Our OFFICIAL Wedding Date.. ( BABIES!?)
De'arra & Ken 4 Life
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Asking ALL the questions you've been asking/ waiting for.. Here it is.. our wedding date and when we're having kids..
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  • De'arra & Ken 4 Life
    De'arra & Ken 4 Life

    Triplets for the win 🤪👶🏽

    • Kelly Armantrading
      Kelly Armantrading

      Your zipper is down girl!

    • Key got the leaves Harmon
      Key got the leaves Harmon

      Y’all should have kids

    • Nelly Letsoalo
      Nelly Letsoalo

      Alanna Grinnage really? I just want a picture

    • Addi C.
      Addi C.


    • Winsome Donaldson
      Winsome Donaldson

      De'arra & Ken 4 Life DK gang fan❤️we need to see babies 🤣💕

  • Myeshia imherr
    Myeshia imherr

    D Yo zipper busting down lil baby lol love yall no cap😘

  • Gangster Barbie
    Gangster Barbie

    Zip The Pants😭😭😭 My Favsssssss❤

  • gacha queenzz
    gacha queenzz

    Bruh i cant wait that long

  • Kelly Armantrading
    Kelly Armantrading

    Your zipper down girl!

  • Carol's Daily Sauce
    Carol's Daily Sauce

    Y’all are adorable! Ken reminds me of my youngest son! Looks, personality & all!!! And did you say “Walkers” that’s my children’s last name!!! (My ex last name, as I’m remarried) Y’all might be kin. Every time I view your videos, I’m like he looks like my son!!!! #ItsCrazy #LovelyCouple #NosubscribersAtYourWedding

  • Sydney Mckinney
    Sydney Mckinney

    I just wanna be they friend they are so chill and calm atleast from my knowledge so I just wanna have one dinner with them.

  • Lanyia Andrews
    Lanyia Andrews

    I really love these TR-myrs 💕💕 they my fav ❤️❤️

  • Shaza Elamin
    Shaza Elamin

    The fact that they’re doing it the right way, getting married first then having kids is really good to see. Nowadays youtubers just skip the marriage and jump right into the baby part. Love y’all ❤️

  • Dezzy Got Bunz
    Dezzy Got Bunz

    Play a game n select 2 fans to fly them out to ur wedding.. winners get to see ya get married

  • soji Mustapha
    soji Mustapha

    You guys are the best😍❤️

  • KingdommadeChris

    It definitely was a whole flex when I first got engaged just addressing my lady as my fiance. Wait until you guys get married though it goes up another level it's the best feeling in the world.

  • Brielle Barnes
    Brielle Barnes

    Where did you get your jeans from ☹️

  • Asia Davis
    Asia Davis

    Ayeee I hope they have it in may Thts my birthday month🥴🤩!!!

  • DT&K Squad
    DT&K Squad



    I’m so happy for them

  • Deondra Rhoden
    Deondra Rhoden

    YESSSSS let it beeee in my month....looool MAY

  • Kaliah & Bendy Germain
    Kaliah & Bendy Germain


  • Renee La'Shay
    Renee La'Shay

    God “don’t have sex before your married” Literally everyone “ Hold my condom I’m going in RAW”

  • Court & Tower
    Court & Tower

    You could stream your wedding! My husband streamed our engagement and all of our family out of state was able to watch. I understand tho...wedding ceremonies should be intimate. I’m supporting either way 🤷🏾‍♀️ -Court

  • Tiffany Brown
    Tiffany Brown

    So a springtime 2021 wedding. Gotcha 😉

  • OGRED14 14
    OGRED14 14

    July 5th is my birthdayyyyyyy🎁🎉😀

  • Rvch Vaeh
    Rvch Vaeh

    Once again I’m so happy for y’all. Congratulations guys.😭🤍. LOVE Y’ALL😚‼️

  • OCG channel
    OCG channel

    @Ken and De'arra I think y'all should do the wedding on the same day the first time y'all became girlfriend and boyfriend that would be so cute tho

  • Amya Reed
    Amya Reed

    I would love to go to your wedding in all but i don't think it's a good idea to invite fans.

  • Jordan Boswell
    Jordan Boswell

    Prolly the only nigga in here😂

  • Aisosa Omoregie
    Aisosa Omoregie

    I love you guys

  • Mikhaila

    Can’t wait to see the wedding !!! And also can’t wait till they start there family channel 😖😖😢😢🥳🥳

  • Qtiana & Faith
    Qtiana & Faith

    I'm so happy for ya I been waiting for ya to get married for a long time congratulations to y'all and your new family

  • Darlo G
    Darlo G

    Maybe y’all can just invite/reach out to maybe one of your very close supporters you’ve had since day one

  • Antwon Funches
    Antwon Funches

    YOU GOTTA DO 2.20.21 IN 2021!!!

