Round 6: The Showdown (THE TRAILER!)
Daria Cohen
Get ready for the showdown!
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Enjoy ^^
Song used: Betty Boop/ Charlie Puth
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  • Owlet

    My like 50th time watching. NOT LONG TO GO NOW!!

  • Regina

    oh nice, you're using alastor's it!


    darara mmmmm o yea 🤞🤞😉😉😉😉

  • KitaStorm

    Oh, I can already tell this is going to be fun!

  • 宮川優

    英語分からんが雰囲気的に好きです(*´ω`*) 英語に訳してくれる人おらんかなぁw

  • Danna Hernandez
    Danna Hernandez

    No one: Missi and Duke: “Dance off, bro. Me and you.”

  • Dannie-20nine


  • Hector Hernandez
    Hector Hernandez

    I love all of it

  • Katsuki Bakugo
    Katsuki Bakugo

    I sense some sexual tension between these two hehehe

  • Theodore Hagley
    Theodore Hagley

    so, is anyone going to mention the music

  • calex YouTube
    calex YouTube

    I WANNA SEE 6 I WATCHED ALL OF THE EPISODES!!! pls help the creator make more episodes

  • Sunmourn


  • 。「It’s Sunny Chan」。
    。「It’s Sunny Chan」。

    Can somebody tell me the name of the song?

  • Jacklyn Leigh Blogs
    Jacklyn Leigh Blogs

    14 more days

  • Ienzio _
    Ienzio _

    That song still has the most dissapointing drops I've ever heard. I love the animation though, I can't wait to watch the whole thing!

  • Chibi Cakes
    Chibi Cakes

    Don't mind me, just re-watching this for the thousand time

  • sleepy

    omg the scepter is behind missi because she needs to have it touch her body at times in order to stay a vampire, but what if duke finds it and throws it across the room and she returns to her sane state!

  • Lu Claudino
    Lu Claudino

    two crazy

  • Blitz Ryu
    Blitz Ryu

    Okay somebody please tell me I'm wrong but I could have sworn I saw a JoJo reference now I could be going insane but that one day do that final standoff pose Duke brushes the brim of his hat and Missi does the open arm somebody please correct me if I'm wrong

    • Galaxy Fox Animates
      Galaxy Fox Animates


  • Black Ivy
    Black Ivy

    I cant wait and i also can't pick a team i loves them both lol its so hard to pick

  • Kiki Scott
    Kiki Scott

    Who's ready for the video to come out today?

    • Galaxy Fox Animates
      Galaxy Fox Animates

      What? It's coming out on the 22nd, not today.

    • Danny Aguilar
      Danny Aguilar


  • Zeng-jie yo
    Zeng-jie yo


  • Ar Show
    Ar Show

    Шикос ждем

  • Danish Khan
    Danish Khan

    if any my hero academia fans is here,just wanna say that the date of the showdown is iida's birthday

  • DeadmanWalking789

    Can't tell if "kill you" eyes or "fuck me" eyes.

    • Galaxy Fox Animates
      Galaxy Fox Animates


  • ぽぽぽ


  • Kevin Toms
    Kevin Toms

    Sweet comes out of my birthday

  • ally kelm
    ally kelm

    YES the showdown is coming and I am happy for it 😈

  • There is Not God Here
    There is Not God Here

    Team Duke 100%

  • Asher Tye
    Asher Tye

    Celebrity Dance Off: Deathbattle Edition.

  • lewis barclay
    lewis barclay

    The challenge letter didn't have the proper music for this. Allow me to fix this. "Wait! Wait! WAAIIITT!! You blu-huhed sucker!" "I challenge you to a DANCE OFF!" "Give me one chance to dance your socks off!"

  • Fg covers in the night
    Fg covers in the night

    Can't wait

  • Lena-Maria Heidinger
    Lena-Maria Heidinger

    I've waited for so long :'))))

  • cherol Mezzanotti
    cherol Mezzanotti

    Bring it

  • cherol Mezzanotti
    cherol Mezzanotti


  • Ace It With Ellie
    Ace It With Ellie

    Admit it, you've watched this more than once...

  • black stripe120
    black stripe120

    Team duke

  • Michael Keller
    Michael Keller

    when comes the big shodown ?

    • Galaxy Fox Animates
      Galaxy Fox Animates

      Watch the video.

  • Fefo Kvikvi
    Fefo Kvikvi

    I more like Team missi so i will be in this team. Team Duke SUCKS.

    • Galaxy Fox Animates
      Galaxy Fox Animates

      What's your reasoning for being on team Missi?

