Reacting to SCARY ANIMATIONS (Do NOT watch at night)
Reacting to SCARY ANIMATIONS... do not watch at night! Today we're watching some real scary stories animated, comment what you think! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications
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  • Vivienne Ruby
    Vivienne Ruby

    I’m watching this at night...

  • Lovey Sunflower Twin
    Lovey Sunflower Twin

    My 15 year old brother is almost 16 and he is taller than my mom..

  • Shlioh MacKaine
    Shlioh MacKaine

    I'll be sleeping with my katana tonight

  • Embarrassing Studios
    Embarrassing Studios

    Anyone watching this in spooktober?

  • GJ Film
    GJ Film

    This vid made 16 September & i'm exactly witching it for the 1st on this night 16 October, but I have no clue on what this cartoon characteristic animation story is tryna tell so idiotic dude, closety dude with captured duck face

  • Oliwier Janczkowski
    Oliwier Janczkowski

    Second video-the old guy looks like a normal Mexican person


    Ever seems I have to check my closet

  • 我很小

    Yep idk why but I'm watching this at night.. let's hope I don't regret this..

  • Holly Lane
    Holly Lane

    stop it now

  • Holly Lane
    Holly Lane


  • Holly Lane
    Holly Lane

    i am 8 and this is scary

  • Aurora Bell
    Aurora Bell

    Snifer(sniper)wolf: dOnT wAtCh At NiGhT Me:haha your mortal i shall watch this at night

  • yaceli Soto
    yaceli Soto

    I wached this in night its 9 10 p.m 😰😰

  • Breslin Ortega
    Breslin Ortega

    I watched this at night oh no

  • Yo gurl Nevaeh
    Yo gurl Nevaeh


  • Trottier Kids
    Trottier Kids

    Who ever is watch this at night? Like then doggo will keep you safe

  • Maria Uvalles
    Maria Uvalles

    Why does the man from the first animation look like Aizawa from My Hero Acadamia

  • Ridger Edge
    Ridger Edge

    2:24 it's Keanu Reaves though!

  • Its Bunny
    Its Bunny

    I dont have to check my closet or under my bed

  • Anindita Hassan
    Anindita Hassan

    Y I watch this at night

  • Zion Taurima
    Zion Taurima

    Sssniper wolf makes me feel safe when i watch scary vids

  • Corey Xiong
    Corey Xiong

    Damn we aint ever taking no motherflippin' chances!

  • Nikrin X
    Nikrin X

    Is it just me or does the boogie man look like keanu reeves

  • Yana Saad
    Yana Saad

    Mwa.. I don’t get nightmares from horror ._.

  • Spencer Heston
    Spencer Heston

    I'm only 10 and it 5pm a nd I'm scared to go in my bed

  • Sonee Johnson
    Sonee Johnson

    I watched this last night like at 3:04 and my bed is like right beside my closet but lucky me and my sister have to share a room and she was still awake.

  • Ethan N
    Ethan N

    Me:*Hears noise in closet* Me:*runs out gets matches and burns down house*

  • Bella Bea
    Bella Bea

    I love that movie 😍😍😍

  • Elyssa Johnson
    Elyssa Johnson

    I have no closet door 🙁 But I do have a little hiding place above the place where I hang my sweaters and dresses sooooooooooo 😎

  • Dot Jones
    Dot Jones

    It was soccer

  • Sarah nelson
    Sarah nelson

    Sssniperwolf: DON'T WATCH AT NIGHT!!! Me: Well, imma rebel so Me also: *watches at night and dies inside*

  • Daniel Rojas
    Daniel Rojas

    Im always gonna have nightmares and illusiions for the rest of my life

  • Athena Keller
    Athena Keller

    Lucky i have no doors on my closet so I can see inside LOL 😂

  • Christina Alvarenga
    Christina Alvarenga

    the creepy guy acully (i cant spell) raped kids

  • Ali Ali9000
    Ali Ali9000

    I watching the boogie man before you and it was so creepy

  • DJ Akblue2006
    DJ Akblue2006

    Good job you got the gist of the rest of the video lol

  • Lori Cook
    Lori Cook

    Wait literally HOW OLD ARE YOU? At one point you said you're twelve At another you said you are a grown woman I am confused af.

