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Our new Tesla broke down on the freeway!!! **Smh**
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  • Mackaela S
    Mackaela S

    You gotta TRIPLE CHECK YOUR SPELLING people 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Piyumi De Zoysa
    Piyumi De Zoysa

    haha landon and austin were so funny at the start

  • Chancey Cece
    Chancey Cece

    I hope you guys are ok and you guys are the best TR-myrs in the world ❤️😍😍

  • Aissatou Conde
    Aissatou Conde

    I can't not wait for the music video i 'am so excited for the music video i love you austin and Catherine and elle and aialla so much

  • Mahesh Babu
    Mahesh Babu

    Their laughing got me crazy laughing🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Marissa Donahue
    Marissa Donahue


  • Keylene Ramirez
    Keylene Ramirez

    They said they couldn't go anywhere cause they didnt have a car but there was a red car in the back round. I'm so confused 😂🤣

  • Keylene Ramirez
    Keylene Ramirez

    I'm I the only one that was like " why are they starting the video 6 mins in and the video is only 11 mins ". 🤣😂

  • Keylene Ramirez
    Keylene Ramirez

    I'm confused. Austin wasnt wearing underwear in the beginning of the video 😂🤣

  • NYC Chicago
    NYC Chicago

    Catherine is GORGEOUS omggg❤️🥰

  • Gwyneline A.R.
    Gwyneline A.R.


  • Cheryl Dawn
    Cheryl Dawn

    Name the boy eden


    Can you make the girls a youtube channel

  • Sabrina Mendoza
    Sabrina Mendoza

    Austin and Landon should do this again it was so funny

  • Ashlyn Harrison
    Ashlyn Harrison

    This mans is on the toilet and battery on 4%.why Austin😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ramona Sanchez
    Ramona Sanchez

    Hi elle

  • Adriee

    It’s funny that they both act girl with each other like more black just saw they should be that’s all they are much more genuine

  • mary B
    mary B


  • Sri Yantra
    Sri Yantra

    Pig. On the phone 📱 while on the toilet 🚽??? Grossy.

  • Jamal Ismail
    Jamal Ismail

    And also I subscribe and hit the post notification on and hit the bell 🔔 ❤️

  • Jamal Ismail
    Jamal Ismail

    Hi ACE FAMILY I love you guys so and I was so happy to hear that you called your Tesla Tassi cause that’s my nickname Tasmin=Tassi😊

  • Tiktok family
    Tiktok family

    We're you on the toilet 😂🤣

  • Lady Suzanne
    Lady Suzanne

    Tesla cars are rubbish. Just like Elon Musk. I’d prefer my Skoda any day!!

  • Clarissa Almanzar
    Clarissa Almanzar

    Landon & austin had me dead spying on their mom 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • AJMH ajmh
    AJMH ajmh


  • AJMH ajmh
    AJMH ajmh


  • Candyce Nichole
    Candyce Nichole

    Done!!! Precious family

  • Julimar De La Cruz
    Julimar De La Cruz

    Was Austin taking a shi in the beginning of the video😭😭lmaoo

  • Madelyn Parvin
    Madelyn Parvin

    My dads Tesla I named Tessy also

  • NGU_frix

    and then you dsee gas over her taking a few minutes to get a full tank

  • taveon james
    taveon james

    he was on the toliet

  • karlieager52

    You and your brother should make that a series

  • Kidding Around With Casey and Jacey
    Kidding Around With Casey and Jacey


  • Asya Begum
    Asya Begum

    Catherine looks soo pretty

  • Ebony Marie
    Ebony Marie


  • Melotte Zefagna
    Melotte Zefagna

    The ace familie is the best familie ever they make me so freaking happy ❤️❤️❤️

  • Iliana Urias
    Iliana Urias

    @4:56 When his mom pops up on them 😂💀 and it’s non stop laughing . Austin “ So he showed up late one strike for him and he snitched “ 😂

  • Sana Hussain
    Sana Hussain

    Just realised he was on da toilet when calling his mum hahahaha

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      Geov cf faz XV FC XV VDC XV caz XVanni Rios

      T re er re er te ey 4 r re er te t te w4

  • Mary Rivera
    Mary Rivera


  • negro channel
    negro channel

    Grandma's laugh 🤣🤣

  • Ben Olivarez
    Ben Olivarez

    Lol yall have some clown laughs

  • Fabiola Mascorro
    Fabiola Mascorro

    Ace famali i love your vidous

  • Nevaeh Neal
    Nevaeh Neal

    I would have been heated

  • Delpharine Campbell
    Delpharine Campbell

    IM co D

  • the tavarez A&J
    the tavarez A&J

    ace family am really in LA and i wish i can have a photo with u ace family and am really sad because i came from kansas to see u guys but never have the chance to meet u

  • Kennedy Asberry
    Kennedy Asberry

    I was so nervous for them when their car battery went down!!!!😦

  • Nevaeh Murphy
    Nevaeh Murphy

    Heyy it's me I watch your videos

  • lllambey

    Love 💗 you

  • Abigail Lee
    Abigail Lee

    He on the toilet!