  • Janine de Vera
    Janine de Vera

    Can't wait!

  • Špärrøw

    This is my opinion but... I ship it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • clover girl
    clover girl

    You should make another series on another supernatural thing(because your animations are AMAZING!!)

    • Galaxy Fox Animates
      Galaxy Fox Animates

      @clover girl what's your reasoning for being Team Missi?

    • clover girl
      clover girl

      Oh,and I'm sooooooo team missi!

  • Kara Hancock
    Kara Hancock

    I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • unicorn El unicornio
    unicorn El unicornio

    Ellos son pareja

  • jack honey bee
    jack honey bee

    oh god its so close only 2 more days

    • jack honey bee
      jack honey bee

      @Galaxy Fox Animates oof I read the release date wrong

    • Galaxy Fox Animates
      Galaxy Fox Animates

      It's coming out on the 22nd.

    • Galaxy Fox Animates
      Galaxy Fox Animates

      Um, what?

  • Brianna Morgan
    Brianna Morgan

    I’ve watched this so many times xD

  • volz pair
    volz pair

    missi definitely missi

    • volz pair
      volz pair

      @Galaxy Fox Animates well one hes come off as a self titled rapey ass from the start ware as Missi mallas as potential victim is justified so fare. eve if the magic voodoo cain seems to be destroying the soil within. and shes just cuter

    • Galaxy Fox Animates
      Galaxy Fox Animates

      What's your reasoning?

  • Brianna Morgan
    Brianna Morgan

    I can’t wait :D

  • Emily Schmidt
    Emily Schmidt

    Did it take anyone elses brain a sec to figure out the date lmao but Yayyyy im so excited

    • Galaxy Fox Animates
      Galaxy Fox Animates

      22nd of August, can't wait!

  • Beata Stupakova
    Beata Stupakova


  • J.I.N.X

    hehe i cant help but laugh at how the audios clipped to alright gentlemen repeat after me but it cuts right to the woman's part

  • Bingo Bango
    Bingo Bango

    I've been waiting for this for 4 years. Hell yes!

  • Wannabe Eliza Hamilton
    Wannabe Eliza Hamilton

    You really should make this into a whole ass cartoon

    • Galaxy Fox Animates
      Galaxy Fox Animates


  • DragonEmperorMycen

    They’re ballroom dancing (sorta). ...WELP . THIS IS OTP NOW

  • Регина Лашук
    Регина Лашук


  • Rihanna bonner
    Rihanna bonner

    I just notice something XD OMGDuke: when you don't have a dress but who give's a crap swinggg the thin air i guess XD

    • Galaxy Fox Animates
      Galaxy Fox Animates

      Ikr, in the final animation he should have a cane or SOMETHING to swing around.

  • Valeria Sánchez
    Valeria Sánchez

    I came back here after a while for curiosity and saw this, im really impressed!👏👏👏😄

  • Nyla Harri
    Nyla Harri

    Imagine if they danced to Moulin Rouge's Roxanne's Tango?!!!!

  • Kara Hancock
    Kara Hancock

    You know, Missi looked cute when she was human, but, as a vampire, she is beautiful.

    • Makena Manthorne
      Makena Manthorne

      I agree with you.👍😊

    • MonsterHunter 66
      MonsterHunter 66

      IKR 😍

  • nicol owo
    nicol owo

    Lo espere mucho

  • jwjwjw123456

    The date of my birthday!

  • The ceo of Blueberry lemonade
    The ceo of Blueberry lemonade

    When you can dance in like 10 inch heels

  • Kevin Maita
    Kevin Maita

    Lo fregastee!!

  • Roxas

    What song is this?

  • The Piggy Review
    The Piggy Review

    Duke is my vote to win. Though.....i highly doubt he will.

  • Jose Guevara
    Jose Guevara

    I've got a Bad Feeling about This.

  • Candycraft Mc
    Candycraft Mc

    Team Missi!!

  • Jose Plancartejr
    Jose Plancartejr

    hey how about this for a twist the staff is like the one ring the longer you hold on to it the more corrupted your become like Duke is gollum and it would explain misis became vampire also in the silent we saw her being corrupted by her hate for Duke also I think it would be cool to see vanessa appear in the next one since she n Duke were going to hook up i want to see how misis feel about that if she hate Duke now also another twist misis and duke lose the staff and vanessa get it and turn into a vampire

  • Roxas


  • Mike The Chicago Critic
    Mike The Chicago Critic

    Missi sure looks good and I wonder of this will be the end?