PSA Grocery Shopping Tips in COVID-19 (See Important Notes Below)
Jeffrey VanWingen

UPDATE: C.D.C. Recommends Americans Wear Cloth Masks in Public (April 3, 2020)
UPDATE: Surgeon General Video: "How to Make Your Own Face Covering."
Correction: Rinse fruits and vegetables with water - no soap.
Correction: NIH Data - COVID-19 lives on cardboard for 1 day.
Clarification: Perishable foods like meat should be brought in the home and refrigerated.
Clarification: Only disinfect the outside packaging.
Note: for info on disinfectants, etc.
SUBTITLES: English, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese & French. Click CC & Settings bottom right.
As of posting date (March 24, 2020), this is the most current video for New CDC data, safe takeout food practices, and an updated practice for safe grocery shopping/handling.

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    Thank you for this video . Let’s truly try our best be kind to each other . Drop negative comments . Let’s work on our inner world to create love peace harmony so we can radiate this positive qualities and positive vibration everywhere we go. Because negative emotions , feelings are like Venom , dangerous for poisoning yourself and others . Let’s learn to pause 1 min and count to 10 or whatever works for each of us before we spill out any negativity . I love to listen instrumental of love peace harmony melody , it soothes you from inside , heals inner child and later developed wounds and helps to just be kind to yourself and others . If we are kind , patient , loving to ourselves, we are same to others .... let’s stop hurting ourselves , then violence to others with be stopped. I love you

  • Frater Radium
    Frater Radium

    *Most people won’t get the virus.* *Most of the people who get it won’t display symptoms.* *Most of the people who display symptoms will only be mildly sick.* *Most of the people with severe symptoms will never be critically ill.* *And most of the people who get critically ill will survive.* This is borne out by the numerous serological studies which show, again and again, that the infection fatality ratio is on par with flu. ( ) There is no science - and increasingly little rational discussion - to justify the lockdown measures and overall sense of global panic. Nevertheless, it’s always good to get official acknowledgement of the truth, even if it has to be leaked. Here are three leaks showing that those in power know that the coronavirus poses no threat, and in no way justifies the lockdown that is going to destroy the livelihoods of so many. 1. “IT’S ALL BULLSHIT!” On May 26th Dr Alexander Myasnikov, Russia’s head of coronavirus information, gave an interview to former-Presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak in which he apparently let slip his true feelings. ( ) Believing the interview over, and the camera turned off, Myasnikov said: It’s all bullshit […] It’s all exaggerated. It’s an acute respiratory disease with minimal mortality […] Why has the whole world been destroyed? That I don’t know,” To learn more >>>>>

  • John Bindini
    John Bindini

    The very existence of this virus has NOT repeat NOT been scientifically proven, let alone its causing disease !!!

  • John Bindini
    John Bindini

    Say no to this vaxis of evil !!! Disinfectants for nothing at all, will only cause you allergies and cancer in the long run !!!

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    Thank you dr brad pitt. Just kidding, very useful video thanks for that.

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    Wonder what the disinfectant is that he’s spraying?

  • Duznt Matter
    Duznt Matter

    What a sweeeeeet Dr! And that is exactly what me and my family have been doing!

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    Excellent video. Very concise, well organized, & practical. Thanks!

  • Frater Radium
    Frater Radium

    “Despite Moderna’s cheery press release this week, the clinical trial results for its groundbreaking COVID vaccine could not be much worse.” “The vaccine, developed and championed by Anthony Fauci and financed by Bill Gates, used an experimental mRNA technology…” “Three of the 15 human guinea pigs in the high dose cohort (250 mcg) suffered a ‘serious adverse event’ within 43 days of receiving Moderna’s jab. Moderna…acknowledged that three volunteers developed Grade 3 systemic events defined by the FDA as ‘Preventing daily activity and requiring medical intervention’.” “Moderna allowed only exceptionally healthy volunteers to participate in the study. A vaccine with those reaction rates could cause grave injuries in 1.5 billion humans if administered to ‘every person on earth’.” (Robert F Kennedy, Jr., Children’s Health Defense, May 22, 2020, “Vaccine Trial Catastrophe: Moderna Vaccine has 20% ‘Serious’ Injury Rate in High Dose Group”)

  • Rah&Co.

