President Trump Extends Social Distancing Guidelines
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Seth Meyers' monologue from Monday, March 30.
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President Trump Extends Social Distancing Guidelines- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • Blu mcRae
    Blu mcRae

    Oh man I laughed at those jokes 😂

  • Eddie Felan
    Eddie Felan

    I only laughed out loud at the Bounty joke. But keep them coming, you're doing a great job!!

  • Hazukichan X
    Hazukichan X

    Hey! If I wanna pierce my baby's ears, I'm gonna pierce my baby's ears! You got a problem, bro? The f**k is your problem, bro?! Yer cabbage! Yer muff cabbage! ...I'm okay, I'm alright, I'm calm, I just speak my mind. It's a Jersey thing.

  • Alresu

    "Can't touch this! And that. Also that."

  • gayhaifa

    0:22: “or a baby with her ears pierced”: two things. (1.) Why would you throw your writers under the bus, Seth; you should be standing behind them 100%; and (2.) I’m surprised Newark Liberty International Airport didn’t make the top of the list; where else can you disembark from an airplane in a first-world country and, unlike at a normal airport where you would walk down a jet bridge directly into the terminal, you instead clunk down a mobile stairway right out of the 1950s onto the airport apron and then look around and realize there are no signs and no clue where you’re supposed to go, until someone behind you annoyedly passes around you walking in a direction like they seem to know where they’re going, so you follow them through a maze of scaffold-and-plywood walkways reminiscent of covered sidewalks in NYC around construction sites until you approach a nondescript, unlabeled access door on the side of an unmarked building, walk inside, realize you’re in what at a normal airport would be considered an emergency fire exit stairwell, walk up four flights of dimly lit stairs, then walk through a series of inclined passageways until you emerge through a side corridor into what you, crestfallen, realize is the terminal gate that you wonder how many first-time travelers to EWR see as their first impression of New Jersey

  • Miss Chief
    Miss Chief

    Sorry but Americans are fine with circumcising a baby but _not_ with piercing their ears?

  • Oshini Perera
    Oshini Perera

    Hey. That’s offensive to Gunther , he’s a good guy

  • D. Karin Meyer
    D. Karin Meyer


  • Sky Dragon
    Sky Dragon

    Fake news bullshit from liberal Democrat communist bitches.

  • Tuxedo Cat
    Tuxedo Cat

    It would be great news if Seth got the virus

  • Renske Adema
    Renske Adema

    What's up with Seth's nose? Did he break it? It's all red and crooked 🤔

  • Hunter Ladouceur
    Hunter Ladouceur

    Why does it suddenly say “President” trump. None of the other videos are titled like that.

  • Margaret Ackroyd
    Margaret Ackroyd

    Why did they miss making a March Madness pun? It was right there!

  • Ces

    Trump exists. That’s the problem.

  • Eugene Hicks
    Eugene Hicks

    Lets call it what it is. Physical Distancing.. Not Social distancing. Big difference.

  • Simone J Stogrin
    Simone J Stogrin

    Sorry Seth I don't like crumpets. I like cheese on toast with baked beans and a nice hot cup of tea. 🙂👍

  • Eskimo Blood
    Eskimo Blood

    Add crowd noise please

  • Allyson Sagin
    Allyson Sagin

    Awww look at his little red nose ☺️🥶

  • E Krenz
    E Krenz

    Fauci all the way.

  • Sophea Dutch
    Sophea Dutch

    Okay so the MC Hammer "you can't touch anything" was on point👍

  • lazy bhikkhu
    lazy bhikkhu

    I did chuckle at BOUNTY!

  • WeazelJaguar

    8 Million views out of 350 Million, sounds like a Looser to me!

  • Biggus Dickus
    Biggus Dickus

    Put a cork in it Seth. haven't you hacks made people panic enough, and blow this pandemic way out of proportion? The working class need country opened for business so they can return to work and pay the bills. Not all of us are rich like you to sit at home and and still get paid in millions and have our accountants write checks for the bill. I for one have had it with you creepy democ-rats, as much as I hate trump, I might just vote for SOB, at least he's willing to open the country for business. There are at least 14 million Americans trying to get unemployment benefits to pay the bills. We will show you at the polls. One other thing, I recommend to boycott your sponsor's products, so you won't enjoy another 4 years of lucrative trump-mocking. Wait til I found out what's wrong with your sponsors products and put them out there unless they dump advertising on your show.

