Riot Games' Arcane - Official Animated Series Reveal Trailer
Riot Games' Arcane is a League of Legends animated series developed and produced by Riot Games
releasing in 2020.
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  • AXxE ThE gReAt AnD MighTy
    AXxE ThE gReAt AnD MighTy

    Riot cinematic universe. Yesssss

  • ༺Marika༻

    I hope it comes to netflix

  • Ozeno

    Me, discovering LoL's lore since yesterday : Heeey, that's pretty great ! But I'm not into MOBAs, and there's no story mode... They should make more cinematics, or an animated ser- *this* ... Why is no one talking about it in any comment section ?!

    • Commander Costas
      Commander Costas

      They did announce they're making some top down RPG thing set in runeterra

  • livia meo
    livia meo

    FINALLY riot realized that their animation team could fight face to face to Disney and DreamWorks. I waited this for years u.u

  • vinicius azrael
    vinicius azrael

    Boku no hero

  • Green Lord
    Green Lord

    I'd really appreciate more of it if they make an Open World RPG game for the Runeterra Series.

  • Kapsaline

    why is there Hanzo from overwatch at 0:48

  • Liên Nguyễn Phương
    Liên Nguyễn Phương


  • Burried Alive
    Burried Alive

    Im pretty sure we all would settle on some lower quality animated series too, like simple 2D stuff, but sure ok rito work those artists off

    • capucapu loloco
      capucapu loloco

      2D costs more than 3D nowadays

  • Jeetu Singh
    Jeetu Singh

    The very first scene sent chills in my spine! Definitely rooting for it!

  • Life of Bricks
    Life of Bricks

    What will this be on?

  • Lilith


  • FantazindyHS

    Riot Entertaintment presents

  • Dog alpha
    Dog alpha

    if only Blizzard did the same '

  • Arouxayis

    riot games: give me something that looks very into the spider-verseish but still looks like our log in splash screens.

  • Crissma Flag
    Crissma Flag


  • Chris Budden
    Chris Budden

    They'd better give us Warwick's origins

  • MrNotagoodtime

    It's most likely all the origin story's

    • Calvin Khalel Dranto
      Calvin Khalel Dranto

      It's vi and jinx

  • Erick Ortega
    Erick Ortega

    para los que hablan español las de pelo rojo no era vi y la de azul jinx es que no se parecen levemente

  • Klark Lopez
    Klark Lopez

    I'm in love! Love Riot for this!!

  • Качур, який бачив деяке лайно.
    Качур, який бачив деяке лайно.

    pg 13 is coming

  • Getto

    they look like Vi and Jinx :/

  • Equalizer

    Vi and Jinx?

  • Dan Iftinca
    Dan Iftinca

    Can I find the background music anywhere ?

  • PsychoGamers TV
    PsychoGamers TV

    Jinx forever 😍😘

  • Елена Жучкова
    Елена Жучкова


  • WubstahWulf

    I dont know why but this for some reason gives me last airbender vibes

  • Killer0369555

    When DC create film about Harley Quinn, and riot.... Jinx.... hm....

  • John Von
    John Von

    Jinx, Vi, Jhin and Ekko's origin stories 🤩

    • Rafał Szczęch
      Rafał Szczęch

      There is no Jhin

  • Efe

    Riot is about to become something else

  • Johnny Moua
    Johnny Moua

    so....... Star Guardians anime confirmed?????

  • Froxize Saphire
    Froxize Saphire


  • qccrrt 020
    qccrrt 020

    ukm.. where garen, kata, teemo..? or at least any champion in game please 🙏😃

    • Rafał Szczęch
      Rafał Szczęch

      Jinx, Vi and Caitlyn?

  • Neonce

    I'm in tears, my dreams came true

  • PurpleChalk

    Apparently, some dreams do come true.


    cant wait see orrnnnn in movie xD

  • Dan

    Our prayers have come true

  • modalova frank
    modalova frank

    The kid with the blue hair is that Caitlyn? Jayce and vi?? Also where is ekko. Alot of champs come from zaun and piltover hope to see ekko.

    • Patricio Hondagneu Roig
      Patricio Hondagneu Roig

      They're Vi and Jinx respectively

  • Michal Rutz
    Michal Rutz

    spoiler: 1:20 Katarina in the middle

    • halo87227


  • sundara sundara

    It's look like Ekko storry

    • Rafał Szczęch
      Rafał Szczęch

      Jinx and Vi

  • Gabby N.
    Gabby N.

