r/crappydesign Best Posts #24
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  • GioFilms

    Like this video to grow an extra hand...

    • Jim Sprigg
      Jim Sprigg

      Y on earth would you want that

    • Some Potato
      Some Potato

      No thanks

    • Freya The Kitty
      Freya The Kitty

      GioFilms you can’t grow an extra hand?

    • Jolly Dogs of life .
      Jolly Dogs of life .

      Make me adog then i wiill.

    • Tristan Playz Roblox And More!
      Tristan Playz Roblox And More!


  • Cornett Family
    Cornett Family

    I love comic sans ............. HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT COMIC SANS

  • O5-1 of Site 200
    O5-1 of Site 200

    1:09 what the hell! It's almost like an infected got George pretty good (Roblox Piggy)

  • azyl


  • Shawn Helton
    Shawn Helton

    ah... banana corn

  • Steve - T Page
    Steve - T Page

    Sans you say? 𝙃𝙚𝙧𝙚 𝙞 𝙖𝙢 𝙖 𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙛𝙤𝙣𝙩 𝙘𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙚𝙙 𝙨𝙖𝙣𝙨 >:3

    • Freya The Kitty
      Freya The Kitty

      Steve - T Page I not i

  • Silviu Matache
    Silviu Matache

    2:19 this is in Romania, Iași

  • Crazygirl 101
    Crazygirl 101

    The card board thing is in my school cafeteria no joke. Idk honestly.

  • Ethan Griggs
    Ethan Griggs

    i wan day keydboerd

    • Ethan Griggs
      Ethan Griggs

      hape me i hcve sokre

    • Freya The Kitty
      Freya The Kitty

      Ethan Griggs r/Ihadastroke

  • Oscar Wood
    Oscar Wood

    there are 2 videos with the same title

    • Freya The Kitty
      Freya The Kitty

      Oscar Wood because this is a subreddit, he can make multiple videos of each subreddit.

  • icecream bunnykitty
    icecream bunnykitty

    Who doesn’t like 20 man holes in the middle of the road

  • Christine LaTerra
    Christine LaTerra

    i once saw a desighn fail in a commercial: "if you die call and we willl give you your money back" WhY jUsT WhY

    • Christine LaTerra
      Christine LaTerra

      @Freya The Kitty i dont understand what you mean

    • Freya The Kitty
      Freya The Kitty

      Christine LaTerra no need for those capitals.

  • Sara Bartlett
    Sara Bartlett

    5:34 imagine the stores only having THAT. #CorronaVirus

    • Freya The Kitty
      Freya The Kitty

      Sara Bartlett but toilet paper doesn’t help r/therewasanattempt

  • SPACEship2.0

    Hol’ up I just saw another video by giofilms named r/crappy designs 24 in my recommendations. 🤔 hmm

  • The doge Army
    The doge Army


    • The doge Army
      The doge Army

      Or r/facepalm idk I will post both on reddit anyway

    • The doge Army
      The doge Army


    • Freya The Kitty
      Freya The Kitty

      The doge Army no, Thanos is painted there.

  • NicRaider99

    Let’s be honest, we all watch crappy design videos to see GioFilms get mad over people’s faces on windows.

  • rbcodder

    Le poop

  • Melissa Hanson
    Melissa Hanson

    El poop It looks like extra large poop

  • emelie santos
    emelie santos

    6:08 why does his chin looks like post malone 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jolly Dogs of life .
    Jolly Dogs of life .

    6:18 my firsg thought: CROSSFIRE

  • stevesome1

    4:30 use to assert dominance

  • Hi_ 5
    Hi_ 5

    if there are manholes, then where are the womanholes

    • Freya The Kitty
      Freya The Kitty

      Hi_ 5 womanholes don’t exist 🙄

  • Matthew Sigler
    Matthew Sigler

    How dare you disrespect my favorite text

  • Andrew Oliver
    Andrew Oliver

    I had one of those cars toys

  • pinky 05
    pinky 05

    Get Spoongebub and Snail in super smash bros Get Spoongebub and Snail in super smash bros Get Spoongebub and Snail in super smash bros Get Spoongebub and Snail in super smash bros Get Spoongebub and Snail in super smash bros Get Spoongebub and Snail in super smash bros Get Spoongebub and Snail in super smash bros Get Spoongebub and Snail in super smash bros Get Spoongebub and Snail in super smash bros Get Spoongebub and Snail in super smash bros Get Spoongebub and Snail in super smash bros Get Spoongebub and Snail in super smash bros Get Spoongebub and Snail in super smash bros