  • Oliviah&kids

    I think that you should just do wedding live video for the people that want to come ..

  • Mya's Glam
    Mya's Glam

    Nice guys

  • Wanani Mutobvu
    Wanani Mutobvu

    Why don’t you make it 2 May my birthday 😂🔥

  • What's good Niyae
    What's good Niyae

    You guys should do end of may

  • Karaé Marriott
    Karaé Marriott

    yay finally your gonna have a baby

  • Adriana Lucey
    Adriana Lucey

    Get married on my birthday July 27

  • LAmobbin

    Don’t u get tired of the same pussy?

  • Generational Wisdom
    Generational Wisdom

    Congrats on the wedding

  • Jala Donaldson
    Jala Donaldson

    they're kids are gone be so freaking gorgeous😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Tyanna Carpenter
    Tyanna Carpenter

    Please July that's my birthday month

  • Tlotlo tshepi
    Tlotlo tshepi

    ohh my Gawd July 5th please on my Birthday

  • it's mom and daughter thing!
    it's mom and daughter thing!

    Dearra got to make sure all her outfits are going to be the bomb! For the wedding

  • Sunnie Dee-Lite
    Sunnie Dee-Lite

    Please don’t invite supporters to the wedding. Of course you want to make us happy but at the same time, it’s not safe. Unless you’re gonna have like security. But still, I also don’t think ppl would be respectful. (Yelling and screaming your name and stuff) no way!

  • Shida R
    Shida R

    Cant wait! I been watchn since yall.got 2getha an I say dnt invite subscribers. A hr long wedding vlog is sufficient.

  • Vivian Hernandez
    Vivian Hernandez


  • bernadette jackson
    bernadette jackson

    how many bridesmaids & groomsmen are you having ?


    Nope only invite family and friends

  • andreus beasley
    andreus beasley

    If they choose to get married the day before my bday (which is in July) I’ll be sooo HAPPY 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • andreus beasley
    andreus beasley

    If they choose to get married the day before my bday (which is in July) I’ll be sooo HAPPY 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Tasha McClain
    Tasha McClain

    Wedding are intimate , why would they disrupt that ? Some of y’all are crazy 😂 and are actual haters 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Kameron Hawkins
    Kameron Hawkins


  • Makiya Bowser
    Makiya Bowser

    Omggggggggg do July 5th because July 5th is my birthday but y'all might not read this but that would be Soo cool if y'all had it on my birthday

  • Maleek Anderson
    Maleek Anderson

    Are yall going to have a camera man to record the whole thing for the ppl who cant come

  • ruby Muasya
    ruby Muasya

    i can't wait to see y'all wedding!! ahhh...y'all are like the only youtubers who value marriage.

  • ruby Muasya
    ruby Muasya

    But pls get married before y'all have children


    July 5 is the 4th of July weekend And May 28 is Memorial Day weekend. It gets tough when choosing

  • Made in Trinidad
    Made in Trinidad

    May 8th.. Lol my birthday 😭

  • Khiyae M
    Khiyae M

    Proud of y’all ,my future with my man🙏🏾❤️😫

  • Lynn Sutton
    Lynn Sutton

    It's going to be too hot in July. Congrats again, and wishing you blessings.

  • Mya Jonez
    Mya Jonez

    I think you should do a private wedding meaning friends and family! I would love to come support but I rather y’all be safe this world is full of crazies! I feel like if anything pick like 2 people you feel comfortable with coming but I honestly feel we are fine with videos and pics ❤️

  • Tiona Pagnotta
    Tiona Pagnotta

    Noooo ! No fans/ randoms at your wedding. Thats private. Family and friends only. For sure. Itd be dope to watch a wedding series from yall tho IF you wanna share❤❤❤💖💖💖💍💍💍

  • Melanie E
    Melanie E

    July 5 my Anniversary been married for 29 yrs

  • Harrison Hendricks
    Harrison Hendricks


  • Sumaiya Faison
    Sumaiya Faison

    Ugh I Can’t Wait😆

  • Bray Bray Squad
    Bray Bray Squad

    may 28th is my lil sis bday

  • shontavia watts
    shontavia watts

    MAY 27th Is My Birthday. 😩🥴

  • Maiyonna H.
    Maiyonna H.

    When saying fiancée it gives it that “We are one” type feel ❤️❤️

  • lilmore__ janine
    lilmore__ janine

    What are the colors y’all pick for the wedding?

  • Lifeastrin

    I’m going to cry .