r/LiveStreamFail BEST Of ALL TIME Reddit Posts #2
Mini Ladd
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  • Benjamin Delport
    Benjamin Delport


  • lizbudz thespicy_tomato
    lizbudz thespicy_tomato

    Yass we love bread!!!!

  • Syth_ Venoms
    Syth_ Venoms

    MiniLadd THIC

  • Panda _Wolf12
    Panda _Wolf12

    How to loose subscribers.101 Miniladd 11:50.

  • jack the moon guardian
    jack the moon guardian

    Well,I'm sorry that I watched anime in english

  • Anym

    I mean we also got Chris Hemsworth absolutely ripping into noobmaster

  • Max Heather
    Max Heather

    since when did ukog stream anthing other than guitar hero

  • jalen martinez
    jalen martinez

    Good guy Shroud

  • GDCitrus

    Mini - "Cuz I'm trying to get that bread. Cuz I want----" *AD PLAYS*

  • GDCitrus

    Thank you Ty!!! 5:24

  • skiimaske

    Craig, I watch it dubbed. Please don’t judge, I still luv u ;~;

    • Christopher Thompson
      Christopher Thompson

      Sorry I meant ikr

    • Christopher Thompson
      Christopher Thompson

      Ok right

  • sehtx_ cuh
    sehtx_ cuh

    Best thing 2 watch when being high 🤣🤣

  • Riley McCallister
    Riley McCallister

    I dont put up with shut

  • General Pepe
    General Pepe

    Mini should end these vids with “thank you for attending my TedTalk”

  • Emerald Rhymes
    Emerald Rhymes

    11:45 laughs in alchemy

  • LunaWolf 182
    LunaWolf 182

    Hey anime is anime , some sounds really good in English, some sounds good in Japanese

    • K TheOne
      K TheOne

      LunaWolf 182 fax’s

  • Nouva Runnells
    Nouva Runnells

    I only watch dub because I am dislexic

  • Meliodas Of The Seven Deadly Sins
    Meliodas Of The Seven Deadly Sins

    Dub is betyer

  • Thanatos Death god
    Thanatos Death god

    Sorry I watch dub. I can’t read fast

  • huntas trash
    huntas trash


  • Stay Weird Studios
    Stay Weird Studios

    16:10 Can we appreciate this beautiful spin Mini gave us here?

  • Shadow


  • Storm300 Trooper
    Storm300 Trooper

    I agree with Craig @11:50

  • zousina

    What does that Korean woman say?

  • Dreamcatcher721

    Why can’t I like subs and dubs?

  • Shadow Force
    Shadow Force

    good guy shroud

  • Dawn Nichols
    Dawn Nichols

    What video is this? 8:43

  • MegaBlaziken64

    5:27 hi TI, I did pause

  • LeeGamerTV / LGTV
    LeeGamerTV / LGTV

    11:19 hahahahahah that aged well didn’t it

  • Dragon Gaming
    Dragon Gaming

    I’m doing very well thanks for asking ty

  • lord protato
    lord protato

    I will forever shamelessy listen to anime in dub. FIGHT MEEEE

  • Xeroh

    Rub mustard on my what?

  • Caleb Castellano
    Caleb Castellano

    Good guy shroud

  • TinyALPHA

    11:45 but im dyslexic

  • Phoenix Harris
    Phoenix Harris

    this is for me: 9:26 9:26 9:26

  • Colter David
    Colter David

    Good guy shourd

  • doctor 77320
    doctor 77320

    i will watch anime with dubs all i want

  • r0gue

    Ty I’m good thank you :)

  • Bunny Femboy
    Bunny Femboy

    6:17 Hey it's UKOG! I love his yt channel

  • Joseph Hemingway
    Joseph Hemingway

    Good Guy Shroud

  • The Camaro Kid
    The Camaro Kid

    8:43 😂

  • Jackal Fire006
    Jackal Fire006


  • Fallout Slayer76
    Fallout Slayer76

    Anime with dub BET

  • Jose Mariscal
    Jose Mariscal

    Dub nibba dont diserve to live

  • XSlayer quer
    XSlayer quer

    Why you bully me man I like it in dub :(

  • Eggs Benedict
    Eggs Benedict

    I only watch hentai

  • Eca The Neko
    Eca The Neko

    Good guy Shroud

  • yaboy sniper
    yaboy sniper

    But apex now

  • #Ross light
    #Ross light

    Mini I struggle with reading because of my dyslexia so that's why I watch anime with dub

  • Turtle Lord
    Turtle Lord

    Hey dubs should not be disrespected, some people cannot read well because of medical reasons

  • Relaxingrock965

    I'm doing good ty, thx for asking

  • The Joker 159
    The Joker 159

    Fully automatic doesn't excite

  • CoCoKrispyKenny

    Good guy shroud

  • Caleb Rendon
    Caleb Rendon

    Well shit. I camt watch mini ladd cause I watch anime dubed

  • Loot Llama
    Loot Llama

    15:01 He never explained :'(

  • BlackDeath 363
    BlackDeath 363

    U said subs not dubs so I subscribed

  • PD2002 - Music & More
    PD2002 - Music & More

    Mini, my Ladd, see how Apex has changed. They generally do big updates not regular small ones

  • Mc Meme
    Mc Meme

    master chief hit that whoa

  • Joe Ramsay
    Joe Ramsay

    Ha! Ima watch dub whether you want me to or not 🤪😜😛

  • Lord farquaad
    Lord farquaad

    streamer: *dies* chat: 🍆💦

  • Quincy Laas
    Quincy Laas

    Ty I am doing great

  • I can't 「STAND」
    I can't 「STAND」


  • Private Dick Simmons
    Private Dick Simmons

    8:33 tbh I laughed so hard I farted

  • TheVampireCrow 293
    TheVampireCrow 293

    Only 2 animes i know of are better in English dub, don't kill me in comments plz Black butler Assassination classroom

  • unusual fabrication
    unusual fabrication

    do more r/livestreamfail please

  • NewShoes

    5:26 Ty, I'm doing very well and hope you are too

  • Pigammer45

    New Camera?

  • Coniah Maschio
    Coniah Maschio

    Anyone else think that Mini looks like hes about to explode near 4:50 , 4:53

  • Ideatronic •
    Ideatronic •

    Hello to you too ty!

  • Mike The Gamer
    Mike The Gamer

    Whoa. Cowboy Bebop dub is phenominal.