Reviewing the Weirdest Beauty Products!
The Grumps
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  • Wolfuls Crystalll
    Wolfuls Crystalll

    2:16 dan: mastered ultra instinct

  • sydnee smith
    sydnee smith

    Dan catches like the champ he is

  • Nicolas Roman Segura
    Nicolas Roman Segura

    i once had a girl cut my hair who was kind of a douche and she would always pull my hair and it hurt like hell i told her it kinda hurt and she said well with beauty comes pain and i told her bitch this is a "proffesional" hair salon and i've been to street places where they wont pull me and i end up better than here you stupid fucking asshole...... ok what i actually said was haha yeah sure here's the money thank you very much bye............... *BUT SHE KNOWS WHAT I MEANT* ᴍᴀʏʙᴇ ᵖᵒˢˢᶦᵇˡʸ ᵢ ₜₕᵢₙₖ

  • Suppressor

    The intro is giving me Jimmy Fallon vibes.


    8:43 it’s the old man from monster house

  • Jack O
    Jack O

    Arin looks like Danny Devito’s Penguin from Batman, with the massive grey nose and black ooze from his mouth

  • Albert Escobedo
    Albert Escobedo

    "I'm moist and filthy." - Danny Sexbang 2019

  • BunnyFett

    Arin doing an advert is something I didn't know I needed in my life.

  • Kali power
    Kali power

    9:01Arin (me) drinking way more then I should and throwing up at 2 am with my friend who is just there to make fun of me

  • Colin Morgan
    Colin Morgan

    Aron looks like the cloud from that one Pixar short

  • dustboxednorth

    I'm so happy that Dan has been working on his snatch.

  • Mike Holland
    Mike Holland

    Arun looks like the penguin from the 2nd batman movie just after he bites the fish

  • kitty kat
    kitty kat


  • Brittney Griffin
    Brittney Griffin

    is it just me or does arin sound like Dr. Doofenschmirtz in the beginning ??

  • noregrets92

    Jeez Arin looks like a bloated corpse with the foam and charcoal.

  • Dingle Berts Amateur Hour
    Dingle Berts Amateur Hour

    9:28 the greatest line

  • Dusty Green
    Dusty Green

    I can't wait to wake up to this, "GAAH!"

  • Zetru

    The dermaroller is supposed to make your hair grow stronger and recover lost hair, you roll it on your scalp many times everyday and you convince yourself that it works because it hurts but you eventually give up all hopes and realize that it doesn't really work, you are just a bald idiot with a tendency to hurt yourself to reach your impossible goals.... and that you'll be bald for the rest of your life.

  • UntrainableWizard

    For people looking into it, the teeth whitening stuff is completely useless. Activated charcoal is used to remove poisons and chemicals, but ingesting regularly or coating your mouth in it too often, will just remove vast amounts of good bacteria that is needed for the body.

  • dj cheesecake
    dj cheesecake

    Why is this one in the playlist....3 times...?

  • ok nilem
    ok nilem

    that fucking commercial is gold

  • Ranger Luna
    Ranger Luna

    I hope Wacky Arin finds his sister.

  • nottechnicallyhere

    What is it with dan always impressively catching anything thrown at him

  • Itz Me
    Itz Me

    Arin in the beginning is now ThatGuyBarney 😂

  • OneWingedGamer96

    Arin became the Joker.

  • Kingkong 21
    Kingkong 21

    12:26 felt that

  • randomzoonerd

    Video hasn't even started and I'm cackling at the skillshare ad. Good job integrating comedy into the sponsor!!!

  • Manny L
    Manny L

    Finally some good fucking advertisements

  • Aidan Dawson
    Aidan Dawson

    I like wacky Arin more him please

  • Thel Glassing
    Thel Glassing

    This is likely the scariest I’ve seen arin

  • Splushi

    The day Arin became Danny Devito's Penguin

  • isadora younossi
    isadora younossi

    arin kinda looks like chris pratt

  • Kaion

    it's funny cause arin doesn't have a sister

  • Wafi Abdullah
    Wafi Abdullah

    Noone: My dumbass: *eating* "Oh maybe I should watch 10 Minute power hour"

  • Kosta Drandakis
    Kosta Drandakis

    You make sponsorship add references, actually make me not want to skip that part of the video. 👍👍 you silly commercial gooses.

