She Stole My Boyfriend
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  • Lili Qiu
    Lili Qiu

    “My friend is Christine” Me: My name is Christine...not Lili Qiu

  • Itz_Pheonix Gacha
    Itz_Pheonix Gacha

    This is like maleficent mistress of evil ;-; But she didint steal the kid ;-;

  • Family Guy
    Family Guy

    Bruh if I was a girl a wood get out the car and pull her hair and start punching her and call her a stupid B#@$& not go in the bathroom and eat ice cream

  • Rebecca Diaz
    Rebecca Diaz

    I'm really sorry for you but you no you can find a dating app

  • Abdulwahab Al Terkeet
    Abdulwahab Al Terkeet

    Better stay single

  • Glendi Brunes
    Glendi Brunes



    Crazy person why u don't take pic and send in instragram and say people that my besti and my boyfriend r cheating on me behind my back-,-

  • Somtogamerplayz

    Her bf: cheats on him. Her: the what

  • Wild Dogs
    Wild Dogs

    I may be 9 and I may not want a boyfriend but there is one thing I do kick him out your apartment and fine a new boyfriend and if he wants to get back together say no

  • Kittens play
    Kittens play

    Lol that was cringy

  • Zacky 326
    Zacky 326

    Where do even get these bullshit stories???

  • Quinterra Stubblefield
    Quinterra Stubblefield

    3:02 why are your friends blue

  • Alo 5478
    Alo 5478

    I don’t like the end I would of liked her beating the heck out of her friend😒

  • Jen Ro
    Jen Ro

    I like how you handled that

  • thelengendofgamingtristin Powless
    thelengendofgamingtristin Powless

    What a cheater 😡😠

  • Jaeliana Chenault
    Jaeliana Chenault


  • De'Andre Whitley
    De'Andre Whitley

    How many times Colten left . . . .

  • ALT 4R
    ALT 4R

    Part 2 plz

  • Simon Gebreyesus
    Simon Gebreyesus


  • satmtcak

    Before you leave be sure to slap him across the face and tell him you know everything and that he’s an asshole while she’s a bitch and I hope they’re happy together

  • Alex Poe
    Alex Poe

    Let go your bf. He is a total douche

  • ItzPink Unicorn_PlayzRoblox
    ItzPink Unicorn_PlayzRoblox

    Umm I do not want to be rude but none of your business so leave him alone please ok it is over between you and he soo ya and I actually like your story

  • Queenie Eleanor Flores
    Queenie Eleanor Flores

    2:08 like this if you know where this is from P.s its a cartoon

  • Mielan

    She a freak

  • Kraxy Kam
    Kraxy Kam

    Loved what she said at the ending

  • Jynx

    I'm hoping she'll find her righteous partner and will last long forever

  • Super birds 1
    Super birds 1

    Your best friend is not even your friend

  • Jerred Moschetta
    Jerred Moschetta

    It good you didn't that

  • anon ymous
    anon ymous

    An. Every on. Sub to squeaky clapz On yt

  • Planet Devin
    Planet Devin

    Why do you care he broke up with you and you decided to be a stalker No wonder he broke up with you

  • Shadow Fox
    Shadow Fox

    Gurl get a better boyfriend and a better Best friend and don’t care about them they are not important in your life I would get u mother over there and smack with the flip flop and I bet u

  • De Villiers Marietjie
    De Villiers Marietjie

    That bot ses bolset

  • Rat Boy
    Rat Boy

    Geez this girl doesn't seem to know personal space and privacy.

  • unicorn galaxy
    unicorn galaxy

    March 11 is my birthday! 😊😁

  • annilah alexis
    annilah alexis

    i mean he said FAMILY duhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Annagamerplays roblox
    Annagamerplays roblox

    Bruh babs stopppp

  • dark shadow
    dark shadow

    Correction 'She stole your Ex-boyfriend

  • Betzaida Kano
    Betzaida Kano


  • NinaBaby

    "My ex moved on!" Kim, there are people dying.

