Philip Rivers is now officially a liability for the Chargers - Shannon Sharpe | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Shannon Sharpe reacts to the Los Angeles Chargers falling to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football in a forgettable game for veteran quarterback Philip Rivers.
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Philip Rivers is now officially a liability for the Chargers - Shannon Sharpe | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Should the Chargers move on from Philip Rivers?

    • LittleODST360

      @Munchie Crunchy why the bears

    • JAMES C
      JAMES C

      @Munchie Crunchy , why does color matter?

    • Randy Krank
      Randy Krank

      He should come to Carolina and wrap up his career. He is typical overrated by the NFL Media Machine. I think he'd do good in Carolina , while they draft a future QB. Cam would do good in LA or Chicago.

    • Charlie Lee
      Charlie Lee

      Yeah since 2003

    • z ziz
      z ziz

      Yes chargers need to move on from rivers for sure

  • Austin Kephart
    Austin Kephart

    I'm 3 months late to this party but guys... Give him a year somewhere else, please! He was desperate this year! He knew this was it, the last year he had with the Chargers and he tried way to hard and put way to much on his shoulders. I love this man Philip. Just watch a relaxed Rivers in a new organization this year. It's going to be fantastic.

  • kbayj

    That says a lot when your 7 losses are by one touchdown or less. If you have a great QB he should win at least half of those games if not more.

  • Jeremythevirus Huang
    Jeremythevirus Huang

    You know what's trash? This show.

  • Tyler Clingerman
    Tyler Clingerman

    Rivers is the liability? The whole Spanos clan has been a liability since Dean took over in 2006. Liability is not giving a damn about your team winning games and firing people such as Schottenheimer over petty disagreements.

  • Mark Oliver
    Mark Oliver

    Phyliss Rivers.

  • Ceez B
    Ceez B

    One more year! He played with a damn torn ACL when the cheating Patriots beat us at Qualcomm (before spygate become public)! This man sacrificed his body & future well being when his number was called. I'll quit the chargers for good if they dont sign him to a 1-2 year extension. How easy people forget. Give him some damn protection and Philly Rivs will get the BOLTS there! Sign him TALESCO! #chargeup #nfl #loveofthegame #sandiegochargers #rivers #shannonsharpe #dripbayless #undisputed #tombrady #chargers #nflplayoffs

    • Zalis116

      Rivers' torn-ACL game was the 2007 season AFC championship in Foxboro, not in San Diego. The Patriots beat the Chargers in the 2006 playoffs at Qualcomm, though that was more due to Marlon Mcree having the ball stripped after an interception than any mistakes on Rivers' part.

  • Morgan

    Well Shannon was captivating at leastzz

  • L Weems
    L Weems

    Omg, where did Dak come from....

  • jay dlt
    jay dlt

    Cuz it has nothing to do with his horrendous offensive line

  • Sick Beats Productions
    Sick Beats Productions

    I'm not a chargers fan but it would be awesome to see phillip get a superbowl.

  • tim23tom23

    The rightful "New York Giant." Let's get him in a his rightful jersey

    • Dr. Sinister
      Dr. Sinister

      Broncos/Giants Fan For Life Here: I have much respect for Philip Rivers as an opponent and a competitor. He always managed to give Denver lots of problems over the years. However, I am so happy that Eli Manning ended up wearing that Giants jersey instead of Philip Rivers. The reality is that both Philip and Eli have now reached the same point at virtually the same time in their careers. Their best days as starting quarterbacks in the NFL are far behind them, and I believe that the time has come for each of them to hang up their cleats and step away from the game at the end of this season. To Eli Manning, Thank you, Sir! You have been a major part of a lot of fond memories of New York Giants football for the past 15 seasons - through the wins as well as the losses, you've always carried yourself with class, dignity, and respect for your teammates, organization, fans, critics, and most of all - the game itself. To Philip Rivers, I wish that Broncos GM John Elway had tried to trade for you right after Denver's victory in Super Bowl 50 three seasons ago. I would have really enjoyed seeing your competitive spirit on the field in Broncos orange and blue making plays For Us instead of Against Us. Peace.

  • Dakota Deacon
    Dakota Deacon

    still gonna have 4,000 plus yards

  • Joe Perez
    Joe Perez

    Rivers is drowning this organization...they need to move on, Tyrod Taylor needs to finish the rest of the season for LA. Whether or not it makes a difference, (which it probably won’t) it’s still better than letting Rivers take this team down with him. #DraftaQB!

  • A.C. B. ART
    A.C. B. ART

    Rivers is absolutely done. I wouldn't ask him to pass the ketchup.

  • Jack McGregor
    Jack McGregor

    Shannon has a gold jacket why he was OK but if he didn't have Elway or ravens defense he definitely wouldn't

  • olivi333

    He's never getting a superbowl... We all know that,now.

