Ronda Rousey & Gordon Ramsay Wrestle While Making Breakfast Burritos | Scrambled
Gordon Ramsay
In February, WWE and former UFC’er Ronda Rousey joined Gordon in his kitchen to bring the heat…fire alarms and all! This week Ronda’s brought Gordon gifts for her farm to make a delicious breakfast burrito with kobe beef and duck eggs! There’s a few surprises in store including a wrestling match you never know you needed! It’s a Scrambled you won’t forget.
Special Thanks to Joe Buck for his play by play. You can download his new podcast Daddy Issues here:
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  • Skull Fucker
    Skull Fucker

    isnt this the khunt that got so much media attention then got her ass kicked badly?

  • DropkickAndy

    Ronda seems like such a sweetheart :D

  • Lorraine Thornton
    Lorraine Thornton

    What's clipped to her back

  • BJ V
    BJ V

    Imagine being on a date and the girl says "Did you know ducks have fake vaginas?"

  • Johnny Massacre
    Johnny Massacre

    Ramsay GUARANTEED smashed her in the garden shed later that day.

  • Johnny Massacre
    Johnny Massacre

    0:44 1000% his wife went fucking mental after this.

  • Justin Deavitt
    Justin Deavitt

    6:50 he was tryin to do what now? 🤔

  • Sabrina

    He is very special to us.....then they cut to him all chopped better way to say I love you.

  • Jackknife Jonnie
    Jackknife Jonnie

    I don't know why, but I would love to see Simon Cowell in this with Gordon.

  • itachileesan

    watching them together brings me great joy. i bet they are hilarious to hang out with.

  • TheRaphGamezN'More

    Great, Gordon Ramsay versus SONYA BLADE.

  • Janiyah Miller
    Janiyah Miller

    Who remember this fuck of fuck of get out

  • Briggitta Raiford
    Briggitta Raiford

    He said “let’s go, b!tch!” 😂😂😂

  • ca s
    ca s

    Loved the arm wrestling scene and commentary! Still laughing.... But, burritos --hungry now.

  • Manoj Kumar
    Manoj Kumar

    How two men fight

  • jose villasenor
    jose villasenor

    This was amazing

  • muff patrol
    muff patrol

    Aww Kobe, you lived a solid 2 years of a possible 20 but at least you were 'cared for'.

  • PrblyUrFather

    Did she touch raw meat then put her hair up oh no


    Now do a lunchvideo with Holly Holm ;)

  • Niya’s Life
    Niya’s Life

    So is nobody gonna talk about the marshmallow head in the back could possibly be him?

  • pûśšÿ šĺåÿęř
    pûśšÿ šĺåÿęř

    Rounda looks like a wet dog in the thumbnail

  • Kaleo Nortan
    Kaleo Nortan

    disliked after she's said she don't miss ufc. she started hating after loses. she hates smiling???... 👎 you know her type already


    Please one vegetarian dish .

  • Christopher Lincoln
    Christopher Lincoln

    she can pound me😋

  • binu kuriakose
    binu kuriakose

    ??nooooo pleas dont kill them if u love them then why eat them

  • 62202ify

    Chef Ramsay is awesome and all, but if that were real Rhonda Rousey would've killed him.

  • PaypalMyMoney

    Did not expect Joe Buck! 🔥

  • PaypalMyMoney

    This woman didn't know how to crack an egg, but lives on a farm. 🤔

  • Chris

    didn't know Rousey was so cool! She seems lovely

  • Eddy Lord
    Eddy Lord

    Gordon sucks!

  • Tim Parr
    Tim Parr

    Ducks are Not descendents of dinosaurs! They were both created by El-him in the beginning!!!

  • corey scott
    corey scott

    just goes to show, workout your entire life and still don't possess the upper body of a man. girls in 2020 shave their heads and think they can fight me lol I just laugh, one punch ya stupid bitch

  • corey scott
    corey scott

    I love you Ronda. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Chris303

    Gordon may be the only man to call her a bitch to her face and live😂

  • Omer Al-Naib
    Omer Al-Naib

    i really understood "wrestling" wrong.

