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TFIL finally stays overnight in the Paris Catacombs to explore the 200 miles of tunnels filled with over 7 million skeletons. After finding a guide who was willing to take us underground for an entire night along as we follow his one rule that we must hide his identity. Throughout the night he tells us stories of how Americans aren't welcome down there & stories of the many people that have been left stranded miles deep into the catacombs... this video now adds to those stories.
Part 1 Ends at 32:00
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  • Hunter Mahan
    Hunter Mahan

    Is it just me or was anyone begging him to clear the camera the whole time

  • Lazaro Rivera
    Lazaro Rivera

    This looks like the one movie as above so below 😨

  • Mr. Psychs
    Mr. Psychs

    that mf steve was a spirit

  • Brayden Burnham
    Brayden Burnham

    20:30 yea I see four dumbasses going in the fuckjn catacombs jk but fr I’m glad you guys made it out I was genuinely worried when I saw the title

  • Ty Robinson
    Ty Robinson

    Steve probably planed it and the story of the guid and the TR-my was him and you guys he knew he was gonna Ditch you guys he also probably left hundreds of people there

  • Carlee Johnson
    Carlee Johnson

    33:20 you can hear someone or something say "Leave us"

  • Skylee Ohler
    Skylee Ohler

    Okay but Corey’s $B sweatshirt is absolutely amazing and true where did you get that?

  • Alexis Loomos
    Alexis Loomos

    This literally came out on my birthday :)

  • L U N A R MIRYA #
    L U N A R MIRYA #

    I seen a bone drop behind them when they got lost it looked stable but it droped

  • Madison Dethmers
    Madison Dethmers

    ok i know for a fact im not the only one that heard "Steve" say if i just left you guys, would you be able to find your way out without me, no you wouldnt be able to. also i dont like how sus he was on you cant filmthe entrance and can only film certain parts. like he wanted them to get lost. also all the stories he was saying , was also a red flag.

  • L U N A R MIRYA #
    L U N A R MIRYA #

    Omg my aunt is going down there I should tell her

  • Chris Villasana
    Chris Villasana

    What if they needed to use the restroom what did they do 😂😂?

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith

    It sounds like a old radiation detecter when you said you heard music 🎶

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith

    Send me some merchandise please lad's and lady I've no job and very sick, no money xxl tops and huddies, xl tracksuit bottoms, I can send some money if I get any, I'm from Ireland Portarlington 2 the Maples killnacourt country Laois, if you can help me it would be great, by the way did your man that lent you the bout get fined for letting you use the yacht, hope you all had a great time in the catacombs big shout out to you all Lady and gents

  • Chris Carreon
    Chris Carreon

    52:04 u can hear somethin say “hey”

  • Isaac Smith
    Isaac Smith

    What if the dude forgot where he was at and he didn’t know how to get out in there anymore and they just dipped on em 💀

  • Dani Jablonski
    Dani Jablonski

    i love how steve really just left them

  • Starry_LeLe

    Wait so he followed you guys out of the catacombs? That’s kinda creepy...I mean he did say that if he left them if they would survive 🙃🙃 I still want to know what happened to the people that was lost

  • _Chimera_Gaming_

    That wall in the dead end is hollow if u push hard enough it will eather turn or take out bricks and put them back

  • katie young
    katie young

    This makes me really angry,they put all their trust into this guy and he was supposed to help them and keep them on the right track and he just vanished into thin air.imagine if they didn’t have the video showing the way,they could have died and never been found

  • Derek Stafford
    Derek Stafford

    Yo he lives down there, with cults, homeless, murders robbers, and killers probably, he’s seen first hand what tourists are capable of like when he told them that people had destroyed many many things in the catacombs just from living with the people that he has lived with down in the catacombs he’s probably a little bit maybe Not all there? What he did was not right but he could’ve been doing it to keep others away since he knew that these were big TR-myrs. He’s a dangerous genius, he had a wonderful peaceful life with others it seems until the catacombs became a popular tourist attraction

  • _Chimera_Gaming_

    What’s the point of the red light

  • twiztidrealm

    Scumbag Steve makes his return

  • _Chimera_Gaming_

    Bro this is how horror movies start

  • HOOMAN _ Ashy
    HOOMAN _ Ashy

    The scariest part about this is seeing my face when the screen gets dark

  • Gabrielle Luna
    Gabrielle Luna

    steve is playing speedrunner vs 4 explorer with you guys

  • Sister Ivana
    Sister Ivana


  • Shauwn Dane
    Shauwn Dane

    Elton's grandson/daughter:"grandpa, how many bones have you ever seen " Elton:"trust me..............you dont wanna know"

  • Demon Dragon Cosplay
    Demon Dragon Cosplay

    should have made it clear to pay him when he got you out alive and see if then he would have left you

  • kailey parnell
    kailey parnell

    Anybody else kinda mad?

