Riding Giant Squids?
Jay Alvarrez
Every year at the start of summer this rare species makes its migration through the warm water of French Polynesia.. Originally only ridden by the indigenous people of the Sumakra-Golian tribe.. We were lucky enough to document this as before only the tribes & area 51 had access to the migration patterns.. Jay Alvarrez, Lucas Asher & The Real Tarzan make Nation geographic history finding the lost tablets of consciousness..
The Omerta Cortex continues..
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- instagram.com/OmertaCortex
Filmed & Documented by Greg Gysleick, Tim Mikenna, Johnny FPV, & Omertà Cortex.
Thank you to Area 51 for help funding this trip & the Sumakra-Golian tribe!
Contact - Teamjay@email.com

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    What are the girls' names?

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    What kind of sunglasses does he wear?

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    2:49 2:52 1:05 1:13 1:21 1:24..holy moments!

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    Minute 2:50 ME ENAMORE ♥

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    Yo Jay i make art too check out my new painting timelapse!


    but the babes are real

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    Iluminati speach at the begging.

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    I came only for the ASS! So did 90% of yall. I wish a sperm whale was around and seen those baits. Put a hook on them.

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    All that to find the 10 commandments.

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    Even sharks passed by to say hi. The stingrays and a voodoo guy with a spear; you guys visited Mars for summer vacation.

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    Came here for the booty

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    Reminds me of Far Cry 3 intro

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    1:59 when you see tarzan hunting for Fish. eventhough tarzan cant swim

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    I set behind my computer watching this TR-my video seeing that I cant afford to do this .I wish I could there's a lot more just like me, I wish I could but borra bora is not cheap for the most of us. I wish I could but I just pay bills and dream that's it.

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    Like a complete unknown / Like a rolling stone

    Thight ass cuty girls are used like bitchy piece of meat in this video. They are all but completely naked, absolutly outrageous....still in 2020. All that in the name of $$$$

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    Fuckk u brother💀

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