    Effort of our medical team

  • Your_Dadjesty

    The CDC has proven this to be unnecessary as of 5 days ago. The virus does not spread easily on surfaces so this video is just bad information at this point.

  • Christopher Brennan
    Christopher Brennan

    Umm.... how about we don't spray Clorox on broccoli or wash fruit with soap.....

    • oskat 2005
      oskat 2005

      Christopher Brennan UM how about you read the video description.

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    Sherry Hughes

    Thank you for your efforts to help us keep ourselves safe.

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    Covid 19 live update @itI4

  • Mr. Smile
    Mr. Smile

    Covid 19 live update @itI4

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  • Radioman KC
    Radioman KC

    I posted this Doctor's tips on carefully cleaning, wiping down your groceries after you came home..posted in a lot of places, Coming back now on May 31st, after watching MSNBC, a physician mentioned posts like this in passing to stress its HANDWASHING and SOCIAL DISTANCING which are most important. He said wiping down your groceries and other tips making the rounds are basically OVERKILL, that there isn't really much evidence from CDC and other researchers showing this is a length of carefullness going too far. No real evidence that wide virus spread through SURFACES is not what they're seeing. As to me, after leaving stores, I DO wash my hands with alcohol based hand washing, but not wiping down every product anymore. Thanks anyway, to this physician Jeff Van Wingen for having us be more careful, even if too cautious about 'sterile technique.' I would only suggest that this level of care is not widely reported by CDC as of May 2020. Stay safe, of course. But cheesh...keep wearing your masks when shopping where ya get close to people or touch them.

  • Maria Soframovska
    Maria Soframovska

    This is corona realy scary things about this virus

  • comedietwithme

    what about vegetables and fruits itself? I put them in vinegar water for about 20-25 min then wash it. would this be enough?

  • Marek Wojcik
    Marek Wojcik

    Half a million LESS people died worldwide this year than the statistics predicted:

  • Susan Reynolds
    Susan Reynolds

    I notice you have long hair & a beard. I put my long hair up in a baseball hat when I go out, but worry about any exposed strands. Since we are told to wash our hands and exposed skin..... After a person goes out shopping do you recommend we wash our hair? How do you feel about leaving non perishable grocery items / shoes / etc where UV light can reach it?


    то что люди на производстве не нужны и им лучше сидеть дома на пособии обсуждалось еще на форуме в давосе 2016 :

  • Jon Schultz
    Jon Schultz

    Dear Dr Jeff, you are using heroic measures to disinfect your food, which may be of some help but look at the food you are eating in your video! More than 50% of the population have metabolic syndrome, which puts them a high risk of getting very sick if they contract covid19. Physicians (and the government) need to get much more aggressive about informing the population not to eat junk food like hamburgers and potato chips and eat more nutritious home-prepared foods containing high levels of micronutrients and get more exercise. Simple lifestyle change will do a lot more to insulate people for the corona virus pandemic than wiping down packages from the grocery store. You can see the whole story at

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    What happens after the Pandemic will terrify you all Get ready do not take it

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    Susan Rasmussen

    Thank you Doctor! God bless and keep you, all of you, safe

  • Syed Adil
    Syed Adil

    Hello Dr. Jeff. Thanks for the valuable information. You mentioned that fruits, specially the one which we don't peel (like apple) can be washed in soap water like our hands. is that correct. I have a water alkalinzer at home and I use to sanitize fruits and vegetables with its acid water ( spray or wash) is it ok and enough.

  • Gary Arnold Seevers
    Gary Arnold Seevers

    Hello sir, I appreciate you sharing this helpful video! I had one bit of feedback which I hope may assist you in your efforts to stay safe. In the demonstration, I noted that you touched the exterior of the cereal box, which you noted may be infected, and then with the same hand removed the interior plastic bag and placed onto the sterile side without first disinfecting your hand or the bag. I fear that your hand may potentially transfer contaminants from the exterior packaging to the interior packaging in such a scenario, necessitating disinfection of the interior packaging prior to being placed on the sterile side. Just one grocery-disinfector trying to watch out for another! Thank you! Stay healthy, stay safe, and have a great day!

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    Eduard Schmidt

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    Deepa Kesavan

    Thank you. From India

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    Thank you!

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    Thank you!!!

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    Matias De Berti

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  • Linda Barnett
    Linda Barnett

    What can be done about fresh eggs? How can they be 'cleaned'??