  • iTheCat

    I AM CHECKING MY GOD DAMN FREAKING CLOSET TONIGHT I AINT’ TAKIN’ NO GOD DAMN CHANCES LIKE THE VIDEO IF YOU AGREE btw u don’t need the police u need eyeliner to fight “the boogie man”

  • arrow a
    arrow a

    1:55 don't worry its just Aizawa chillin

  • E.C LOST
    E.C LOST

    This is why I don’t have doors on my closet

  • Ali Boo
    Ali Boo

    Me : Screw it I will watch this at night. *gets stabbed after watching * Me : Ah, that was why that was there.

  • Kitten Craze
    Kitten Craze

    9:14 kid lookin like jeff the killer me when my mom says we goin to starbucks

  • Tori is back 4 life
    Tori is back 4 life

    I am watching this at night okrrrrrrrrrr

  • PrincessBubblegum Chocolate
    PrincessBubblegum Chocolate

    I already watch some of them so I am not afried.

  • Jessica Martinez
    Jessica Martinez

    S SS SSS SSSn SSSni SSSnip SSSnip SSSnipe SSSniper SSSniper W SSSniper Wo SSSniper Wol SSSniper Wolf

  • Jessica Martinez
    Jessica Martinez

    Look everyone this is what happend in the first story so the buggy man raped other children

  • HotboxHorrors

    𝕴𝖙𝖘.𝖘𝖕𝖔𝖔𝖐𝖞 𝖘𝖟𝖓❤🍬🍬

  • Missing My babies
    Missing My babies

    Ooo hell no

  • Jazzybaby Ornelas
    Jazzybaby Ornelas

    I like when you get scared

  • Oh Mar
    Oh Mar

    I can’t relate to the first story because I don’t have a closet I just hang my clothes on a rack but you know what I’m scared of? ROACHES CRAWLING UP MY BED POSSIBLY THE WHOLE NEST

  • Christen Raymond
    Christen Raymond

    i love your videos sssniperwolf

  • Rochelle Braxton
    Rochelle Braxton

    Okay don't watch it in the dark Me watcha in a dark room

  • Hailey Arena
    Hailey Arena

    Why dis kidnaping kid look like baldie tf

  • Sharkcat Playz
    Sharkcat Playz

    I live in NJ

  • Bailey Wall
    Bailey Wall

    Me:*sees "boogie man" Mind: HOLY FRICK SSSniperwolf: okay, that spooked me a lil to hard Me: UH, NO CRAP

  • ant-ant 2018
    ant-ant 2018

    lol i was playing minecraft when you said dont get out at night in minecraft

  • Baileyplayz200

    Did anyone else notice that the guy said Soccer and sssniperwolf said Baseball?

  • the white stoat of Ravenclaw
    the white stoat of Ravenclaw

    Me:*does something meaningful* My friends: oh my God there's actually a person in in there?!?!

  • David sjomeling
    David sjomeling

    boi Watch dangmattsmith for the rest

  • Quisha Flietoor
    Quisha Flietoor

    This got me spooked 🔥

  • Itz_Jordan

    2:19 Lea: a whole person in my closet Me:… *WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE IT BE JUST A DECAPITATED HEAD?!*

  • Carleen Mylers
    Carleen Mylers


  • L

    Hey person scrolling we have Cake🥧 Love💖 Moon🌜 Flowers💐 Leaf🌿 Star⭐ Byeee Flowers💐

  • Nikola Jukić
    Nikola Jukić

    At first i tought that dude in first video found brothers dil*o because he was mad

  • Ava Towns
    Ava Towns

    That first dude looks like Mr izuwa from my hero of academia

  • Ava Towns
    Ava Towns

    Me at my house:hears sound* out of all the houses in my neighborhood he gonna choose mine Bishh no noooo

  • Brendan Stokes
    Brendan Stokes

    Who else scrolling in comments to try to avoid this spoopyness

  • nature is pretty
    nature is pretty


  • Jojo T.
    Jojo T.

    And my mom is having party with her friends 😔

  • Jojo T.
    Jojo T.

    Well I’m downstairs