Sheck Wes - Mindfucker (Official Audio)
Sheck Wes
Mudboy out now:
#SheckWes #Mudboy

  • mnv mnv
    mnv mnv

    lo unico malo es q termina :(

  • Cortezseay

    Aye ...Tennessee on it kid ☄☄☄☄☄

  • Maalla A
    Maalla A

    whoever prod this should get a tag at least

  • Matías Parra
    Matías Parra

    that hitt mann

  • ASAPthegoat

    Scary ass beat

  • Μιχαλης Χρηστου
    Μιχαλης Χρηστου


  • Andres Narez
    Andres Narez

    Jam dumpz hard Bass !

  • Blaine Hunter
    Blaine Hunter

    I listen to so much punk rock that I can’t hear him is he singing I really don’t know.

  • Rohan Gandhi
    Rohan Gandhi

    Yo play this in 1.25!!!!!

  • Matías Parra
    Matías Parra


  • نريمان الاعرجي
    نريمان الاعرجي

    من القافلة 🔫🌚😂💓⁦🇮🇶⁩

  • cjefferson3

    Mindhunter's theme is hopefully the inspiration for this.


    1:05 me under my breath when my mum sends me to my room 😢

  • Up Above
    Up Above

    I pray and say ameen

  • Luis Fierro
    Luis Fierro

    Black hand eme grande Super

  • Mer iem
    Mer iem

    These beats mess with ma head real good 🖤

  • Işık Çizdirme
    Işık Çizdirme

    süfyaninin 40 civarları hahamları uğur rock koy oyunları

  • l!l tr!nity
    l!l tr!nity

    yo the intro

  • Işık Çizdirme
    Işık Çizdirme

    abdullah abdullah abdullah abdullah abdullah , mehmetçik mehmetçk mehmetçik mehmetçik mehmetçik, İslami İslami İslami İslami İslami probably, i guess we are in times og equal to big antichrists time(40 days, 1st day like a year ended a day like a month started couple of days ago, left a day like a week, others usual days(30 around?) salat(namaz(praying)) is the best in fitne(karışıklık(chaos)) times abdullah abdulla(), mehmetçik mehmet(), İslami İslam()

  • RoyieBro

    Waiting for the ACTUAL lyrics? 1:22

    • RoyieBro

      This was for impatient people looks like you are not impatient cause patience us a virtue

  • T h a H e a t
    T h a H e a t

    Sheck wes is like a Majin ugly God 🐉

  • Kyng Emii
    Kyng Emii

    This nigga gat the dopiest beats

  • Rakshay Jain
    Rakshay Jain

    The rap part was fire but no one wants to hear 1 and a half minute of just beat

  • Sweatshirt Earl
    Sweatshirt Earl

    Showed this song to my recently painted wall. It was dry before he started rapping

  • dbzwwe56

    Cant believe you fucks are complaining about this fire beat being played for too long. You're the same people that say a song is good but its too short.. fuck you people.

  • Pedro Covas
    Pedro Covas

    Those motherfuckers who listen this banger during coronavirus season are completly imune! Period.

  • Jerald Rejoice
    Jerald Rejoice

    I already told y'all I aint the police. So it aimt the one who should be running homes. Also yes white boy with the brown eyes is aka Bobby. REAL NAME JOHN J Ancel. And yes I have a short patience span for stupidity and games. Liz and money is what I need right now. By my bday june 8th. Thank u.

  • Jerald Rejoice
    Jerald Rejoice

    I aint chya pet dog

  • Jerald Rejoice
    Jerald Rejoice

    Nigga we is just bps. Not everything. Everything aint gone. Y'all told us free smoke. Imma need her. N my money. Nigga. Get educated. If y'all really want some beef Oui can do that.

  • Jerald Rejoice
    Jerald Rejoice

    Babylon is FALLING

  • Jerald Rejoice
    Jerald Rejoice

    Nigga are u this stoopid?

  • Jerald Rejoice
    Jerald Rejoice

    Now your rise store from your book taking my money for what I was told would be free. N u hide her from me?

  • Jerald Rejoice
    Jerald Rejoice

    Still owe me my 2017 federal tax return.

  • Jerald Rejoice
    Jerald Rejoice

    Take the woman I love. Then fuck with my money. Nigga u dum.

  • Jerald Rejoice
    Jerald Rejoice

    I meam we wanna play the nigga game. Dont play with my money lil bitch

  • jarod pietersen
    jarod pietersen

    Sheck Wes Humming > Kid Cudi humming.