  • AnnMarie Sinatra
    AnnMarie Sinatra

    So Steve randomly starts asking if ya'll could find your way out without him, and then just disappears when you guys say no? Yeahhh 10/10 serial killer vibes :)

  • Sheyenne Johnson
    Sheyenne Johnson

    I would of went to check if there was a way out with Steve

  • Hunter Murray
    Hunter Murray

    At about 25:16-25:18 u can here a little girl scream from far away

  • Soul Fall
    Soul Fall

    At 23:35 I swear I hear growling. It may be a frog but..

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    yo guys i saw 5 people crawling through a small tunnel at 20:50

  • Soul Fall
    Soul Fall

    If he tried to leave me I would have grabbed him and just cried lol

  • lostloop 06
    lostloop 06

    On three 123 will you marry me i was gonna ask you for pizza rolls but ok 😂😂 i loved that

  • Ellie Whitfield
    Ellie Whitfield

    Did anyone else hear someone say “Leave Us” at 33:20 - 33:22

  • Ethan Pretorius
    Ethan Pretorius

    25:14 listen carefully you can hear a loud high pitch scream

  • Nelli Miranda
    Nelli Miranda

    On 33:24 if you listen with headphones you can hear someone say “ don’t leave us “

  • -WhIt3DaVE -
    -WhIt3DaVE -

    Like it’s hard to hear it with them running but if you play it more then 2 times you can hear it ,

  • -WhIt3DaVE -
    -WhIt3DaVE -

    Between 53:00 - 53:08 I heard girl laughing when you guys were running

  • yoongzk

    How did the guide even leave them without Elton and his group knowing? They would have heard his foot steps and seen him leave but yet, there was no trace of the guy. That's creepy...

  • yoongzk

    Ok but, how did the guide know that they made it out? He was nowhere to be found...

  • yoongzk

    Remember when they came across the group of people that were lost? What if their guide gave the lost group false directions instead of helping them out? If the guide left Elton and the rest of the group, what makes you think that he won't mislead other people? Creepy.

  • Lily Goodworth
    Lily Goodworth


  • Hannah Bernat
    Hannah Bernat

    i love you guys

  • Dk Gilliam
    Dk Gilliam

    Can y’all have no music bc most of times I can hear nothing bc o the music

  • Captain Peanut
    Captain Peanut


  • 《ChîmChîm Cøøkîe》
    《ChîmChîm Cøøkîe》

    when Corey said he heard voices i think it might have just been water dropping or an echo or thats what im telling myself cause im watching this at 3am and my house is haunted sooo

  • GutterNutz

    dang i really wanted to believe this one, 1:18:14 you can see a light ahead of corey in another room, you can see his light pointing the opposite direction and the rest of the squad can be seen behind elton. Unless there was a random person there it must've been "steve".

  • DawgZ79

    At 25.12 u can hear a whistle that is not one of them

  • ofek israeli
    ofek israeli

    yo that guy wtffff

  • Rai Faure
    Rai Faure

    What movie did they keep on talking about throughout the video????

  • ItsjustAimee

    how did h know all of that stuff about the catacombs ... kinda creepy if you ask me

  • periodbloodsentedcandles


  • The Awesome Assem
    The Awesome Assem

    u told me to comment if i hear anything i hear music

  • Ame

    the climbing of the fence part- MY BIG ASS WEREWOLF FEET COULD NEVER lmao

  • music Muriël
    music Muriël

    34:36 I'm glad u know the movie XD

  • Gacha_wolf_girl

    Why in the 50:43 part Corey's light was smoking at one point is it cause of the hotness or something

  • Henry Mcelroy
    Henry Mcelroy

    Why would u respect the guys wishes by blurring his face and making his voice if he left you for dead in the catacombs of France which is like a maze

  • Henry Mcelroy
    Henry Mcelroy

    Whats with the red light

  • Tommy Cold
    Tommy Cold

    I dead don’t believe he left them just to make the video better

  • Angell

    bring weapons and food just in case

  • Chum Chumzaza
    Chum Chumzaza

    At 31:14 there are 2 eyes that are there for just a second and then just disappear

  • Ab Incunabulis
    Ab Incunabulis

    This new generation didn't watch Blair Witch Project or the 20 different Paranormal Activity movies; this is a mockumentary.

  • Laura Sarabia
    Laura Sarabia

    The ending omg creepy he did it on purpose

  • Laura Sarabia
    Laura Sarabia

    39:99 40:00 it looks like that girl popped out of nowhere

    • Laura Sarabia
      Laura Sarabia


    • Laura Sarabia
      Laura Sarabia

      The mic also did something weird like static

  • Nêhal Soni
    Nêhal Soni

    59:15 Corey says listen and the camera makes that weird sound. Maybe its nothing but just check it out

  • Cooper Hudson
    Cooper Hudson

    at 40:53 pause the video and look down the tunnel there is a head!!!!!!