    • Saki Särkkä
      Saki Särkkä

      Linda Barnett I think you need to crack them into a bowl with some soapy water, and the fry the mixture. Some chili might take away the soap taste 😆

  • Phi1eap

    For wiping surfaces, when they have disinfectant for 1 min before it dry, standard disinfctants are fine. But for short contact wiping 10-15s, you need 60%+ alcohol, or fast acting disinfectant equivalent.

  • Tammy Bennett
    Tammy Bennett

    What if you put the cloth bags in the washer as soon as you take your food out?

  • 8031972465

    Thank you so much for doing this. You are so kind!

  • Stella Wright
    Stella Wright

    Thank you Jeffrey for your service & for the helpful tips..Please stay safe.. God bless..

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    Vaughan Johnston

    Super cute!

  • Scott Royce
    Scott Royce

    There are NO Covid experts. Every single "expert" says something to contradict the other. I do not believe anyone but myself.

  • Sara Gore
    Sara Gore

    Thank you for sharing this! Stay safe.

  • Amanda Cifelli
    Amanda Cifelli

    I think something worth noting is that we can also protect ourselves from the inside, out. For example, perhaps McDonald's isn't the best option for food. We need nutrients and minerals to help ourselves as well! Hoping this is common sense :)

  • Ricardo Ferreira
    Ricardo Ferreira

    Thank you! From Brazil! God bless you!

  • John Bindini
    John Bindini

    THIS GUY IS A CRIMINAL ! : spraying all that useless disinfectant will cause you allergy and poisoning - for no reason at all, as THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER THAT RESPIRATORY DISEASES OF ANY KIND SPREAD BY TOUCHING SURFACES AND THEN ONE´S FACE. This is just phoney fake pharmanazi propaganda.

    • Saki Särkkä
      Saki Särkkä

      You’re correct, but this new study came after this video was released.

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose

    Thank you, very helpful, lots of love 💕

  • John Bindini
    John Bindini

    this fake asshole is wiping his table without a mask or eye protection - raising supposedly infected dust while talking, mouth agape...this alone proves the whole thing one demented hoax !

  • Flex Learn
    Flex Learn

  • Nancy Digman-Luong
    Nancy Digman-Luong

    What about steam cleaning? Can I use a steam cleaner to disinfect certain not heat sensitive items?

  • robert clere
    robert clere

    Washing blueberries with soap and water may take a few years!

  • John Bindini
    John Bindini

    this is just propaganda BS : excess disinfecting will only cause one allergies and poisoning for no reason at all : respiratory viruses do NOT spread to humans by touching surfaces, there is no scientific evidence for that whatsoever !!! Only coughing and sneezing in your face from a sick person might get you infected. The rest is a lie !

    • Scott Royce
      Scott Royce

      THANK YOU!!!! Agreed 100% Its about time for someone that isn't freaked out by the media to speak up!!!

  • Dee Orsolits
    Dee Orsolits

    Thank You for sharing this info! I have worked in medical for many years and use similar techniques myself, people say "ok doctor" when we discuss this but I know how germs spread and this will help stop the spread.

  • Tom 300zxtt
    Tom 300zxtt

    All need to watch this pls

  • Cory

  • Lucia C.
    Lucia C.

    You used your right "dirty hand" to wipe off the groceries and that is very wrong. Wash them all in the sink with soappy water . Also the virus replicates in the intenstines that's how you get dihorea ...Jeffrey, get a women to wash them first then you can use your desinfectant if you wish. The take away food has been picked and wrapped so you are not safe,cook for yourself instead

  • John Bindini
    John Bindini

    It´s idiotic to go on disinfecting surfaces all the time, as disinfectants will eventualy get you an allergy or poisoning ; no respiratory virus can infect one from a surface, this is ridiculously false : only coughing and sneezing in your face could.

