Riding Giant Mediterranean Beef Squids in Bora Bora!
Jay Alvarrez
Every year at the start of summer this rare species makes its migration through the warm water of French Polynesia.. Originally only ridden by the indigenous people of the Sumakra-Golian tribe.. We were lucky enough to document this as before only the tribes & area 51 had access to the migration patterns.. Jay Alvarrez, Lucas Asher & The Real Tarzan make Nation geographic history finding the lost tablets of consciousness..
The Omerta Cortex continues..
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- instagram.com/OmertaCortex
Filmed & Documented by Greg Gysleick, Tim Mikenna, Johnny FPV, & Omertà Cortex.
Thank you to Area 51 for help funding this trip & the Sumakra-Golian tribe!
Contact - Teamjay@email.com

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    Ofcourse the giant squids were real! Look at them at the end. They're waving! wake up people!! 🙄 smh

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      Real Face of the American education system

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    The best part is at @3:20 when you see the persons hand moving the squids “tentacles” waving back !!!

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    this is faker than a instagram model

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    You guys realise they arent riding real ones

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    If you wonder what the lyrics are it's electronic version from Finnish song Käppee and if you listen the original song there's translation down in the comments of that video

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    What’s up Jay, you should check where the Mediterranean Sea is on the map, quite far from Bora Bora 😂

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    You have the coolest videos I have ever seen, I love it! You know how to live life. Very inspiring 😍

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    Raramente encantador :v osea me encanto mrkaaa busque esta canción por todos lados XD la encontré mezclada de dj snake y zomboy :v no se no se XD


      Esta en Spotify, esta en la descripción del video

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    I don't know what the fuck your imagination trys to tell you but it's amazing to see how you are translating it onto this word.

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    How cool is this? Really amazingly cool. Now that you have abundance in your life and can influence a population please bring attention to the problems man is bringing to the ocean. Fish Bombing is a horrible practice people in this part of the world are using. If you don't know about it please research it and educate your audience. Because someday soon there won't be fish or reef systems to see. All we will have is plastic squids.

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