Rihanna Says Tell Your Friends Of Other Races To "Pull Up" For Black Issues | NAACP Image Awards
Rihanna gives an impactful acceptance speech on the importance of world issues being everyone’s issues. She also reminds us that our friends of other races should pull up for Black issues. #NAACPImageAwards #PresidentsAward #Rihanna
Watch the more 51st NAACP Image Awards clips here: tr-my.net/watchpl-PLJHDZGUl8Ilr3ZxZulbn8pNcx5A-meHUT

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  • Lisa Oketch
    Lisa Oketch

    I really love Rihanna my forever icon💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  • Antwan Wimberly
    Antwan Wimberly

    Hey Rih Rih 🏴‍☠️

  • Paeahi Ytoki
    Paeahi Ytoki

    Love you riri

  • King Mahad
    King Mahad

    She is beutifull

  • Eileen Love
    Eileen Love

    Like a BOSS! That look when she said “Tell em to Pull up.” Aight then. I’ll remember dat RiRi!

  • WorldGirl Alvina
    WorldGirl Alvina

    One people one destiny 🙌🏾

  • Bennii

    ❤️ loved the speech 😌😢🤓🤒❤️❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨ shine bright like a diamond


    what an inspiring speech,,,, everyone should learn something from you @Rihanna

  • Mr Ben
    Mr Ben


  • Mr Ben
    Mr Ben

    Kom tu sais pas tekouffer

  • Mr Ben
    Mr Ben

    Tnkt partie 2

  • Kotti Doosuur Juliet
    Kotti Doosuur Juliet

    Up Riri👸💃

  • Anna Neprawskey
    Anna Neprawskey

    the queen of all queens

  • Lutfi Amriyadi
    Lutfi Amriyadi

    Since she became a business woman, she became smarter and educated through her journeys

  • ChiChi Leo
    ChiChi Leo

    Please don't open the doors for people to feel like they can speak on issues that don't affect them. And like so, I will not waste my energy, time or money advocating for groups that should advocate for themselves.

  • Mr Ben
    Mr Ben

    Ni hou tsera tsera o

  • Laura White
    Laura White

    Rihanna new album navy is waiting

  • inthesilentplanet

    How about Rihanna and her millions pull up ?

  • Sephora Adibo
    Sephora Adibo

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 congratulations my star. You are diva.

  • Douglas Allen
    Douglas Allen

    Rihanna not even black

    • Amita


    • Douglas Allen
      Douglas Allen

      @#JawshTV other

    • #JawshTV

      Then what is she?

    • Incognito

      Douglas Allen she is.

  • Angel Eyes MUA
    Angel Eyes MUA

    Love this girl!

  • Joseph Mohalok
    Joseph Mohalok

    Feel sorry for me . I’m black.

  • Joseph Mohalok
    Joseph Mohalok

    Rihanna - that is all clearly racist . I am offended .

    • Incognito

      Joseph Mohalok stay mad then

  • Silence Ignace
    Silence Ignace

    I love you so much Rihanna ♥️

  • Yedidyah Aviel
    Yedidyah Aviel


  • Schwarzperle


  • Hernandes Santtos.
    Hernandes Santtos.

    *#MARAVILHOSA* *_em todos os sentidos._* 👏👏👏😍💖💖💖🌟

  • Sa

    😭😭😭cant you try not be amazing for once!! Goosh!! Not only was her speech motivational and she meant every word she said. It was real and carefully thought out. And OMG, when those facials said "tell your friends to pull up"!! It was so gangsta and badass and savage!! Still👑❤.

  • MK MK
    MK MK

    A whole Queen!

  • Reneisha Brooks
    Reneisha Brooks

    She has grown a lot as a person and I respect it so much .

  • Yubi K.
    Yubi K.

    I know this probably sounds really dumb, but I used to think the NAACP disbanded or something.

  • Maynor Lainez
    Maynor Lainez


  • Elisa16 GAROFALO
    Elisa16 GAROFALO

    So will you guys pull up too For other issues of other races if other races have your guys his back just a question????

    • Old Man
      Old Man

      No one has responded yet!

  • KillerDrag

    How many time black support other race cause...say be a chinese issue, white people issue, asian issue in general or others...it's just being petty by saying us this and us that and to bring down others...

