emma chamberlain
THANK YOU LOUIS VUITTON FOR HAVING ME!!!!!! i don't know how i keep getting invited to these things but i am so grateful :,)
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-emma chamberlain

  • Isabel Salas
    Isabel Salas

    11:00 me when I look in the mirror

  • Mohau Marumo
    Mohau Marumo

    I cut my hands like that with my nailing when I am stressed/angry or scared

  • ekaceseehc05

    Emma actually makes acne look cool, not gonna lie. Kinda in a “yeah i’ve got acne so what” way

  • Ellie and immy
    Ellie and immy

    14:21 OMG 😂😂😂😂

  • Sophie Blackhurst
    Sophie Blackhurst

    11:10 SCREAMING

  • Pakistan Zindabad.
    Pakistan Zindabad.

    She's looks like Lindsey Lohan... Idk.

  • Jasmine G.
    Jasmine G.

    Was it just me or did you hear “I’m embarrassed” instead of “I’m in Paris” at the beginning?

  • Julissa Navarro
    Julissa Navarro

    I just want to know why would you put the DANG ALARM SOUND!!!WHY JUST WHY

  • ella x
    ella x

    Does anyone know where Emma’s braclet is from at 5:31

  • Coucou H.
    Coucou H.

    8:49 she became a vscogirl

  • Megan Locc
    Megan Locc

    What lipstick was that at 4:40 ? It looks so shiny and pretty :)

  • Sherlina Aurel
    Sherlina Aurel

    the last one is probably my favv emma vid everr and i-

  • Zoe Kritsotakis
    Zoe Kritsotakis

    try learn a shuffle ?

  • Laura Isaza
    Laura Isaza

    Your dad is so cute!

  • Respiir

    Why did I think the girl at 11:51 was Jennifer Lawrence-

  • Ryan Araujo
    Ryan Araujo

    Do u know danniele cohn dance?

  • Shanell Taitague
    Shanell Taitague

    no one: emma: **sets up her camera in a room then leaves and enters the room again**

  • Philip Heijmerik
    Philip Heijmerik

    11:28 “I’m batman”

  • Mat -
    Mat -

    GUYS Why is she working with louis vuitton ? do I missed something ?

  • Sammy새미

    I love the tee with the cat print 😍

  • Love Myself
    Love Myself

    Your f*cking gorgeous

  • xflowerbomb

    It’s funny when you add that song on 7:36 along with your edits 😂👍🏼

  • Annie needs help
    Annie needs help

    Emma: everyone in Paris is perfect Me taking a vacation to Paris: *im boutta ruin this mans whole career*

  • Rosario Asenjo
    Rosario Asenjo

    😍😍😍😍 INCREDIBLE. I’m speechless u look gorgeous

  • T M
    T M

    B it ch if I was in Paris I’d be freaking out too, don’t worry

  • jaden montes de oca
    jaden montes de oca

    14:18-14:26 had me trying not to spit out my coffee 😂😂

  • Lillian May-Fox
    Lillian May-Fox

    Emma: I don't have time to look at art. Also Emma: *sleeps all day*

  • Olivia Virnoche
    Olivia Virnoche

    I luv how Emma always says "Can I...?" when she orders xDxD The people r like "...Sure!" xDxD

  • Maren Løseth
    Maren Løseth

    Pineapple WoAWe!

  • Maren Løseth
    Maren Løseth

    I am in PArIS!!!!!

  • x XgalaxyStarX x
    x XgalaxyStarX x

    Face MaskSkSkSk

  • Samantha Chew
    Samantha Chew

    Recently came back to your channel, and honestly you're so cool. We're the same age and I love how you're girly and tomboy, feel like we could be friends if we met, except you're so cool. Love your vids

  • Feisty horsegal
    Feisty horsegal

    Nobody: Emma: CAn I gEt A

  • Jayda Cassanova
    Jayda Cassanova


  • Barbara Mandiola
    Barbara Mandiola

    You could do the “goteo ” dance on tik tok

  • Stephanie G
    Stephanie G

    Emma has such a cute relationship with her dad❤ I would feel so embarrassed asking my dad to take pictures of me...idk if I'm just old...

