Sank My New Golf Cart!! ( ICE WATER )
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on TR-my since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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    Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Please watch this vlog -

    • John Evans
      John Evans

      We need another video plz

    • Sadia Ashraf
      Sadia Ashraf

      Did you adopt your kids

  • Xheld Plays
    Xheld Plays

    After u stop daily vlogging I stop watching but I haven’t watch for a year and I’m going to watch again

  • Mattie Jones
    Mattie Jones

    I love you so much I watch your videos

  • Connor Mills
    Connor Mills

    I like food

  • Zane Harley
    Zane Harley

    Do you remember nitro circus

  • Đức Hải Vlogs
    Đức Hải Vlogs

    Hello guys, ROMAN ATWOOD vlogs fans, please feel free to channel my vlogs in Vietnam, thank you guys.

  • Jetz Ski
    Jetz Ski

    I want snow too😢

  • Krystal Buttke
    Krystal Buttke

    I didnt get notified of this video the only way I saw it was going to ur page which I do when I feel like i.missed something and this video notification was skipped for some reason

  • Natalie JJ
    Natalie JJ

    His laugh has to be the most annoying thing ever

  • Ashton Thurmond
    Ashton Thurmond

    I am wearing your merch

  • Itz Tide
    Itz Tide

    If you aren’t gonna ever ride your Kawasaki then I’ll be happy to have it

  • swep dirtbikes
    swep dirtbikes

    Bring back daily vlogs

  • Irish South Sider
    Irish South Sider

    Why do you laugh like a girl? All high pitched and shit?

    • Natalie JJ
      Natalie JJ

      Irish South Sider I know right his laugh is super annoying

  • Brooke Ironhawk
    Brooke Ironhawk

    Is it good or bad it took you this long to get a golf cart

  • Miller Johnson
    Miller Johnson


  • Slash the Aibo
    Slash the Aibo

    Come down to Centerville Dragway in Arkansas on Saturday nights, they have Golf cart racing.

  • don s.m
    don s.m

    Who still watching this right now😊 Roman atwood your amazing bro i hope to be as amazing one day... You motivated me to even start my own channel

  • Brooke Ponder
    Brooke Ponder

    I love your vlogs

  • Lauren Felix
    Lauren Felix

    Been watching since you started

  • Amy Hill
    Amy Hill

    Cora makes me die😂😂😍

  • Aiden Solberg
    Aiden Solberg

    Leave a like if you miss Zues

  • Carlos Castillo
    Carlos Castillo

    Damn another kid, thats how you know ive been gone fpr a while

  • StrikeZone

    1:55 For-shadowing 😂

  • savitre ferdinand
    savitre ferdinand

    Hey guys where do you live

  • Logan Glacken
    Logan Glacken

    That must be so so cool and you are the best I sudscride hit that little bell and liked

  • Caitlin Kaiser
    Caitlin Kaiser

    oooo!! i like that beanie a lot lottttt!!

  • Aaron Clixby
    Aaron Clixby

    Good vid

  • Tyler Schielder
    Tyler Schielder

    Love the vids keep the good vibes going

  • gavyn swoveland
    gavyn swoveland

    I have that smile more merch

  • vsco girl
    vsco girl

    I bet Noah Vapes

  • Raymond Tzun
    Raymond Tzun

    Love your videos

  • Anas Sad
    Anas Sad

    Cora =worst child

  • Sydney Mcknight
    Sydney Mcknight

    her little northface so cute

  • Sydney Mcknight
    Sydney Mcknight

    You and your family are awesome people

  • Sydney Mcknight
    Sydney Mcknight

    LOL " somebody going through that fence" 😭

  • Van Reynolds
    Van Reynolds

    I bought your murch love the vids.

  • Christian Redmond
    Christian Redmond

    Been wathcing since the videos he made in aruba 🇦🇼

  • Felix Jaramillo
    Felix Jaramillo


  • Kristi Alikhani
    Kristi Alikhani

    Sorry for your dog

  • SS Bonus
    SS Bonus

    petition for smile more winter jackets/coats

  • Loflli

    Please do a house tour for every1, like if you people out in the world agree

  • Mitch

    Damn i wish i could vlog this well

  • Veikra

    The first video before this one Roman is Back to the family a week prior

  • Kara M
    Kara M

    Omg Pez, that was my childhood

  • Adam Tuck
    Adam Tuck

    love your videos

  • crystal lescott
    crystal lescott

    Hi roman I love your vids u inspire me to be positive everyday even when im sad I watch your videos and u make me feel like im part of your family dont forget to SMILE MORE.

  • xd GoDzPvP_Storm X-Forces
    xd GoDzPvP_Storm X-Forces

    Noah is a scammer he scammed me for a Fortnite account

  • Kermyt Padilla
    Kermyt Padilla

    Puts window down “ that’s my defrost “ 😭

  • Courtney George
    Courtney George


  • Jaydenn Hicks
    Jaydenn Hicks

    I wish I had the time to watch your videos right away like I use to. I still squeeze time in but not like I use to.

  • The Dust Slingers
    The Dust Slingers

    get gokarts and do that

  • Ashley Brown
    Ashley Brown

    Love these videos

  • Nerbs

    Roman: lets give Hazardous candy to a 2 year old

  • Christopher Alexander
    Christopher Alexander


  • Jenny The Fam
    Jenny The Fam

    I absolutely wanna be like yall when i grow up.... Im 36 and i have 2 channels im working on! I want them to be like yalls .... So much fun!

  • No Name
    No Name

    haha i wonder what flash wash thinking when they were doing the fruit rollup challenge


    "Its local beef baby"

  • Joe Davidson
    Joe Davidson


  • Tylpical Gamer23
    Tylpical Gamer23

    If you want to make a floor really soapy you should put hand soap in the dishwasher and it make lots of bubbles

  • Alex suedhof vlogs
    Alex suedhof vlogs

    I have been watching for five years

  • Urban Trials
    Urban Trials

    8:30 your welcome

  • Bryson Wantland
    Bryson Wantland

    8:36 GTA but in real life

  • C S
    C S

    If you had a consistent schedule more people would watch right away

    • Metal Puppet
      Metal Puppet

      No. Consistency doesnt mean shit when you make great content that you enjoy making. He cant sustain a set schedule with all his offline responsibilities and if he tried the content would suck and he would burn out really quickly. Which would result in even lower views and his mental health would take a massive hit.

  • Top Shagger
    Top Shagger

    8:35 thank me later

  • Demon Slayer
    Demon Slayer

    Roman is your do you have Polish in your blood? Is your dad Polish ?


    the comedy

  • Stetson Price
    Stetson Price

    Your asome

  • Anthony Barbuto's vids
    Anthony Barbuto's vids

    That golf cart needs a lift kit

  • kashking _
    kashking _

    Lucky already getting snow

  • Marrion Edwards
    Marrion Edwards

    I like your video