  • Mr Ben
    Mr Ben

    Apar tes muzik de merde la arrete sais de la merde

  • Courtie Shay
    Courtie Shay

    This speech is so unrealistic and dumb 😂😂😭😭😭😭. Gurl should have just collected her award and thanked everyone then exit the stage. If you are waiting for other races to fix your problems then you will wait till the next 5 generation grow old and die. It is only negroes that will wait on other people to fix the problems in thier own community. Sad!

    • Courtie Shay
      Courtie Shay

      @Old Man she never mentioned white people. Just other people of color. As if those folks don't have problems on thier own? Even if you say that she only called on white folks to help her, how can you help someone you claim started all these problem?

    • Old Man
      Old Man

      She is saying that white folk started the problem they should be. Involved in helping to fix it with $$$ or anything else instead of being silent like they do...!!!!

  • Jahkey Muthoni
    Jahkey Muthoni

    My love to badgirl lili nvr go down.... Love u more everyday queen

  • Antoine

    Everyone just wants the rewards from our struggle and not the consequences. We are the dumb ones for keeping the door open for them...

  • toni bee
    toni bee

    She just fascinating shes gracious all the time.luv u Rihanna💟

  • M Spivey
    M Spivey

    I gained a new respect for her after watching the awards, listening to her words, and seeing all of her efforts. She has dedicated her life to making the world better and she's changing so many lives!

  • FoNgThOnG

    *Stands up* *Is reminded of the recent hate crime against Asians* *Sits back down*

  • amarilla griffin
    amarilla griffin

    Here we go again people who are on the political band wagon.

  • Roy Hill
    Roy Hill

    Exactly! Your either with me or not ,you see something wrong PULL UP or SHUT UP! If we can hang together people of different races and be friends that puts US all in it . So what you gonna do "Barbecue or Mildew " ? 🤔

  • Antonyous Aabed
    Antonyous Aabed

    congratulation :D love u

  • mooe1965

    😳 where all the white women at??? Can they give themselves awards? Nooooo it would be racist and unequal right? 🙄

    • Amita


    • Nelly Phogojane
      Nelly Phogojane

      You have a serious problem🤔

  • arlo247

    She's such a boss. Thank you Rihanna.

  • 杜慧倩

    Love you rihanna💞💞💞👍

  • TREY

    Islam is intelligent religion is Freedom. Claude Evans III is Trey. 👥 Put some respect on my name.

  • TREY

    Religion is Freedom and with freedom. , You have rules. Violation of certain rules can result in a lose of freedom. You can lose your freedom for violating certain rules. Religion is Freedom. ©2020 Claude Trey Evans III.

  • TREY

    Thank You

  • TREY

    Religion is Freedom, Islam is intelligent.

  • TREY

    Islam is intelligent

  • TREY

    Religion is Freedom

  • TREY

    Religion is Freedom

  • TREY

    Religion is Freedom

  • bananapie

    Watching this after seeing the video of the bullying of an asian elderly in San Francisco in the midst of virus outbreak by a group of black people. I cant understand.

  • Hannah

    Wtf ‘Other races’?? Do only black people face issues?

  • Rich Rabatin
    Rich Rabatin

    Give these people an inch and they'll take a foot. B E T, where's W E T?

  • Ashley Felton
    Ashley Felton

    What a powerful speech. To the point and powerful. She is not only beauty but smart.

  • Dana Shaw
    Dana Shaw

    DEEP. I get it.

  • Mariana Amparo
    Mariana Amparo

    Tradução por favor

  • sashabanks number 1 fan
    sashabanks number 1 fan

    She is so cute

  • Troy Bradley
    Troy Bradley

    Pull Up White Peoples You Claim We’re Friends Pull-up!!! Rihanna 2020

  • Gonzo

    Is the NAACP a racist organization? Can white people join the NAACP?

  • Diamond Royal
    Diamond Royal

    She is very intelligent

  • Herieth Alexander
    Herieth Alexander

    Riri be like..this is when you clap

  • Jon Graves
    Jon Graves

    I just purchased a round of Sun Tan City sessions to avoid the pressure of pulling up.

  • ramms mutter69
    ramms mutter69

    ....how is yelling at everyone else going to help you get there? Time to look inward. Not outward.

  • Celticmarineboy 91
    Celticmarineboy 91

    She looks like she has cornonavirus. Omg hope she’s okay

  • Marta Vega
    Marta Vega

    She is my queen. Period