Normani - Motivation (Official Video)
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  • Tito Sutro
    Tito Sutro

    Why isn’t she releasing more music?!

  • #Ronaldo Meta e ficar Grande
    #Ronaldo Meta e ficar Grande

    Hello Brasil

  • Iain Wood
    Iain Wood

    This is video 16 out of 19 so a 3:45am(aka 2:45am) finish is on the cards but to make up the numbers I snuck in Ella Henderson and Mabel as it didn't make sense at I would been 2 video short of the required 19 so where is those 3 Rita Videos? so let the cool down begin with this track and let's get to the finish line of For You video before I declare this session over for tonight. So Motivation gets the full 100/100 from me.

  • Bruno Neves
    Bruno Neves

    Perfeita ❤

  • Liquid Cane Carthen
    Liquid Cane Carthen

    I play this like every other day... 🔥

  • Italo Arias
    Italo Arias

    I need a quarantine with Normani

  • CAI alv
    CAI alv


  • Aldon Valentine
    Aldon Valentine

    100 million come on


    90 milion

  • Yoboii Slick
    Yoboii Slick

    She's the best 🤩🤩🤩

  • Goofy Pitt
    Goofy Pitt

    Cool vid

  • Gorbash McIrishGuy
    Gorbash McIrishGuy

    Looks like she could kick a car over

  • Fun With Serenity !!
    Fun With Serenity !!

    When she pushes her eyebrows in tho....its so sexy🤤

  • Ramsés González
    Ramsés González

    Drag Race 🔥

  • Kyle Joseph
    Kyle Joseph

    Y’all! Let’s get this to 100 M views 😍🥵

  • Eduardo Rockwell
    Eduardo Rockwell

    This is so fuckingg gooooooooodddddd ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✨

  • Φαίδρα Δημητροπούλου
    Φαίδρα Δημητροπούλου

    What a hotie

  • Shawn Desouza
    Shawn Desouza

    Dammm shorty you bad keep it up u are adorable and love how u keep that body shining ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰

    • vitória silva
      vitória silva


  • Glamorous Girl
    Glamorous Girl

    Je t adore normani

  • Brian Terry
    Brian Terry

    Friends,be natural ,the crush is walking The friends:1:08

  • Vanessa

    She’s fit a hell, and her skin is flawless

  • Mauro Morales
    Mauro Morales

    This song reminds me of Check on it from Beyoncé.

  • IslanDmon_IT

    no words ;)

  • Itzel Casillas
    Itzel Casillas

    You go girl! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Moises Junior
    Moises Junior


  • Kong Flu
    Kong Flu

    black girl magic at its finest

  • Adrianna

    Who is Beyonce?....

  • Jose Arias
    Jose Arias

    What city is tht?

  • Gabriel Cancela
    Gabriel Cancela

    LA AMO❤

  • Gino WildFire.
    Gino WildFire.

    Interesenting. 🤔

  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams

    This song sounds exactly like the female part in Panic at the Disco's Miss Jackson. Catchy though!

  • EdgarFierce

    Here from seeing her on Drag Race. Sorry for living under a rock. This is great!😍😍

  • levy azul
    levy azul


  • Iain Wood
    Iain Wood

    So This is Video 32 out of 35 so with Only Rita left for tonight so a 2:45am finish is on the cards so as usual I will need the search bar for Rita's Anywhere track and hope that Ritual and For You are in the list, So Motivation gets the full 100/100 from me.

  • Editingtipschannel123

    Let’s go 90 million views

  • Melánia Žihlavská
    Melánia Žihlavská

    1:06 where's her other hoop???

    • Pepe The Frog
      Pepe The Frog

      😲 how’d u notice that omg

  • Agustin Almiron
    Agustin Almiron

    With Us, The new BEYONCE

  • Kaid B
    Kaid B

    I heard this on radio n thought Demi? No?! Wait?! Who

  • Bianca Pereira
    Bianca Pereira

    1. Love Lies 2. Waves 3. Motivation

  • Mikey Croker
    Mikey Croker

    The dude in this video is fukn insanely hot!

