MxR Plays

  • Cedric Kilburn
    Cedric Kilburn

    What was wrong with fallout 76

  • UKYT

    10:08 this channel

  • hiko sama
    hiko sama

    Check out Milkyboki Jeannie will love you more

  • Ram Gautam
    Ram Gautam

    This twitch ep is 9 podcast and 1 hour and 1 min and 30 sec in (if anyone needs it because I had to find it myself)

  • James Frey
    James Frey

    well that didn't age well..... Jeannie is not graduating.

  • Medditation hour
    Medditation hour

    Just want somebody that has the personality like Jeannie

  • SgtSixkilla

    Does negative karma withdraw your dark-mode privileges, Henry?


    jesus I thought henry meant her high school graduation before I remembered med school

  • Sean B
    Sean B

    2:07 since they spelled Jeannie's name as "Jeanie", what if every time he snapped, a girl actually named Jeanie (with one n) becomes a recorder.

  • Stick Dude
    Stick Dude


  • Soumil Sahu
    Soumil Sahu

    4:20 fucking stop. please

  • Disability Awareness
    Disability Awareness

    Hey guys you should check out my friends TR-my channel her TR-my channel is called darkdevinegaming it's on TR-my

  • uhavemooface

    If you're into asmr videos check out Dr Tingle Bottom that guys voice is like butter.

  • VilLaIn T.v. Skinny/JiMmY BoNeS
    VilLaIn T.v. Skinny/JiMmY BoNeS

    Jeannie my dream girl 😍

  • spearsman 123
    spearsman 123

    The only thing they fear is you! Rip and tear until it is done

  • blackshaddow

    Have you heard of MxR Plays? you should react to them

  • BattleAngelFan

    I was watching Jeannie as she reacted to Henry reacting to Markiplier reacting to MXR. Pretty deep, right? LET'S GO DEEPER.

  • kelly gaming
    kelly gaming

    MXR RACER chairs I would buy

  • Eidorian

    All hell pandaborn

  • shukrie toffar
    shukrie toffar

    mully is the funnyest youtuber i know

  • Your onee-san :3
    Your onee-san :3

    Wait when did mark mentioned mxr? Im kinda behind

  • Shiba Inu
    Shiba Inu

    Once again, it appears I've come across communist propaganda.

  • The Fourth Dimensional Gaming
    The Fourth Dimensional Gaming

    why have i not seen a markiplier comment on this video.

  • 8-bit Ninja
    8-bit Ninja

    Little did they know there was a pandemic in 2020


    Sauce for the video?

  • Just Me
    Just Me

    fluffee talks is my favorite youtube channel

  • Riley Hazel
    Riley Hazel


  • Jonny bravo
    Jonny bravo

    I wish that Henry's parents comment

  • Nailim ixaM
    Nailim ixaM

    i might be late but check out RadicalSoda his comedy is top notch

  • Trayolphia

    4:40...or the best of both.....Jeannie with yoga pants...?

  • Trayolphia

    0:37 why would you lock it down at the WORST number...? 6.9 is the worst’re thinking of 69... 6.9 is a 69 interrupted by a .

  • Kainius The Great
    Kainius The Great

    100% can confirm: Jeannie > Thicc booty any day/year/timeline/alternate universe...with the only caveat being she's with Henry and to even consider running interference is blasphemy.

  • George Hamilton
    George Hamilton


  • T Y
    T Y

    you wanna marry a girl like.... miscalculate error haha

  • Luke Horowitz
    Luke Horowitz

    • Luke Horowitz
      Luke Horowitz

      odd computor gen sub reddit of ugly people plz watch

  • Mad Wolf Man
    Mad Wolf Man

    I like ACE Family

  • Travis Cecil
    Travis Cecil

    Jeanniekiin: "Pan-Roh-DAAAAAAA!!!!"

  • mui robson
    mui robson

    2:08 which vlog is that from?

