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My reaction to Normani and her new song and music video for Motivation

  • Itz your boi rhino
    Itz your boi rhino

    That's my gurl

  • B 27D
    B 27D

    Amazing I really like this song

  • Black Queen
    Black Queen

    Its not a stunt double....omfg..😂

  • Ethan Malek
    Ethan Malek

    I’m a huge fan love u Reigen ❤️

  • m Johnson
    m Johnson

    New to your channel I love your eye color...are they green?

  • Pedro Sodré
    Pedro Sodré


  • leilei love
    leilei love

    Love the reaction she is beautiful

  • Slh edn
    Slh edn

    This guy is too funny looool

  • Leonardo Aprigio
    Leonardo Aprigio

    Ele faz uns carão morde os beiços meu deus amoooo

  • honey Bae
    honey Bae

    Yes go my girl we got ur back damn ur incredible

  • Júnior Kioto
    Júnior Kioto

    Muito linda ela....❤

  • Amber Shane
    Amber Shane

    I luv how at the start he awkwardly starts to dance to her song LOOOL

  • Salam Kala
    Salam Kala

    Lmao he sweatinggggggg 😂he so turn on

  • Júnior Kioto
    Júnior Kioto

    l'm from Brasil. l love it all who's him... everything .. ❤ Quem é do Brasil da like ... viva ao mundo globalizado...

  • Whanau Girl
    Whanau Girl

    Motivation... Normasm

  • Efraín de Jesús Díaz Cañas
    Efraín de Jesús Díaz Cañas

    I really love how you smile 😍 your gestures and your emotion to see Normani ❤️

  • Mehmettt Ceylannn
    Mehmettt Ceylannn

    I love you hair 😘😘

  • Andrea Iquique
    Andrea Iquique

    The Normani's musical video it's amazing!!! I love it!!!

  • Stanlley Muniz
    Stanlley Muniz

    React Glória Groove feat IZA- Yo yo

  • Ivan Barrientos
    Ivan Barrientos

    You're gorgeous and so is Normani ♥️

  • Dionna Carter
    Dionna Carter

    2:46-2:50 is me anytime anyone mentions Normani.

  • BIlls Black
    BIlls Black

    Normani gave you your first 100k 😊🔥..

    • BIlls Black
      BIlls Black

      reigenmusic 😊❤️

    • reigenmusic

      ah i was watching that slowly but you're the one to break the news to me ... thanks for watching out :)

  • Dayna Ramjattan
    Dayna Ramjattan

    She's amazing ❤❤❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💃💃💃💃💃💃

  • OhLawd MyKids
    OhLawd MyKids

    It's like if beyonce and mya had a baby lol performance wise

  • Daphney Michel
    Daphney Michel


  • Thiago johann jhenner
    Thiago johann jhenner

    Love Love you brasil❤

  • Ellyn Nicole
    Ellyn Nicole

    Baby you enjoyed that

  • babesway

    you and her made me feel some sort of way with that LIP BITING I respect your sexuality

  • redlgihts

    you have the cutest reactions i'm in awe HAHAHAHAHAH finally someone i can relate to 🥺

  • Desmon Johnson
    Desmon Johnson

    Finally someone who gives a reactions when necessary and not just stopping the video every second and then yelling taking away from the excitement. Beautifully done.

  • Retro Causality
    Retro Causality

    Reminds me of Check on It.

  • miathapapaya

    Yup, this is how I reacted too, and a whole lot of "How is she sooooo gorgeous and dance so perfect?!"

  • Mylrog Theldem
    Mylrog Theldem

    He got red so fast😂😂 Calm down darl..

  • Carol Nicole And The Family
    Carol Nicole And The Family

    💜Hello my brother I’m new to TR-my. Can you please do an reaction video to one of my music videos which is on TR-my. Or can you react to one of my songs of my EP Carol Nicole The Intercessor, which is streaming on all music platforms. Thank you in advance. I love your reaction to Normoni music video it was everything. You have an amazing voice as well much to you my brother.

  • Nicolas Izzo
    Nicolas Izzo

    Check on it vibes!

  • lilly girl
    lilly girl

    Lolol look at all these people in the comments defending a chick they never met let alone even know. This is so ridiculous

  • Azakie Cruz
    Azakie Cruz

    new here

  • Felipe Patrocínio
    Felipe Patrocínio

    No dance boy, no dance 😂😂😂

  • Frank Liebgesicht
    Frank Liebgesicht

    White boy is shook ...

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business

    I just wanna say thanks for being my "as we say in gay" Trade. You're hilarious and hot af

  • Bíanca Pereira
    Bíanca Pereira

    and by the way, I watched Normani's video 15 times until now, the best in 2019, Normani brought us life this yeaaaar, yawwwww! ❤️

  • Bíanca Pereira
    Bíanca Pereira


  • Earl Abella
    Earl Abella

    I keep on Playing this EVERYDAY! I Stan Normani

  • enila pp
    enila pp

    Amei também❤

  • Samira Nurani
    Samira Nurani

    He is looking at her like he gonna masturbate

  • yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh
    yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh

    ariana grande made this song

  • chrischris571


  • Jonas Nascimento
    Jonas Nascimento

    React Urias Diaba please ❤❤❤❤

  • keith whitson
    keith whitson

    That was the reaction?

  • Tricia Charlton
    Tricia Charlton


  • Vuyokazi Qumba
    Vuyokazi Qumba

    Not my type of music but i sure as hell stan this girl...any black girl magic gets my support. She’s soo pretty, when u want to see a beautiful black woman check for the darker sister coz theyre fire.

  • angely peacelove8
    angely peacelove8

    React to doble corazon of Monica Naranjo pleaseee ❤❤

  • F. W
    F. W

    Lol at your reaction 😂😂

  • Antonio Carlos
    Antonio Carlos

    Please react to Urias - Diaba

  • Priscila Nascimento
    Priscila Nascimento

    Amo seus videos faz reacao da musica mc lan skrillex,troy boi,feat ludmilla ety dolla sing malokera 😍😘

  • Princess Sarah Productions
    Princess Sarah Productions

    2:42 *White People Dance Have Entered the Chat

  • Princess Faith
    Princess Faith

    That was her...she does her own stunts lol it’s crazy and I’m obsessed

  • rnaefaletui

    Ah, this gives me chills. Reminds me of MVs back in early 2000's.

  • Karen Emerson
    Karen Emerson

    Can't Help But Love the Video. I'm So I Excited for her. Normani is a Force.

  • GlamorousKiema

    😂😂😂 when you started dancing soon as the beat dropped

  • Nadine Simpson
    Nadine Simpson

    I enjoyed your reaction 😂 you was lit 🔥

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor


  • Lee

    This song and video reminds me of my childhood cause its giving me the early 2000 music video vibes. Normani and I are the same age, but daaaammn, she looks good haha.

  • super shit
    super shit

    It's like Beyonce's check on it

  • Jesus Roberto Marcondes
    Jesus Roberto Marcondes

    Um pouco de motivação é sempre bom 💙🌟🎷👑🇧🇷

  • Anthony Harris
    Anthony Harris

    Reminds me of Check On It by Beyonce, but this is a bop!

  • Yasmin88

    Great reaction! Thanks for letting the vid play😁

  • mrmalferrari

    Pure talent.

  • Christy R
    Christy R

    Cutest reaction!

  • Igor Henrique
    Igor Henrique

    Your so cute, howwww🤤