Naveen Polishetty
Come REWIND 2020 so far , with me. Also answer to the question...When is your next Telugu movie JAATHI RATNALU releasing Agent ? If you have liked the lockdown videos so far please go ahead and subscribe to this channel. Please share the video if you liked it. love you guys. Telugu lo video cheste internet baddalu avuddi annaru. Mari inkem chitakotandi share button.
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    Dolo 650 anta.. 😂 😂 😂

  • Shishir singh
    Shishir singh

    Dear Naveen Sir , How can i meet you ?? Can i have your email id. Please Regards Shishir Singh

  • swamy shekar
    swamy shekar

    Hii Brooo iam Big fan Sir Hindhi Movie Chechoree chushanu Brooo Your acting Super Brooo

  • G Surya
    G Surya

    I love u naveen 😍 😍 😍

  • Unnati Patel
    Unnati Patel

    I'm here after watching chhichhore .!! OMG😱 , I just fall in love with that..!! Very good movie and inspiring too, a lot of fun, team's unity, best ever.. And your role hahahah.. Acid love it.. All role are perfectly, love it..🤩🤩 Thank you🌹😊

  • sai bhuvan
    sai bhuvan

    Hiii Naveen bro u r acting superb in telugu & chichore movie lo ur character awasome

  • Style With Ruhee & Zeba
    Style With Ruhee & Zeba

    I don't understand he an bollywood or Tollywood actor!😓

  • Aparna Mahajan
    Aparna Mahajan

    It's a nice video

  • Sam Randheer
    Sam Randheer

    This guy Always Amaze with his content..we are waiting like anything for Jathiratnalu right from the motion poster. Poster lone content enthundho artamipoinde. We all want to watch in theatres.... Racha Racha ae .....bro when will be ASSA part 2 .????


    Meru super anna meru Inka elanti video s cheyiyali anna 🥰🥰🥰

  • Riya Sinha
    Riya Sinha

    U r such a talented and versatile actor sir.. best of luck for ur future.. love the movie chichore... missing sushant

  • Suchandra Sengupta
    Suchandra Sengupta

    Acid How are you ???????

  • Routh Shekar
    Routh Shekar

    nijamagane bro...yr marchipolem carona tho 2020

  • Khushboo Mahananda
    Khushboo Mahananda

    Poli i want to see your movie agent sai sri...... Plz post the movie should in TR-my that is also in hindi plzzzz🦋🙏🌈😇:-)✨🌸♥️😉😍

  • Charan Kumar
    Charan Kumar

    Chikaldi Pali body can't stop laugh😅😅😅

  • Manya Shrivastava
    Manya Shrivastava

    He is speaking tamil or telgu can u tell please I want to know

    • Charan Kumar
      Charan Kumar


  • Chaitra Kulkarni
    Chaitra Kulkarni

    You are the best Naveen! Just fall in love with u and ur acting skills 🖤keep doing the same work 🌹 love you.😘

  • Chandan Kumar
    Chandan Kumar

    You are awesome Buddy. I become you fan after chhichore movie. Long way to go. Good luck.

  • Alina Iype
    Alina Iype

    My baby!💋


    iragadeesav anna

  • Krupakar Kalsa
    Krupakar Kalsa

    you n satyadev need a proper platform . waiting eagerly to see u in a limelight

  • Krupakar Kalsa
    Krupakar Kalsa

    ni navvu super kaka

  • Suhani Yadav
    Suhani Yadav

    AiB ke videos me pata hi nahi chala ki tum south Indian ho .. itni mast Hindi kese bol lete ho ?

  • Suhani Yadav
    Suhani Yadav

    even though I didn't understand a single word because I am Gujarati, Subscribed.

  • Swetagni Chakraborty
    Swetagni Chakraborty

    I don't know South languages, but watching this only for NAVEEN SIR.

  • lali lali
    lali lali

    Heyy bro.. Hw are you feeling now... Sushanth singh rajput bhai.. Ur frnd is no more know.... Ela unnav annaya 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 nenu mataram asalu aa vishayala lonchi bitiki ralekpothunaaa...annayaaaaaa

    • lali lali
      lali lali

      Ninne ne mee movie chusaa malla malla rendu sarlu chichoore 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • jaya trivedi
    jaya trivedi

    The only actor who reply yaar he is real diamond big fan from chhichore loved ittttt!!!!!☺️

  • Chandra shekhar Medatwal
    Chandra shekhar Medatwal

    We want agent sai Srinivas athreya2

  • roja rani iza
    roja rani iza


  • usha sri
    usha sri

    Superb video

  • Aditya Ram
    Aditya Ram

    Naveen pollyshetty the real talent fans😍😍 दोस्तों ये विडियो देखिये उम्मीद करता हूँ आपको पसंद आयेंगी