  • Portia Edwards
    Portia Edwards

    I would love it if you would continue to put out videos of safety and contamination maybe walk around the house with a disinfectant bottle and spray things that most people wouldn't normally think of that might have disinfectant or need a good disinfecting like door handles light switches door frames a lot of people lean or touch door frames door knob handles on your dresser your remote control yourself your credit card especially the one you use all the time like most people have debit cards wipe them off let them and stand it up so that the air can get around it and let it air-dry Lysol is a wonderful spray but there's other things that can be used that might be a good thing to touch on At the hospital we don't use bleach we use alcohol we use peroxide there's a lot of things we use for disinfectants I was at an office once and they had run out of hand sanitizer and it was the bottle you pick up and squeeze them into your hand and then rub it all over and they had a small square d bottle and it had a peroxide mixture in it to coat your hands and rub them vigorously together and they claimed it work just as well well I couldn't get it out of my head does it? In our alternatives would be a good video for you you're a calm peaceful person I bet you're a delight to work with because it seems your kind person but you have standards and you understand how things are done dirty to clean a lot of help people don't know that it's amazing but please I continue with your videos I like them very much they're very useful

  • Portia Edwards
    Portia Edwards

    Thank you for that video being a nurse whose immunocompromised I feel like I can't help very much but I have been preaching how to wash your hands and to go from dirty to clean we all know that sterility is an ideal and not normally reached and that's what I keep telling my advisor people I advised is it's okay if you make a little mistake you know there's enough sanitizer on you and the products that you're more than likely sterilizing more than you realize or cleansing more than you realize you know your hands look up Lysol on them the rags got the Lysol you sprayed Lysol on the dirty side in order to clean to move it to the other side so you probably have set some of these considered dirty down on the dirty side of the table in sanitizer so this is a total process it's like throwing one thing in the washer or throwing 20 things in the washer the same cup of soap does the cleanliness the same job one iPod will take stains out of a whole load or it will take stains out of one shirt Do you have other videos because I think something to the older people would be better addressed and something to the younger crown that could be played would be useful as well I think people need to know that looking paranoid is a fashionable look these days so if you go get your mail and you've got on gloves that's great if you want to put your Lysol spray in your pocket and spray your mailbox down before you reach into it and spray those paper envelopes very lightly so that they are dry and then get your mail there's nothing wrong with that Looking crazy looking like a cootie bug one that kills cooties over cleanliness is fashionable these days disposable not so much because disposable offers you hard to clean packaging and sometimes double packaging and a lot of paper and plastic packaging which I don't like the idea of all that germ-infested package and coming into my house I like the hard plastics with a plastic inside it my lunch meat comes that way I buy it from Walmart and it's got the lunch meat in a center packaging and then there's a hard time around it so you can spray that hard tub off and let it stand the recommended time on the back of the bottle some of these disinfectants take 10 minutes to work so using the dirty side to the clean side is a wonderful idea because you rub that disinfectant on those containers and then let them air-dry and that's what's recommended do not try to wipe the disinfectant off of the product you want to coat the product with the disinfectant and let it air-dry that says it on just about every disinfectant available these days

  • J Li
    J Li

    One easy way is to let all the groceries sit somewhere for 3 days without cleaning them. Virus will die by then.

