• Cadence Barker
    Cadence Barker

    I’m also a Ravenclaw so I would do the same thing with the napkins

  • Dogo 395
    Dogo 395

    You are the best

  • Charlotte Reed
    Charlotte Reed

    That spoon is a ladle in the form of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. I have one in aqua. It is a soup ladle.

  • tiffany beil
    tiffany beil

    My dad had me watch the last unicorn alone when I was 3. It terrified me. As an adult, my mom bought me the DVD to be funny. I still refuse to watch it.

  • Lady Honeybee
    Lady Honeybee

    I am super impressed that he got the wooden block puzzle on the first try lol

  • stinky6958

    That candle smelled so good 😹😹😹😹😹

  • cami805

    Who is the chick in the wedding dress picture???

  • DIY With CeCe & Trooper’s life Adventures
    DIY With CeCe & Trooper’s life Adventures

    Brandon what editing software do you use?

  • SuckitTodd Productions
    SuckitTodd Productions

    You're welcome for the biggest joke you've never been a part of. I'll make a bigger one so you don't feel bad about the first one .

  • Noelia Najera
    Noelia Najera

    I’m new so who is the lady in the picture? In 17:47

  • Bailey_productionz

    do u turn into an evil bill chipher minion thing?! - gravity falls fan has watched the soap opera episode.-

  • Faith Bryant
    Faith Bryant

    Did you reference I love Lucy.... Popping out of parties?!?!?! I need.....to........know

  • Billy Leanna
    Billy Leanna

    Next box will be something related to coffee, some kind of jewelry or clothing, and a few sweet treats.

  • Alice Adventureland
    Alice Adventureland

    Next box opening! Socks, Harry Potter stuffs, a mug, goldfish crackers annnnnd some jewellery for Gloria and Autumn. x

  • Tabitha Johansen
    Tabitha Johansen

    will you PLEASE donate to the ASPCA?!?!?!?!

  • Jessica Johnson
    Jessica Johnson

    Raveclaw item, unicorn, self help book, Bob Ross stuff, snacks, soap and clothing

  • Ice Cream Eater
    Ice Cream Eater

    is it weird that when he faced the candle towards the camera i tried to smell it lmao

  • spookymama

    Next box.....halloween something...unicorn shirt...goldfish....a book of words...a gift for your lady loves!!!! Have the best day ever!

  • Celia Ramos
    Celia Ramos

    the next box will be snacks (gross or good), toys and something harry potter and a book

  • Stephanie W.
    Stephanie W.

    Next can be Ravenclaw items More soap Mugs Cat toys

  • TissenVIII

    my boyfriend had to sign a legal paper before buying one of those toe of satan

  • Arielle Diaz
    Arielle Diaz

    Next box.. Something for zelda to wear, something spicy, something unicorn , a shirt and something homemade. P.S I've been binge watching your videos ! You have me cracking up!! Love what you do!! 😊

  • katera oliver
    katera oliver

    The box could be book/books, a mug, some type of art supplies( paint, brushes etc), an art project(diamond color by numbers etc), a shirt, bugs, spicy candy, candy with bugs in it, something Harry Potter related, Something for Autumn (Pokémon or unicorn related), something for Gloria, socks, something scary, something knitted like a hat or scarf or pillow, something unicorn or Bob Ross, something purple, something that has a lot of glitter that gets everywhere

  • Nikki Hughes
    Nikki Hughes

    Since this video had a lot to do with smell good stuff, I'm going to guess for the next box some candles and/or soaps, handmade pictures of some kind, or some type of nasty bug. 😂😭

  • Ginny B.
    Ginny B.

    Next box, a coffee mug a book and something they want you to eat, bugs?