  • servet

  • Alexandra Rosenthal
    Alexandra Rosenthal

    does anyone know what lipstick shes applying around 4:30 help a girl out

  • Lili Onofre
    Lili Onofre

    The woah

  • Manal Khouti
    Manal Khouti

    Can anyone tell me where Emma got that cat shirt?

  • All In A Weeks Review
    All In A Weeks Review

    I should have not done this standing up (she was sitting)

  • Jhonatan Gabriel Ô FÊNIX
    Jhonatan Gabriel Ô FÊNIX

    7:37 Altas dançinha 😂😂😂😂🎉🎉❤🌟 Epic 15:58

  • maelyn michelle
    maelyn michelle

    you are so flipping awesome thank u for making my days betterrr

  • Sarah Browns
    Sarah Browns

    Your dad is a true legend

  • Degetsu01 Gaming
    Degetsu01 Gaming

    luv u

  • サントス레이븐

    shes vegetarian but she eats eggs? yee yee

  • StephanieOliver

    “Don’t eat nail polish” Fast forward to Cristine’s video “Eating Nail Polish”

  • Emma Hodgson
    Emma Hodgson

    I don't get why people say they miss the old Emma, she looks so happy, I am happy for her

    • Maddy

      Emma Hodgson I just started watching her yesterday and honestly all that’s changed is she is way happier, like she went from always talking about hating school to leaving and being genuinely happy with her life

  • Jessicagaming

    I died when she popped out of the car all formal "Hey how are you thank you" LIKE LMFOAOAOA emma u cant be serious in a good way ur just to funny ly girly

  • Ella P
    Ella P

    watching emma literally makes me so sad bc i want to be her more than anything

  • Oliver Orr
    Oliver Orr


  • Danny Goulette
    Danny Goulette

    The reason why you have acne is because you don't shower or wash your face. Its gross. You should at least wash your face twice a day and shower every day. If not twice a day when you work out or play sports. Grow up Emma Chamberlain. Please put more effort into yourself, your hygiene and becoming a clean, healthy young woman. What you're doing now is not a good look. That is my opinion and I am aloud to say it.

    • vivi_ etc
      vivi_ etc

      I shower and wash my face two times a day and sometimes three (i have oily skin) , i drink plenty of water and still get acne on my forehead. Acne is just stubborn sometimes 💁🏾‍♀️

  • grace crenshaw
    grace crenshaw

    i still tried to find her nail art account on insta lolol

  • grace crenshaw
    grace crenshaw

    no one: literally no one: emma: im SO JETLAGGED

  • Leanna Cruz
    Leanna Cruz

    New fan, loved this one 💜

  • Young Flysi
    Young Flysi

    Aren’t u vegan eggs are meat

    • vivi_ etc
      vivi_ etc

      Eggs aren't who told you that😂?

  • Robot InDisguise
    Robot InDisguise

    I hated this video

  • Divine Egh
    Divine Egh

    Emma chamberlain is sponsored by Louie vittion in Paris and all she wants to do is “take a nap all day”.

  • Boxers Austin
    Boxers Austin

    Your look for the show was so beautiful!

  • Sara 11
    Sara 11

    Oh my god her charder is sooo long @2:25

  • Nicky Miller
    Nicky Miller

    I can't believe you went to Paris and didn't explore the fantastic sights. Even to have done one. So much more to life than a fashion show.

  • Stella Summerfield
    Stella Summerfield

    This is how many times she said the same thing multiple times | V

  • Ana Arauz
    Ana Arauz

    Emma is the reason I started drinking iced lattes

  • Aimee Birkett Sings
    Aimee Birkett Sings

    this is how many people prefer the new emma chamberlain ⬇️

  • Kaity Mcgarigle
    Kaity Mcgarigle

    Emma: do ur own research

  • Un alien
    Un alien

    omfg i literally flinched at 3:32 that sound literally haunts me

  • Madison Trotman
    Madison Trotman

    that alarm sound is triggering

  • Grim Sleeper
    Grim Sleeper

    Buy my shitty clothes. Give me money! I want to live forever off of you stupid fucks giving me money.

  • Kelly Brobst
    Kelly Brobst

    I miss the OLD Emma. Lol kidding. I love you Emma.

  • Phoebe B
    Phoebe B

    lol my dad doesn’t know what instagram is