Siblings Give Each Other A Lie Detector Test
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Siblings React to giving each other a lie detector test. Watch to see
their reactions!
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Reactors Featured:
Brayden & Alyssa
Carson & Cody
Jair & Josiah
Michelle & Devin
Tori & Nico
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Siblings Give Each Other A Lie Detector Test

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    • Madison Jacobs
      Madison Jacobs

      Can yall please do one of these with couples? Seems like it would be very entertaining.

    • WølfBorn 2005
      WølfBorn 2005

      Do a friend one! Like or comment if you agree

    • Aige


    • marcos acosta
      marcos acosta

      Mr.Advance x a Am A Amjjjkak

    • potato Emily
      potato Emily


  • Holly A
    Holly A

    16 looks 7

  • Madison moon Turko
    Madison moon Turko

    There is no way he is sixteen he is at the most 22

    • Madison moon Turko
      Madison moon Turko


  • K C
    K C

    Brayden's sister, Alyssa is absolutely stunning 😍

  • Kenneth Nebula
    Kenneth Nebula

    Black girl looks alot like Tiffany haddish

  • FunniestMemes Forever
    FunniestMemes Forever

    By myself? 💀💀💀

  • Gokul Nair
    Gokul Nair

    Nico does NOT look a day older than 10 🤣

  • Noah Rowe???
    Noah Rowe???

    i had my first kiss when i was three

  • Landen Krizka
    Landen Krizka

    Wait I minute that kids 16 he be scurtin of the roads with by himself when he looks 10

  • Landen Krizka
    Landen Krizka

    Ok is it me or am I trippin he is not 16 he looks 9

  • Riley Kirchner
    Riley Kirchner

    Yo what I thought tori's little brother was like 9

  • i love raccoons
    i love raccoons

    I’m sorry “now that I’m 21 and he’s 16 we are getting a lot closer now” !?!?!?!!? HMMMMMMMMMM

  • BenjaMint

    I have really deep secrets that I don't want ANYONE to know. So this would be... *a nightmare* for me.

  • Gacha Girl 77
    Gacha Girl 77

    Can everyone stop saying that “Omg that kid is not 16” and “Omg he’s 11” LIKE ITS IN EVERY COMMENT WE GET IT STOP!!!!!!

  • Juliet Mann
    Juliet Mann

    u should do couples

  • R.J. Lupin
    R.J. Lupin

    Lie detector tests aren't really accurate, even though they've been used as evidence for way too long.

  • Robertus Indradjaja
    Robertus Indradjaja

    By myself or ...

  • Uno Reverse Card
    Uno Reverse Card

    asian sisters always the best sisters.

  • Strawberry gaming
    Strawberry gaming

    Why does he think that’s it’s so surprising that his brothers like 20 & he had his first kiss! WTH

  • weed bang
    weed bang

    This KID is NOT 16, HE LOOKS LIKE FREAKING 8 💀💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣 LOOK AT DIS DOOOD ☠️☠️💀💀💀💀😂😂

  • Travonicon

    Nico looks ten!! Wtf! After looking at the comments I know I'm not wrong.

  • Bella Acosta
    Bella Acosta

    Im sorry Tori's brother is 16? he looks 10 or younger tf 😂

  • the scardey cat
    the scardey cat

    I watched this for the third time

  • Angela !!
    Angela !!

    I love how I check out the accounts that comment about Nico‘s age and then they’re all like 12 really 10 but like do you probably just like Nico


    Love this video

  • brianna Williams
    brianna Williams

    I love how when Josiah asked about if Jair thinks she further ahead in life she goes “ I don’t think you want me to answer that” 😂😂😂

  • DeathSquad

    99.9 he is doesnt look sixteen he looks ten 0.1 Wow this video is funny

  • AJ Lindsey
    AJ Lindsey

    Hol up he is not 16

  • noobmaster69


  • Isaac Fraire
    Isaac Fraire

    Bro, he's not 16

  • AstheticAylah

    Ok is it just me or does toris “16” year old brother look 11

  • PaperMasters


  • PaperMasters


  • PaperMasters


  • Kaitlyn Barnes
    Kaitlyn Barnes

    he just - cannoooot be 16 years old - i won’t believe this 😭💀

  • Bangtan Potato
    Bangtan Potato

    Her twin brother is handsome.