  • Aidan James Animations
    Aidan James Animations

    Gordon's looking for the lamb sauce. We'll be right back. 😁👍

  • pax gnoix
    pax gnoix

    I wishni could see Ronda lift Gordon up.

  • Clint Krazer Anims
    Clint Krazer Anims

    "What got you into farming?" "Zombies" Me: *having a PvZ nostalgia ride*

  • KTD

    Grown for food they are... hmmm, tasty they will be...

  • JaegerWolfTango 18
    JaegerWolfTango 18

    let's go BITCH

  • Devastators Army
    Devastators Army

    Wait wait wait wait Gordon has three daughters who would have thought Gordon would have three daughters I am sorry Gordon is a bad rager I don’t know if that’s a word but yeah I would have not thought of Gordon had a wife/girlfriend

  • billnyethesovietspy

    “That’s not good this is fucking delicious” they had us in the first half not gonna lie,

  • James Rosner
    James Rosner

    I ship

  • Nathan Carroll
    Nathan Carroll

    Best show ever 👍

  • F

    I was never aware of just how much shit was in front of Gordon when he's filming this stuff. There's a whole damn crew out there in his kitchen. I always figured it was been just a couple of guys with cameras, but it's practically an entire studio.

    • Diederik

      You don’t get that kind of even lighting and clear picture without that. It’s a professional production.

  • รquคяε σหε
    รquคяε σหε

    Ronda video 90% : Steve o is nuts

  • รquคяε σหε
    รquคяε σหε

    These guests are great. Steve o was the ultimate

  • Bakon Bitz
    Bakon Bitz

    Gordon could never br a wrestler Monday night would be too raw for him

    • Jon Noel Lumiguen
      Jon Noel Lumiguen

      He'll idiot sandwich everybody!

    • C4PTIVE

      He'd probably respond 'What a nightmare'

    • Jamie Dolby
      Jamie Dolby

      Bakon Bitz ba dum tsss

  • Cesar Blanco
    Cesar Blanco

    3:32 Thank me. No need for likes.

  • Barry Garry
    Barry Garry

    I wish Gordon could carry me like he carried her..😵

  • Northern Lights
    Northern Lights

    L A M B S A U C E A C Q U I R E D

  • tabule shamirah
    tabule shamirah


  • Maxwell Fisher
    Maxwell Fisher

    Kobe is such a special meat A+ and you fucking grind it in to mince. Lol

  • Nicky Chan
    Nicky Chan

    Gordan looking for the lamb sauce we will be right back 😂😂😂 fuk sake

  • K S G
    K S G

    That Gordon Ramsay emoji is f*cking awesome!

  • mattgotsskill

    kobe was very special to us. so we cut him up and ate his liver. ....... thats some Hannibal lecter shit right ther.

  • Savage Skill'etz
    Savage Skill'etz

    Gordon Ramsay is the man... He inspired me to start my own TR-my channel... Healthy one skillet meals... 1 skillet, 20 minutes, start to finish...

  • Babalee's Kitchen
    Babalee's Kitchen

    Hi Gordon 👋 I feel like you are my uncle Because I watched you too much hahaha I love your cooking so much😍🤩❤

  • JoeX Fitness
    JoeX Fitness


  • Thor

    On the arrow

  • Mr. Sandman
    Mr. Sandman

    10:33 *i did not see that coming*

  • Max Garcia
    Max Garcia

    Rhonda, you son of a bitch *high five*

  • Chounny 2.0
    Chounny 2.0

    You embrace your meme . Your one with the meme gods

  • Chounny 2.0
    Chounny 2.0

    All I can say is EGG

  • Aviola Lee
    Aviola Lee

    Ancient Kung-fu skill at 2:48 😂

  • Herror

    did she just said...ZOMBIES?!

  • Bowjack 7149
    Bowjack 7149

    10:40 umm your welcome 🤣

  • Ana Alexander
    Ana Alexander

    Do and are resel

  • Dale Boxsell
    Dale Boxsell

    Gordon was the only person that called ronda a bitch and survived.

  • democraticmyass

    Ronda and Gordon are funny together