Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Jelly Belly Jelly Beans | Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit
If Chris is the undisputed Test Kitchen super-taster, then Gaby is easily the jelly bean super-taster. Seriously, how did she guess Dr. Pepper? Impossible! Anyway, join pastry chef (and can we call her The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon co-host?) Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet Jelly Belly jelly beans. This episode is 48 minutes long, so grab a stress ball and tuck in.
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Jelly Belly Jelly Beans | Bon Appétit

  • UndreptTV

    I felt like I just watched an episode of "The Office" 😂😂😂

  • 100Hasake

    I feel bad for Delaney lmao

  • Danny Santos
    Danny Santos

    Did anybody else’s mouth pucker up when she said sours?

  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz

    @37:00 Did she say she has a boyfriend? So what is that ring all about?

  • UglyLuigi214 ASMR
    UglyLuigi214 ASMR

    Love when Claire says "Ay Ay Ay" 😂😂😂 too cute!!! 😜😘😍😍😍 lol

  • jes wes
    jes wes

    Follow jellybean gen on youtube :)

  • Deborah Bronson
    Deborah Bronson

    Would you consider re creating Puck cream cheese spread?

  • ChadTheChampion

    i saw the boom mike lnao

  • ChadTheChampion

    omg don’t say popcorn water 😂

  • ChadTheChampion

    stop saying toasted bread water 😂😂

  • sunne sunne
    sunne sunne

    I love banana flavoured candy ....maybe it's a British thing


    Too Long😳😢

  • Joie 168
    Joie 168

    claire suffering cus she doesnt live in california for the opportunity to get a jelly belly tour: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah me actually living in california having taken the tour twice: 🤭

  • Hanita Purewal
    Hanita Purewal

    please can you make Swedish berries or Swedish fish? like so she can see ⬇️

  • SweetAzLife

    omg her temper.... i mean.. she's talented thats why i keep coming back to this segment... but she just keeps getting meaner to the boys!

  • elbowonfire

    It’s a real shame that Rick isn’t real and is just a coping mechanism that Claire’s mind created to get through this.

  • arabicangel26

    Delaney and claire are super cute

  • Coulten D'Arnall
    Coulten D'Arnall

    Her face on the thumbnail is that of a broken woman.

  • sarikatimmi

    uh laffy taffy banana is the best one

  • Torie Pullen
    Torie Pullen

    Claire drinking coffee out of various items is my perpetual mood

  • Devin Wood
    Devin Wood

    I think we should put hot tamales on the list!

  • musimomo

    I love Chris so much!!

  • Alexandro Nuñez
    Alexandro Nuñez

    That sunset at 7:41, must be nice to have that view every day!

  • Weiße Wölfin
    Weiße Wölfin

    Somewhere, a large-nosed Brit-Texan is violently gagging.

  • Camila Cornejo
    Camila Cornejo

    29:46 😂my favorite part

  • Patrick Zieverink
    Patrick Zieverink

    When Claire drunk coffee out of a cornstarch container!

  • Matthew Parsons
    Matthew Parsons

    4:51 Computer: WOURDER

  • Alexandria Riego de Dios
    Alexandria Riego de Dios

    Claire just needs a co-host so she doesn't suffer alone everytime for this hellish show

  • NoodlzOodlz

    Rick to the rescue!

  • J Maroof
    J Maroof

    43:15 ok but that was kinda mean :(

  • Fathiya Rahmani
    Fathiya Rahmani

    Claire: *grateful for the existence of Rick* Delaney: "how about me.....?"

  • Amy Aston
    Amy Aston

    35:42 me when I talk to myself 😂😗✌🏼

  • Dora The_Green_Gacha_Dinosaur
    Dora The_Green_Gacha_Dinosaur

    I fell asleep watching the show, and it played like 5 episodes

  • stephanievf1

    Confectioners glaze?

  • goingtovespers

    That mold proves Claire is a genius.

  • Iamnotanunicorn .S
    Iamnotanunicorn .S

    Rick was super sweet. Claire you did great.

  • Heyitsbeef

    the pear and cantaloupe are my favoritess

  • swarley30

    Straight up had to skip the satanic BREAD WATER. NO THANK YOU. Everything else: you're doing great Claire.