  • Kyle Gabaldon
    Kyle Gabaldon

    Phillip rivers is tony romo in a chargers jersey

  • Don Emigholz Jr.
    Don Emigholz Jr.

    Chargers had to abandon the Run game because the refs were throwing flags like confetti. The Chargers were running threw the Chiefs but for some reason the NFL refs did not want the chargers running the ball. Maybe it was eating up too much of the clock thus limiting the commercials on TV? Or Rivers throwing interceptions boosted the TV ratings? Or five yards and a cloud of dust makes for a boring game and the Mexican fans prefer passing? I do not know the reason but I know very rarely did they show the foul or lack of foul on replay.

  • Charles Rowan
    Charles Rowan

    Rivers stays. That game, he played badly, no doubt no excuses and Lynn should have benched him and put in Easton Stick after the 3rd int. Chargers D needs to start playing better. 24 points allowed, not good. Mahomes gets a first down running the ball when backed up on their own 10 yard line. Bad defense.

  • Charles Rowan
    Charles Rowan

    Rivers stays. Still great!Anthony Lynn should have benched Rivers after the 3rd int and played Easton Stick. But he didn't because Rivers is too good in come back situations. He always makes up for hi mistakes. Very frustrating to watch him play with an injured line. He needs to stop throwing in double coverage but he is too great to get rid of. The defense needs to step up. The defense was crushed last year against NE and is getting smacked around this year. Teams know that if they double team Bosa no one else steps up.

    • Bleeding Silence
      Bleeding Silence

      As a Chiefs fan Im laughing that you guys are trying to get rid of Rivers. With Rivers gone...the Chargers will tank harder than the Broncos when Manning left.

  • Jorge Ismael
    Jorge Ismael

    Dak sucks

  • Patriot Pat
    Patriot Pat

    Just retire, you can't beat brady in the playoffs = no super bowl

  • MVM _LilPete
    MVM _LilPete

    As a chargers fan, Phillip was a good leader for years but this year it’s time to let him go. But you can’t blame everything on him it’s the o line that needs work. But Phillip needs to go. It is either draft a qb or put Tyrod Taylor

  • Anthony Thanghe
    Anthony Thanghe

    I would like Skip to be fined every time he starts a response about anyone else in sports with, “if my quarterback Dak ever (fill in the blank with some mediocre stat), I would never hear the end of it. I am sick of hearing it.

  • Travis Miller
    Travis Miller

    I've been saying this for years

  • Dylan England
    Dylan England

    He was never that good and now he’s garbage.

  • Anthony Nelson
    Anthony Nelson

    Phillip Rivers should have been with another team long ago. San Diego-Las Angeles Chargers paid him a lot of money. He's never had a real chance at winning a Super Bowl.

  • Anthony Nelson
    Anthony Nelson

    First, a dumb jock, now a dumb sportscaster! Sports is an entertainment venue.

  • Julius Ulit
    Julius Ulit

    I saw Rivers start his decline vs the Dolphins this year, there was something wrong with his mechanics all game and wasn't quite there. Reminds me of Peyton Manning's last season. He is not the same player never saw a potential HOFer decline so quickly, he's making rookie mistakes in his 16th season.

  • Nima Scolari
    Nima Scolari

    I've said this for 3 seasons now. His decision making in big games has been questionable for a while now.

  • Bad Dealer
    Bad Dealer

    I was a huge Chargers fan before they moved to LA. I’ve been extremely critical of rivers for about 5 years before the move to LA. Very talented guy, but never grew out of his volatile emotions on the field. He’s Bret Favre without a ring.

  • Justin Greene
    Justin Greene

    If I was a producer on this show, Skip's Cowboys tangents would drive me out of my mind. 2 minutes of talking about Dak vs Mahomes before he actually got to the topic the segment was about. (Rivers)

  • SuperBoomshack

    Shannon is a liability to his liver

  • Karona Kassadyne
    Karona Kassadyne

    Late on this one, but #PhilipRivers has *been* a liability, other factors & forces do exist, either way been a liability

  • Çağatay Pehlivan
    Çağatay Pehlivan

    Brady, Brees, Rodgers are in 1. Tier Ben, Eli 2. Tiers..But Rivers is not in their level for sure..And he is not aged well

  • J R
    J R

    Two of those picks against Chiefs, one great pick from Honey Badger and the other fluke that landed like a baby in D-linemans gut.

  • Leave me Alone
    Leave me Alone

    He has no o-line. You guys would be asking for Brady’s retirement if he played behind that line.

  • Shavarez Smith
    Shavarez Smith

    So not a million “hmmm mmms” from Skip while Shannon speaks I guess he agrees and can show respect

  • kevin schindele
    kevin schindele

    Phillip rivers is one of the most overrated quarterbacks in his era.