  • DexPool2761

    I’d take Jeannie any day over any girl

  • DexPool2761

    If I was a little kid and I saw Henry or Jeannie I would let them take me

  • seocamo

    Chris Titus Tech for learning stuff, and Gaming On Caffeine for funny talking gaming videos

  • The true Khajiit of Skyrim
    The true Khajiit of Skyrim

    jeannie is better than ass

  • Joseph Prohaska
    Joseph Prohaska

    Anyone else notice at 1:10 Henry was wearing the same shirt

  • Dean Van Greunen
    Dean Van Greunen

    Captain Sparklesz

  • Maximilien Robespierre
    Maximilien Robespierre

    Markiplier reacting to you reacting to him reacting to you

  • Gamers Guild UK PeterAmaranth
    Gamers Guild UK PeterAmaranth

    29th April 2020, I'm stuck at home it's week 3 with covid 19...I do have it we all fucking miss 2016 lol

  • MattAeon

    I want to put Henry, Jeannie and Markiplier in a room just to watch Jeannie collapse in on herself like a dying star. I realize after writing this that I may be slightly insane.

  • GreenGravy Gaming
    GreenGravy Gaming

    9:20 tap

  • Phillip Fiorentino
    Phillip Fiorentino

    Nice TR-my preview! LMAO🤣👌

  • Frost

    Internet Historian is a gold mine

  • Frost

    react to the fall of 76 ?

  • asa miller
    asa miller

    Oh how I wish flying dragons still existed I'd rather get a dragon and then see some woman dress up as a recorder

    • asa miller
      asa miller

      I'm sort of joking cause I'm scared of heights

  • El Nacho
    El Nacho

    You guys should see Te lo resumo asi nomas.

  • dark mind
    dark mind

    Where's the link for Markiplier saying that about mxr?!?!!? Link?!? Link?!?! Where is link?!?!?!?

  • Natã Valério
    Natã Valério

    4:25, Henry is actually right. the thicc fine ass is great but it has high maintenance cost (your credit card) while our very own jeannie is adorable, cute and even comes with anime noises. the perfect anime waifu brought to life. the best part is that she is more of a weeb then henry

    • Natã Valério
      Natã Valério

      @SergeantRenegade that is a hard combo to find. You either find a booty without much anime culture or you find anime culture without a divine booty. it is hard to find a perfect mix

    • SergeantRenegade

      Or you could just get both a the same time. Booty and weeb all in one.

  • Joe Lucia
    Joe Lucia

    Now no one is going to the graduation so at least he won’t miss it

  • General SexyDaddyJones6
    General SexyDaddyJones6

    MxR's humor is darker than my kids that aren't mine

  • Adelard Jakotako
    Adelard Jakotako

    Coyote Peterson is amazing youtuber!

  • Tucker Creech
    Tucker Creech

    What about the fact Henry made a high ranking you tuber talked about him

  • Raven CNPC Gaming
    Raven CNPC Gaming

    Game Sociaty Pimps; to answer your question about amazing TR-myrs. Check em out, MXR.

  • Nastadoa

    Something Witty Entertainment have fun XD

  • Jesse Scott
    Jesse Scott

    Hey Henry been a fan since 2016. Yall are fucking awesome. You should check out General Sam. His RDR 2, Escape from tarkov, and kenshi videos are fucking hilarious.

  • Akrablak

  • UnknownDarkDragon

    We dont see these kinds of reaction videos as much as before on youtube. miss the old youtube days...

  • Jake and Josh !
    Jake and Josh !


  • Jennifer Rios
    Jennifer Rios

    Check out regular car reviews! The shit he comes up with is gold! (And dirty af!)

  • Shane Daigle
    Shane Daigle

    Starsnipe and yes I know they will never see this

  • Anandh Krishna
    Anandh Krishna

    0:51 She looks like Hansika Motwani there

  • Grim_king

    Khajiit got yeet

  • Tristen Keating
    Tristen Keating

    MXR watch MINI