  • House of El
    House of El

    Yeah! Stalking is a sign of......😵.

  • Meenakshi Singh
    Meenakshi Singh

    By seeing the title she stole my boyfriend I feel like why you are blaming that girl who stole your boyfriend you should abuse your boyfriend for not being loyal to you and he is greedy as well and you should be happy that you are free from him. If this happens to you after marriage then it would be more painful and your boyfriend was not mature next time just test the IQ level of the person whom you want to befriend with

  • •Crexmy Lemonx•
    •Crexmy Lemonx•

    girls always have the best minds

  • Patty mayo branch
    Patty mayo branch

    Get yddgsywyud these. Nuts taste my balls

  • Patty mayo branch
    Patty mayo branch

    Shes hoter


    Steal her man steal her man

  • Gachafawwaz 6512
    Gachafawwaz 6512

    Wait 2 parents 1 kid? It can be her parents and he

  • gaming deer
    gaming deer

    Thegirl with black hair is hotter

  • Wilted Rose
    Wilted Rose

    I feel you. My ex-best friend is dating my ex-boyfriend. They even hooked up when I was still with him.

    • Malaysian Ball
      Malaysian Ball

      That's messed up. I feel sorry for you

  • Malachi Maloney
    Malachi Maloney

    Ummm that’s not stealing bf bc you guys broke up

  • Molly Miller
    Molly Miller

    Instead of letting go you need to tell both your ex and your ex best friend that they deserve to be miserable because they ruined your life

  • Brittania Garcia
    Brittania Garcia

    Dangggg this girl can let go a lot better than me- ;o

  • • Solarix Star •
    • Solarix Star •

    Police-watches this video then contacts creator- -still police- “I would like to have this persons email.” Btw why do people think what they did in real life is okay to say on the freaking internet ya like police don’t have lives either

  • • Solarix Star •
    • Solarix Star •

    Her- “If i can’t him happy then im glad if someone else can.” Him-finds someone- Her-wants him then stalks him-

  • iiCloudy

    Lmao ever time i watch one of these video’s it’s always the same VOICE -.- sooooo ik this

  • Kartik Goyal
    Kartik Goyal

    One thing I noticed is that compared to my country INDIA, you people are so independent, less like a family

  • Julia C.N.
    Julia C.N.

    2:08 lol is that *Ricardio* ?

  • Ikenna Olugu
    Ikenna Olugu

    0:23 they're eating a sandwich....... with a fork???🤨🤨

  • ivanna lee
    ivanna lee

    U deserve better than that IDIOTIC AND BETRAYING EX-BF he is such a STUPID BRAT, AND SO IS UR STUPID BFF

  • Colton Balthazor
    Colton Balthazor

    My name is colton

  • hannah lopez
    hannah lopez

    So that's why she saud no fore you to come over?

  • Little_Miss_Loona HH
    Little_Miss_Loona HH

    The heart looks like from adventure time

  • Leilaaragon Dennis98
    Leilaaragon Dennis98

    Awwwwww I love this

  • Shxn_txiya

    Gurl. R U GOOD

  • umm_abed !
    umm_abed !

    If that guy fallen out of love with her why don't he just move on with Christine.And why is he still living in the same appartment with her WTF

  • Azu Weipra
    Azu Weipra

    What the freck r videos for

  • Jennifer Salinas
    Jennifer Salinas

    cry like a little baby

  • Jennifer Salinas
    Jennifer Salinas

    you guys are not a cute gf and bf are a fucking dumb😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Jennifer Salinas
    Jennifer Salinas

    is this really true

  • A google user M
    A google user M

    Cultan is a jerk!

  • Stella Luna Shine
    Stella Luna Shine

    Poor girl and yes girl your right time to let go don’t worry hang out with someone who treats you right poor girl 😭