Rick and Morty 4x04 SECRET CAT ORIGIN Revealed! | Ricksplained
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Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 4 "Claw and Hoarder Special Ricktim’s Morty" gets an in-depth analysis. Is this dragon episode the most obscene episode of Rick and Morty yet? What is the horrible secret of the talking cat in this episode, and how could it connect back to Mr. Jellybean in Season 1? In this episode of #Ricksplained, Erik Voss, Tommy Bechtold, and the voice of Mr. Goldenfold, BRANDON JOHNSON, discuss the dark themes of this #rickandmorty episode, and whether we should take the advice of the cat and stop overthinking things... or whether that advice is actually covering up the cat's disgusting sexual history.
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Dallas Anderson
Jake Storm
Kelly Hopper
Matthew Salvas
Miguel Mendoza
Pony Stark
Samuel Morse
Todd Slawsby
Producer: Erik Voss twitter.com/eavoss
Producer: Zach Huddleston
Written by: Erik Voss
Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina twitter.com/filupmolina
Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
Editors: Josh Hurd, Devin Cleary

  • Gamer 123 Game
    Gamer 123 Game

    children always scream when theres mayhem wtf *MAYHEM*

  • Hugo Escalpelo
    Hugo Escalpelo

    It was 8th season of GOT

  • bowtie til i die
    bowtie til i die

    Maybe its me jelly beans cat

  • bowtie til i die
    bowtie til i die

    I think it’s like the dragons but it’s cats and 10x worse

  • Jodyas Rahardja
    Jodyas Rahardja

    *Sees cat white penis shaped face pattern* This may go deeper than i expect

  • Crystal Kanashii
    Crystal Kanashii

    Point against this theory: Rick didn't kill the cat. He could do so easily, and he did to Mr. Jellybean, but he didn't, he just told the cat to go.

  • Taco Mitchell
    Taco Mitchell

    The cat is Bill cypher and what rick saw was another Armageddon like in gravity falls

  • Isaiah Mcdonald
    Isaiah Mcdonald

    My guess : The cat is from season one a rickle in time (not actually in it ) a painful reminder the universe the earth they destroyed . All the horrifying thing they and we the audience we forgot. The cat somehow made to that universe and just wanted things to be normal and no one notice him or find out out the crazy messed up world he came from or did to get there, it brings Rick to near suicide and Jerry to a state of panic led hysteria because he recognizes earth.Rick couldn’t kill the cat because he caused it. :/

  • pain and misery
    pain and misery

    They probably saw the cat raping corpses of the people it murdered Or maybe he raped them in front of family Maybe he was a nazi that raids towns and force soldiers to rape everyone, even their underage daughters And he probably came from a land of cat society and was banned from the planet due to inhuman (i meant incat) actions And was sent to space to drift off to nowhere he landed on eath which had the same oxygen, He also had a for similar to a cat so he considers himself a cat Adapted the environment and settled in jerry's house (haha tom and jerry reference)

  • Omni High Vibes 13
    Omni High Vibes 13

    Nobody takes information serious here y'all brain dead af.

  • jg03311

    All I'm thinking is they are alluding to "Epstein didn't kill himself"

  • Conan Bullshit Clips
    Conan Bullshit Clips

    The cat was a peeping tom. He’s seen some horrible things. Someone caught him while he watched said person do something disgusting and evil so said person turned him into a peeping tomcat. Jerry doesn’t like the fact that he saw his parents in the same way he doesn’t like the fact that his father liked to watch his mother get railed from inside their closet.

  • Jonathan Amlod
    Jonathan Amlod

    Sometimes i go watch all the bad videos on TR-my to dislike them.

  • Unicron187

    at the end of episode 10 of season 2 (where rick ends up in jail), the cat can be seen at mr. poopy butthole's house (where he is still recovering from being shot by beth) being fed by him when he "announces" the next season... wonder why they did not mention that here...

    • Tyler! At The Disco.
      Tyler! At The Disco.

