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    • When Is dinner
      When Is dinner

      Ain't nobody playing that shit.

    • Doomtrigger

      Can you stop making me shit

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      Jaiden Thomas

      Are u going to Disappear again

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      Al Gireaux

      What happened to Jacque?

  • Joanna

    When Jontron Beats fortnite Y E S .

  • Ms. Mermaid
    Ms. Mermaid

    Aww they missed the opportunity to rename it *Haunted Lives Matter*

    • Joanna

      JonTron beat Fortnite on Trending LET'S GO

  • Teknical Libertarian
    Teknical Libertarian

    I edited this comment so no one knows what it said

  • JesKasLASThope

    I lost my shit at his demonstration on how he would build humans without shins xD!! Then he tripped over the table died. Then the stupid frisbee xD

  • Boneless Banana Republic
    Boneless Banana Republic

    I hate when I get hit by floating doors from spooky-shit-shows.

  • Jacob Kirkpatrick
    Jacob Kirkpatrick

    "Yonny, Yonny, are you there" -Me 2019

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    M-G Mustata

    promocode ...4ch jontron our guy confirmed

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    Logan Ferguson

    Yonny yonny Yes papa Haunting toys r us? Yes papa

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    Oye Burritou

    First time seeing jontron. Can't believe i spent My whole life without watching this. Gold, just puré gold.

  • Roberto Zuniga
    Roberto Zuniga

    “#1 trending on TR-my” *starts with an ad* 🙄

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    Ben Xiong

    I'm really liking the wipe at 2:39

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    The Sloth Puppet

    I’ll take ur intire stock

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    Ryan Endsley

    i got unsubscribed from you somehow i know i didnt do it~!

  • Logan Reviews Movies
    Logan Reviews Movies

    3:15 is honestly one of the funniest gags on Jon Tron

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    L'empreur Thaurissan

    What's the music at 0:03?

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    O.S. Gaming

    #1 on trending, GJ!🥳🥳

  • A Man of Culture
    A Man of Culture

    Damn that ghost laurel seems pretty dangours.

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    Dankus Duck

    JonTron beat Fortnite on Trending LET'S GO

  • J. J. Holmes
    J. J. Holmes

    4:59 looks like mrs doubtfire 😂

  • Not Gaming Gamer
    Not Gaming Gamer

    ooooooo blue room

  • Mista Troodon
    Mista Troodon

    "Yonny Yonny?" "Yes Sylvia?" "Eating souls?" "No Sylvia…" "Telling lies?" "No Sylvia…" "Open your mouth!" *[DATA EXPUNGED]*

  • The Gammagis
    The Gammagis

    No wonder toys r us went out of business, theres ghosts in the girls bathroom

  • RedTrashMan


  • Chase Collins
    Chase Collins

    So glad this is trending over fortnite

  • Yunz06

    The goddamn production quality! No wonder it takes ages for him to upload. And even if not, it's a convincing excuse still.

  • Emmanuel Cruz
    Emmanuel Cruz

    Video starts at 1:20

  • Phoenix Scott
    Phoenix Scott

    It's spooktober everyone

  • Naht Fizzles
    Naht Fizzles

    Is Yonny Yonny the reason Charlie Charlie is a thing conspiracy on conspiracy theory

  • Brad Dolphilis
    Brad Dolphilis

    Spiritual Sex air bending try it out nonstop.

  • Jesse Hric
    Jesse Hric

    Although the Sunnyvale Toys R Us shuttered, the building is back in action - and in the most fitting reincarnation possible. It's now home to a Spirit Halloween store. From 10 a.m. to 9 a.m., the former toy store sells wares of a more whimsical ghostly variety.

  • Reddit Awards
    Reddit Awards

    Yanny or Laurel?

  • Gurnard Herded
    Gurnard Herded

    *life rewind ad plays * Me: "what the fuck" 😥

    • Gurnard Herded
      Gurnard Herded

      Also that's technically illegal

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    Touching Cloth

    Luv u JonTron

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    Username_Username Username_Username


  • SOK

    SOK: Any other bareley literate, emotionally disturbed farmhands out there?

