Rich The Kid - Racks On feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again (Official Video)
Rich The Kid
Official music video for Rich The Kid "Racks On" feat.YoungBoy Never Broke Again - available everywhere now:
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  • Daymon thomas
    Daymon thomas

    goats 🐐

  • Brandon Watson
    Brandon Watson

    @1:21 look at big b

  • Lavarice Jones
    Lavarice Jones

    I can't stop replaying yb part 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Shaun 2 Timez
    Shaun 2 Timez

    Happy 28th Birthday, Rich The Kid

  • Nyakuar John
    Nyakuar John

    Yb haters just can't relate to his music ....he is a goat 🐐


    Dope Video, & great quality. Hopefully one day I can be in that position.

  • Melie Ogbuagu
    Melie Ogbuagu

    This shit on my wrist gon get you stepped on I don't think you should touch it damn thats fire

  • Jahmela duncan
    Jahmela duncan

    If this was yb channel it’ll have like 30Mil rn 😂 .

  • ademir silva
    ademir silva


  • Azul Luna
    Azul Luna

    Finally a new sound from Rich

  • daniel godoy
    daniel godoy

    No lie but young boy Mek this song sound good 💯

  • Tsitsi Mhondiwa
    Tsitsi Mhondiwa

    youngboy want the hardest

  • Robert Philp
    Robert Philp

    I'm Juss Now Finding Out Bout Dis🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Daunita Saunders
    Daunita Saunders

    Can you make v12 song with post malone

  • Trayon Baynes
    Trayon Baynes

    Bruh this shii 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • A1mBxt

    Why all rap songs gotta have that same ass rapping voice, weed, ass and chains. I can’t be asked anymore.

    • Donald Trump
      Donald Trump

      I dont see ass

  • Devin Johnson
    Devin Johnson

    I calms here for Yb part

  • Ź ł 0 Ń
    Ź ł 0 Ń

    best rapper right now

  • Hades

    Rich The Kid your lines are Fire.

  • swaggerkill150 legend
    swaggerkill150 legend


  • DuddyDBeats


  • Lil Yungkash
    Lil Yungkash

    Rich The Kid - "RACKS ON" (official music video)

  • Keiosha Jishae
    Keiosha Jishae

    why yb do us like that 😩😩 he was bouta runnn itttt

  • Unreleased Goat
    Unreleased Goat

    YB is Never Broke Again so that means he Rich Forever 💚🤯

  • Juan Everette
    Juan Everette

    Racks On is my favorite song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Daniel Aristhene
    Daniel Aristhene

    rich the kid messed up a good ass song

  • Ezra Rainey
    Ezra Rainey

    Jesus loves you and he died for all of sins be baptized in Jesus name for the remission of sins and to receive the Holy Spirit m

  • Ryder

    Drop “ she bad “ wit yb

  • Joshua Matthews
    Joshua Matthews

    Racks on racks onnnnnnnnnuonnnnn

  • sxt. astro
    sxt. astro

    this FYE

  • Ypcmadejaii

    Rich snapped y’all tryppn😈

  • Shedy Taylor
    Shedy Taylor

    Yb carrying the song lamo I took the risk🔥🔥🐍

  • Joz H
    Joz H

    true fans know dis came out before on richs album

  • Jay Arts Official
    Jay Arts Official

    only time nba seemed happy

  • i will kill you if you reply to my comment
    i will kill you if you reply to my comment

    2:51 weed makes us look younger who agrees

  • Finlay YT
    Finlay YT

    Should of said Rich The Kid - Racks On carried by YoungBoy Never Broke Again

  • ReallyMaxi
    ReallyMaxi 💕

  • King Bafanyle
    King Bafanyle

    I got the racks so I dont sleep alone ....

  • Khozi

    This song should be way bigger💡

  • Sw bachir
    Sw bachir

    1:20 yb

  • Raymond, Johnson,
    Raymond, Johnson,

    Damn bro rich so ass he had to post da shi again and still got da old one on his page😭

    • Chris Grant
      Chris Grant

      Stfu I'm sure he better than you at rapping and have more money 😂

  • alvin boreo
    alvin boreo


  • Monique Wright
    Monique Wright

    I meant love

  • Monique Wright
    Monique Wright

    He has loce and murder

  • Monique Wright
    Monique Wright

    Yb do know how to move he a real killer

  • 24

    It’s funny how everyone is ignoring the fact they Poor the Mid is in the song

    • Cameron Browning
      Cameron Browning


  • Wopppin •
    Wopppin •

    yb da goat every song hittin

  • Afran Miah
    Afran Miah

    Yb saved this song 😭😭

  • IBuzzyI


  • Lil Yungkash
    Lil Yungkash

    Best duo rn🔥🔥🔥

  • Hey Kylar
    Hey Kylar

    can’t lie those producer tags go hard! 🔥

  • Juan

    Rich n Yb 🔥🔥🔥

  • Lomami Oteka
    Lomami Oteka

    Youngboy more rich then rich the kid

  • Lil Yungkash
    Lil Yungkash

    Rich The Kid x NBA Youngboy "Racks On" (Official Video)

  • JSH14

    why the hell rich so underrated and overhated?

    • Tomas Malloy
      Tomas Malloy

      Fr tho😢

    • gangshi grah
      gangshi grah

      69 fanbois hate on him

  • Ron V
    Ron V

    Rich so shitty man🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Kailah

    The song starts at 1:20

  • Lakezz579

    Bro thw only rason why i liked is cause yb

  • D҈r҈a҈c҈o҈

    u can tell yb sponge his hair cause he got parts in his shii

  • Lil Yungkash
    Lil Yungkash

    Rich The Kid x Youngboy Never Broke Again "Racks On"

  • Yung Reekz
    Yung Reekz

    This songs acc a banger how’s it only 2.5

  • Account Number
    Account Number

    Rich riding smoothly with the autotune!

  • NGB Capone
    NGB Capone

  • NGB Capone
    NGB Capone

  • NGB Capone
    NGB Capone

  • NGB Capone
    NGB Capone

  • NGB Capone
    NGB Capone

  • NGB Capone
    NGB Capone

  • NGB Capone
    NGB Capone

  • BlacLit3 Arts
    BlacLit3 Arts

    I can't stop playing this song and I got racks🔥