Royal Photographer Arthur Edwards predicts Harry will rejoin the Royal Family
The Sun
Royal Sun Photographer Arthur Edwards predicts Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will rejoin the Royal Family next year, after the Sussexes release a statement confirming they will drop 'Royal' from any future branding. The veteran journalist talks about the Queen's reaction to Megxit, the Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein scandal and her grandson Peter Phillips' divorce.
Read more: Queen seen for first time since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s extraordinary statement on Sussex Royal ban -
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  • A Google User
    A Google User

    This idiot cant even speak correctly - hardly Nostradamus

  • Anna Janze
    Anna Janze

    Take responsability Arthur Edwards as a representative for the tabloids for chasing Harry and Meghan out of Britain!

  • Sheryl Sheppard
    Sheryl Sheppard

    I hope Harry will come back to the family He is such a great person.

  • Hilary Murray
    Hilary Murray

    He is not needed. A pathetic excuse of a man. Disloyal and easily manipulated. He has shot himself in both feet

  • James Walker
    James Walker

    Well breed then out

  • W Oo
    W Oo

    This stupid old man should keep his mouth shut

  • All American
    All American

    Now Prince Andrew's daughters Princesses Bea & Eugene are assigned to do the Sussexes" royal duties :)

  • Lindsay J
    Lindsay J

    Silly old codger. Since when has using trafficked young women not been a crime.

  • Linda Williams
    Linda Williams

    And how do you know this??

  • Marie Jean Charles
    Marie Jean Charles

    Wishing all the best Harry and Megan!

  • Revere Me Courtney
    Revere Me Courtney

    Again no one has been listening to HARRY!!! For years he has said he doesn’t want to be a royal this was pre Megan. The royal family thought hey she is a minority, and an actress she’ll want to stay in the family and be seen. Little did they know she was here for Harry not the royal family. Maybe if the Royal family had stepped in and told the British press back off with the stories. Then they would still be in the family. Yet, honestly he is still a royal and a member of the family and no royal title or duties will ever change that.

    • Revere Me Courtney
      Revere Me Courtney

      Cup Cake Thank you for proving my point no one has been listening to Harry!!!

    • Cup Cake
      Cup Cake

      Revere Me Courtney So we wont be seeing her on red carpet soon and applying for movie roles now that producers know who she is? You have to be so naive to think meghan married harry for love. She married him for the fame and money. Look at her, she craves and enjoys the attention. A person who wants privacy would look shy and uncomfortable in front of the cameras. She looks for the cameras! Wake up people!!! She is a social climber!

  • Jo W
    Jo W

    Did he say in reference to Peter Phillips that Peter has been married for "over 20 years to that Woman" (meaning Autumn)? If so this is not right. For a start he's not old enough and would mean he got married really young! It's more like 12 years.

  • Denise Rife
    Denise Rife

    I can see where Harry wants to be his own man and not live in the shadow of his older brother - British royalty so contrived, misnomer, the only royalty in this world or the next is JESUS CHRIST

  • Sharon Legaux
    Sharon Legaux

    Stop blaming Meghan thats the problem why do Andrew get a free pass pedophile do you have a 16 or 17yr old daughter or granddaugher.

  • Sharon Legaux
    Sharon Legaux

    Leave Harry alone let him live a normal life he is the spare and Britain always treated him that way the one always in the spotlight the things he did even when he was single dont blame Meghan he wanted out just like his mom the press in Britain called his son a ape come on i would leave too.

  • Phoebe Vale
    Phoebe Vale

    It doesn't matter who you are a human is a human

  • C C
    C C

    Back in the day didn’t the Queen request you all give Diana a break and right after that didn’t you take the pregnant bikini picture of Diana? Wasn’t that act disrespectful of the Queen?

  • Catania Momma Italia
    Catania Momma Italia

    Harry will rejoin his family after the one trick Beggin drives him insane with her vindictive lunacy.

  • Melissa Allison
    Melissa Allison

    Narcissist and co-dependent empath

  • Blueskygal

    He has no objectivity re RF.

  • Dyan Shane
    Dyan Shane

    The Beckhams were a big flop here. They had Tom Cruise and Katie, no one cared. Small following for soccer here. Same with the Royals, small following like me. And we seriously hate these 2, were not left wing extremists. Thats only 3% of the American popluation. The only reason it appears like so many is because the media is owned by left wing extremists. WE LOVE PRESIDENT TRUMP. Don't believe the LIES. We voted him in, and he will win even bigger next time. We don't want our country destroyed like Canada's PM has done.

  • kettle

    Hopefully she'll be the last American marrying in to the family for a while. What did they expect?

  • The00Lisa00

    Harry and Meghan will be fine, leave them alone and let them live their life. Andrew is the true problem in the royal family.