    • Mr. Kazu Premium Fantasy
      Mr. Kazu Premium Fantasy

      Chargers front office are full of bums. Phil should have joined the Cowboys.

    • Eltoria Bilbrew
      Eltoria Bilbrew

      Try NFL history.

  • L. Depriest E
    L. Depriest E

    Phillip Rivers, Eli Manning, Andy Dalton, Big Ben, and Tom Brady are all dinosaurs that the NFL want to keep around because they don't want to move on to players such as Lamar Jackson who isn't that traditional pocket-passer. There may be some fear that they will lose fans if there are a bunch of Lamar Jacksons running around instead of standing in the pocket and throwing the ball. However I think the NFL will eventually get there.

  • Urban Link
    Urban Link

    Chargers should've been gone.

  • beneathdatrees0

    I wonder if Rivers is being a fool on purpose? Is he going to play for another team soon?

  • M 4D
    M 4D

    As a Bronco fan, I can always count on Philip Rivers to help beat the Chargers.

  • Stringfellow Hawk
    Stringfellow Hawk

    Philip Rivers has a tired arm. He has to push the ball to get it out. His career is over. He can't extend the defense. He's not a threat to throw it over the top of a defense.

  • Justin Coleman
    Justin Coleman


  • Itsreload

    The 12-4 season just a year ago had a very productive defense. Even then, the Chargers struggled to score 2 TDs on offense. Wiz couldn't drive this offense. The OC and coach need to lock down the plays. Otherwise a gunslinger is always a gunslinger. Changing the OC mid season is not good too. The Playbook gets really basic. Chargers OC should never have an empty back field. That just tells the other team it's a pass. It hasn't worked and they still keep doing it.

  • Theo Lee
    Theo Lee

    Skip baless. 😆 lol that guy. Lol.

  • Anthony Navarro
    Anthony Navarro

    Officially eh? LOL, he’s been a liability for 10 years now LOL

  • Wayne Diner0
    Wayne Diner0

    I just noticed that as long as I've watched football, (all my life), I've never watched a full Chargers game or watched Rivers enough to even realize his real life playing characteristics. But I have played with him on Madden plenty times and he's just solid enough every game lol he might be the one they need to be criticizing like they do Dak.

  • Sentinel King
    Sentinel King

    As a raiders fan I love rivers

  • Tiffany Lyons
    Tiffany Lyons

    Get Rivers out of there! Now! He is done. Jeez just awful😖

  • Digos HNDRXX
    Digos HNDRXX

    Two QBs that have had everything their whole career Big Ben and Philip Rivers. Big Ben actually did something with all the talent around him, Philip Rivers hasn’t.

  • Shawn J
    Shawn J

    Chargers made the Playoffs with a no-name QB (Humphries) once in their first 44 years before Rivers arrived. It's the ORGANIZATION not Rivers. Rivers has made the pro bowl the past 3 years. (2006, 2009-2011, 2013, 2016-2018). He has done his part.

  • i--night--hawk--

    Phillip Rivers will be fine...the season's allready been thrown it dosnt matter how many int. He throws for the rest of the season.. ......

  • Flashh

    Chargers should have drafted a 1st round QB like 2 years ago, rivers been like 5 years out his prime and the chargers moving to LA made rivers performance even worse. He might retire before the season is over

  • David arruda
    David arruda

    Watching Rivers Chuck the ball around makes it look like he's trying to do stone skipping on a pond

  • Antonio Uzzle
    Antonio Uzzle

    this went from philip to dak 🤣

  • TheCrypticKnight

    Shannon Sharpe, Patrick MaHomes doesn’t lead the league in yards per game, Dax does. Get your facts straight.

  • HemanParkFilms

    QBR....Skip has to let this over emphasized data go.

  • HemanParkFilms

    I am actually shocked that San Diego has held on to him this long.

  • Brandon Atkinson
    Brandon Atkinson

    Time to retire

  • s1ms07

    Chargers should sign Andy dalton

  • Gabriel Gonzales
    Gabriel Gonzales

    I’m so sick of listening to Sharpe saying that all these old quarterbacks are washed up.

  • Kanishka Kushan
    Kanishka Kushan

    Give Easton Stick a chance!

  • Marcus McDuffie
    Marcus McDuffie

    Currently on that #YakNMilds while watching this....

  • Durk Moneyswaggfly
    Durk Moneyswaggfly

    Go Tennessee Titans going too win super bowl 54 this year

  • Joshua 윤호 Han
    Joshua 윤호 Han

    Preach it Shannon

  • Blake Cook
    Blake Cook

    How is this situation any different then what happened with romo and dak

  • Jason Chen
    Jason Chen

    All he needs to do is hand it off the best running back in football then some short passes, he’s alway gambling with deep bombs which gets intercepted