  • Arian Carlsen
    Arian Carlsen

    Who the heck doesn’t like the fruity flavours?! They’re the only good ones!

  • Nina Hills
    Nina Hills


  • breathe carolina
    breathe carolina

    Ya know jelly beans aren’t even that good anyway

  • Casper Lund
    Casper Lund

    ofc she needs a man to help her

  • Dj Vampire
    Dj Vampire

    Rick constantly motivating claire in the second half is the energy i need in my life

  • Libor Dostál
    Libor Dostál

    Do I really want too much when I want ANYWHERE on the screen shown temperatures in °C? I mean, most of the world uses °C, could we get it at least written as a note anywhere on the screen?

  • HWTag2

    I’ll give u 1 cow for them

  • coolandbored

    That lady and her pooping sheep made the ending worth it.

  • Jona Garcia
    Jona Garcia

    Rick I love you for helping Claire so much!!!

  • Aviana Strunk
    Aviana Strunk

    Clair should come out with her own candy

  • Urooj Akram
    Urooj Akram

    missed opportunity to credit brad as dehydrator extraordinaire

  • iPyromantic

    I just wanna say: big brothers Chris, Alex, and Brad --- I appreciate you. When Claire gets older she'll realize you were just trying to help. 😂😂 She'll turn to you instead of dad Rick! Also, why don't you ever just order carnauba wax? I'm genuinely confused.

  • Michal Šipan
    Michal Šipan

    9:57 Pastry chef attempts to make gourmet kvass

  • QuinntonB

    She’s so perfect! I love her spirit. Truly good hearted in nature.. it radiates off of her

  • Joshua Hutchings
    Joshua Hutchings

    If Bon Appetit is The Office, I feel like Claire is Jim. The show is us watching her react to the characters around her.

  • MrsRosewater

    such a whiney drama queen. If it wasn't for Brad and Alex I would never watch the BA ever.

    • MrsRosewater

      And also Gabriela, and Sohla!! They are awesome. Especially underappreciated is Sohla! She is the best!!

  • Ada Koul
    Ada Koul

    This episode is great example to teach kids you succeed not by success but by failing & learning

  • FANGZzz That Rapper That Really Sucks
    FANGZzz That Rapper That Really Sucks

    Idk what this is or why fate has made me come come across it... I don’t know why I watched the whole thing. But I kinda fell in love with this woman. She’s a total badass.

  • Gaby De Avila
    Gaby De Avila

    What if u tried making gourmet caprisun??

  • Jimmy Cieszki
    Jimmy Cieszki

    Claire is a superstar! Love how she keeps on trying! You better be paying her good Bon Appetit! Just saying, she is a star! If not and she gets smart and leaves your channel! She is going to go places beyond your channel! Same to all the other chef's you have on this channel! I watch for the personalities you have on this channel! You have good people representing your channel! Pay them what they deserve or you will loose them! Just my opinion! Take it for what it's worth!

  • Mathrador

    Honestly if it was not for her hair i would guess she was only in her 20s.

  • Riley Mangkang
    Riley Mangkang

    Fun fact watermelon jelly belly’s are green on the outside but red on the in side (Like a watermelon) duh

  • jarred carlstrom
    jarred carlstrom

    delaney, chris, and brad all crowding claire and claire feeling OVERWHELMED is a mood

  • Mylasia Diamond
    Mylasia Diamond


  • 40Kfrog

    2:35 Blasphemy! The fruit flavors are the best! Especially the pear one.

    • Arian Carlsen
      Arian Carlsen

      I agree! I exclusively eat the fruity flavours. The vanilla types are disgusting.

  • Dunia Abuzeid
    Dunia Abuzeid

    Delaney makes my heart go boom... so dreamy.

  • Maya Rodriguez
    Maya Rodriguez

    26:10 this turned into Aries Kitchen real quick

  • DirtyThirst

    I learned that you should go to a store and buy jelly beans if you want jelly beans.

  • Julie Guld Christensen
    Julie Guld Christensen

    wait, so Claire has a bf that isn't Brad???

  • mst3kanita

    Rick is adorable

  • Matt561

    Shame they didn't get any on the bean boozled

  • Matt561

    Gah I missed this, Damm you youtube!!!