SCIENCE CLASS #2- Does Farting Make You Weigh Less?
Mark Rober
This is a juicy one. 70% people get this one wrong. I stream science LIVE M-W-F 1pm PT.

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    I stream science LIVE M-W-F at 1pm PT. Thanks for being here!

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    Why didn't the aluminium foil float back up when it sunk?

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    he is possibly the coolest most fun teacher out their

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    Answering the important questions I see

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    When he talks about the "tug of war"between forces, I feel its important to point out that on the way up the buoyancy force is winning but when floating at the top buoyancy and gravity are tied.

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    Didn't make it to be a highschool physics teacher... ...but then teach physics worldwide. Thanks to the internet.

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    Jess Vriesema

    College-level physics teacher here with a few thoughts: 1) a more standard definition of weight is mass times gravity. If you fart, you lose mass, and therefore you lose weight-full stop. Buoyancy is a secondary effect. I wouldn't lose weight by tying a helium balloon to me. The problem here is that scales measure a force applied to them, which may or may not be a person's full weight. What the scale measures is weight minus the buoyancy force. 2) Farts would be compressed and under pressure inside the human body - which is why they come out! Because of this, the gas's density is slightly greater than if it weren't inside a body and under pressure. This means that the buoyancy effect described isn't quite as big as if the gas were not under pressure. (This probably wouldn't be a big enough effect to make a difference, overall.) 3) Suppose you fart and you lose 100 mL == 100 cubic centimeters of gas that is less dense than the surrounding air. With a mass density of 1.06ish kg/m^3, that's about 1e-4 or 1/10000th of a kg, or 0.1 grams of gas, or 0.003 oz. So, it's a *very* small effect, whatever the effect may be. 4) In addition to losing gasses, you expel a small amount of smelly solids (eww!) when you fart due in part to sputtering. I don't know the mass of the solids ejected in an average fart, but if it's more than (airDensity-fartDensity)*fartVolume == (1.225 kg/m^3 - 1.1 kg/m^3) * (100 cm^3) == (0.125 kg/m^3) * (1/10000 m^3) == 1/80000 kg == 1/80 g == 0.00044 oz, then you lose more weight due to ejecting solids than you "gain" by buoyancy - according to Mark's argument (see my point #1 about that!).

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    Animous Gameplay

    How to make something neutrally buoyant: Get camera Get any object Picture the object Since it is not moving the forces are the same and u have a neutrally buoyant object to water. Or just change the density of the water

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  • Damian Amerman-Smith
    Damian Amerman-Smith

    I disagree. While yes, farting would lead to the force of gravity on you be felt a little more, that isn't the question. The question is how farting affects weight, or mass times the acceleration of gravity. This means that, as farting lowers your overall mass, farting makes your weight less.

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    I'd argue that the Hydrogen Sulphide, or the eggy, sulphurus smell that you sometimes get in farts, is heavier than air, the ones that feel like something trickled down your leg after farting. So as before when I initially contemplated the question, it will depend on the exact composition of your farts. There may be a net gain or a net loss, or they may cancel each other out. Apparently not all people produce methane in their compositional fart makeup, hence not all farts can be lit.

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    Why is gravity the same at the North Pole and the equator? Shouldn’t it be less at the pole?

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    I have a question-if we fart in space, lets say during a space walk, will we be propelled or will the gas just expand in the vacuum of space?

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    Real science is talking about how much material is ejected in each fart. Also there is heavier gases as well. How else do they linger FOR SO long. A classic rock band in the 90s made a song about lingering farts or men. Same thing OFC. Blueberries IIRC, JK (CRANBERRIES) I need more science and the weight of each fart.

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    One time we (my class) did a float or sink thing

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    Im still not convinced if you fart your mass decreases so your weight decreases so you "weigh less" , but on a scale ,because your buoyancy is less, you appear to have a higher weight but you don't, you just have less buoyancy

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    What happens when its the same density as water??

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    You were right!!! That balloon and tennis ball comparison was amazing and easy to understand. Thank you for all your videos. They are so fun and educational. And mostly fun. And sadly I got the answer wrong.

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    False, even ballons have weigh

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    So, the question is: Does farting make you weigh less? Well, lets start by talking about why stuff float!

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    Man, I found this channel a bit too late, your classes are over!! **sad** So, to answer the question, there are several variables in play. What if you are in a vacuum chamber? farting will make you weigh less!!! You forgot to take into account one variable: external density. if you are inside a blimp, full of helium (or hydrogen), farting will make you lighter.

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    But what pressure are farts kept at within the body and how much volume change is associated with that pressure.

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    The reason a lot of people got the wrong answer was because they’re confused between weight and MASS. Yes, if you fart, your mass will go down. But weight and mass, while in most cases act the same way, are actually different things. Weight is just the force of the ground pushing up into you, so if you go to the moon, your mass will be the same, but you’ll weight less cuz there’s less G on the moon, meaning the moon only push you back at a smaller force. While mass represent how hard it is to move you, so if you have an extra pocket of fart in your body, that’s gonna take extra effort to move you.

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    just because you're less dense, it doesn't mean you're heavier?

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