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  • Lloyd Siemens
    Lloyd Siemens



    44:54 “do you know what he’s talking about?”

  • Nikell Jj
    Nikell Jj

    i need to take a cold shower

  • Tai QT
    Tai QT

    I like how he's talking crazy but the moment Ethan or Hila starts talking, he stops and goes sorry

  • cojack135

    I think He is Just nervous

  • The More You Know
    The More You Know

    Gotta bring him in for an interview sometime

  • The More You Know
    The More You Know

    Love this man to death. Both ironically and literally the moral center of TR-my. Eeeither way, Love ya shoey

  • Daniel Albaz
    Daniel Albaz

    Nobody caught the fact he has cancer?

  • A_a_ron B
    A_a_ron B

    2:30 he was trying his new sketchers wheelies out Or maybe he liked the luggage sets . ...💩🤲fecal matters 2 you i guess

  • kalef1234

    That Popeyes segment in June 2020 OOF

  • Poodz Sherbert
    Poodz Sherbert

    53:06 😂

  • Mark Mauk
    Mark Mauk

    Shoenice might be insane...or he is an insanely smart and great actor. Both wouldnt surprise me.

  • Shortyz 5776
    Shortyz 5776

    Big cringe

  • peachykeen08

    Ethan looks so annoyed with him lmao

  • peachykeen08

    PICA- paid in cash always. Nah i seriously think Shownice has Pica though. nobody has a craving for goue and tissue paper without either mental illness or pica

  • RX K1NG
    RX K1NG

    This actually hurt to watch. I hope shoenice gets some help. Really saddening tbh

    • jp snyds
      jp snyds

      I agree the state hes in is kinda sad but some parts of this were fucking hilarious.

  • A. D.
    A. D.

    it's sad that people think it's okay to be make fun of his man, he clearly has isssues already.

  • Ramon Gomide
    Ramon Gomide

    this is a perfect man

  • SkateorDie666420

    It's echoey

  • Devin DeAnda
    Devin DeAnda

    Y'all, I'm no oncologist. How is no one talking about how he mentioned he has mesothelioma? Could this not have metastasized, as evident in how Shoe conducts himself? He did claim to have been a roofer, so the timeline of him having worked on houses that may have been built with asbestos makes perfect sense! Or, it could have just been a passing joke that I'm reading wayyy too far into, haha

  • Lucas Francesco
    Lucas Francesco

    At 1:15 it sounds like a woman whispers “hey are you ready”

  • john420

    35:45 skip to shoe ice

  • Mike

    what ethan says @ 1:32:49

  • a-little-screwy

    He reminds me so much of me being high, talking very qickly about all the stupid shit in my mind, with changing topic every 5 seconds.

  • YFS

    Best episode to date

  • SpungBoob circlepants
    SpungBoob circlepants

    This is a good vid 👍

  • Rock Chalk
    Rock Chalk

    The girl seems DRUGGED

  • King Dicko
    King Dicko

    Anyone who has an alcholic friend can relate to how difficult it was for Ethan to try and keep a coherent conversation

  • Paul Chung
    Paul Chung

    1:19:20 1:20:07

  • Space Hippo
    Space Hippo

    Yea... His kids are the losers....jesus christ this is so sad.

    • jp snyds
      jp snyds

      Some parts were funny as fuck

  • Santiago Dunbar
    Santiago Dunbar

    Me: Reads comments before watching Me after watching: What in the fuck did I just watch lmfao!?!

  • m a d i s y n _f
    m a d i s y n _f

    eiiiither way

  • Nick James
    Nick James

    Shoenice is a crippling alcoholic. I feel like, if Ethan was genuinely interested, this whole interview should have taken place in private, not on a podcast. I hope he's getting help. I just can't believe that such services would simply turn him away, as Shoenice claims, when helping addicts recover is what they do. Pray for Shoenice. :(

    • Nick James
      Nick James

      Replying to myself. Shoenice was in video chat on the most recent H3 podcast and said he was 30 days sober. Congrats and continued thoughts to Shoenice!

  • no name
    no name

    I also have a tick.... but I find Ethans really annoying

  • Colin Kaczor
    Colin Kaczor

    I just saw an Old Spice ad so they are back baby

  • Michael Trabucco
    Michael Trabucco

    This man has brain damage. Psychedelics can deteriate your mind if it isn't kept in moderation.

