r/crappydesign Best Posts #24
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  • GioFilms

    Like this video to grow an extra hand...

    • Brody Sieckman
      Brody Sieckman

      With other accounts

    • Brody Sieckman
      Brody Sieckman

      I will like 48 times

    • XtrozCAMO Gaming
      XtrozCAMO Gaming


    • DonutLover Gaming
      DonutLover Gaming

      **quickly likes and then dislikes**

    • Toad T-posing
      Toad T-posing


  • saige smith
    saige smith

    pizzr is pizza

  • Rubik’s cube
    Rubik’s cube

    Me:has a comment Speling erour:I’m about to end this mans carer

  • Doggie 45
    Doggie 45


  • DerpQuake

    next time say r/cappydesien

  • Perception of God
    Perception of God

    “Pizzur is pizza!”

  • Broccoli

    6:19 that's for duel wielding

  • Emalee Banks
    Emalee Banks


  • Patchedpaw and Cedarstar
    Patchedpaw and Cedarstar

    6:09 tone down on the nicotine dad

  • Fire Fur 297
    Fire Fur 297

    8:30: Are you ready kids? the kids: *no* TOO BAD O O O O O O O O O O O H who lives in the basement under your house? Spoongebob sqarpants! Mold and blood is what he is doused? Spoongebob sqarpants! If saliva on your bed is something you wish? Spoongebob sqarpants! Then get upstairs and run for your life! Spoongebob sqarpants! *R E A D Y ?* spoongebob sqarpants, spoongebob sqarpants, spoongebob sqarpants Spoongeboooooooob Squarpaaants! Hahahahahahahaha *spoongebob starts playing a someones finger*

  • The meme Itself
    The meme Itself

    3:13 wait is that unlv cause it looked like that when I went to there

  • godly gaming 913
    godly gaming 913

    5:10 you sure they aren't wii pro controllers?

  • PandiiPaws

    The way he said Thanos at 3:28 is so odd

  • Shadowfom

    5:14 not Gonna be a party pooper But wii had a thing where you connect the remote to a controller for things like Mario kart or some other games

  • ray yu
    ray yu

    3:33 i was listening and lierally thought he said, write and ill poop

  • Grace Smith
    Grace Smith

    The Braille is so blind people know what kind of scooter it is when idiots ignore traffic laws

  • Mr Sealio
    Mr Sealio

    7:20 That’s the handicap standing room

  • Mr Sealio
    Mr Sealio

    7:32 Looks awesome though

  • Mr Sealio
    Mr Sealio

    4:27 That looks like the set to a strange music video

  • Mr Sealio
    Mr Sealio

    1:12 I think you can reach the stairs by the window, and there are probably metal posts inside the steps to reinforce them. The railing is pretty unsafe though I agree.

  • Lachlan Laird
    Lachlan Laird

    Puts person on bus* Gio: NOW YALL DONE IT

  • Adam

    I only laughed at 8:36

  • TRYHARD Timmy
    TRYHARD Timmy

    It’s not comic sans....

  • Ceedox PVZ
    Ceedox PVZ

    7:32 when you can create a online level in a game

  • Fallen le best
    Fallen le best

    Poop Edit:Omg thanks for one like wait why is it blue

  • anextraordinarygamer #lil000g
    anextraordinarygamer #lil000g

    Imagine if that bus stop was in a horror movie, it would be so awkward, the killer would be like "ima just sit here".

  • luigios11 mario
    luigios11 mario

    2:16 me

  • Anvil

    8:04 believe it or not.... but..... there are actually a decent amount of blind people who ride things like bikes by using sound queues and forms of echolocation to know what's around them. (Also, the braille might be for someone who is really far sighted or partially blind)

  • Linden Fate
    Linden Fate

    I think people are just putting faces on buses because it’s funny

  • Murilo Catureba
    Murilo Catureba

    That lightning mcqueen's eyes move when you look left or right, but it's weird when you see in front

    • godly gaming 913
      godly gaming 913

      He's always watching you

  • Lobster named goose
    Lobster named goose

    7:23 I guess you could say, That’s pretty *_cappy_* I will show myself out

  • Furbearingbrick -stays crunchy in milk
    Furbearingbrick -stays crunchy in milk

    ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, banana corn

  • Adrian Ionescu
    Adrian Ionescu

    Your text here.