  • Jen Holmes
    Jen Holmes

    Every pub has the word royal in it

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels

    Mr Edwards you are a parasite like the rest of the media. And all you hating on Meghan will be judged by GOD. She has nothing wrong it is Harry who brought her to Britian and said she would be happy but all that happened is that people like Mr Edwards attacked her and so she wanted to get out. She is no different from anybody else!

  • Your wise cousin Joe
    Your wise cousin Joe

    Bring back a guillotine for MM. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Karolina Skonieczna
    Karolina Skonieczna

    The man says lies.

  • Ken Cheek
    Ken Cheek

    I wonder if William is going to stop being upset with Harry & join him? After all, the monarchy is a useless left over from bygone days & it's no longer relevant. He & Kate are just hanging in there because he will be King one day. If he had been the 5th in line or something--would he & Kate stay there & play the Game? Or decide to heck with all of it & go live his own life--just like Harry?

  • Ken Cheek
    Ken Cheek

    He defends Prince Andrew, despite the strong evidence of his wrongdoing! That tells you all you need to know about the judgement of Arthur Edwards.

  • mjrchapin

    "Andrew has done nothing criminal." This isn't going to age well. Did Arthur not see that interview?!

  • Sylvia Henson
    Sylvia Henson

    Prince Harry, should bring his son Archie, back to Royal family in London.. Just imagine, Harry's mum, prince's Diane, she decided them to live with Prince charles.. Meghan, disrespecting her Husband decisions to stay in Royal family.. Her excuses, she just protecting their son..Princes Diane, didn't even think that from Prince Charles.

  • Barbara Scott
    Barbara Scott

    Meghan is a troublemaker, evil in all her ways! I hope Harry smartens up, divorces her and can move on with his life. We all have trolls in our past.

  • Joy Fundraiser
    Joy Fundraiser

    God in his Mercy will never allow this evil prediction comes to pass in H&M’s life. I think it is about time you hates leave these precious souls alone to live their lives as quiet as they want it to be. What kind of palaver is this. Leave them alone and H&M will never think on divorce in their live time in Jesus name. They have had their fair share of broken homes and that lovely home they built on the solid rock, the author of marriage will make it stand until his return.

  • BubblegumPink00

    Harry and Meghan will be fine.

  • Dalia Lule
    Dalia Lule

    I think hell go back to being a full time royal. Hes used to the "easy" life, not the minimam wage life.

  • Jonesy Moon
    Jonesy Moon

    harry isn't harry anymore.

  • Ann Anderson
    Ann Anderson

    Harry has been wabted to leave. The racism against Megan IS horrible. I wish them well.

  • ina salni
    ina salni

    making money is NOT a bad thing BUT on what expense and WHAT would make it (not her or her name) ? - they (she) refused the obligations in return of a ''simple'' life to GET AWAY from what the title AND OBLIGATIONS the role brings... but then she wants to capitalise on the title (that comes with duties and obligations) without doing anything for it ? IF you are such a ''celebrity'' and an established ''brand'' - you stand on your own. it's like she wants to skip it all and capitalise on plain fame and what's better known (and apparently it's not her, nor her general public activity concerning any relevant matters BEFORE becoming a royal)... like she has no intent to still pave her own way and directions with charities, public work and general interests royals have stood for - it's like there are none cause she has none - she just wants to grab the name to make it into profit. She doesn't want the work, just (better known) fame to cash in on what's not hers nor her in a slightest way... it's a money made from false advertising without doing any work as being royal represents something she clearly doesn't want to do... or for the matter - is not. Why is it so hard for HER to let go of the title? Will Harry be at peace of letting go HIS platform that has served the causes HE holds dear to him and has shaped HIM into the person HE is, in favour of someone who wants the attention more than the work behind it ? ... she wants the (''not'')attention and the title but not the work with IT so for what would she use it for and why her own name isn't ''doing the deed'' ? is it cause it brings the advertising of what she is not - figuratively and literally?

  • simone mitchell
    simone mitchell

    I see a Prince Harry that is sad, broken and ashamed. Torn apart and turned against his family, country and comrades. He has abandoned his troops. What a privilege to be born a Prince, how stars have aligned for him and how wicked can human beings be. You would wish them well, as we all believe in love. But Prince Harry, that's not the face of love you have now...The one who's hand you hold, has chosen you for being a Prince, not "Just Harry". She has pulled you down to her level and takes you away to become the "mentally ill prince" who keeps speeches about it. She makes a joke out of you. That's not the face of love.

  • Wendy Adams
    Wendy Adams

    What gets me with Harry’s decision, is Harry always seemed to enjoy his role within the royal family, and he always seemed to really care, and be interested with the members of the public he met. I am no royal family lover, but to me, Harry seems to be really down hearted and uncomfortable with his decision....a decision that seems to be made in haste !