    All we need is a friend/dating sim

  • MegaUltra SuperKO
    MegaUltra SuperKO

    so expect to see jinx, ekko, warwick and maybe a cameo of twitch, singed and urgot

  • Matthew Ke
    Matthew Ke

    The journey of ezreal is the most important to know

  • Çhazam K4rai
    Çhazam K4rai

    Yeah, my friends. It's just the beginning.

  • Grumpy Drizzle
    Grumpy Drizzle

    Wonder who will be the lucky company to sntach Riot's IPs at bargain price to bail them out of bankruptcy after they Spirits Within themselves.

  • DarkCoin

    jo guys sorry to break your dreams but that is not jinx since jinx got purple eyes and not blue ones

    • Rafał Szczęch
      Rafał Szczęch

      She is Jinx

  • Franco aki
    Franco aki

    The other guy is twitch?


    So this is Jinx's Orgin story? Or it her full length Feature Musical that her music video tariler comes form hahaha. But no seriously.. is this Jinx's Orgin story?

    • Roto The Dragon Lord
      Roto The Dragon Lord

      it's a full length musical about jinx discovering what it truly means to be a star guardian.


    it should be the most greatest heroes fighting with their places

  • JM Laforteza
    JM Laforteza

    Jinx 😍

  • Henlo

    Kha vs Rengo gonna be epic

  • Aaron Dismuke
    Aaron Dismuke

    between 1:05 and 1:11 they show three different people smoking. Strange concentration of it.

  • Pykachu

    Two words about this trailer: THANK YOU

  • octopus beby
    octopus beby

    i cant wait for the runeterra theme park in orlando ten years from now

  • Kirillion

    I really hoped it was the e sports anime

  • Miquéias Moreira
    Miquéias Moreira

    "Toda lenda tem um começo". Pode ser uma animação de origem de um campeão e depois podem lançar o campeão ou campeã.

    • Miquéias Moreira
      Miquéias Moreira

      @Lílian Arruda Tlg que a Jinx vai estar presente, mas quero dizer que isso pode ser usado para adicionar um novo campeão na história, um que ninguém conhecia...

    • Lílian Arruda
      Lílian Arruda

      Miquéias Moreira jinx

  • nalston

    looks like main bad guy is DEF Warwick.

  • Lukas Beywalker
    Lukas Beywalker

    Imagine shaco becomes the Joker of arcane

    • - Felix 2019
      - Felix 2019

      But I think jhin is the closest to joker

    • - Felix 2019
      - Felix 2019

      Nah. Shaco is just a killing puppet. Joker is a philosophical one

  • Çağan Dingil
    Çağan Dingil

    Is she jinx

  • Huy Nguyễn Vũ
    Huy Nguyễn Vũ

    I dont know why but i get some “Dishonored vibe” from this trailer

    • Jorge R
      Jorge R

      me too, looks nice

    • Jan Iedema
      Jan Iedema

      It’s the art style

  • TyCena Royalty
    TyCena Royalty

    Now all we need is a Star Guardian movie

  • Roslan Haikal
    Roslan Haikal

    are these animation come to youtube?

  • Micul Tiny
    Micul Tiny

    Sombody tell rito the animated series don t mean 3 episodes

    • Garrett Johnson
      Garrett Johnson

      No it means 5....

  • jdrid

    Is Vi Jinx's sister? o.0

  • White Samurai
    White Samurai

    I just want to see yasuo on the movie. That's all I want.

  • Giovanny Morales
    Giovanny Morales

    Haha! WTH?! I am invested now.

  • Joe Wood
    Joe Wood

    Anyone else think that the guy at the end is Warwick?

  • Oresmond

    So... it's the story of Vi and Jinx? Vi getting infected by a monstrous plague thing and the only way to stop it was to cut off her hands. Jinx sacrifices or something and she also gets infected that's why she both of them have purple eyes. That's just my theory tho

    • Rafał Szczęch
      Rafał Szczęch

      Wtf xD Vi doesn't have cutted hands

  • MisterJ6

    Jinx. My kind of girl!

  • Gentle Stick Man
    Gentle Stick Man

    Of all the lore, they picked what I'm assuming is the Jinx and Vi origin story for this... *I'm SO glad!* This was formed from multiple questions we fans have asked before... And it's just amazing that Riot decided to answer it all in this way. By making something grande out of it.