Quarantined with Norm Macdonald (ft. Bob Saget)
Norm Macdonald
Episode 4. Norm and Bob Saget

  • Kristofer Westerman
    Kristofer Westerman

    Isn't that the dream??

  • Neal Marshall
    Neal Marshall

    Nice shoes bitch

  • SantaMuerte livE
    SantaMuerte livE

    He looks bad

  • ken ezzell
    ken ezzell

    Norm is looking like Harry.....from Harry and the Hendersons

  • Todd Zuccolo
    Todd Zuccolo

    This Norm Macdonald guy is a real piece of work. He pretends to be a man of the people but he is actually an Illuminati whore. I guess they make one to appeal to each of our sensibilities.

  • Jeremy R Hansen
    Jeremy R Hansen

    Only one can Norm?!?

  • No Diggity
    No Diggity

    Wow, someone needs to join the 'Dollar Shave Club'.

  • Inquisitor1101

    "yea i saw that with adam" hahahahaa

  • Intelligentmillenialsunite

    “The monsters are on maple street” great twilight zone reference.

  • Chris Parsons
    Chris Parsons

    Bob Saget is a BETA male

  • odibex

    I don't think people appreciate how much work goes into these things. good on ya, Norm.

  • Michelle Trkulja
    Michelle Trkulja

    LOL "No that's not the dream Norm"

  • Zoe Zulma
    Zoe Zulma

    Hilarious joke with 7 minute setup. Norm talks to Bob 7 minutes and Bob isn't the least bit funny. Finally Norm reminds Bob of his text message before the call asking Bob to be funny. Had me laughing until I cried!

  • Phil Donahue
    Phil Donahue

    I'd rather hear jokes from Lori Loughlin than Bob Saget

  • BWGgy

    He looks good with that beard, reminds me of one of my uncles

  • ir10031981

    Happy 64th birthday Bob Saget! SUN 5-17-2020 tonight is the season finale of AFHV, speaking of which, Bob was the original host.

  • Lou Contino
    Lou Contino

    Why can't Saget teach Norm to use Zoom? Norm , just based on the way he holds a cell phone, would not be able to teach Saget.

  • MaggotMontage

    Norm if you haven't seen this yet it's very chilling tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-UIe-3XRRmis.html

  • Trey Gibson
    Trey Gibson

    I'm actually worried that Norm is sick and knows it but decided to let it take it's course. He's my favorite celebrity of all time so I wish he wasn't as secretive as he is. He's given me more joy then most of my family. As he has said before on Conan,- " I look like Nosferatu "

  • Behind The Scenez
    Behind The Scenez

    I love you Norm

  • Alfa

    Norm looking like Joaquin Phoenix's long lost brother on the thumbnail

  • Thomas La Bouff
    Thomas La Bouff

    Do you have any extra blood in the fridge?

  • High Chihuahua Community Guardian
    High Chihuahua Community Guardian

    who cares

  • Dennis

    Norm looks like shit

  • Sweetie Pie
    Sweetie Pie


  • E. Michael
    E. Michael

    I always picture Bob Saget living in the actual Full House

  • Justin Okraski
    Justin Okraski

    he was on the phone with Bob for 23 minutes in a 7 minute video?

  • Michael Felix
    Michael Felix

    This tugboat deckhand is funny.

  • Joe Calla
    Joe Calla

    Cheers from Canada Norm, & the rest of yaz that aren't rich or famous 👌👋 If Niagara Falls stops... the world may be ending soon

  • MuhaNNad

    Adam Eget is not famous

  • Harold Slick
    Harold Slick

    Norm looks like he needs to feed them hogs. I'd like to see 100,000 pictures of him.

  • CornyBum

    5:50 - Norm slipping into an Adam Egret impression out of boredom...and being deeply closeted

  • Silentxsage

    Whats wrong with norm, he looks like he has cancer

  • McLean90

    This man is for the birds!

  • Peter Feistamel
    Peter Feistamel

    20 years if been waiting for Dirty Work part two

  • Ben Wintermute
    Ben Wintermute

    I love you so much Norm. Seen you in Portland 4 times and Saget once. And my dog licked his balls

  • bruce lomax
    bruce lomax

    Every since Norm made jokes about raping babies, can't the guy

  • wyskass

    Norm stopped being a big fat pig finally.

  • Boxers Austin
    Boxers Austin

    Bob Saget looks young for his age.

  • Gallia Comata
    Gallia Comata

    3:30 Sagets a Comedian? All those years on television. Wow. He should have told some jokes. The king of Dry. Hands down the man that Mastered the one thing many aspiring Comedians are by accident. As if someone said, "you know, you aren't that funny" and he says, "Exactly", all slow,...while making winky face and finger guns.

