Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - First Look Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019
The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for Nintendo Switch!
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  • ToastyIsBaked

    I hope they double down on the ghibli vibes

  • Saucyboybeto _
    Saucyboybeto _

    Ganon played sekiro

  • Merp-da Derp
    Merp-da Derp

    Ganondorf has returned to take his horse back from Link

  • MythicalSalmon

    "Help us please" "Please find our bodies"

  • Kevin Clapson
    Kevin Clapson

    Whelp, may be time to buy my 3rd Switch.

  • Nick HS
    Nick HS

    I smell Midna here...

  • Horacio Ulloa
    Horacio Ulloa

    I hope this game will have an atmosphere like majoras mask

  • Otaco

    Ganon whipped out the yesn't card on lonk while driving his grandma to Borger Kong while eating fried pickles covered in peanut butter part 2

  • Bryan Andrade
    Bryan Andrade

    In Zeldas diary in BOTW it talks about the existence of 5 columns under Hyrule Castle were more Guardians were kept. It also said that no matter how deep they dug they couldn't get to them, it could mean its talking about Lorule.. What if the Guardians weren't made for just Ganon??

  • Syrus 638
    Syrus 638

    man I hope the minish are in this Sucks they got cut out of botw

  • i pee on kids because
    i pee on kids because

    children’s hospitals: *exists* Link: I m g o n n a d o w h a t s c a l l e d a p r o - g a m e r move

  • Azael Rodrigues
    Azael Rodrigues

    No se si sea un nuevo juego o un modo comprado

  • LiamStudios

    ganon: oww you killed m- link: YES ganon: YES link: HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE, ITS A FOURTY TWO (PERCENT DEAD)

  • Mahoney 87
    Mahoney 87

    **LOUD CRACK** chiropractic adjustment for a demon king!! ASMR relaxing

  • Super Tuna Fish
    Super Tuna Fish

    Link: Finally, Ganon has been destroyed for good. Ganon: *Observe*

  • Evan Gram
    Evan Gram

    I really wished they implemented a area where after you defeated ganon in the first botw the castle would have went back to normal and you could vist mpc zelda with some dialogue or text from her, the game would have felt more complete that way

  • Bobby Martinez
    Bobby Martinez

    But can we play as Zelda

  • Jade! Dragon!343
    Jade! Dragon!343


  • Ra awesome
    Ra awesome

    Ganon: I am Inevitable. Link: And I am the Hero Zelda: You can rest now

  • kookie with a cup of tae with suga on top
    kookie with a cup of tae with suga on top

    You want a new Majora's Mask game? You want a new Twilight Princess game? *claps hands* BAM! YOU'VE GOT BOTW 2

  • 100 subs with no vids??
    100 subs with no vids??

    Legend of zelda, breath of the uno reverse card

  • DJSKirby64

    Link: I won! I defeated Gannon! Gannon: Yes..yes you did Link: Wait what..?

  • send help
    send help

    pls let us explore everything not destroyed thxs

  • Eduardo Basto
    Eduardo Basto

    I'd also be pretty mad about having been held down for ages by the toilet paper ghost hand dude...

  • 2005zhane

    Nice to see that the infamous 'toilet hand' is finally being treated better, after all of these years.

  • The Rejected Potato
    The Rejected Potato

    So Ganon's back, and I think the shrine of resurrection is dead. Yay.

  • Zusel Avacha
    Zusel Avacha

    I want the stupid game to come out now!!!!>:(

  • 1 Destro
    1 Destro

    Link: I finally killed Ganon Zelda developers: No, I don’t think you did

  • Tsuyu Asui
    Tsuyu Asui

    I really really really hope this is 2 player.

  • John-Paul Simpson
    John-Paul Simpson

    Nintendo: We have too many DLC for Breath of The Wild, what shall we do? Employee: Make a sequel!!

  • Lost Brudda
    Lost Brudda

    0:50 OH shoooot here we go again

  • azariahrules23

    Didn’t Ganon put a curse on Link and/or Zelda to the point where he is always reincarnated?

  • Nick

    Its just the game over theme reversed Nintendo

  • M R
    M R

    After Link spent all of 30 minutes speedrunning the last game, now he's gotta do it again!? Phew.

  • Mason Meaders
    Mason Meaders

    Zelda fans: gosh, majoras mask was pretty dark; definitely the creepiest Nintendo: Watch and learn

  • Mason Meaders
    Mason Meaders

    Link: Yay we finally killed Ganon Zelda: Yep we did *goes camping* Ganon: Hey fellas

  • Juan Palacios
    Juan Palacios

    Link: finally Ganon is dead Ganon: well yes, but actually no

  • Tony Queen
    Tony Queen

    This game will be out next year... That's why breath of the wild was delayed so much.