  • Rahsaan Sanders
    Rahsaan Sanders

    When she said he was sixteen I was I like am I high cause he do not look like a sixteen year old 😂

  • JennHeartsYou92

    Why is he so surprised that his bro kissed someone

  • vivian liu
    vivian liu

    XD tori was so red when her bro asked the questions

  • Em Bahnsen
    Em Bahnsen

    Tori: I’m 21, he’s 16 Me: Hold up... WHAT. That kid don’t even look 10. I swear I saw him on kids react

  • siimpleanita

    i’m 15 and haven’t even had my first kiss yet😐

  • OPtun3

    He’s not 16

  • Baara The GSD
    Baara The GSD

    That 16 year old looks like a 9 year old

  • Gohan 547
    Gohan 547

    Why is every comment talking about Nico being 16 but he looks like 10-13

  • Eurus Holmes
    Eurus Holmes

    Alyssa looks like Lu from The Elite

  • Small and tall
    Small and tall

    Josiah has a really nice smile im just gonna say that

  • myguy

    100% of the comments: HE'S NOT 16 !!!

  • Petunia The doggy
    Petunia The doggy

    “I’m 21 he is 16” *me pausing to check if I’m blind cause he looks like 9 years old*

  • Preetham Vasireddy
    Preetham Vasireddy

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel that Josiah looks a lot like Michael B. Jordan

  • Zach Honold
    Zach Honold

    Is it me or does tori have hair that the clown from air bud wore


    The 16 year old looks 11

  • Sky Rocket
    Sky Rocket

    The 21 and 16 is like mom and son lmao

  • I poop a lot I poop a lot
    I poop a lot I poop a lot

    Me and my siblings aren't like that they always boss me around cause I'm the youngest I'm 11 years old even my mom and dad and my brother hits me 😭😭😭

  • Raymundo Munz
    Raymundo Munz

    Nico is 16...? I thought he was 12

  • FireSwag YT
    FireSwag YT

    That kid with the glasses, he ain’t no 16. He looks like 10 or 11.

  • Lily Mata
    Lily Mata

    "By myself " sent me

  • Catherine Madison
    Catherine Madison

    Guys! I'm trying to read comments all I see are "omg NiCo is SiXteEN"

  • Jeeli Luotinen
    Jeeli Luotinen

    75% comments are He iS SIxtEeN??

  • Noah Yap
    Noah Yap

    Bruh Nico is older than me and he looks so much shorter than me and I am 4 ft 2 in

  • Emmanuella Andries
    Emmanuella Andries

    "he's 16" really??!!! Damn.. When he grows up to 30 THEN he gon' look like 16

  • Grande Dips
    Grande Dips

    5:03 someone tell him to break up with his gf, cuz um next!

  • Grande Dips
    Grande Dips

    I swear he looks like he’s 10!!! 0:33

  • Jordy 229
    Jordy 229

    0:34 is that little kid 16?!

  • Benedek Matolcsi
    Benedek Matolcsi

    If this dude is 16, then im 45 with 5 children and got divorced twice.

  • Amanda Zoé
    Amanda Zoé

    99% of the comments: HIS 16???????

  • Kakashi Sensei
    Kakashi Sensei

    Bruhhhh Devin sounds like 21 and he looks like 16 or 17

  • Heather Hoban
    Heather Hoban

    i ove this vid

  • Unknown Fate
    Unknown Fate

    Nico doesn’t’t even seem like 16

  • Chialeen Arinal
    Chialeen Arinal

    The boy does not look like 16..... he looks like a 12 year kid

  • gteyh ght
    gteyh ght

    I thought I looked like a ten year old 😂