  • Donny Morrison
    Donny Morrison

    Trump & co haven't practiced social distancing once !! There all huddled on that stage .....2 meters apart 🙈🙈🙈😂😂😷 peace and love to all ✌

  • Neil Neil Wagon Wheel
    Neil Neil Wagon Wheel

    The British joke was weak AF! Do better or we're not letting you out.

  • Marvin Gershowitz
    Marvin Gershowitz

    Every Corporation in the Nation said they'd provide 100% of their Fellow Country Men's needs in this time of Tragedy and Crisis. "All For One American Corporations Promise." *_April Fools!_* I heard that REPUBLICANS who SURVIVE the VIRUS come back HUMAN BEINGS. *_April Fools!_* …. but I've heard Trump is like Citizen United That make Corporations STRANGE LIVING BEINGS without a heart. *_April Fools!_* *_"Communist China has BILLIONAIRES."_* & *_"CORPORATIONS Get Socialism in Capitalist USA"_* *_April Fools!_* ELECT "DONALD TRUMP " or he'll KILL YOU with an infected Evangelist. *_April Fools!_* ………I heard President Trump created a new job position ‘Funeral Director of Pandemic Diversity’ And it mixes & matches bodies for Mass Grave Efficiency. *_April Fools!_*

  • TheViperFan

    No one knows more about south Korea than Trump!

  • luminositymusic BrianPRickard
    luminositymusic BrianPRickard

    At three minutes is worth all that. You have a show that holds its own.

  • Daniel Snyder
    Daniel Snyder

    Bit late to the party. This is such a cluster. In Texas we dont have anyone with CV, well none reported because we have no tests. One of my employees and 2 of her kudsnhave it and were sent home and told no tests because they weren't over 65. Texas if course being the state that wants all those over 65 to go out and die for the economy

  • Dirk Hattingh
    Dirk Hattingh

    Do you go and play with your children in the next room after your hatefull and nasty comments. Surely they will pick up on it.

  • Dirk Hattingh
    Dirk Hattingh

    No substance - just nasty nasty nasty. Pathetic. Should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Dirk Hattingh
    Dirk Hattingh

    Why should the comments be respectfull if the show has zero respect.

  • Dirk Hattingh
    Dirk Hattingh

    Can you do a show without being hatefull and nasty. Your show sucks - clearly you are nothing without the frills from the studio - no substance. Stay home.

  • SpinDash

    Anyone who still tells you that Trump is doing a good job is being willfully ignorant and doesn’t know anyone who has been exposed to the virus or works in medical care.

  • The Cheaterman
    The Cheaterman

    Taaa, dadaa, dadaa, dada "you can't touch anything"!

  • FightsatJim’splace

    Great, just great.

  • Ronald Turpack
    Ronald Turpack

    please extend his distance from the American people in TV Radio all news Outlets his stupity can be contagious their is no found cure

  • Niki

    I bet they were happy it was Mc Hammers birthday to say that line hahaha! nice one!

  • donnaisfairlyodd

    The thumbs down are for the bounty joke. 😅

  • PopeLando

    The "authorities offered a Bounty" gag was such a missed opportunity for Seth to have done "One of Our Writers Explains a Joke"!

  • Cy

    Trump is Barry!

  • Daniel Van eck
    Daniel Van eck

    Myers you are a looser. Bash a presidency in this time. Die would you. You bottom feeding p.o.s.

  • OllinNahui

    You are drowning, man... but don't feel bad... all of you guys are...

  • Cosmic Charley
    Cosmic Charley

    Thank God this punchable face doesn't have a studio audience to be cued to laugh like sheep...joking like this is rotten karma

  • ProjectFlashlight612

    Lie about going to church?! It's 2020, you fucking cretin; my mother would call the mental health crisis unit if I said I was going to church for any reason.