    • BubblegumPink00

      @Wendy.. - Lies. He said many, many years ago that he wanted to leave. He even thought about suicide. The lies you tell. He seem to just "deal with it" out of duty not out of love.

  • Beverley England
    Beverley England

    Very sage words from an outsider who knows better than the rest of us!

  • Alva Shoemaker
    Alva Shoemaker American obviously wrote MM rant--- MANY of MM 's comments are just plain STUPID--- 🤔👣

    • Sheryl Sheppard
      Sheryl Sheppard


    • Sheryl Sheppard
      Sheryl Sheppard

      So check out

    • Sheryl Sheppard
      Sheryl Sheppard


    • Sheryl Sheppard
      Sheryl Sheppard


    • Sheryl Sheppard
      Sheryl Sheppard

      He is a great guy

  • Redshift313

    A match made in a Pub... Magen barely has parents that can chill in the same city.,, Harry has a Royal Family that goes back centuries!!! That’s like Prince Charles marring Camilla... wait a minute. WTF were you thinking Harry !!!

  • Bev C
    Bev C

    I think that people need to remember that God is good all the time. His love is everlasting, but you also need to be mindful that vengeance is his also. " Touch not the Lord`s anointed and do his servents no harm"

    • Lorie Moses
      Lorie Moses


  • Jess

    Not all Americans are like MM . Some of us understand how many years of tradition the Royal Family honors and keeps going . I don’t think she realized the entirety of what would be expected of her and her family . She thought it wouldn’t be any different than being a Celeb Actress and got a surprise . They tried to play Chess with the Queen and lost . I live in the Midwest USA and in our local Homegoods (brand names marked down type of store). store has had the same Royal Wedding commemorative tea tin shown marked down in the video since the store opened . They can’t sell it here either :)

  • Millie Ruff
    Millie Ruff

    As a Canadian , the royal family is relevant to no one.his mother died because a fool wanted a pic of her and her new mam, leave Harry alone

    • wendy coyne
      wendy coyne

      Millie Ruff the Royal Family is still very relevant to Britain.

  • Bronwyn B
    Bronwyn B

    I don't think this marriage will work in the long run because this is all Harry has ever known how to be a royal....If they go give up the titles give up the money and walk away its not going to be easy...I`ve watched Meghan and she is always taking the lead and almost like she is guiding him ... I hope his marriage will work but if he leaves the firm he has to do all normal everyday things for himself good luck with that Harry..

  • Jen H
    Jen H

    maybe if the british press hadn't been rude a holes to meghan...they wouldn't have said such a fashion.

  • johan day
    johan day

    Thé whole thing is so shocking, one is not able to understand what the hell has happened. The Prince is such a good person, how could he have been deceived by the American usurper and her quest for fame and fortune, taking away the Royal values of protocol and traditions upon which, the Royals have always been used to ? Sad and rather revolting.

  • Laurie P
    Laurie P

    What a load of codswallop this sycophant talks! Andrew is innocent? Yeah, right!

  • luann Goodwin
    luann Goodwin

    I hope you are right.

  • Curlyanne B
    Curlyanne B

    I don’t know...I’m thinking if Charles doesn’t let William step ahead of him, the royals are finished. The public has wanted it forever and things just aren’t going well. William and Kate are the only ones left that people care about at all. Although, I can’t imagine what the country would do with all the folks who work for the firm, without the Firm, as it were. It’s just getting to be a sad mess.

  • John Deeble
    John Deeble

    Maybe he can join the U.S. Marines?

  • John Deeble
    John Deeble

    I'm from Texas but I love the queen. Any gal that loves horse racing like she does must be a good ol gal.

  • John Deeble
    John Deeble

    Harry can't cut it in the real world. Neither can Megan, that's why she was a struggling diddybump actress

    • Dalia Lule
      Dalia Lule


  • Corri ander
    Corri ander

    He doesn't have to re - join! He is a "so called royal." He was born into the joke. I love Harry and Meghan. Let them be!!! The press and royal photographers are pains in the rear. Mr Know it all! 🤦 😠

  • Rosário Furtado Leite
    Rosário Furtado Leite

    Very diplomatic and very clever. Thank you

  • Sydfreed

    They will get rich for doing nothing but grandstanding and taking money from gullible people.

  • Adam

    Lol says it's absolute fiction the media hounded Megan and it's all her own fault then defends Andrew to the hilt stating how there is a huge effort to try and humiliate him and it's wrong.

  • S Boloshis
    S Boloshis

    They look pretty stupid walking around the street acting like they were happy to leave. That woman stripped away his family.