  • Vungmuny Animations
    Vungmuny Animations

    7:57 this reminds me of having to take a staircase so long to the bathroom and then I drowned Bc the water overflowed

  • Chicken boy
    Chicken boy

    the stair case is for modeling

  • Adrian Ionescu
    Adrian Ionescu

    Sample text.

  • Joyce Richardson
    Joyce Richardson

    no yeeting in my holy comment section.

  • BestBowserFan4 Official
    BestBowserFan4 Official

    You always up vote but never comment, why?

  • Wolfman63

    6:36 Megalovania intensifies

  • Sara Allen
    Sara Allen

    7:28 even the add for the juice thinks its crappy. It just has a speech impediment

  • Flareonda Eevee
    Flareonda Eevee

    2:12 My Cousin Has A Sign On A Door In Her House The Says "Make Freinds Here" And Inside Is A Trash Can

  • Candeekitty55 gachaXOXO
    Candeekitty55 gachaXOXO

    Let's start a campaign against faces on windows and cars I donate 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000 bucks cause let's be honest this needs to stop

  • bup

    *Thong Thai*

  • robert techtoy
    robert techtoy

    my house has a shower with a window

  • our smol killjoy bean
    our smol killjoy bean

    I keep hearing you say pizzar

  • Jacob Lednum
    Jacob Lednum

    Go to 10:18 you'll see... That I ended the video for you Yes, yes I did

  • HanHaylo

    Improvise. Adapt. O V E R C O M E

  • Paarthurnax

    8:59 that’s a fucking execution hood.

  • Sky High Skyler
    Sky High Skyler

    7:58 this reminds me of a dream I had where to get to a door not even a meter away, you had to take a massive stairway all around the school... Never knew you could get winded via dreaming till then.

  • wolf star
    wolf star

    Wii u pro controller looks like a ps3 and other controllers like that

  • SalmonSushiRoll

    3:17 : i went for the head.

  • Fell Sans
    Fell Sans

    Comic sans is beautiful!!!!!!!!

  • TeMarion Marshall
    TeMarion Marshall

    Gio: Are you going to stop putting faces on buses The bus company: No no I don’t Think I will

  • My Singing Monsters Fan 1023
    My Singing Monsters Fan 1023

    Nobody: Gio:Just throw that comic sans keyboard away Also Gio:uses comic sans

    • Brent Sullivan
      Brent Sullivan

      Sans: You're gonna have a bad time.

    • Ceedox PVZ
      Ceedox PVZ

      *Megalavania from the distance*

  • Mr. Prickly Cactus 001
    Mr. Prickly Cactus 001

    Those animals at 7:14 ARE AT MY SCHOOL

  • Marc Jop
    Marc Jop

    7:10 is my schools lunch mascots

  • Jim

    Do you have ocd?

  • TheRandomGuy / TyToonz YT
    TheRandomGuy / TyToonz YT

    0:45 Oh god, I remember these.

  • ItzMeGr33n L0L
    ItzMeGr33n L0L

    3:24 when Thor goes for the head

  • Spider boy Blogs
    Spider boy Blogs

    2:56 cornanna

  • JJ Wilson
    JJ Wilson

    pizzer is delicious!

  • TTV_ Coman_coman
    TTV_ Coman_coman

    2:17 Romania :)) I live there in TIMISOARA

  • MineLa Playz
    MineLa Playz

    6:36 YES MATE

  • TheMadis

    4:33 for the brave ones

  • Steg Bian
    Steg Bian

    I love me some elpoop

  • Carrie P.
    Carrie P.

    My school’s go to was comic sans

  • FangsInsanity ‌
    FangsInsanity ‌

    0:11 whack a mole

  • Ready

    Those aren't PlayStation controllers, those are Wii u pro controllers that go with the Wii u

  • Emrs Not telling
    Emrs Not telling

    1:49 Everybody: Dump as fast as you can Literally Everybody: Dump it and go. GioFilms: Dump and make serious eye contact with everybody Me: I saw GioFilms...But he was taking a dump and i am not proud.

  • The gacha kid
    The gacha kid

    0:22 you can play whack-a-pennywise on that thing