  • This ISN’T Josiah
    This ISN’T Josiah

    1:07 “I’m almost dead but I mean”

  • Angryboy

    nahh he just gives us space to freestyle to

    • HNLB_ 1800
      HNLB_ 1800

      Real shit💯🔥


    Sooo fyeee

  • Craig Jefferson
    Craig Jefferson

    Mud boyyyyyyyy

  • Armin Hosseini
    Armin Hosseini

    Smoke weed And just listen

  • Liam O'Rourke
    Liam O'Rourke

    The best so long but when they done he goes hard

  • This ISN’T Josiah
    This ISN’T Josiah

    Digital Nas producer tag is crazy

  • Jillian Garrett
    Jillian Garrett

    Sometimes I pretend I am a crumb in my own kitchen

  • Emperor Boda
    Emperor Boda


  • Mehdilicious

    Lyrics: Bitch I mean, I mean, um I just A lot of mothafuckas don't even understand this The only ones who understand it is real mothafuckas Fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa Bitch, bitch, bitch Yeah, yeah, yeah Sheck Wes, me, mothafucka I fuckin' I ain't even go home I don't really, don't be at home, it's dead body (Mudboy!) I mean I definitely want some sounds gonna fuck niggas up You mothafuckin' doin' it by, you know in situations and what's happenin' You feel me? That nigga Bitch! Late night I'm prolly moving lowkey You think that I'm dolo, it's ten niggas with me (ho) Keep one to the hip, none of those magazines (bitch) Make niggas dip like Tom Hanks in movies (Run) I been feelin' lazy, smokin' too much O.G (G) Sheck Wes going through some things, I'm smokin' O.D (bitch) Now Sheck West in the V.I.P, last year runnin' from police If I made it here, then I'm the M.V.P (bitch! bitch! yeah!) I get higher than heaven, rock that B-A-P-E (yeah, yeah) These hoes say young Sheck Wes hotter than AZ N-I-K-Es all on my feet, fuck you, pay me That's what a nigga breathes (bitch) Can't shit faze me (bitch) You niggas watchin' me, I watch the throne like Jay-Z I still ain't take an L 'til a nigga spray me If you got some shit to say, then say that shit to me Listen to the kids, stop bein' hard-headed It get tragic where I live, Sheck Wes two times, I said it But these niggas ain't listen and shit I don't regret it 'Cause shit gotta happen for me to learn these lessons Put my thoughts in my pen and bullets in my weapon And I pray and say amen anytime a nigga stressin' But my mind my greatest weapon 'cause Fuck people with, nigga, it's your mothafuckin' mind You fuck everything but your mind, nigga You're a mothafuckin' mindfucker Mudboy, bitch!

  • TheShrimp2

    digital nas

  • Denzel Sterling Porter
    Denzel Sterling Porter

    He sound like PAC

  • amineee scott
    amineee scott

    This album is fucking flames 🔥🔥

  • VN

    Tuhotaa nää leimit Kaikki tietää i made it Voita tä kisa vaik en o tay k droppa vaa hiittii everyday meitsi o mestoil mayday Tykitän ku john mclane sä hukut ku sua päi tulee tää wave/ Sä oot sad ku tienaan vaa cash sä ja su jengis o vitu trash mä droppaa nii jengi o mad oot hukas ku sult puuttuu map/ Tuli vaa tänne räkii räpit raidaa su ohi ku cadilaci/ Ovelt kuulu klick klack ammu sut paskaks ku hitman/ yaah näil laineil sua päi spreijjaan meitsi leijuu ku oon nii leija/ Mu Tyyli ku sinko Hittaan licki niiku bingo sä meet rima Ali niiku limbo/ Oon tän skenen reksi slaidaan täs biitis ku jetskii ay ay/

  • amine suzumi
    amine suzumi

    Fan frm morocco... Big up bro.. Shit is dope

    • amineee scott
      amineee scott

      3chiri nta

  • Kar3c -
    Kar3c -


  • Kar3c -
    Kar3c -

    Beat-Mindfucker Ft Sheck Wes

  • The Adonis Dude
    The Adonis Dude

    That beat is the thing you will hear while being transported to the 4th dimension😰

  • Εαυγγελος Καφετζης
    Εαυγγελος Καφετζης

    Dislikes? Biiitchhh 🖕🏾

  • john trout
    john trout

    I dont think one song is hard there all hard

  • lankey on fire
    lankey on fire

    sounds like a trap version of one of the theme songs in merlin.

  • peepee

    Starts at 1:21

  • Red Bandana
    Red Bandana


  • Channel Channel
    Channel Channel

    Those hi hats are fucking nuts

  • Parsa Ameri
    Parsa Ameri

    1:08 When he said: MUDBOI🔥

  • ikia malvia
    ikia malvia

    i love this song

  • Undo Move
    Undo Move

    He really said fuck it, leave out the first verse

  • UrmomLikesMe 666
    UrmomLikesMe 666

    The beat is so sick

  • D. Wright
    D. Wright

    MindFucked Bitch👊🏼Survival Mode

  • john trout
    john trout

    This album has some nice bass

  • Sauce God Eli
    Sauce God Eli

    My ears

  • Salah Hadji
    Salah Hadji

    الدلاع راه غالي راك فاهم مالڨري مقود عايشين غاية راك فاهم

  • B. O
    B. O

    That beat is so mad

  • Minhtam Huynh
    Minhtam Huynh

    nó lại hay vcl