Reacting To Logan Paul's Diss Track
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  • CorXzy YT
    CorXzy YT

    I think he sniffed 3 times

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    jj used to be funny

  • Gabriella Jade
    Gabriella Jade


  • eddie kane
    eddie kane


  • Ultra Gaming
    Ultra Gaming

    My father😁😁

  • CHAX

    aight KSI thanks for hating on JP the nigga making his money the way he can

  • Ashton Prangler
    Ashton Prangler

    And ur 26

  • Ashton Prangler
    Ashton Prangler

    Bro shut up u still live in ur parents house

  • Invader Mixes
    Invader Mixes


  • ton med
    ton med

    Delhi got 1M

  • Brian Geyer
    Brian Geyer

    I freaking love KSI such a good youtuber

  • Sanaa Edwards
    Sanaa Edwards

    Why do you always wear that baniat

  • Harman Dhaliwal
    Harman Dhaliwal

    U should enroll because u ain’t never gonna get more money then them

  • ASMR Ali-al
    ASMR Ali-al

    Ksi: he’s to stiff Me: Ye and you to loose 😐 Btw luv u ksi not in a gay way anyway I should stop talking

  • Xpert

    Little did Logan know Tom Brady signed with the buccaneers

  • Noah Brown
    Noah Brown

    Ksi shut yo ass up😂

  • Z-Eazy X
    Z-Eazy X

    Stay off TR-my u suck

  • Waves Real one
    Waves Real one

    Am i the only that gets reminded of "Numb & Frozen" by Icy narco by his song? In the chorus.

  • TKNE Grizzly
    TKNE Grizzly

    Activate Windows

  • Clementine Wheeler
    Clementine Wheeler

    Why do you suck so much

  • Samuel Maldonado
    Samuel Maldonado

    ksi said logna puel is hard to fight

  • Jack 3790
    Jack 3790

    Lord beerus

  • hersiyousef_goat Mit
    hersiyousef_goat Mit

    12:16 Logan calls Antonio brown nigga

  • Lollyllama

    7:38 "I dont have eny space" look too the wall on his left ore your right

  • VǿrTeX

    My guy activate windows

  • Built Toothpick Gaming
    Built Toothpick Gaming


  • sunny.4real bieber
    sunny.4real bieber

    Fuck you ksi! Motherfucker! Pray to Logan! Asshole!

  • Misita81


  • Alexander Davis
    Alexander Davis

    I would love to see a KSI and Logan Paul collapse since they’re cool now fr

  • Christine Jenson
    Christine Jenson

    ksi sucks and he is cringy.

    • Ultra Instinct Shaggy
      Ultra Instinct Shaggy

      Christine Jenson go cry in bed you 9 year old

    • Ultra Instinct Shaggy
      Ultra Instinct Shaggy

      Christine Jenson fuck off

  • More JoshGuyy
    More JoshGuyy

    Did.. Did he just.. DABBBB!!!!!

  • Demon Slayer262
    Demon Slayer262

    I'm gonna teach you life skills, don't spend $40 on life skills.

  • The VIP Beast
    The VIP Beast

    on the fight from KSI versus Logan Paul Logan Paul actually did some damage against KSI

  • Musica Perez
    Musica Perez

    Jj should box deji in the undercard for LP vs AB just for everyone to see deji get knocked out again

  • Eduardo Lara
    Eduardo Lara

    Logan Paul is better than you.

    • Ultra Instinct Shaggy
      Ultra Instinct Shaggy

      Eduardo Lara no he is not and get out of these comments

  • Chaosss


  • yung smit
    yung smit

    jj;ive never lost jjs mum; stop playing around also jj; im not scared of u also jjs mum; [gets belt] jj; ok ive lost dont hurt me

  • Toric

    On a real rip juice wrld. One of the most talented artists rap has ever seen. To young

  • Ethan Stone
    Ethan Stone

    Two things, when he says “yeah you’d know if you a maverick” that’s his brand and his motto it’s not talking about the bird, and two, when he says “yeah I took an L but I never really lose” he’s saying that even if he takes these small L’s in his life his W’s outweigh them

  • james turner
    james turner

    'team youtube'

  • Lincoln Nave
    Lincoln Nave

    Ik Logan ain’t the best but I’m glad you still have some respect for him 💯

  • classic_Frost

    Logan should have won you suck

  • Greyson Beauregard
    Greyson Beauregard

    Ksi pushes him cause ksi is a pussy

    • Ultra Instinct Shaggy
      Ultra Instinct Shaggy

      Shut up

  • Jackson Dewwy
    Jackson Dewwy

    💀 your trash

  • FortniteGuy 642
    FortniteGuy 642

    Omg finally you watched the video after 12 minutes

  • Omar Sleiman
    Omar Sleiman

    I’m a Logan fan but ksi is fine

  • Colin Schmidt
    Colin Schmidt


  • aymen koroki
    aymen koroki

    Am i the only one who is wondering why is the subtitle in ARABIC ???

  • Oasis Bunz
    Oasis Bunz

    14:29 ab diss track reaction

  • Blend Azad
    Blend Azad

    Anyone else fucked with the Arabic captions

  • Emma Lundström
    Emma Lundström

    Yo r gay

  • Thomas Darley
    Thomas Darley

    JJ: the fight is gonna be good... Imma beat the shit out of jake. Corona: hi. JJ well shit.......... Imm a let him👆finish Jake

  • Lukas Earles
    Lukas Earles

    Fuck ksi

  • C-Money Vlogs
    C-Money Vlogs

    Logan probably liked Jj’s reaction so he didn’t copyright it.

  • Brovid

    I wonder how many times he talked about his special genes

  • goran starcev
    goran starcev


  • HT gaming
    HT gaming

    19:36 Spanish KSI kicks in

  • Anne Murray
    Anne Murray


  • asbjørn gøttig
    asbjørn gøttig

    Yeah right i am jake Paul fan

  • shayne Quinn
    shayne Quinn

    Dose anyone think ksi will be tekkezs kid dad but in boxing to his son in 10 years 🤣🤣

  • Umar Khalid
    Umar Khalid

    How cool will it be when ksi will be sittin in Logan's corner to support him

  • Ian Ward
    Ian Ward

    Who do u hate more - Jake or Logan Paul

  • Jayden Laws
    Jayden Laws

    damn this shit go HARD!!!

  • Billy Henry
    Billy Henry

    yeeee boooi

  • Omar Haggag
    Omar Haggag

    Guys do u think jj and Logan paul should make a song together

  • Hugo-Paul braat
    Hugo-Paul braat

    Fight jake

  • Xander Ray
    Xander Ray

    About the maverick line maverick started it and being a maverick is like being outgoing and an over achiever I personally like lp more so I’m a maverick

  • Robert Dunn
    Robert Dunn

    just saying i hate KSI, and i love logan. One other thing why in the world does it take you ten min to react to a diss track. Also you don't train hard. Also no hate pls don't call the po po. ✌👍😁👌👏👀🙏😃✔🔌 Also it took you ten min to get to react to the diss track.

  • Hisham Owaida
    Hisham Owaida

    Vick is not a simp 😂

  • X_icarius_X _
    X_icarius_X _

    wait gib lost?