist. I seen her in concert and it was truly amazing totally worth every penny of it. Hope she continues to glow up and become a greater artist.

  • Mic M
    Mic M

    This song is too good

  • hot cheetos
    hot cheetos

    Her voice gives me goosebumps

  • DollsWillBedolls

    This song is so dope and the video is so so amazing Normani girl you are a dang on Goddess ,so beautiful and Talented❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Boobi3 cloud
    Boobi3 cloud

    Tbh I think someone else should have sang this other then her

    • Leroy Smith
      Leroy Smith


    • T Omare
      T Omare

      Boobi3 cloud I agree with u maybe u right🤔, u can sing it better fool. U should have just sat down & eat ur food

  • La Ninfa Pimentel
    La Ninfa Pimentel

    It looks like she's going for a y2k aesthetic and I'm here for it!

  • 91clarie

    This is so much better than Motivation

  • Thea Charles
    Thea Charles

    My girlfriend YV love this song

  • Saniece Robinson
    Saniece Robinson


  • Jay Tern
    Jay Tern


  • Katelyn H
    Katelyn H

    by ‘waves’ she means you’re bipolar as FUCK. 😂

  • Sein Ololchoki
    Sein Ololchoki

    "but we ended long ago I should be numb to these emotions .." felt 🌊

  • r b
    r b

    I swear this had like 8 mil views...

  • Thea Charles
    Thea Charles

    I still don’t love that level of friendship treason#whiterum

  • TheSobtheoneandonly

    Well there is no music video (videos get more views) and there is so many ways to stream songs who's to say it's not big? I hear this song all over the radio.

    • TheSobtheoneandonly

      @Deshawn Sain I know.

    • Deshawn Sain
      Deshawn Sain

      She does have a music video out already out

    • TheSobtheoneandonly

      See her music video that's out now and you'll see the numbers lol.

  • G Wise
    G Wise

    I come with ups and downs yea I know. Listen world we all have baggage and demons withing our souls,so if you not gonna love a person for who they are or becoming keep it moving

  • Saniece Robinson
    Saniece Robinson


  • maria mont
    maria mont

    they look like a 90s movie cover

  • SirKassidy

    I love Normani!!!

  • Esther whosoever777
    Esther whosoever777


  • Malique Fleming
    Malique Fleming

    thats a dope cover picture

  • Iyonna Riggins
    Iyonna Riggins

    Fucking hate u then I love but I can help my self doe

  • prithvi bumia
    prithvi bumia

    No one's gonna appreciate mah man 6lack for this?! Absolutely love thsi guy. Such a soothing voice!

  • Talia Seays
    Talia Seays

    6. Lack. Is. Handsome. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🌺

  • Celeste Jimenez
    Celeste Jimenez

    Doja cat Candy vibes

    • Celeste Jimenez
      Celeste Jimenez

      Dee Joyce , I guess it’s my fault for not specifying what I meant. if you listen to Candy the beat has similar sounds. and I LOVEEE CANDY ! so when I heard this song it just was so satisfying. you don’t have to agree with me but again this is MY opinion . nobody was comparing them as artist :) because obviously they are different

    • Dee Joyce
      Dee Joyce

      No offense. I don't see similarities in these 2 female artist that you speak about. Not even with the songs they make. Normani is a pop/R&B singer. She's a classically trained dancer and gymnast. I do enjoy Doja's singing voice. But she is an alternative rapper. Both are very creative and have positive attitudes. They encourage other women which is inspirational.

  • Viktoria Dubenova
    Viktoria Dubenova


  • marilene brito
    marilene brito



    There voices work so good together

  • Nikki Gloom
    Nikki Gloom

    Girl you got fans in Turkey... my man loves this!!!!!!!!

  • Paulina Camarena
    Paulina Camarena

    nate and maddy from euphoria

  • Nick Alcantara
    Nick Alcantara

    has a beat similar to Gangsta by Kehlani

  • PAPA the BEAR
    PAPA the BEAR

    You're so beautiful and i want you to succeed so badly for all the little dark skinned girls. Please never change @normani

  • K B
    K B

    She’s great but her voice is too generic. It’s not memorable-like Rihanna for instance

  • moo.audios

    I love their outfits 💕

  • DayDay Ferguson
    DayDay Ferguson

    Y’all Really Slept On This Song🤦🏾‍♂️😭💯 #underrated

  • jassiegurll



    This is sexy Af , need to be on 50 shades of Grey the movies

  • Chetta Myrick
    Chetta Myrick

    Too fly 😍💯💞🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • YellowRain

    Here at 5.5 million *Im waiting for 1 billion down here*

  • Arames S
    Arames S

    Her eyes 😍

  • Saniece Robinson
    Saniece Robinson


  • Margret Mtonga
    Margret Mtonga

    July,2019 Anyone?!!

  • Zonnique Monae
    Zonnique Monae


  • anneka stevens
    anneka stevens

    These voices together! Genius

  • BR Harmomixer
    BR Harmomixer

    Normani !! High Note , Queen ..

  • 비솔라

    누나 멋있어요!

  • Mister Evans
    Mister Evans

    I fall in love with this music.

  • Taylor Downing
    Taylor Downing

    This song is so soothing. Now is it me or do you get an Aaliyah/Brandy vibe from this song.

  • Bri Colq
    Bri Colq

    Why are her views so small wtf

  • Realizashun

    The bass❤️😩

  • Silas Henrique
    Silas Henrique

    canta muito, meu deus que mulher maravilhosa

  • LyricalonDatrack

    This song is so dope

  • Keeya Wamuri
    Keeya Wamuri

    Queennnnn✨👑✨👑 always on repeat

  • Wicked

    Fuking lame..

  • Joaquim Lima dos Santos
    Joaquim Lima dos Santos

    não canso de ouvir... a mani é maravilhosa demais ✨💕🇧🇷

  • Lolita Chirrime
    Lolita Chirrime


  • Laveaux laveaux
    Laveaux laveaux

    Is there a Version of the song Without the guy??

  • Edwin Calderon
    Edwin Calderon

    "Thursday" - The Weeknd. that's the song