      Its not the same cat

  • Alex Schlee
    Alex Schlee

    I agree with ScreenCrush the episode is about fandom. But he never explained what Rick and Jerry did see about the cat in the end, maybe it really is about rape. Cat in a box lol, open it and see whats inside, well you better should had never done it :D

  • Octavius Jackson
    Octavius Jackson

    I think Brandon is now my favorite character who plays the teacher he’s really funny ASF😭😭😭

  • Joel Marte
    Joel Marte

    The cat is jeffery epstein

  • shardinhand

    my theroy is that the cat has some connection to the opening that shows our lord and savior cthulu ether its an eldritch abomination itsself or its an agnt for one... that would xplain the involintary disgust horror and nar suicidal reaction to seeing into th cats mind or its true nature currently hidden from view in the form of a cat... this may not even be dilibrat on the part of the "cat" as its said that seeing something the mind cant except or understand the mind will try to fill that sight with something else.

  • Gibby

    I’ve never seen someone with their head so far up their own ass

  • Armand Nardi
    Armand Nardi

    Ok why did he do a better job than Mat pat

  • Alex Brasington
    Alex Brasington

    If you actually think about it what if and I'm just saying a "what if" the overthinking cat is somehow related to snowball the dog

  • Ishmael

    I think it’s the same cat 🐈 from captain marvel...

  • Steward of Autumn
    Steward of Autumn

    So when the cat gets placed in the box he becomes schrodinger's cat. The cat will, based on a certain criteria be alive or dead at the same time. The cat is a visual representation of saying without all facts to decipher the state the viewer will never fully know.

  • Doreen Ofosua-Tieku
    Doreen Ofosua-Tieku

    The saw the cat and the dragon bang(the last scene). The dragon was topping

  • Peyton Brimmer
    Peyton Brimmer

    Maybe the cat is jerry’s dad

  • Jasper Lewis
    Jasper Lewis

    I was born in Florida too

  • theSHINYchandelure

    I got a question about season 3 the ep with evil morty taking over the citadel When he snapped his finger he killed those ricks in the end except 2 other ricks what happend to them

  • AusieAxe MurderBoyz
    AusieAxe MurderBoyz

    I got the sexual impression from the cats behavior 😅

  • wertzui

    Never thought Epstein's soul will be reincarnated into a cat so soon...

  • Ctoves56

    Is there a connection between the margaritavile necklace and the Florida obsessed car?

  • Devon Roberts
    Devon Roberts

    The cat uses Jessica’s feet

  • Devon Roberts
    Devon Roberts

    This is the best explanation so far

  • Emanuel H Polanco
    Emanuel H Polanco

    Maybe the saw the end of times

  • frost boss
    frost boss

    Bill chiper is the cat because its mouth isn't moving and its eyes are lines

  • Lana del rey Is my mom
    Lana del rey Is my mom

    wait am I the only one who remembered shrek when I saw the dragon and the cat

  • LVX 111 fer
    LVX 111 fer

    On point analysis, in my opinion, I agree with you. Think the cat is a sexual deviant, same conclusion, yeah

  • DarKshine DaKid
    DarKshine DaKid

    Lied about coming from space. Its a Demon

  • DarKshine DaKid
    DarKshine DaKid

    Its from hell...

  • Metal mouse
    Metal mouse

    I think he did it to get the voices of the elderly and the children, and he chose elderly and children because HE thought that they did not have self defense. But I do actually think that they have self defense I’m not stereotypical

  • robert vasquez
    robert vasquez

    Cat has human DNA and is older somehow.. and has sexual intercourse with the elderly time to time...


    When Rick is looking in the cat’s mind, you can hear marching of feet. What if the cat was a dictator rapist?

  • Joana M
    Joana M

    The cat is ashamed of the reason he can talk, something happened to him that give him that ability, something he doesn't want to talk about or answer questions but he cannot stop bring on, like if he his with a trauma. I believe that he was sex abused and then, for some reason he got the ability to talk! Animal rape would make a lot of people vomiting and react like we see Jerry and Rick react.