  • Adam

    Saying he may rejoin the royal he broke up with his family. If a son moves out the family home and gets a job for himself, he's not LEFT his family

  • Caden Grace
    Caden Grace

    Everyone seems to think Harry has been hoodwinked and that in time he will wake up. I do not think that is even close to the truth. I think he signed on as the junior partner with Megan fully in charge - watch their body language together. Harry will go back to the Firm in time but it will be because Megan wills it and it may break his soul. She will convince him to make his residence in California. There she will file for divorce and obtain 100% custody, a massive alimony and child support and to add insult to injury, get a restraining order on the Harry and the Royal Family. He will probably burn a candle for the rest of his life. I do not think the Queen will change her course and Charles when he ascends will hold to that, but William, I think will take a hard path on this issue. Some wounds never heal.

    • Hyuck Bai Choi
      Hyuck Bai Choi

      @Caden Grace The thing was narcissists is, once they've thrown a tantrum and done something really mean they will be so affectionate and loving to the point the person forgives them. And then once they have the trust back they abuse their partner again. And so the cycle continues. I've been with a narcissist before so i know. They're so loving when they want forgiveness that they make u forget all about their bad behavior. That's what makes them so dangerous.

    • Hyuck Bai Choi
      Hyuck Bai Choi

      @Caden Grace Caden, i've come to realize there are some die-hard Meghan fans who would support her on her road to hell if they have to, so lets just leave them alone and let them think what they want. They wont exactly be cheering and supporting her when the divorce comes sooner or later

    • Hyuck Bai Choi
      Hyuck Bai Choi

      @Caden Grace Sadly it does seem so, i just cant stand the fact Harry is always whining about how he lost his mother and he wasn't the only one who lost his mother, his brother did also and you dont see him doing the same thing. Couldn't H get therapy or some kind of help early on in his life to deal with mourning and loss? I keep thinking that the RF hasn't paid much attention to Harry's upbringing. I somehow think if William were to go through the same thing they would have given him much more support and care

    • Hyuck Bai Choi
      Hyuck Bai Choi

      @Bev C Never said i liked harry sweetheart, i just wanted to emphasize many people commenting on him these days USED to be fans of his. If William's wife doesn't ever turn up in the media with backlash, doesn't that tell you something? I couldn't care less what the hell H does with his life. Im just sick of seeing him causing an uproar with all the drama he's caused with his family to please M. I dont think you'd understand though because the bible doesn't say anything warning people about the dangers of being in a toxic relationship. Have a nice day

    • Caden Grace
      Caden Grace

      @Hyuck Bai Choi I think Harry is head over heels in Love with Megan and worse, I think he has such bad mommy issues that she has replaced Diana in some level in his psychology.

  • Harry

    He will eventually rejoin the Family and divorce her. Bet on it...

    • Esel Ohr
      Esel Ohr

      harry. is that you? greetings. megs.

  • nait51

    Arthur having to fend for yourself and learn how to survive in the real world might be the best thing that happens to him, with his parent's inheritance he will still lead a wealthy life.

  • j gp
    j gp

    It tells you everything you need to know when all these people in the U.K. see Meghan as a monster and rip her to shreds but think Andrew is an honorable man and still have the balls to praise him....pathetic.

    • j gp
      j gp

      Angela Littlewood fair enough but most of the media doesn’t reflect that.

    • Angela Littlewood
      Angela Littlewood

      Sorry, but you're making assumptions about everyone in the UK. Most people in the UK don't see Andrew as honorable. Most of them think that he is hiding something

  • Kerstin Chagas
    Kerstin Chagas

    Cuanta bobada. Los ingleses siguen teniendo una mentalidad de edad media. El muchacho se caso, no va a ser rey hay 5 delante de el y la coneja de la cuñada muy probablemente seguira reproduciendose. Intento hacer las cosas bien pero el racismo ingles dentro y fuera del palacio fue demaciado y el no tiene porque aguantar esa falta de respeto. Si la cuñada se aguanta las guampas que le pone el marido y sigue sonrriendo es problema de ella. Harry hizo lo que un hombre de verdad hace, velar por la felicidad de su familia. La culpa de todo es de el horrible pueblo ingles, supremacistas que se creen superiores a todo el mundo. Noticia : Aunque se les parta el higado Harry no los necesita y va a ser feliz sin ustedes, igual que la union europea.

  • Lacri H.
    Lacri H.

    This royal photografer thinks very high of himself ! I think he's just a tool ... Thats all. He is a PHOTOGRAFER not a political guy....or is he? Maybe he has other , more obscure jobs.

  • AmericanPatriot

    Of course he will. Beta male Harry will come crawling back on his knees.

  • mehmet bekir
    mehmet bekir

    Divorce with 2 years

  • C Croft
    C Croft

    Megan is selfish