  • Anna Amsing
    Anna Amsing

    When blood moon rises after you’ve killed Ganon

  • Reasonable Gump
    Reasonable Gump

    Everyone using the yes memes and others can't even get it right. That is GanonDORF, not Ganon. That's very clear due to this humanoid body. Otherwise they would have just showed us a giant pig skeleton.

  • CorgiWithAnOrgy

    So what? No Smash?

  • Doinksterz

    This game will probably be so good maybe it’ll get a sequel.

  • Mel Tya
    Mel Tya

    Link : I defeated Ganon for 100 years ^.^/ ! Ganondorf : RE Demise : SUPRISE MOTHERFUCKA !

  • YehaaMedia

    I now dud this game as Legend of Zelda The Death of the Wild

  • Godzilla Gamer
    Godzilla Gamer

    This ganon kind of looks like the Ganon from Hyrule Warriors is there something going on here

  • connor jensen
    connor jensen

    I am so happy they kept the game engine and world and just focused on bringing a better story and more powers

  • Muffin Falcon
    Muffin Falcon

    Getting Song of Unhealing vibes from this creepy music

  • L Bernardo
    L Bernardo

    Es solo un dlc que lo venderán como un nuevo juego :@

  • Zakeeros

    Soo, there's still a little bit of Ganon essence in his mortal/Ganondorf corpse...

  • mr hamster da hamster
    mr hamster da hamster

    So botw 2 is a horror is what i got from that ganon

  • Alec Rathermel
    Alec Rathermel

    Nintendo, if you’re reading, if your gonna make Breath of the Wild 2 better, there’s one thing and one thing I want, no more broken weapons. I want weapons that are unbreakable. Except sticks.

  • BlitzCraftet

    0:50 nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nopenope nope nope nope nope nopenope nope nope nope nope nopenope nope nope nope nope nopenope nope nope nope nope nopenope nope nope nope nope nopenope nope nope nope nope nopenope nope nope nope nope nopenope nope nope NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE

  • Timmmie DC
    Timmmie DC

    Link: Yes! We killed Ganon! Nintendo: Hi! Have you met Ganondorf?

  • AKe

    Just stop.

  • Viniciuskita

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Season 2

  • Carl wheezer
    Carl wheezer

    Maybe it's a old king?

  • shadowbot 50000
    shadowbot 50000

    Castle is divine beast maybe

  • Mooncubus

    I can't be the only one thinking this implies Zelda is playable, and possibly co op

  • David Newbon
    David Newbon

    Rating Pending, hmmmm. Will it be T for Teen, because it will be the scariest game in the series. Or will it be Pegi 12?

  • Kelly Joe
    Kelly Joe

    I was not around when breath of the wild 1 came out but I just finished the dlc pack 1 and 2 but let's just hope it won't will take 4 years again.

  • Eternal Nyx
    Eternal Nyx

    Fans: Why didn’t we get a Breath of the Wild Ganondorf? Nintendo: 0:40 Fans: Excuse you, that is not what we meant

  • Nyxan

    Man I'm glad I'm no parent having to explain my kid why we are definitely not buying them the new zelda game.

  • Super Théo Games
    Super Théo Games

    Link:.......... Zelda:Whats wrong?!? Link:ah.... Zelda:WHATS WRONG?!?!?! Link:Ganondorf returned... Zelda:I Hear right? Link:yes. hes in the ? (Maybe shrine of BACK ALIVE FOR 100 YEARS) Zelda: Starts playing botw1 BUT GANON IS DEAD! In BotW1! Link: im and you IN BOTW2 NOT 1! Ganodorf:Red eyes activated. Link and Zelda: What?!? you Died in ocarina of time, in Twilight princess, in WIND WAKER AND.... B-O-T-W 1 and not botw 2. Zelda and link: you not die. Simply

  • Cole Cardwell
    Cole Cardwell

    0:49 How it feels to chew 5 gum

  • MightyWarrior300

    Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Darkness

  • Josh Olvera
    Josh Olvera

    Looks good so far really interesting

  • GuideBeauté Jeu
    GuideBeauté Jeu

    This comment section is one of the best I've seen in a while 😂

  • Awesome Guy
    Awesome Guy


  • Revali4Ever Rito
    Revali4Ever Rito

    Link: I’ve finally beaten Calamity Ganon. Zelda: Thank you, Link. Ganon: Guess who’s back? The real Ganon. Bwahahahahaha! Link and Zelda: ...............................!?

  • Jasen LAAG
    Jasen LAAG


  • Aaliah Leyva
    Aaliah Leyva

    This most likely won't be on the wii and that's what I played botw on I'm dissapointed :,

  • YN4GM

    looks more like resident evil : breath of the wild

  • Neal Goris
    Neal Goris

    It seems like they used technology to keep people alive, particularly for the monks so they could pass on knowledge to the hero or royal members. But what if they used it on Ganondorf after TP so that way he would never die, but always be subdued. You can't reincarnate what hasn't died.....