    • mystery plyer unknown under dog
      mystery plyer unknown under dog

      Yeah , true but if that was the case then why would Rick wanna shoot the cat instead of feeling bad for it or both of them yelling at it

  • Yichen Wang
    Yichen Wang

    unity also vomited after sex with rick

  • berlin040909

    I was more invested in the cat storyline than the dragon storyline. That shit was just weird.

  • Fábio Santos
    Fábio Santos

    Is rule 34, not 37

  • gab caron
    gab caron

    Just saw the first episode of "love,death and robot" and immediatly remind me of this

  • Richard A
    Richard A

    The cat could be an allegory re the truly dark nature of humanity. if you could watch humanity(all of it) from the divine perspective you’d probably be horrified to see the range of deviancy which occurs around the world at any given moment. Maybe like as a warning to truth seekers to keep in mind it’s not beneficial to know ALL things.

  • I'm black So I'm slow
    I'm black So I'm slow


  • Evil Morty
    Evil Morty

    To clarify it is not my cat.

  • Sean Kay
    Sean Kay

    That cat was in the season 2 finale credit scene with mr. poopybutthole!!!!!!

  • Brett Wormsley
    Brett Wormsley

    The fact that Rick didn’t kill the cat must be because of the fact that the cat is just is. The cat didn’t choose to be like this. A lot of people have mentioned it but I agree that it’s likely the offspring a cat and human. That would be some freaky stuff that even Rick probably couldn’t comprehend.

  • Realist Demon
    Realist Demon

    Isn’t the whole point of the cat that you aren’t meant to think about it “the point of a talking cat is to have fun”

  • cantchoosename

    why does he kinda look like jerry :')

  • Saggar Kirati
    Saggar Kirati


  • Darryl Leach
    Darryl Leach

    I just think the cat had sex with jerry parents

  • Awesome Ari
    Awesome Ari

    The cat wouldn't have broken the law or else rick would have killed it.

  • Johnathan Blackwell
    Johnathan Blackwell

    You can also hear marching jackboots

  • October Willow
    October Willow

    What if the cat IS mr, Jellybean but reincarnated into a cat after he died... 👀

  • Mohamad Morjan
    Mohamad Morjan

    If memeory wiles existed you wouldnt know ;)

  • Ricky P. Martin
    Ricky P. Martin

    Maybe it's about phobias?

  • Nkanyezi Akwande Mazaka
    Nkanyezi Akwande Mazaka

    Wait if the cat’s a pedofile, why does it gets scared of cucumbers

  • Phobos VIII
    Phobos VIII

    Check out Theory Translator on yt, that channel explained it all

  • rudy velasquez
    rudy velasquez

    Well I mean, the celebrity guest star is always the rapist on law and order

  • Arturo Herrera
    Arturo Herrera

    when u go to florida and they starting to bring children to the sex parties.

  • Kevin Stewart
    Kevin Stewart

    I believe the cat has a fetish for old ppl and the sounds u hear from the viewer is his birth which is y he says he's ashamed of it maybe a war time experiment or its Matthew Broderick and a cats love child

  • Taylor Wimsey
    Taylor Wimsey

    The talking cat thing immediately made me think of JonTron.

  • James Gordon
    James Gordon

    The eyes of the cat remind me of Dipper Pines eyes when he is taken over by Bill Cypher. Could be another shuttle nod to Gravity falls.

  • Learned Hand
    Learned Hand

    The cat is from space. After monitoring the planet, they assumed that cats were the dominant species of the planet so they cloned Cat into a cat to infiltrate the planet and aid the eventual take over. He is also this multiverse's version of Mr. Jelly Bean.

  • Miloš Timko
    Miloš Timko

    hi, is it really revealed or will i waste 23 minutes of my life?


    It was the last season of GoT