PLEASE HELP: What Should I Do With All These FIRE ANTS?
I need your help! My massive pet fire ant colony (the 'Phoenix Empire') is growing at such a rapid rate now and I have to decide what our next step will be. Today I show you how big the ant colony is now, what they're current housing is, and what our options are for the fate of our beloved fire ants. Hope you enjoy this week's episode! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.
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  • AntsCanada

    AC Family, thanks for watching and helping me out! As mentioned in this video, please look for my hearted posts in the comments and *LIKE* the option of your choice to leave your vote! You can vote for more than one option, and you can also give feedback under the post! I can't wait to see/read your thoughts! Let's give the Phoenix Empire the best life! Ant love forever! EDIT: Apparently, the three posts to vote are being buried! I'm still jaded that TR-my removed the voting function in the videos. It makes things so hard. I may try #hashtags next time and use an outside app to count the votes. Sorry about this AC Family!

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      Mr. Cringe

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