  • Margret Blaswich
    Margret Blaswich

    Orange is the new blöd 😜

  • J C
    J C

    Why are you dipshits looking to politicians for advice on a virus? I have a hot tip for you. Google "CDC". They have a little more knowledge on these subjects.

  • Percision Armament
    Percision Armament

    Hi Mr Meyers, I would love to see a show on how you come up with the jokes 😅 and how many people are there in the team 😊. Best wishes to all and be safe. Thanks 🙏🏼

  • Dallas Smith
    Dallas Smith

    This has been the fucking longest two weeks of my life.

  • John M
    John M

    That Bob Dylan joke was the highlight of this

  • Christmas Lore
    Christmas Lore

    Dr Fauci, Gvr Cuomo, and yes, Late Night shows anchors are winging it. No one is "watching" trump. Most of us probably even mute his segments. I know I do.

  • Sam Cheng
    Sam Cheng

    Another top notch segment, well done!

  • Susan M
    Susan M

    Thank you!

  • Luke Lim
    Luke Lim

    Haha after US became the no1 amount of infected? Well done Trump you acted sooooooo fast. Well done.

  • Anthony Gracey
    Anthony Gracey

    So creepy how they don't do physical distancing at the podium during these conferences, always touching the mic. Mike Pence always seems to be lurking way too close for comfort.

  • Oskar Denis Baharudin
    Oskar Denis Baharudin

    I'd actually listen to that particular MC Hammer song. It's going to be.a hit, I can tell =^D

  • Christopher Pohl
    Christopher Pohl

    Seth will vote for Trump because without Trump he has no career.

  • Mark Guy
    Mark Guy

    You commies suck and your not funny. Show me one decent country you immoral godless atheists built.... yup zero. Your just freeloaders set to burn in hell.

  • Mr Sensible
    Mr Sensible

    Profuse apologies for having to point it out but the BoJo/crumpets/Queen joke didn't work. I don't mean it just fell a bit flat (no pun intended); it just didn't work full stop (not 'period' as that means something else over here). Otherwise a good effort.

  • Le Peacock
    Le Peacock

    Just now we're eating hot cross buns not crumpets..... just so you know

  • Bee Whistler
    Bee Whistler

    LOL, holy crud... that reminds me that someone told me Hammer was 50 back in 1990. You couldn't just fact check it by looking it up on the internet so I had no way to argue. This is one of the reasons why I roll my eyes at people who wish they were born a few decades earlier. Well... I used to roll my eyes at people who said that...

  • A M S G
    A M S G

    Wow this really sheds a light on how horrible these shows are.

  • Sharon Ge Zhan
    Sharon Ge Zhan

    New filter on camera😄?

  • Irem Ince
    Irem Ince

    That MC Hammer joke 😂😂😂

  • Grace Esty
    Grace Esty

    I'm a pharmacy technician and I had a very bad, very scary, horrible day, and watching this was the first time I smiled and laughed all day. Thank you so much Seth. I needed that so bad. My other pharmacy tech is in the hospital with covid19 so I'm working extra hours in a place I know is contaminated. A doctor called in a prescription today and said they're turning away everyone at the door. The hospital is full, every bed is taken and the waiting room is full. She's got 19 people in her care that she's sure have it but can't get them tests and doesn't know if she can save them. It was tough. She said half the town of Aspen "has symptoms". Please be safe everyone, I wish you all good health, please remember to be kind to everyone. unless they're wearing a maga hat haahaaa

  • Marc F. Nielssen
    Marc F. Nielssen

    Trump still doesn't know that ventilators and fans are not the same...

  • Whatsthemottowyou55

    Oh and just putting this hear to prove how much seth and his late night comedy trash squard are fake news. DR. Faurci just destroyed the narrative the trump didnt respond quickly to the outbreak.

  • Diego Sanchez
    Diego Sanchez

    We were social distancing when you were at the beach party. So you copy us, you can call it liberty bubble

  • Lunar Strike
    Lunar Strike

    Why is it a trend to have a camera from 2010 and a background that’s too distracting I get there’s a pandemic going on but there no excuse for getting a green screen or a better camera even using an modern phone would be good

  • Raja Storr
    Raja Storr

    I am laughing over here