  • shamshe

    This is a very very sad episode. This man shoenice has some sad issues and needs help. Its very sad to see the show taking advantage of his pain. GET THIS MAN SOME HELP!!

  • blacklotus432

    epic podcast.

  • Raul Holliman
    Raul Holliman

    Seeing him so chaotic and odd, it's just kind of sad really. He seems like a nice guy

  • Mike kane
    Mike kane

    Ethan is just a modern day scamartist crackhead Jerry Springer

  • Mitch Lamping
    Mitch Lamping

    I was in rehab when this came out

  • Dillon Stidham
    Dillon Stidham

    Is he on meth and drunk. Or just babbling to avoid the real problems he's having. Whatever he still has funny moments and does shit nobody else would even think about doing. He seems all over the place with his stories.

  • Hanna Buckner
    Hanna Buckner

    I get the feeling like he is hiding some deep rooted pain. I think the combination of mental illness(es) and the trauma is what we see most of the time. He is good at deflecting and redirecting conversation when he doesn’t want to talk about a specific topic. I feel bad for him.

  • Cosma

    i like ethans sigma impression

  • Jennifer Tuna-Jungle
    Jennifer Tuna-Jungle

    Can you believe I actually married this creep?!?

  • None Ya
    None Ya

    55:55 😂😂😂yo this is so funny but so sad

  • Far Scope
    Far Scope

    Listening to shoenice is like trying to make sense of a corrupted file, or scratched disk.

  • Mad Dog Monsoon
    Mad Dog Monsoon

    6 months and STILL not to one million views yet. EPIC FAIL!!!

  • Balanced

    i feel like he’s slowly going more insane, if you look at him 7 years ago, he sounded a little more sane. it seems like he’s slowly putting on a show and trying to act funny, but really being depressed and insane.

  • Wyatt

    Shoenice is funnier then ethan

  • Ben Cunningham
    Ben Cunningham

    Exploiting clearly damaged and troubled ppl for views? Guess it's not just keem huh?

    • TheMcFletcher

      He tried to have real conversations with the dude, and shoe was just not allowing that to happen. It was live, and it went a completely unpredictable route. Should it not have been kept on the channel after? Arguably, but if you think its anyway comparable to the calculated shit keems done you must be missing a chunk of your brain.

    • Adrian Lorenzano
      Adrian Lorenzano

      Nice speculation

  • Lord Hinkie
    Lord Hinkie

    Ethan needs to get joeysworldtour on 🤣🤣

  • Hyper1RU

    I guess keemstar ain't the only one who abuses mentally ill people for their own personal gain.

  • Isaac Sizemore
    Isaac Sizemore

    damn i wish shoe wasn't totally annihilated during this interview......could have been a great one....still love ya shoe

  • Chris Watson
    Chris Watson

    Hila is loving the Shoe! Moist.....Without a doubt!

  • Young donkey Kong
    Young donkey Kong

    Coming down off acid rn lol

  • Young donkey Kong
    Young donkey Kong

    Love this show

  • heartofglass

    Brain damage?

  • Amanda Marie
    Amanda Marie

    I had to take a Xanax for all of them. My goodness!

  • dagggeN

    That congressman who farted can never be president. Trump:

  • William Halter
    William Halter

    Love you Hila, DM me hollor

  • William Halter
    William Halter

    She's sweet pure ❤️ mom mom

  • William Halter
    William Halter

    Hey Ethan 👋👋👋😊👋👋😊😊

  • Codie Fitz
    Codie Fitz

    Shoenice is from Albany/Troy, NY. I met the man and shook his hand at Walmart in Halfmoon, NY while he was filming like 9 years ago. He’s a King amongst Men. A God amongst Kong’s.

  • BubblesMate

    Props to whoever watched this whole thing without cringing once.

    • Gabriel Clarke
      Gabriel Clarke

      I was too busy either laughing my arse off, or attempting to understand what the fuck ShoeNice was talking about.

  • Justaboringpersonhere

    Shoenice seems like a nice person like but he crazyyyyy

  • TheKupaKeep420

    Ethan: "Do you think you sustained brain damage?" Shoe: "It doesnt take a rocket surgeon-" Me: "yes"

  • Great World
    Great World

    Can someone verify his army career

  • Great World
    Great World


  • Great World
    Great World

    More adds than Times Square