  • yeti lover
    yeti lover

    Rhet and link but friendlier funnier and far less corporate. I love it

  • Spoofy Plays
    Spoofy Plays

    8:44 Arin looks like he's in Slipknot lol

  • Laura Lee
    Laura Lee

    This intro was my Christmas gift 🤩

  • BrokenAngelFalling

    Is it bad that I love Grump advertising lol

  • Aden Miller
    Aden Miller

    Reminded me of how much of a sexy widdew baby Dan is

  • DeltaBlaze8201 Gaming
    DeltaBlaze8201 Gaming

    I love Arin with the freekin exfoliation roller, like "Oh, oh I hate it, arright here we go."

  • Ramanoser

    that was probably the only skillshare advertisement in my life that i didnt skip over immediately. was amusing.

  • Thomas Meade
    Thomas Meade

    Arin became the local crackhead at the 7/11

  • falcon

    Arin looks like something from cool 3d world

  • xIcarusIsFallingx


  • Alyssa Rivera
    Alyssa Rivera

    I think that skill share ad was my new favorite thing.

  • Claire Herman
    Claire Herman

    thats literally the only ad read i have ever willingly sat through on a yt vid

  • ZoroarKid Gamer
    ZoroarKid Gamer

    I'm pretty sure I had a nightmare similar to Arin's face throughout most of the video

  • QueenZiaBoss

    We all stan a wacky Arin

  • secretsofthesnog

    arin and dan get waxed

  • DeathnoteBB

    Toothpaste that tells you to brush your teeth with a different toothpaste is basically admitting it isn’t gonna work, isn’t it?

  • xX WASS Xx
    xX WASS Xx

    Start watching 8:28 at .25x'll laugh in terror

  • JoMcD21

    Ya know.. Skillshare sounds pretty cool! Sister..?

  • Yᴏsʜɪ_Dɪɴᴏ_Kɪᴅᴅᴏ

    Arin becomes a snowman

  • Mochi's Game Hut
    Mochi's Game Hut

    He hates goop on his face? But he loves eating out Allie and Suzy.

  • Kobalto1

    0:58 I love the way the background image gets more more far until desapair

  • Leah Dettmer
    Leah Dettmer

    Arin looks like the Penguin from that one Batman movie with the mask and charcoal tooth treatment combo.

  • xXScribble DragonXx
    xXScribble DragonXx

    Okay but actually considering buying that bubble clay mask and that charcoal teeth whitener


    I miss you too, brother...


    Arin looks like a witch with the foam shit on his face

  • Gaby Colt
    Gaby Colt

    5:34 When you gotta pull a quick one in class

  • justsomenightowl

    havent lol-ed like that at a video for a while

  • Michael Lemieux
    Michael Lemieux

    That was the best and most entertaining add read I’ve ever seen on TR-my

  • Newt Boy
    Newt Boy


  • Adderall

    arin out here lookin like a smellie from spongebob

  • Bean0arts Bbean
    Bean0arts Bbean

    ion like how i listen to the whole ass ad because of the voice he used wtf

  • Banishing_Flame

    His shiny teeth that twinkle🎶 Just like the stars in space🎶 His shiny teeth that sparkle🎶 Adding beauty to his face~🎶 His shiny teeth that glisten🎶 Just like a Christmas tree🎶 You know they'd walk a mile- Just to see him smile (Woo!) His shiny teeth and Danny~🎶

  • Tsukasamimi

    "Do I look beautiful?" Babe, you're gorgeous.

  • Catman!


  • Roblez

    Dan: I've been workin on my grabby cla- Arin: YOUR SNATCH i died