Om - God Is Good (Full Album)
I do not own anything.
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1. Thebes 0:00
2. Meditation is the Practice of Death 19:08
3. Cremation Ghat I 25:59
4. Cremation Ghat II 29.10

  • jockejocke1

    There's a God?

  • pixelsailor

    thats very cool.

  • Tim Pressey
    Tim Pressey

    I can give you something to own if you'd like. Maybe a trinket or a small toy?

  • steve foss
    steve foss

    Please comment as a consenting adult with the capability of individual thoughts and feelings. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • concars1234

    drums are great

  • Gaius Delmonte
    Gaius Delmonte

    Our God is great^

  • Ignacia Rodríguez
    Ignacia Rodríguez

    Dunno mi high

  • Neal Harrison
    Neal Harrison

    Hard core mediitation music ...'''

  • Johnny Daggerz
    Johnny Daggerz

    8:28 The Peak

  • plankcaller

    Cremation Ghat I is some groovy shit I love it.

  • I R
    I R

    As much as i love Emil Amos on drums(i know there is a new drummer) I wish OM would do more track like Thebes and the Pilgrimage title track. Slow droning, meditative and really moves me to another world.

  • nika kuprashvili
    nika kuprashvili


  • Vity viktor
    Vity viktor

    This is my favourite homework music.

  • Dale Griffim
    Dale Griffim

    Im glad Al did this side project anything this man does count me in,he has a great mind,and obviously a great musician

  • Mathieu Leduc
    Mathieu Leduc

    Pink Floyd - Set the control for the heart of the sun

  • brian dickey
    brian dickey


  • OTHIXODRONS presents George Amberiadis
    OTHIXODRONS presents George Amberiadis


  • Jordan Piper
    Jordan Piper

    None of us really "OWN" anything.We are just "borrowing" things from mother nature, till we die and leave it all behind us....... Nick Guarini

    • MastaSmack

      I actually will never die...I have always been and always will be.

  • Leonardo Machado
    Leonardo Machado

    I'd love to get some bass tabs, especially for Thebes!

  • alleycat manski
    alleycat manski

    this music, opium and a stroll through Varanasi (if you dare)

  • Peter Smernoff
    Peter Smernoff

    A beautiful and deeply moving record.

  • Sean Mcnerney
    Sean Mcnerney

    Ok, this is better than most of that Satanic crap. Seriously.

  • 丂ԾЦ尺尺ムノ刀

    Played this to my boyfriend... Now he's Buddha

    • concars1234

      @lakpa tamang the girl store???

    • lakpa tamang
      lakpa tamang

      Oh Lá Lá where can I find a girlfriend like you?

  • Mighty Forces
    Mighty Forces

    25:59. Mmmmmyeah

  • Scott Laurie
    Scott Laurie

    god.. this is good

  • OTHIXODRONS presents George Amberiadis
    OTHIXODRONS presents George Amberiadis

    My kind of grove I am mesmerized TAXIARHOS OTHIXOS

    • OTHIXODRONS presents George Amberiadis
      OTHIXODRONS presents George Amberiadis


  • Justin W
    Justin W

    i could listen to Al's riffs all day. dont even want lyrics. just chill drums and some heavy ass bass riffs...for hours.

  • doomyman

    "I do not own anything" the essence of communism

  • Αριάδνη Νικούλη
    Αριάδνη Νικούλη


  • Mike Mills Lynn Mass
    Mike Mills Lynn Mass

    God is Great! All praise and glory are due to him alone.

  • Spyridon Kaprinis
    Spyridon Kaprinis


  • Peter Bassett
    Peter Bassett

    Om is the way to higher a inner

  • Ralph Chunksoup
    Ralph Chunksoup

    I found this as a praise. Sometimes you're at some hard acid party in a corner in fear. Or in life back up against a wall.

  • Leonardo Souza Alves Guedes
    Leonardo Souza Alves Guedes

    Ednaldo Pereira

  • TheDalaiLamasGlasses

    Such a great piece of art, buuuut...... the drums are significantly and noticeably inferior to the previous albums. They aren't stuck together like glue like in the earlier releases.

