Normani - Waves (feat. 6LACK) (Official Music Video)
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  • Kagiso Makutle
    Kagiso Makutle

    She copied beyonce Apeshit moves

  • Bala Hormiga
    Bala Hormiga

    She is incredible and definitely deserves more accolades.

  • Net

    I know this video been out for a nice while now but I just have to say this is some beautiful art. You go girl!

  • no

    I will never forgive yall for not giving this song the recognition it deserved

  • Erika Rodriguez
    Erika Rodriguez

    She’s insanely gorgeous 💛

  • Suyon


  • Alexa Trejo
    Alexa Trejo

    Happy Birthday princess!!!! 👑 I love and look up to you so MUCH!!💜💜💜 You have so much talent, love, and courage in you. I'm so proud of you and I can't wait to see what you accomplish in the future!! Happy 24th Birthday mani🌃🌃

  • Sara V. Monteiro
    Sara V. Monteiro

    É um absurdo esse MV não ter 100milhoes ainda

  • Sara V. Monteiro
    Sara V. Monteiro


  • sbahle msomi
    sbahle msomi

    Back here again cus its her birthday 🎂🍫

  • Hamido Guindo
    Hamido Guindo

    حرم حرم

  • のノノ


  • jwinterph

    I'm a Normani fan and ill support her, just as I supported Alliyah. 😊😘

  • Queen Talia
    Queen Talia

    I’m shaking. This song is everything I’ve been searching for to send his ass... ughh.

  • Rushaine Hazeley
    Rushaine Hazeley

    Isn't this same rhythm kehlani sang on titled gangster listening to this song I get that same vibe

  • Angela Batlome
    Angela Batlome

    Who is here after what is happing to the world another innocent black men' life was taken away rip if you think racism must stop pls kindly like this comment #blacklivematter

  • Lorraine Wyatt
    Lorraine Wyatt

    I love this song so much ❤️

  • Annabug

    The visuals are everything

  • Nina busing
    Nina busing

    😍 I love her Normani

  • Princess Sayago
    Princess Sayago


  • Richard Meister
    Richard Meister

    Waves > Motivation, don’t even @ me

  • Mardawhere Stubblefield
    Mardawhere Stubblefield

    We need to start promoting more dark skin women

  • Asha Nwaki
    Asha Nwaki

    Why have I never heard of this song before?????

    • salvador trejo
      salvador trejo

      Her team sucks at promo.

  • Juan Thomas Alvarez
    Juan Thomas Alvarez

    "That's My Girl" 😎 I did not realize it was her until I landed on her Wikipedia page, had a curiosity where she came from with all that!

  • Evelyn Truman
    Evelyn Truman

    Check out this 'Waves' concept 👉 (adult)

  • Sandra Hudson
    Sandra Hudson


  • Lashaun Galbreath
    Lashaun Galbreath

    Dang! Tight! All I got to say

  • Fatoma Cell
    Fatoma Cell

    bessst songgggg everrr

  • xXEliminatorXx99

    I love these dark, moody songs. They hit different.

  • jonathan garcia
    jonathan garcia

    This is the type of genre that fits well for her 👌

  • Ramsés González
    Ramsés González


  • AshAllDay


  • Girl Power
    Girl Power

    Amazing Video

  • Tree Tree
    Tree Tree

    Sang girl 💯💯💯🙌🏿💪🏿

  • 12109babygurl

    Aww love this song

  • Angelica Spolowitz
    Angelica Spolowitz

    Nice song

  • Tiffanie Lucas
    Tiffanie Lucas

    First time listening to her and OMG she has an amazing voice.. such a beautiful video. 💜

  • Tristan Gage
    Tristan Gage

    I love you

  • Lu Petrakis Andrade
    Lu Petrakis Andrade

    this girl is complete, nothing more is missing.💋❤️

  • Sandra Hudson
    Sandra Hudson


  • 迫いくみ


  • 迫いくみ


  • love0the0fans

    I got chills when the beat first dropped like I've never heard this song before🔥

  • Mich K
    Mich K

    Yo this girl amazing:0

  • Olivia Acosta
    Olivia Acosta

    She has got to come out with more songs!!!

  • marah kalouti
    marah kalouti

    mani is a beautiful queen

  • Grant James
    Grant James


  • Kardelen

    Every shot of this video is honestly art...and the song is amazing to begin with. Normani deserves the world, honestly.