  • Aleaha Candelaria
    Aleaha Candelaria

    Oh no

  • Mackenzie Dean
    Mackenzie Dean

    I want to share with you guys my story. Last November I had my little siblings over to my apartment for the weekend, we had so much fun! 2 hours after they left I started experiencing extreme pain,bleeding. I thought maybe it's just my monthly . I go o with my day and go to work. While I'm at work I'm in so much pain I can barely move, my supervisor tells me I need to go home and call an ambulance. I go home get changed and my friend takes me to the ER. When I get to the ER the doctors run bunch of tests, exams, everything. They come in and tell me I'm around 3 months pregnant !!! Omg I get so excited and happy! He leaves the room I go for my ultrasound and no one says a word to me. An hour after I get back to my room the doctor comes in and says to me "We have to get you into emergency surgery right now! You are bleeding out internally, your left fallopian tube burst and it needs to be removed!!" . My heart drops and I start sobbing . Me and my now husband werent talking at the time so he wasn't there, no one was there. I'm going through this alone. The doctors are telling me if I waited 5 more minutes to go to the hospital I'd be dead. My dream is to be a mom and now these doctors have to go inside of me and take out my left fallopian tube. I had no one. I was emotionally traumatized. I couldn't stop sobbing as they wheeled me to the operating table. After my surgery I was in pain, emotionally drained, completely empty. The chances of me having children were now cut in half. I had to be in the hospital for a few days as I was in the hospital I watched the Ace family and you guys healed me, you guys inspired me to get better. When I got home to my apartment I had no one, I had to take care of myself after surgery as much as I hurt your videos would inspire me to get better. I'm so thankful for you guys. You help me every day. Everyday I struggle with what happened to me, but then I watch your videos and they give me hope. I love you guys and thank you so much for all you do!!!❤🥺

  • Najma Mohmaed
    Najma Mohmaed

    0:23 Austin on the toilet😂

    • Najma Mohmaed
      Najma Mohmaed


    • Rachel Martinez
      Rachel Martinez

      Hi you are so cute I’m Bella

  • merita isaku
    merita isaku

    Love you Catherine ❤️

  • Zakiya Slater
    Zakiya Slater

    eww don't record with no pants on aye cochino por que no hay chonis

  • H

    Man said “tessy” Austin is too funny 😂

  • Steven Campos
    Steven Campos

    So it dint broke down lmao

  • Steven Campos
    Steven Campos

    Wait 3rd child coming up?

  • Amber Janssens
    Amber Janssens

    Those momma story's I like them!!! I hope your mom is happy 🥰

  • jeffybooo

    "Majid" "Maheed"

  • Alyssa Sims
    Alyssa Sims

    1:30 lmfao "I don't know dat" I can'tttttttt

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  • Sean Day
    Sean Day

    Talk to me on Facebook

  • Cousin vs cousin Auhbrey and Ariyah
    Cousin vs cousin Auhbrey and Ariyah

    Austin no one wants to see that

  • Alyssa Marie
    Alyssa Marie

    LMFAOOOOOOOO Majid 😂😂😂 Landons face has me dying

  • Mel-Mia&Lynn Sisters
    Mel-Mia&Lynn Sisters

    Hey guys just posted our second TR-my video!! Please show some love y'all 😊😊

  • geraldinerowe2012

    So homie dont talk to his mom? He deleted the text thread for the video.....? Hmmmmm

  • Инкар Жамбылова
    Инкар Жамбылова


  • Taylor Thornton
    Taylor Thornton



    Tesla didn’t let you down you just didn’t charge it ugh 😑

  • Kayla Carroll
    Kayla Carroll

    catherine is literally perfect how the fuck

  • Marilynn's Corner
    Marilynn's Corner

    Man you can NOT sneak up and spy on a black woman lol. 😂😂 awww you didn't know that ?!?!? lol