  • Callien Wright
    Callien Wright

    There will be something hand crafted that says Jear Desus. A pokemon thing. A harry potter mug. Some kind of flavored dried bugs. :D

  • Viola the Leg Queen
    Viola the Leg Queen

    Next weeks box will have something gay

  • Rob Sutter
    Rob Sutter

    Box guess Tumbler with stuff about you on it Purple t shirt that says jear desus Hand drawing from their kids Flavor blast gold fish and Andes mints

  • Eireann Hodgkins
    Eireann Hodgkins

    What’s in the box - Coffee mug - Unicorn/Pikachu bath bomb/toy Pez - Arts and crafts either Bob Ross/knitting things - Lollies/Candy - Something for Gloria like a coffee mug/gummies/candle or journal Charity to donate too is Sepsis Alliance as it’s a very deadly infection that killed my father last year in May 2018 and unfortunately there’s not enough recognition about it.

  • kathleen schieman
    kathleen schieman

    just a heads up the last unicorn though a very beautiful movie it is sad also you should check unico those are beautiful movies as well

  • McKenKen

    Next box -Bob Ross -coffeee -coffee cup or mug -art supply’s -something you can eat/ or bugs -stuff for you and your women or the child - something hand made -unicorn items -paint or art -house/ cooking items - books - raven claw item /Harry Potter related, either a handmade item, scarf, hat, blanket, cup/mug - something for your desk - candle -toys -bathroom stuff / bath bomb or soap -games -paint -jewelry -chips: SunChips -gold fish, whales -mint chocolate -drawing of you -Pokémon -cat toys, cat nip -music related, guitar Something purple

  • Lynda Ramirez
    Lynda Ramirez

    Some weird flavored insects for the next box

  • Caitlin Hopkins
    Caitlin Hopkins

    The Last Unicorn is a really great book! Quite a different experience from the movie. You'll love it!

  • Lizzy

    Kinda thought Brandon was doing good on the hermonica then my dog started crying

  • Red Star
    Red Star

    The next box will have 2 books, ravenclaw hand warmers, a hand embroidered picture, and a superhero toy

  • Teresa Lawes
    Teresa Lawes

    Please watch Rhett and Link (Good Mythical Morning) vid about the Roll-ee. It’s hilarious!

  • Gabby N.
    Gabby N.

    12:34 Siri did that to me this morning. I laughed and she yelled at me😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jennifer Douglas
    Jennifer Douglas

    I’m guessing, toys, treats &/or crafts for autumn, tea &/or bath bombs for Gloria, & shirts, candles, books, something spicy, something Ravenclaw, something to do with a unicorn, &/or Bob Ross.

  • Emily Granda
    Emily Granda

    My Charity foundation suggestion is the Christina Grimmie Foundation, they help families in crisis, helping families of gun violence victims rebuild their lives and providing support for breast cancer patients and their families. :)

  • Adella Barnum
    Adella Barnum

    Bob Ross coloring book Knitted items, scarf, hat, gloves, sweater, socks A cup Snacks Coloring utensils Candle Jewelery for autumn and Gloria

  • jessica buerkel
    jessica buerkel

    Some sort of game, some sort of decor, a t shirt, unicorn or Pokemon for Autumn, some sort of junk food (candy/flavored bugs or chips), & coffee

  • SuAnne Miller
    SuAnne Miller

    Gross candies, T-shirt with Harry Potter, unicorn soap

  • Wolf Brittany
    Wolf Brittany

    The box could have anyone of these things: Cat treats Ball with bell for Zelda Stuffed toy for Zelda Handmade cat toys for Zelda Goldfish or other type of cheddar cracker snack Crackers Bob Ross mug, socks, Andies mints Raven claw mug, socks Make up for Gloria Playing cards: Harry Potter, bob Ross or plain Stuff for autumn such as kinder egg, stuff animal, stickers, stamps, Pokemon cards DVD(s) Book(s) T-shirt with either bob Ross, unicorn, cat, Harry Potter

  • Pam Auel
    Pam Auel

    I love the last unicorn move it was my favret move and i still remeber evrey line of it and i havent watcht it in so long