  • Sandra Hudson
    Sandra Hudson


  • diix Hernandez
    diix Hernandez

    Ella es espectacular🔥🔥🔥🔥😍

  • Noon Esam
    Noon Esam

    Normani you’re killing me here

  • Kira Patterson
    Kira Patterson

    She's bout to snatch the THRONE and I love it

  • Keep it 100 Xo
    Keep it 100 Xo

    I’m in LOVE with this song 💚

  • rupesh govinraju
    rupesh govinraju

    I hope he smashed that

  • Ramsés González
    Ramsés González


  • here lm
    here lm

    Normani ❤

  • Andrej Bogdanovic
    Andrej Bogdanovic

    Thank God for the weekend I'ma go out with my friends I'd rather let the liquor sink in Than the thoughts of you that I should not be thinking When I'm with someone else, it's feeling like I'm cheating I just might go off the deep end When I've had too much, can't shut me up Now when you start to creep in Know that everyone is sick of all my reasons, I I let you come and go like seasons First I blame you, then I want you Fucking hate you, then I love you I can't help myself, no When I have you, wanna leave you If you go, that's when I need you I can't help myself, no You come in waves, waves, waves Every hour, every day, day, day You come in waves, yeah I keep on going through the motions But we ended long ago, I should be numb to these emotions But you flood my memory just like an ocean, and And I was drowning in devotion First I blame you, then I want you Fucking hate you, then I love you I can't help myself, no When I have you, wanna leave you If you go, that's when I need you I can't help myself, no You come in waves, waves, waves Every hour every day, day, day You come in waves, yeah (You come in waves) I come with ups and downs, yeah, I know If you tryna ride, ride slow Deep breath for the tide Hold tight for the stride I can see it in your eyes I come with monsoons Made love on the full moon, yeah Wave like water, not a trend If we start it up then this'll be the end (Start it up) First I love you, then I hate you I won't dare try to replace you I ain't crazy, no (I ain't crazy, no) I'm ecstatic, then I'm sad On a high then I crashed 'Cause you made me so (Damn) You come in waves, waves, waves (Yeah, oh, yeah) Every hour, every day, day, day I hate so bad that you come in waves You come in waves, waves, waves You come in waves, you come in waves Every hour, every day, day, day (Yeah, yeah, yeah) You do, you do, you come in waves You come in waves, yeah, yeah, oh You do, you do, you come in waves

    • Evelyn Truman
      Evelyn Truman

      Doesn't get better! Check this concept 👉

  • Dorian Waldo
    Dorian Waldo

    No slack..babi doll..blk..aka...Prince j'amal Hargrove...beautiful ends Arabic..language...of...LOVE. SUGE😘😎😋😘😎😋😘😎😋😎😘😋😎

  • Sonja Parkkonen
    Sonja Parkkonen

    Yaass, this song is a big MOOD

  • Genevie
    Genevie beautiful..talented woman..but the world dick rides a camila if you confused aswell..

    • salvador trejo
      salvador trejo

      Because the world racist

  • josué matuba
    josué matuba

    she dances too well(j'aime tro)

  • jane less
    jane less

    Beyoncé all over this song! I love Normani so much (I ain’t comparing them)

  • Michel Zacco
    Michel Zacco


  • Michel Zacco
    Michel Zacco

    normani i’m a gay man but you’re turnin me on 🥵🥵

    • Michel Zacco
      Michel Zacco

      Deshawn Sain followed u back ;)

    • Deshawn Sain
      Deshawn Sain

      Michel Zacco I just followed you

    • Michel Zacco
      Michel Zacco

      Deshawn Sain yes ma’am @ michelzacco

    • Deshawn Sain
      Deshawn Sain

      Michel Zacco Frfr like cmon Mani do you have Instagram

    • Michel Zacco
      Michel Zacco

      Deshawn Sain she really needs to drop this album

  • kalaoahaole

    Normani is a Black "GODDESS," NOT "girl," all of you crazy and sexist by accident magic folks. Gosh! Are we all so brainwashed by this discrimination society?!? Yes, we use the term "racism" and unwittingly further separate the one race when we mean "ethnic prejudice" but THIS ONE is EASY, folks (notice not "guys," another sexist term). SHE is sexy AND 23 years old so AT THE LEAST a lady, a woman and please don't be sexist or statutory rapey about it. GROSS!!! Calling this woman a girl is wrong in so many ways. Ladies, you can get away with it like anyone with African ethnicity can use the n-word -- you've earned EVERY right -- but i don't ever advise parroting old rich white criminal corporate control men in any case. All future talk is SILLY talk unless it is GODDESS talk! Women, rise UP! Please take this planet over from the men actively destroying Her and the girls obliging them who do not yet know they are GODDESSES -- ONE and ALL.

  • Carolina ._. C
    Carolina ._. C

    Camila was the most talented one ? Oh please shut the fuck up you don't even know the whole story . You're happy that Camila left and say that they are nothing without her ? Do you fucking know that she's a fucking racist bitch that didn't even apologize for her racist posts on Tumblr or apologize to Normani for making the poor girl cry cuz of her brainwashes dumb fans of her . Instead the girls had to apologise for Camila . And all the girls are much more talented than Camila tbh I never liked that bitch she always gave me weird vibes plus she looks like a horse , shame on her glad she left the group . Now I understand why the girls don't talk to her racist ass anymore .

  • Joseph Rodriguez Rivera
    Joseph Rodriguez Rivera


  • Evelyn Truman
    Evelyn Truman

    @Normani Please make a clean version so I don't have to mute the curse words. It's not offensive to me listening here, but it may offend others if I play it out loud.

    • Evelyn Truman
      Evelyn Truman

      @Deshawn Sain Never heard it. Where is the link?

    • Deshawn Sain
      Deshawn Sain

      Evelyn Truman they have a clean version you just listening to the Explicit one

  • Evelyn Truman
    Evelyn Truman

    Definition of cheating...I let you come and go like seasons...

  • Taylor Lane
    Taylor Lane

    if only this song got as much promotion as motivation😞

    • Jnet D
      Jnet D

      This video won best R&B at MTV VMA but it wasn’t presented main stage. They opened up the category once again just for this video

    • salvador trejo
      salvador trejo

      Even motivation wasn't that promoted.