  • Griffin Whitmore
    Griffin Whitmore

    I cried 2:13

  • Mon trainer ash D
    Mon trainer ash D

    That kid needs to see a dentist, he got some tough gingivitis

  • Ryaphloshion

    1:13 These are just the stairs of the tower stage in Gang Beasts

  • Myminh TRAN
    Myminh TRAN

    doodle means elpoop

  • Nathan Santiago
    Nathan Santiago

    3:19 Thor went for the nose

  • hope7096


  • xXSamSunXx Boi
    xXSamSunXx Boi

    2:42 should be on technically the truth

  • TheShadowsLullaby

    2:15 you're TRASH

  • Y u x i n L y x
    Y u x i n L y x

    2:38 r/technicallythetruth

  • Andrew Church
    Andrew Church

    3:43 Hey cool, a Wheelock E70-24MCW-FR speaker-strobe! ...my fire alarm enthusiast instincts kicked in.

  • Rainbow Shine Toy Reviews
    Rainbow Shine Toy Reviews

    There needs to be an r/stupid

  • Dualsport Chris
    Dualsport Chris

    @3:23 this bus could defeat Thanos with The infinity gauntlet

  • Karl Corey
    Karl Corey

    hey! whats wrong with Comic Sans? Comic Sans is my favorite font. ):

  • Lillie Unicorn
    Lillie Unicorn

    Those giant airpods are for giants. They like music too

  • Random Japanese words
    Random Japanese words

    2:35 r/technicallythetruth

  • Caio Soares
    Caio Soares

    What’s so bad about comic sans? The only thing that’s bad @ 6:35 is you.

  • Oliver Rees
    Oliver Rees

    there is 15 manholes

  • Bob Simpson
    Bob Simpson

    So, I’m trying to watch TR-my in secret, since my mom doesn’t allow a ton of channels, but uh... I nearly got caught laughing at 3:am.

  • Galactic Cross Games
    Galactic Cross Games

    Anyone notice that there is two r/crappydesign #24s?

  • Moadot720


  • Yeet

    There are 2 videos with this same title both from giofilms.

  • Dawn Garside
    Dawn Garside

    Gio: the ocd is threw the roof Ocd:REEEEEEE Roof:OH NO STOP IT OCD OCD:REEEEE ROOF:NOO... Roff:oof Roof:BROTHER NOOOO OCD:*turns super sayin* Roof:*kills Ocd* oCD: YEAAAA OCD IS DEAD

  • Mavislav

    Comic sans on a colorful keyboard somewhat is fitting, but not in a graveyard. Use it for needed opportunities.

  • Sophy keosun Cheng
    Sophy keosun Cheng

    Next video: r/crappydesign #24 Me: wait a second...

  • Nikos Samantas
    Nikos Samantas

    This video is cursed it has 666.000 views

  • Luigi Boy72
    Luigi Boy72

    Wait, hold up. There are 2 r/crappydesign Best Posts #24

  • GD Kunix MonsterMouth
    GD Kunix MonsterMouth

    0:47 the McQueen car I had and gave to my cousin. It’s one of those illusions where if u look 1 way it’s 1 image and the other way is another different image

  • Jaliyah Ennes
    Jaliyah Ennes

    4:38 in my old school there was a bathroom next to the gym, and the second biggest stall had no door on it and there was a mirror in front of the stall and a bunch of windows next to the stall

  • Sans

    Sans WTF

  • Charlotte Barham
    Charlotte Barham

    The thumbnail should be in r/technicallythetruth

  • Alex Guray
    Alex Guray

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  • Alex Guray
    Alex Guray


  • Alex Guray
    Alex Guray

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  • Alex Guray
    Alex Guray

    Airmen do has all well ya am ha do of do of do of do its all old so a do is an if so of if it or or it is me

  • Meme-ish Maria VGCP AUTTP THDTC
    Meme-ish Maria VGCP AUTTP THDTC

    7:17 shome weet home LOL

  • Xavier Yohman
    Xavier Yohman


  • ACE234dm Earley
    ACE234dm Earley

    8:58 this guy got a Slipknot mask

  • Андрей Сендык
    Андрей Сендык

    6:37 Comic Sans = Sans = Undertale

  • Christina Woodruff
    Christina Woodruff


  • Smol_Potato :3
    Smol_Potato :3

    4:00 Me trying to make my first Bloxburg house with stairs Edit: In the video side bar with other videos, it shows you have another 24th r/crappydesigns video r/facepalm

  • Jaadgolimar

    8:58 this is so you can kidnap you self

  • Hugo Dubois
    Hugo Dubois

    Love your channel..... but ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine, So saying ATM machine means Automated Teller Machine Machine.


    why are there 2 r/crappydesigns #24s

  • Maximus Shen
    Maximus Shen

    The basketball toilet one is actually hilarious

  • Hypernova The Raptor
    Hypernova The Raptor

    That’s not a potato sack that’s a balaclava