  • Cora Jarrell
    Cora Jarrell

    Next box: something unicorn, hand made thing, bob ross stuff. Socks, cat toys, coffee mug and or coffee. Snacks and stuff for Gloria and Autumn

  • Hannah Walker
    Hannah Walker

    I need a video of just the harmonica playing. It almost put me to sleep a beautiful lullably

  • Kim Young
    Kim Young

    Box opening - Tea bags for Gloria Hot/sour sweets Coconut coffee Ravenclaw Notepad Purple tshirt Cat toys Stickers for autumn Also donation idea the Lily Foundation - they research mitochondrial disease which isn't a well known illness so they are trying to promote awareness, find cures and ways to ease lives of those with it

  • brittany ackley
    brittany ackley

    the next box will have something hot or spicy for you to try or some sort of bug to eat, a tshirt, a mug, gummy candy or toys for CAAT


    Like your gitars in the background

  • Halie Dodd
    Halie Dodd

    Bugs, something purple, bob Ross swag

  • brittkeo whiting
    brittkeo whiting

    Next box....guitar picks...purple cup..too big shirt..art unicorn supplies for Autumn....your amazing

  • • Chai Darling •
    • Chai Darling •

    I’m left handed toooo!!!

  • Sam DeGiobbi
    Sam DeGiobbi

    My guess is: A mug, candy, artwork, something Harry Potter, socks, something someone will want you to eat, either from a different country or something gross like bugs or canned food!

  • Ashley Roberts
    Ashley Roberts

    I'm going to guess maybe some kind of smelly thing like a candle or soap and something ravenclaw:) you are an amazing person.

  • Jessica Occhiuzzi
    Jessica Occhiuzzi

    What’s in the box? Ravenclaw Knick knack, Unicorn mug, gummy snacks and/or something spicy or edible insects!

  • Caro S
    Caro S

    I think the next box will have unicorn candy, a tshirt, a book, a Harry Potter mug, and/or a handmade gift

  • Bronwen Nielson
    Bronwen Nielson

    I have been trying to think of the name of that film for months and months, because all I could remember was the face of the bad guy and the vague memory of unicorns in the waves 😂😅

  • Alayna Schumacher
    Alayna Schumacher

    i wonder how many times he actually tried that puzzle 😂😂

  • kathrine

    Next box: Bob Ross socks, candy, a book, and a craft/ art supplies

  • Mallory Newlon
    Mallory Newlon

    Bob Ross something

  • April Kiser
    April Kiser

    Hair stuff for autumn tshirt with a unicorn on it goldfish Andes mints

  • Vickie LaRue
    Vickie LaRue

    Something Bob Ross, a mug, snacks, spiders or something scary, pikachu something for autumn, or something poonicorn

  • Pastell Pills
    Pastell Pills

    1:00 Just me home alone

  • Kevin Young
    Kevin Young

    Goldfish Spicy snacks Chocolate snacks Something purple Cat toys Crafty gifts

  • Marisa Newfelt
    Marisa Newfelt

    Next box will have jewelry or something you can wear and something Harry Potter

  • Zoe Luttrell
    Zoe Luttrell

    Box Guess: A mug or a cat or unicorn mug Art supplies Some T-shirt with unicorn on it Something for Autumn or Gloria Snacks(andies mints, gold fish, if some snack from a different country) A homemade art project Some do it yourself project Books DVD movies Some Bob Ross item Something for Zelda(cat treats, cat toys) Something that has to do with Jear Desus A puzzle

  • Jordan Fox
    Jordan Fox

    The labyrinth and the last unicorn are two of my all time favourite movies!! 😭 Watched the last unicorn when I was so young and I think it traumatised me, but IIIIII Love it.

  • picknbeansmamma

    I really liked the harmonica solo! 😂🤣

  • Cynthia De La Cerda
    Cynthia De La Cerda

    Something bob Ross a weird snack or weird socks

  • xtinneee

    As the video went on, the sound effects got funnier 😂