  • Em

    Thank you for the time you took to make this video. I was doing most of this and have been taking a huge hit of criticism from family who think I'm being paranoid. I wasn't sure if you could wash fruit, so I've been buying canned fruit or frozen fruit that could be thawed. I didn't think about dumping bread into another container. I've been fishing out the slices with a large utensil or tongs. Then using tongs to make the sandwiches (because I'm recovering from Covid and am not sure if I'm still contagious a month later from the initial onset of symptoms). I also didn't think of removing the cereal bag from its box. I've been wiping down the boxes with a disinfectant wipe before storing them, or I leave them in a "safe" zone area where no one really goes in the house until they are needed. Since wipes are hard to find, I've started relying on putting things in a separate area. I am almost out of wipes, so will probably take some half sheets of towel and make wipes using whatever liquid is left in the clorox container. Mainly though, we are trying to stick to cooked foods. I am hopeful to get my garden up soon to grow our own lettuce, but I wonder if birds will pass the coronavirus to anything I grow. It's been difficult because we are not a covid free home. A couple of us are recovering and the others spend most of their time elsewhere in the home. We try to separate what we can. Thankfully, the kids are old enough they can get their own plates and serve themselves with a utensil they get out for their own use so they do not have to use what I touched to cook the food. We also switched to disposable forks and spoons so the kids don't catch the virus from anything we eat from. I do not own a dishwasher and worry that I will inevitably miss spots during handwashing. So using disposable items helps to mitigate that a bit. To limit the amount of disposables, I also boil water in an electric tea kettle and pour that over the things that need washed and let them sit for 10 minutes or so. It might be overkill, but from the amount of days that the virus can live on metal and ceramics, I feel more secure doing this. I am just incredibly worried that we are still contagious even though we are a little over a month past the initial onset of symptoms. I do not feel we are in the clear because we are still coughing. Reading about people testing positive 40 days later doesn't help me believe we are "recovered" even if we passed the fever-free mark a long time ago. Before I was able to get a mask, I used a long sleeve turtleneck as a mask by tying the arms behind my head when cooking or around our kids. So far what we've been doing has been helping keep the others healthy, but it's nonstop cleaning because 2 household members have gone back to work. So now we have them put their clothes in the wash as soon as they get home and disinfect their wallets and phones, etc. It's exhausting going through all these steps. I extremely limit what others can touch in the kitchen so I can reduce the amount of chemicals and handwashing that has to be done. Otherwise, I would be following everyone like a maniac wiping things constantly and I just can't realistically keep up with that, or frankly afford it. I simply cannot expect them all to be as diligent and thoughtful to the processes. So I mainly get everything around for them so I don't have to wipe handles constantly. I use my knuckle to push buttons or pry open doors or to grab cabinet handles to limit my fingers touching things. Sometimes, it's an elbow or back of wrist. Whatever I can do to limit handwashing and constant disinfecting because it's rough on my skin. Just wash my hands when the job is done for the time and then thoroughly disinfect once or twice during the day and before bed. I'm running low on hand sanitizer, so I use gloves in the car only. I remove them and keep them in a designated area when I have to go into the store. I sanitize when returning, then put the gloves on to put on the seatbelt, shut the door, etc. I know it's not good to reuse them, and have to be super careful and strategic taking them off and putting them on, but they shouldn't be too dirty anyway right now. It's when I run out of hand sanitizer that makes me worry. I can't find alcohol or hydrogen peroxide in the stores to make my own. I wash the car handles with dishsoap and water on a paper towel and "scrub" for several seconds, then rinse and dry them. I limit disinfectant in the car itself because of the fumes and I don't want the chemicals eating the vinyl or whatever the steering wheel is made of. It's just so tiring trying to be mindful of every move we make, but frankly, it was going to the grocery store that middle week in March to stock up that got us sick in the first place. It is my mission to get the kids through this without catching this awful virus. So if I seem controlling or paranoid, oh well. I don't want anyone getting this. You just don't know how it will affect you. I'm almost two months into it and still don't feel back to normal. I am worried I've developed circulatory, heart or some other issues. I can tell it's not the same. Don't know when I will see a doctor. They haven't been helpful thus far. Teledoc experience didn't really do anything to solve my hives issue. Now the things they are saying about kids presenting with symptoms similar to kawasaki disease worry me. I've had a rash for almost a month now. It's not as bad as the 2nd week, but it's still present in spots and seems to be making its way to different areas. It's so strange.

  • Redwoodrebelgirl

    Thank you, brother. I appreciate your help & great advice. God bless you & your family. God bless us all. ❤

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    Martha Smith

    Excellent Information!

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    John Bindini

    get outa here, all lies :

  • likemytech

    Hello I embedded this video in different subtitles languages.(it took me a while to figure out how to force youtube to do this) but here are the links to the same videos that will automatically land in the correct CC Subtitle of the prefer language. I hope Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen doesn't mind if you mind let me know I'll take them down. Just trying to help spread the info to different people and different countries.

  • joysblues

    I take all groceries and containers and get them all SOAPY, and let them sit a few minutes. Including plastic, cardboard & cellophane containers, cans, actual food (broccoli, carrots, potatoes, fruit, etc.). I intuitively felt that if SOAP kills virus on hands in 20 seconds, it will certainly kill it if I coat all these things with a soapy film, and let sit, for a few minutes. Then come back, rinse off, and set on a sanitized area to dry. THEN, I put them away. I’ve done this since early March.

  • Pamela B
    Pamela B

    Wiping everything with the same now dirty disinfectant wipe. Overkill. Stop it!

  • John Bindini
    John Bindini

    you are a fraud. there exists no sars-cov-2 virua and no covid disease - or else they would forbid people from wearing masks, as masks compel one to touch their faces one hundred more times a day than they would without it - and they are saying face-touching spreads !!! Wake up !!!

  • Neelness

    It takes about 2-10min for these disinfectants to work actually