Roddy Ricch - Down Below [Official Music Video] (Dir. by JMP)
Roddy Ricch
Roddy Ricch - Down Below
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Directed by JMP @ualreadyknowJMP
DP: Mike Koziel
Camera Ops: Mike Koziel & JMP
AC: Brett Arndt
Edit: JMP
Color: Alex Jimenez
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  • Bruno Tech
    Bruno Tech

    Respect bro. 24/7 listening. mate this song is drug 👍👍👍

  • miguel Sandoval
    miguel Sandoval


  • Chase P
    Chase P

    Young G is a great artist. Clearly an old soul. 💯💙 Long successful career ahead no doubt

  • Jose Chacon
    Jose Chacon

    And when we needed them the most they vanished (people who put the lyrics in the comments)

  • BJ Productions
    BJ Productions

    This mane hard 🔥‼️

  • Shawn Lewis
    Shawn Lewis

    Who y'all fuck wit Roddy rich (like) or quando rondo (comment)

  • oZzIe SiErRa
    oZzIe SiErRa

    I like how every comment is positive and not begging for comments Most of them

  • King P King P
    King P King P

    Better the. The box

  • Mekdes Kebede Gebre
    Mekdes Kebede Gebre

    Too good +

  • Sickboy

    Still bumps

  • cameron callaway
    cameron callaway

    Maxo kream, this dude, and suicide boys are real asf. Fuck migos and all em other posers

  • Morgan Banks
    Morgan Banks

    Roody rich it's Morgan mr.jallen he stole his leg come to my school westport nights

  • Nastassia Goosby
    Nastassia Goosby

    Yes! 💋

  • motievee r
    motievee r

    Started my first company. Sleeping on a cold night on a couch, listening to this fire.

  • STORM_ Sweaty GUNNER
    STORM_ Sweaty GUNNER




  • Shamaria Penn
    Shamaria Penn


  • JemCel03

    Beat is lit Lyrics is lit Overall - 10/10

  • LastSushi

    Roddy looks like that kid, who's a huge introvert and has no friends (antisocial) and used to get bullied in school.. and didn't used to get good grades (C student). And now he's Ballin'. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Reginald Webster
    Reginald Webster

    I want to know what's in his cup 😏😏😏

  • LastSushi

    i love this song so much, inspires me so much 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jose Valentin
    Jose Valentin

    Scott storch be Making raw as beats

  • Nicholas Lien
    Nicholas Lien

    “Bought my mama Gucci purse gave her 10 racks told her you ain’t gotta stress it” one day momma 🙏🏻


    Big 🔥🔥🔥🤑#roddy #ricch

  • Ken Smith
    Ken Smith

    Like if cardib and roddy richh will be a good team

  • sarrahh devontae-reed
    sarrahh devontae-reed

    I don’t understand how this song has over 100million views but not even half the amount of likes . Like if u agree

  • Quaderkis Bland
    Quaderkis Bland

    And I also love god

  • Quaderkis Bland
    Quaderkis Bland

    I like this song

  • jesus david
    jesus david

    “A nigga started from the bottom, now I'm livin” “Look at my bank account, I'm runnin' up the digits” “I walk it, I talk it, I live it“ Hard lines

  • DonKing

    I love this song so much mynigga like fr

  • Jermaine Bais
    Jermaine Bais

    I like this song

  • Rayan Ermak
    Rayan Ermak

    100% fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • David Alvarez
    David Alvarez


  • Gaming with dad
    Gaming with dad

    Hit different when you have forgiatos

  • Chevess Bird
    Chevess Bird

    It's crazy how he says "he started from the bottom, now hes living", cause one day it will happen to one of us. Just gotta have hope.💯

  • imaagamer

    Crazy how last year I poured the milk first Now I pour the cereal first crazy remember keep grinding

  • Kabir Gutty
    Kabir Gutty

    Nobody : Roddy Ricch the box = Roddy Ricch Down below = both videos same views 104M

  • Mr.Potato

    this is deep.....

  • Larona Tebogo
    Larona Tebogo

    One day you gonna say ``Started from down below`` with a smile on your face. Keep going friend.

  • 3V0

    im a new roddy rich fan im not one for autotune, but the fact that he can clearly speak and get a damn good story across makes me hope he blows the fuck up. This dude is dope.

  • Kenya O'So Beautiful Davis
    Kenya O'So Beautiful Davis

    Motivation frfr💯💯

  • cloud *
    cloud *

    after a long day I like to listen this song.

  • Shemar Williams
    Shemar Williams

    Scott Storch 🔥🎹

  • Ashley Payne
    Ashley Payne

    Keep speaking real. Do not let the rap industry drag you. Stay Prayed up.

  • Evan

    Dang. I never knew I wasn't the only one to sleep on the floor...

  • Lil Tecca
    Lil Tecca

    Poor people: I slept on the floor before Rich people: WOAH sleeping on a floor is DISGUSTING I sleep on a comfortable bed

  • Cjharden

    The box and this got the same amount of views

  • Damani Gibson
    Damani Gibson

    this nigga roddy ricch have this planet fuck up ................... dam bro your music is dope asf

  • Linda Thao
    Linda Thao

    I love this song

  • Khalani Pope
    Khalani Pope

    I think roddy had a hard time

  • Philthynino916

    All 25k dislikes never been thru the struggle

  • Philthynino916

    Gotta hear this every morning !

  • Sharon Sebastian
    Sharon Sebastian


  • Andrew Finau
    Andrew Finau

    like if he's better than lil nas x

  • TheVidko

    when i heard scott storch i just knew this would be fire!

  • Master Tommo
    Master Tommo

    The real Issac Garner was always focused on being better than Rashad Harris and he was oblivious to Timothy and Tommie.

  • Love you big my nigga

  • Laura Rountree
    Laura Rountree

    Became a fan thru 💙🏁 Nip, swear im a fan for life now Roddy keep doing you #themarathoncontinues

  • Damian Brown
    Damian Brown

    F f..ff I. U Tyktkt..u

  • Krissi Kiot
    Krissi Kiot


  • Asdfg Asdfg
    Asdfg Asdfg

    лучшее что я слышал за последние лет пять❤☝️

  • CodeX Paradox
    CodeX Paradox

    Im glad you went from nothing to this

  • Koha Kiruma
    Koha Kiruma


  • Tsmg Mike
    Tsmg Mike

    That song Cold Sleeping on the flow

  • Johnny Pillow's Wife
    Johnny Pillow's Wife

    Niggas lie to much when I say niggas I mean Johnny pillow

    • Johnny Pillow's Wife
      Johnny Pillow's Wife


  • Royce J
    Royce J

    I know alot of people arent going to read this but Im a upcoming ITUNES CHART ranking artist from Kansas city, missouri. It would be much appreciated If everyone could not only subscribe but engage with my brand. I will promise to keep in touch with each of my fans!!

  • Alex Soto
    Alex Soto

    25k dislikes because they never slept on the floor before!

  • L8X_

    bro i was born in fuckin brazil there was 1 room and 1 small ass livin room i had to sleep on the floor all the times with my brothers while my mom and sis slept on the bed. Das tough, now im america bro thank god

  • Visioning XGman
    Visioning XGman


  • Dari Mazari
    Dari Mazari

    Use to sleep in a 12x12 bedroom with 3 brothers and mom and dad with our clothes all over the room..