  • Iona Marques
    Iona Marques

    Someone do a tutorial with the entire coreography pleassssseeeeeee

  • Sheck z
    Sheck z

    Let's get this video to 100 million views during quarantine!!! 🔥👌

  • Ana Luísa
    Ana Luísa

    gnt a voz da ariana grande

  • Empire Of All Dice
    Empire Of All Dice

    2:15 best part for me 3:09 Second best part

  • Hey Phonsi
    Hey Phonsi

    If Ciara, Janet Jackson, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez had an orgie.

  • aldi hyuga
    aldi hyuga

    Normani Ny eksotis😍

  • Mrs. A-J
    Mrs. A-J

    I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕❤️😘💋❤️😘💗❤️❤️😘💕💕❤️

  • 나연ah

    This girl be movin' her daaaamn body and there's NO QUESTION ABOUT IT

  • Yusra Malam
    Yusra Malam

    it was great until the raining part. then it became a Nikki Minaj video

    • Pepe The Frog
      Pepe The Frog


  • Mega Metagross
    Mega Metagross

    Who is the guy model?

    • Deshawn Sain
      Deshawn Sain

      Mega Metagross his name is Maurice Lyndell

  • Laith Mazloum
    Laith Mazloum


  • Myia Steele
    Myia Steele

    Beyonce vibes in the beginning

  • William Manuel
    William Manuel

    The video describes for sure how we used to turn on the TV watch our favorite artist perform and dance while they sing. Normani's moves are so freaking hot and I live for her!!!! I just suscribed at the very first sight. IN LOVE

  • Maurice Williams
    Maurice Williams

    Damn she can dance her ass off.

  • Tian Yu Lam
    Tian Yu Lam

    This is just calling me flat in so many ways :’(

  • Lusia Amelia
    Lusia Amelia

    How is normani just so freaking stunning???

  • ManlyMan TheMan
    ManlyMan TheMan

    Was looking for a video to get me motivated to create some art stuff. how the heck did I end up here?

    • Iona Marques
      Iona Marques

      I bet she can give you a little motivation" 😁😁😁😁

  • Xavier

    She bodied that choreo tho 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Lady Gojo
    Lady Gojo

    Normani motivates me to workout.... I just dunno where to start coz Im busy dancing

  • Yanna Patrícia
    Yanna Patrícia

    I LOVE YOU NORMANI ❤️❤️❤️❤️🧚🏻‍♀️❤️

  • Beatriz Lima carvalho
    Beatriz Lima carvalho

    Love you😘

  • Adam Gray
    Adam Gray

    I'd like to see her Mainstream Airing

  • Torah H.
    Torah H.

    She reminds me that black is so fucking beautiful!!!🥰🥰🥰 Like why would you want to be anything else!! I stan!

  • Iain Wood
    Iain Wood

    This Is Video 31 out of 34 so with only Rita Left for tonight (Thank god for that) so Motivation gets the full 100/100 from me.

  • Rezki enggia putra
    Rezki enggia putra

    It is getting closer to 100M. Let's stream more

  • Emily Bailey
    Emily Bailey

    I can see where people say they get the Beyonce feel but for me all I'm seeing is Kelly Rowland with a touch of ciara

    • Shena Martin
      Shena Martin


    • Deshawn Sain
      Deshawn Sain

      Emily Bailey samee

  • Deshawn Sain
    Deshawn Sain

    If Normani ever did a song with Beyoncé it would blow tf up

  • Barbie Waifu
    Barbie Waifu

    Im learning this dance if it kills me.

  • Melina Gonçalves
    Melina Gonçalves

    Amei... Dança muitoooo... Linda Demais... 😍💖💖💖💖💖

  • Goofy Pitt
    Goofy Pitt

    She is so stunning!❤️🖤❤️