  • David J
    David J

    Track three is when this album goes from good to great

  • Aviv Kotek
    Aviv Kotek

    A w e some

  • Александр Перчов
    Александр Перчов

    Lucifis & his realtionship with Jaweh is the theme here...Listen to the words...

  • A N
    A N

    A Ednaldo Pereira's music

  • Robert DeMario
    Robert DeMario


  • A.J. Giglio
    A.J. Giglio

    Someone told me this band has no guitar in it.

    • Ian Wilkinson
      Ian Wilkinson

      A follow up,I am pretty sure you see the "string section" of the band briefly on the "State of non-return" video :-)

    • Ian Wilkinson
      Ian Wilkinson

      Not true,they don't have lead guitarist is all, the keyboard player,also when needed plays percussion,flute and guitar.They also have two other band "members"rarely seen on video or given credit as far as I can see,one is a lady cellist,the other is a violin/viola player,without them the overall sound would be very different.If you watch the Gethsemene video you hear them a lot,they help give the sound more emphasis


    God is Good!!! Om is Good!!!

  • Battle Bitten
    Battle Bitten

    Whatever you think good is! oO )

  • Robert DeMario
    Robert DeMario


  • Blake Butcher
    Blake Butcher

    This coming Thanksgiving I will admit that I am thankful for seeing Om perform Thebes in all of it's perfection last year.. I just wish that shirt wasn't stolen with the rest

  • Carnifex20

    I don't think a flute has ever hit me this hard.

  • Nikoleta Galani niaaa
    Nikoleta Galani niaaa

    Θέλω να αράζω μέσα στην εκκλησία να βλέπω τις αγιογραφίες κ να ακούω om

  • name less
    name less


    • Sean Mcnerney
      Sean Mcnerney

      Wrong answer

  • euronomous segovia
    euronomous segovia

    What's so god damn awesome about Om, is that it is just two dudes going into a hypnotic trance from a fucking awesome jam session

  • Chris Hewer
    Chris Hewer

    I am ALL ABOUT the tone at 14:57. Love it.

  • corey matlak
    corey matlak

    Om is simply amazing. Keep doing your thing. Refreshing and much needed.

  • lucas lemire
    lucas lemire

    Been listening for years now got into om i think before i heard sleeps dopesmoker.

    • Prof. Jazzberger
      Prof. Jazzberger

      me too

    • lucas lemire
      lucas lemire

      Before there was a cult doom stoner following

  • Nick Georgiou
    Nick Georgiou


  • S a l z
    S a l z

    outstanding drumming

  • Oknarub

    I eat too much ass

  • Iago HauChi
    Iago HauChi

    Really great music there! Very relaxing and thoughtful! Greetings from Brazil :)

  • Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls
    Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls

    27:47 the sweet spot

  • Pygmalion

    hey can i get some mozzarella sticks with that

  • Игорь Зац
    Игорь Зац

    She looks exactly like McPoyle's sister

  • BlueSky

    Aesthetics forever!

  • BlueSky

    Try Light (Licht) from Stockhausen.

  • God's Community
    God's Community

    _You can be happy._ ♀️♂️

  • Fuck YouTube
    Fuck YouTube

    Those are some tasty as fuck doom riffs. Jesus.

  • robert davis
    robert davis

    God, I love Om.

  • Gigio Zimmerman
    Gigio Zimmerman


  • Three

    Speed up the music to 1.25 and enjoy~!~

  • Corey Mack
    Corey Mack

    This is what les claypool would have done if he did drugs

    • Robert DeMario
      Robert DeMario

      Corey Mack Have you heard Les Claypool? He’s done drugs to play like that

  • Chris Grady
    Chris Grady

    Is Thebes the greatest song ever created?

    • Kenny McCormick
      Kenny McCormick

      No, it's "Dopesmoker" by "Sleep"

    • Nick Georgiou
      Nick Georgiou

      Chris Grady it's the best minus t

  • A. K.
    A. K.

    Actualy, god is good AND evil. More evil than good actually. Just look around.

  • Masto Babe
    Masto Babe

    look at comment to see a words "christian" before to listen to make sure to gtfo