  • Andrew Leith
    Andrew Leith

    This reminds me of another story from when I was a kid. I was about seven years old and had just moved into a new house and was playing int he front yard with a tonka truck and I hear a car door slam the car drives away and this kid whos about fve is walking over to me and says hey what are you doing I was not the friendly kinda kid. But this kid said hey my name is Hal im five and well how did you get here he said I hitch hiked I hitch hike every where and I was looking out the window and I saw you out here and I told em to stop molesting me and I got out . So any way that's not the story but that's how I met Hal. Hal was the son of the local family court judge He used to pal around with Byron in highschool and I mean they were mostly high not in school but all the time I guess in school too. anyways so guys where I grew up a lot of em had motorcycles like a 250 or 175 something like that rice burners ya know and then there were kids like me or Hal or Byron who walked they hitched on account of not wanting to get molested and not having a motorcycle I mostly walked. But there was the problem of walking across the Bohuniak's fields they didnt take too kindly to you trespassing and all. So I would hitch a ride on the back of one of those motorcycles on occasion. But the problem with that was the Bohuniak brothers didnt like the sound of them motorcycles whizzing around their fields right ,so they had a way of running you off they would shot at em. Well if you are the last thing those fellas saw on the back of those bikes well likely you'd get the shot gun blast. but it wasn't pellets they shot on account of the sheriff they filled those twenty odd six shells with salt peter and let me tell you playing army with those fellas stung. I guess you could say they got triggered by them jap bikes. Hal and Byron they never did hitch on the back of the motor cycles tho. those were the days those Bohuniak's they were some straight shooters they were.

    • Brazilian Atlantis
      Brazilian Atlantis

      Is that you, Adam?

  • wakechester

    CoronaVirus is Scared of Getting Bob Saget!

  • anythgofnthg

    Did anybody else catch it when Bob Saget said, "I went to Vancouver, Calgary...then Regina - which is my favorite place to go in and out of" Lol

  • Gubru

    Damn, Norm lookin' good with some weight loss and a scruffy beard.

  • John Joo
    John Joo

    I wish I found out you were doing this earlier. Love ya Norm, this is my favorite on the web during the big Q. Bless you.

  • Joliene Carrillo
    Joliene Carrillo

    I fuckin love you Norm!🥰❤️

  • Spencer Carter
    Spencer Carter

    That was a 23 minute phone call chopped down to 8 minutes. Poor Norm.

  • Satchel Connor
    Satchel Connor

    Norm do you still have your cat? lol. Remember when he had to be revived with CPR? lol.

  • genius mchaggis
    genius mchaggis

    you got all SKINNY norm!

  • Joseph Kelley
    Joseph Kelley

    Norm looks good with a Fu. .

    • Joseph Kelley
      Joseph Kelley

      Love Bob, helps everyone, does everyone's show. .Norm, on the other hand - only does Larry King. .

  • AA_PVP

    The man drinks Fresca.

  • emaz ahmed
    emaz ahmed

    Norm looks sick😟

  • Alex Ackles
    Alex Ackles

    Who the heck is this bearded guy and where is the famous person?

  • Julz Eblin
    Julz Eblin

    Fuck you norm I love ya. Signed larry o'neal napper. Look up the meaning of my name . New translation ,jacking ass. Haha Haha I stare at my but in the mirror and wack it . I'm not sexy either.

  • Briar Pennington
    Briar Pennington

    Norm I love you. You arent my favorite stand up, which isnt a knock on you. I like filthy humor. Doug Stanhope is my favorite comic. But how you say Chris Farley was the funniest man you saw. You are the funniest man I've ever seen on and off the mike. Even though it's never been in person. But God Bless You Norm Macdonald. And if and when this all ends I hope to be half the funnyman you were when I finally attempt my first open mike. That's my dream and a guy like you gives me a lot of hope.

  • Shelly B.
    Shelly B.

    Norm you suck.

  • Chris Boone
    Chris Boone

    More! More! Encore! I love these videos!

  • Lauren Kerr
    Lauren Kerr

    I hear Bob is quite the pedpophile. Are you OK Norm?? I'm a fan

  • Ari Mouratides
    Ari Mouratides

    boring man or boring bit? both still boring...

  • Chris Roberts
    Chris Roberts

    Fat Kentucky Fried Norm looks healthier than grizzled, shrunken Norm. Please rehearse less pronounced blinks. You remind me of some old time Apple Dumpling Gang extra when you do that.

  • D M
    D M

    i found your son

  • Cultured White Boy
    Cultured White Boy

    Norm only worth $1.5 mil? I don't believe that.

  • Crabby Appleton
    Crabby Appleton

    Saget is a questionable character.

  • Kim Stiteler
    Kim Stiteler

    There are no words to describe how much I am in love with this man. Easily my top choice for a hall pass.

  • Nødzilla 92
    Nødzilla 92

    Norm looks like shit :/

  • TheGreatElipitcalTransformation - Jefferson
    TheGreatElipitcalTransformation - Jefferson

    Bob Saget? Well isn't he a big fat guy?!

  • Jason kH
    Jason kH

    Is everyone just going to ignore the fact that Norm McDonald texted Bob Saget in all caps that he would die if he went to Canada and felt the need to bring it up during the actual call on camera despite texting beforehand? Why of all the places in Canada to go does he mention two cities in Saskatchewan? Regina is his favourite place to go "in and out of"? Tell me I'm not the only one who senses something strange about this call...

    • Jason kH
      Jason kH

      @Derek Gleeson not if involves twisted pedos or satanists coming to my country

    • Derek Gleeson
      Derek Gleeson

      The strange thing is that you don't seem to have a sense if humour

  • Kohlenstoffisotop12

    Lol, for a second I thought that's Stephen Colbert on booze. xD

  • Cynthia Abbott
    Cynthia Abbott

    That was awkward.

  • Dave Revoir
    Dave Revoir

    Norm had to quit gambling so his famous rich buddies would loan him money again...this guys fkn hilarious