  • Goat fan 37
    Goat fan 37

    So we are playing as Zelda this time right? I mean she got the redesign and is 75% of the focus of the trailer.

    • Pottercraft 824
      Pottercraft 824

      Goat fan 37 maybe you might be able to play as both or maybe like a multiplayer thing

  • Ashe •
    Ashe •

    So many theories and analysis discussions spawned from a trailer that’s only 1 minute and 27 seconds long. That’s amazing.

  • Nathan White
    Nathan White

    yay we only have a to wait three more years

    • Pottercraft 824
      Pottercraft 824

      Nathan White 😂

  • Aperture Testers
    Aperture Testers

    Breath of the Wild Sequel trailer: *Exists People with Epilepsy: *My time has come*

  • Tamaki Amajiki
    Tamaki Amajiki


  • Jarno van Haarlem
    Jarno van Haarlem

    Perhaps it was already noticed, but I believe from 0:40 to 0:49 you can slightly hear Ganondorf's classic organ melody, in a faster ritm.

  • LukeW

    Is anyone going to admire on how creepy this music is?

  • Ian Duncan
    Ian Duncan

    if you look closely at the body there seems to be fangs maybe a vampire.

  • Noah

    Wig? Snatched Hyrule? In peril Hotel? Trivago

  • WarriorLink 1056
    WarriorLink 1056

    Im straight up not having a good time

  • Cristobal Leal Aguirre
    Cristobal Leal Aguirre

    Y el lanzamiento!?

  • Eric Kalem
    Eric Kalem

    I thought that was Demise for a bit

  • H20 Water
    H20 Water

    Here’s an idea for Nintendo, if you were to add darknuts to the game as maybe a harder enemy maybe they could block a regular attack by guarding to the side but this guard could be bypassed by a jump attack because it hits vertically or by perhaps a spear because they poke and stuff, just a recommendation to spice things up when fighting enemies

  • Aldi Djojo
    Aldi Djojo

    This comment section is one of the best I've seen in a while 😂

  • jk822822

    Not gonna lie I got scared the first time I watched this I got scared at 0:47

  • Delta

    When the 1:27 trailer for the sequel to the game already shows more of a story than the whole game before it.

  • Dorugoramon 0
    Dorugoramon 0

    Plot twist: ganondorf is actually the protagonist of this game and zelda was evil all along.

  • ZeroStarOcean


  • Michael

    Link:Finally, hyrule is now save,thanks to me! Ganondorf: *Im AbOuT tO eNd tHis MaNs wHoLe CaRRieR*

  • Holiwis Mackenzie
    Holiwis Mackenzie

    No estará disponible para WiiU?? :(

  • Koko Ya
    Koko Ya

    Itd be cool if the player could go to the unused mountain area on the top of the map

  • Warriorslover

    Me listening to botw music on my iPad: let’s look in the comments person: I came here after I heard of the release of BOTW2 Me looks it up: cry’s*

  • CarsensMask

    Ok so I gotta say looks great so far and here are my few hopes for the game. 1. ACTUAL DUNGEONS ok so I liked the shrines there were to many but I liked them the divine beasts were my problem none of them were poorly designed but none of them were very fun or very long. 2. Bosses ok so breath of the wild has some very weak boss battles so for boss fights take more inspiration from older titles just like with dungeons that’s one thing older games got way better. Oh also keep the overworld bosses like lynels and hynoxes maybe even add a few more because those are great. 3. Enemies so the combat in the game is great but what’s the point of it if every few enemies are the same after like 3 hours into the game you’ve seen all the basic enemies WHY in older games there was so much enemy varieties so give us more variety of enemies 4. Items so I liked the Shula skate tunes and I feel like hey might come back but imagine if with the amazing combat system we got in breath of the wild there were items we could use for both dungeons and for fights. Like imagine the hook shot maybe it could be used for both dungeons and bring enemies closer to you/ hitting them from far away just not as far as arrows 5. The story needs to be better. Ok well that’s the only one I can guarantee is happening just from this trailer alone Sorry if this was hard to read

  • michelleevelynt


  • Kokoro’s Best Girl
    Kokoro’s Best Girl

    Does this mean we get to play as zelda

  • Ouplays 25
    Ouplays 25

    When is the estimated Releace date for this game? Oh boy am I hyped

  • Bionic Freak
    Bionic Freak

    PLEASE make this one 2-player Co-op both online and of course local. The last Zelda game was amazing and that's putting it shortly, but the only thing that I felt was missing was at the end when you rescue Zelda I think we should have 1: Gotten to save our game AFTER we "Kill" Ganon, and 2: Have a 2nd player get to free-roam with you as Princess Zelda. I understand adding an extra player could complicate things, but I think it's worth a shot. After all these years you guys are FINALLY going in a different and truly magnificent direction, adding multiplayer into the mix could very well be the next nudge to get the whole world playing Zelda!