  • Samyak Shetty
    Samyak Shetty

    I don't understand anything but bruh lmao 😂

  • G K
    G K

    U r entertainment drug brooo

  • abott It
    abott It

    Eer bayankara mareee

  • Aj Goud
    Aj Goud

    For me he is multi tasking guy love u bro we support you too the peaks 😍😍😍

  • Ani Praveena
    Ani Praveena

    Hilarious asala😍 u rock man👍

  • Koool Ninja
    Koool Ninja

    Were you the one in chhichhore?

  • Akshaya 27
    Akshaya 27

    Naveen waiting for your next video update.... ❤

  • Table Salt
    Table Salt


  • Sneha Sri
    Sneha Sri

    I seen agent sai Srinivasa athreya several times ur performance such a natural😍😍💜

  • Abhinav

    Agent.. endi paristiti ?? 😛

  • sagun singh
    sagun singh

    I couldn't undrstand a single word u said and at the same time i couldn't concentrate on the subtitles coz i couldn't take my eyes off ur cuteness... it might sound cheesy but u r really cute ❤🤩😍 lots of love

  • bhageerath kommu
    bhageerath kommu

    Bro am waiting for another one . it will be a bigger sensation than this video.. pls upload soon


    Avnu bro vision Corono ochindhi🤣

  • Soham

    I don't understand Tamil , but why am I still watching 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️

    • Vasavi Bommu
      Vasavi Bommu

      That is telugu...not tamil

  • Liam - Sub To Me
    Liam - Sub To Me

    *Naveen Polishetty* This is intersting

  • Vishnu Sankar
    Vishnu Sankar

    100% talent

  • Kaleen Bhaiya
    Kaleen Bhaiya

    *He Is Not Next Ayushman* *He is not next Rajkumar Rao* *He is not next Vicky Kaushal* Guys *He is first Naveen Polishetty* Remember the name

  • divya kamuju
    divya kamuju

    Eagerly waiting for your next video.😍😍

  • Padmaavathi Prasad
    Padmaavathi Prasad

    Enjoyed a lot agent!I think agent is talking about personal life now but the moment he goes to crime scene it will change .😂

  • vaishnavi panati
    vaishnavi panati

    In love with you and your sense of humour ♥️

  • bodala radhika
    bodala radhika

    Superb sir😷

  • bodala radhika
    bodala radhika

    Superb sir😷


    Omg i love this guy ❤ ❤

  • Shree Jeni
    Shree Jeni

    He is vera level🤩 love from Tamilnadu

  • shuchita tripathi
    shuchita tripathi

    Mjhe kch smjh nhi isne kya jo kch bhi bola ❤️😍🔥...Acid ❤️🔥...

  • srikanth Kowtha
    srikanth Kowtha

    @naveenpolishetty bhayya .....u r awesome ......... good luck bhayya :) (Y)

  • Lisa Febrian
    Lisa Febrian

    He is cute💗

  • Tejash Shankar
    Tejash Shankar

    LOL, my respect to Yadamma, be careful with self deprecation humor, all the best

  • md mansoor akram
    md mansoor akram

    🤣😂🤣😂 I can't stop laughing..... Really awesome 😂😂😂😂

  • TAROTHI Rajesh
    TAROTHI Rajesh

    Very good actor nuvu

  • Aju Sharma
    Aju Sharma

    sir will this movie will release in hindi ?????

  • jitendar addanki
    jitendar addanki

    LOl 😂😂😂

  • Mohammed Yaser
    Mohammed Yaser

    Depression tablet dolo 650 lol 😂

  • astami datta
    astami datta

    Aap kya kehte Ho Sushant Singh rajput ki suicide case mai#cbienquaryforsushant

  • vidyanand bambalagi
    vidyanand bambalagi

    Ur a gem bro ❤️

  • Vinodkumar Vinod
    Vinodkumar Vinod

    Big fan anna agent sai srinivasa athreya super

  • Karthik Pagadala
    Karthik Pagadala

    Bro I got your back today I bring you content for your videos do a video on Omegle. Hope you know you what Omegle is. Of course you know cause you are A.......

  • SWAG Creators
    SWAG Creators

    Future Ruler of Tollywood.......great talent

  • Ushas U
    Ushas U

    😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🙏🙏🙏🙏😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I am really laughing so hard yet feeling sad bad that naveen and sushant cannot work together.... both are so damn talented .