• Feeling mOiSt
    Feeling mOiSt

    My weird memories at 9 pm 1:33

  • Faisal The Fenrir
    Faisal The Fenrir

    The mother looks like That titan who ate Eren’s mother from AOT

  • LuckyDoge Requiem
    LuckyDoge Requiem

    I’m going night night

  • XDinator

    You know that woman is talking about coronavirus right?

  • Combine Elite Soldier
    Combine Elite Soldier

    I'm going to be just !ike this parent when I'm older, I'm gonna give my child an exhestential crisis at 10 and effectively change my child into a n existential thinker like I, I will look forward to that one day when I finally find out whats under the white mask of the deep inevitable. inescapable deep black void.

  • Blight patterson
    Blight patterson

    Honestly I would rather have Ronald cause I know atleast if I eat his fucking food I will be safe and sound

  • Potato Potato
    Potato Potato


  • Scrronchi

    I think i know why the dad left

  • Denzell Barrantes
    Denzell Barrantes

    I thought his feet was a boner😂

  • Robert Ramsey
    Robert Ramsey

    I always watch this before bed and it doesn't help me sleep like I think it will

  • J.T Sanders
    J.T Sanders

    Bruh whenever she says Jeremiah I’m out here thinking she’s speaking to me. 😭

  • prince Cov
    prince Cov

    I legit jumped when the demon started crawling And I knew it was there

  • Albert Nunez
    Albert Nunez

    I fucking jumped when that demon came out of hell

  • Lamonte Green
    Lamonte Green

    Awwww hell naw I'm not going to sleep tonight I'm staying up

  • Ollie Potter
    Ollie Potter

    *mama sweet mommy*

  • Adolpho Castro
    Adolpho Castro

    Pause at 1:31, change speed to x.25 Truly grotesque

  • Paris Pee
    Paris Pee

    1:33 this frickin scared me

  • Pluto Chan
    Pluto Chan

    Jesus that part where the guy is in the corner shat me up

  • Undertale Master
    Undertale Master


  • Mason Goldwater
    Mason Goldwater


  • reach17

    1:14 sounds a bit like Half-Life's G-Man

  • Courtney Petit
    Courtney Petit

    Made me think of Billie ellish

  • the art kid
    the art kid

    When Karen is not on her schizophrenia meds 😂😂😂😂

  • Jose Daniel Campos Fernández
    Jose Daniel Campos Fernández

    That monster looks like LeBron James a little bit xDDD

  • Robot Duck 43
    Robot Duck 43

    Whenever I watch this at night I get scared thinking that the mother will appear out of nowhere and abduct me. She is more scary than the monster, let's face it.

  • ThaTricksta

    Meat Canyon came prepared not putting the face of [*CLAIMED BY WARNER BROTHERS™*] in the portrait.

  • sad dark day
    sad dark day

    Mama sweet mommy

  • WarSmith


  • James Key
    James Key

    So like is there a hidden message or something

  • Inquisitor Guy
    Inquisitor Guy

    Was Obama kidnapping him for Joe Biden?

  • D Lipke
    D Lipke

    Getting Ice Cream Man comic Vibes.

  • Braden Liford
    Braden Liford

    I almost peeded my self when the monster came out no cap

  • Jack

    Oh and Jerimia DONT FIRGET. Run boy


    I like how nobody's talking about how his fingers are toes.

  • JaydonJames

    *gus johnson*

  • SpaceCat74 YT
    SpaceCat74 YT

    Okay but how does the kid fall asleep like a second after she says all of that horrific stuff? I’d be awake for another 7 hours if he was me.

  • Adam Acosta
    Adam Acosta

    Wait that was Gus?

  • SlothGangShdw

    Mom:YOU WILL HAVE TO WALK THAT MIGHTY HILL Son:Mommy are we going to Bryce's Birthday Tommorow.

  • Runescythe9852

    How is this so calm and scary at the same time!?!

  • i_died_gaming

    Anyone else surprised that the mom was Gus

  • Amin Vell
    Amin Vell


  • Seyrith


  • WDB II
    WDB II

    I knew that that demon was gonna come out but i still jumped when it did 😭😭

  • vKrispyMando -_
    vKrispyMando -_

    Demon: *25 cents is all it takes...*

  • subliminus

    That creepy ass HL G-Man voice.


    This doesn’t help sense my name is jeremiah and it’s 10:32 pm

  • Jeremiah Studivant
    Jeremiah Studivant

    Who’s else name is Jeremiah and is creeped out from her calling him Jeremiah?

  • V rax
    V rax

    The way the moms voice changes tho

  • SooHyun Jang
    SooHyun Jang

    Those are some bright socks

  • Kimson Robinson
    Kimson Robinson

    As someone who actually had Night Terrors as a young child, this brought back way too many horrible memories. More...

  • NekoTrueLove

    Well that was quick

  • Lieutenant Letdown
    Lieutenant Letdown

    I keep rewatching this because the voice acting is amazing

  • Az Antifizikus
    Az Antifizikus

    Holy shit, fuck that guy who animated this!

  • Matthew Garofolo
    Matthew Garofolo

    And you’re afraid aren’t you? Very

  • Booozy3050

    Thought mom was into breath play....then it got even darker. Ok Gus... it's G-man time, we need to hear it.

  • Chemistry With Sam
    Chemistry With Sam

    Billie elish got inspiration for her album from the first line

  • Commie Doggo
    Commie Doggo

    I don’t think they went to the party

  • Poli

    Meat Canyon should seriously create horror movies, because their shit always seems to frighten me

  • 𝓐𝓷𝓭𝓻𝓮𝓪🌹

    My thanatophobia loves this video...

  • ShinyNinja YT
    ShinyNinja YT

    Lol his boner

  • Andrew Murphy
    Andrew Murphy

    He went to sleep faster than i can blink

  • Jelli forever
    Jelli forever

    25 cents... 25 cents it's all it takes

  • Greta Thu'umberg
    Greta Thu'umberg

    Funfact: this was based on a true story. Meatcanyon's uncle molested him, which is what that monster is supposed to represent. Trust me, I'm his uncle

  • Napalm Strike
    Napalm Strike

    I jumped after the door closed

  • Cider X Era
    Cider X Era

    I just realized Gus voiced the mom

  • NeOn

    how did meatcanyon know what my sleep paralysis demon looked like?

  • Hamish Wilson
    Hamish Wilson

    I'm gonna be so happy when adult swim hires you or puts one of your videos on smalls

  • Paul Mourad
    Paul Mourad

    Wow. The mum is voiced by Gus Johnson 🤯

  • Rashade butler
    Rashade butler


  • Ángel Mendez
    Ángel Mendez

    My heart dropped when she closed the door and that thing came out