  • Ian Mooney
    Ian Mooney

    Someone needs to track down the actor for Yonny from that show and show him this video. I’m sure he’d get a kick out of it.

  • pandagamer

    yonny yhonson is the part 9 jojo

  • MrBanksLP

    Andrew has potential. Please give him more on screen-time. Ah and also, frick everyone saying the old intro is better 🙂 Just saw that Andrew even laughed at the end, perfect.

  • Can Ijust
    Can Ijust

    jon i appreciate all the effort u and ur team put into ur 5 second skits. its really top notch

  • tim pizzo
    tim pizzo

    Do more of this show

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  • Steven H.
    Steven H.

    True Ghost Stories not Real Ghost Stories, the difference is obvious

  • Corey Messick
    Corey Messick

    Oh look, it’s the real ghost of Timon running this dumb channel, spank you again Disney.

  • PT Uvogin
    PT Uvogin

    Congrats on the #1 of trending! (So far)

  • Christhesamurai l
    Christhesamurai l

    You mean "oh shiN"

  • Zombith72

    The most interesting part of the video 11:53

  • saekko

    jon knows that we enjoy his pain and suffering



  • AlyGames

    Oh so this is why Toys R Us went out of business

  • Hannah

    Jon of the Tron, your videos are like Christmas morning for me. Thanks for the great quality content!

  • GodOfTheEnder Hero
    GodOfTheEnder Hero

    3:21 that killed me XD

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  • Kratos Aurion Plays
    Kratos Aurion Plays

    Dang Jon is this the first time you've been #1 on trending?

  • anny05

    The more I think about this, the more I wish I'd worked there. Imagine having a customer ask if you could check the back for a certain toy and getting to say "I'm sorry, sir, I can't check for you. The manager says the warehouse is off limits today because of ghosts." Imagine a truck full of stock pulling up and getting to say "sorry. We can't accept the delivery today. The warehouse is haunted."

  • Ultra Instinct Gru
    Ultra Instinct Gru

    Not below the waist, doesn't count, Jon. Better luck next time.

  • Justin Joy
    Justin Joy

    2:38 He sure got a head of himself.

  • ItsStacyBtW

    Subscribe to my channel and comment 'done' and I'll subscribe back ❤️

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    Two uploads a month!? Man Jon is on that hustle

  • Mats Ørnhaug
    Mats Ørnhaug

    Michael Myers never looked so much like a Gringott Goblin as he does on that pumpkin. Still a nice touch.

  • Jorrel Doe
    Jorrel Doe

    #1 on Trending. GG, Jon.

  • Randall Renfert
    Randall Renfert


  • Information Unavailable
    Information Unavailable

    I'm disturbed by it being directed by Tobe Hooper. He must have really lost it after Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  • Repent, Ye
    Repent, Ye

    ourforgiveness. c*o*m Hearken unto mine words, O ye children. Hollywood, a branch of modern babylon. The source of immortality and perversion. The place of filthiness and lies, programming the young minds and corrupting the hearts of both the old and the young. The music industry promoting sexual behavior, drugs, hatred, greed, lust, envy, and racism. And all of this is now considered the norm to the Nation that once honored the motto: "One Nation Under God", but now the question begs; which God do they speak of?, because my God represents righteousness, justice, and love. But this Nation is attempting to divide; "And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand" (Mark 3:24) and likewise every city or house divided against itself shall not stand. The movie industry, another golden calf. It is worshipped by many, and it has become America's next idol. Idolatry, the very same thing that God commanded us to stay away from. 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  • josiah edgerly
    josiah edgerly

    The face he makes when he killed Jason is my face when I find out I have friend

  • Lunatic Cringe
    Lunatic Cringe

    Wow - that crap had the same director as Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I'm not kidding.

  • drangon slayer gamer
    drangon slayer gamer

    Jon should go visit the actual toys are us when it happ..... oh wait I forgot now I feel silly

  • The Cronologist 60
    The Cronologist 60

    I actually did the shin thing with a hatchet

  • Rae Beetle
    Rae Beetle

    What if we kissed in the haunted toys r us 😝😍😝☺haha jk.....unless😏

  • Joseph Mollohan
    Joseph Mollohan