"Sober" - Tom MacDonald & Madchild ft. Nova Rockafeller
Tom MacDonald
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MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan
Special thanks to Ryan Lo

  • The Masterdebator
    The Masterdebator

    46 years old and just found this guy. Great music...can't stop listening and I'm not even a big rap fan.

  • Megan Boltz
    Megan Boltz

    I don't understand why shit music gets 1 million views so quick. This is the music that needs to be heard.

  • kthrss420

    I'm on heroin withdrawal, day 20. it gets better. after almost losing my mind to insomnia, last night was the first I could sleep.

  • KBird

    I was definitely being a hater. I just sometimes can’t handle her being so extra. But this song is super motivational I needed to focus more on the lyrics and not so much the vid. #soberliving

  • jeremy r
    jeremy r

    My puppy's name was lola also.. rip u gorgeous pup.. best most lovey dog on this planet!! I miss her with all my heart age 7 was to young..:(

  • You Wish
    You Wish

    This is powerful

  • John Mathis
    John Mathis

    Burried a great grapa a coupel mouths ago

  • John Mathis
    John Mathis

    Omg i love u tom me and my dad.stepmom.step sisters will be at ur next show see u then i love u so much hope to see u soon

  • Nicosa Supreme
    Nicosa Supreme

    Damn saw this guy was coming to my local bar actually interested in seeing him even more

  • Rocky Bohrer
    Rocky Bohrer

    Tom, Thanks you for this track! I think back before my sobriety and thank God that I don't have to live that life ANYMORE! Your video couldn't be more fitting for the track... even down to the ones who disappeared cause they didn't make it. I know I'm gonna make it!

  • RyRy Wags
    RyRy Wags

    Wow, such a great song!

  • travis brady
    travis brady

    tom vers was my life

  • Bax War
    Bax War

    Rapping about being sober is like ... most “rap artists go to” bc it’s easy to catch an audience bc a lot of ppl are hooked on drugs and some ppl have gotten off of them and are sober so some ppl can relate to this garbage but Battleaxe Warrior movement has died and for all the ppl who spent their $100 or more $$ for the movement SHOULD be upset that madchild dipped bc he is selfish.

  • Ryan McCord
    Ryan McCord


  • Ryan McCord
    Ryan McCord

    You and mad aren't doing you. As in being your true selfs. Don't be made. Like sheep sorry that was the nicest way i could put it.

  • Calico Customs
    Calico Customs

    6yrs prison time served and 8yrs sober and fighting daily. Toms words are in my soul with this song smh. Im only 30 smh. Stay strong everyone!

  • Janoy Cresva
    Janoy Cresva

    Nova is so corny man. Such a great message except for Nova's corny shit.

  • I Pee My Pants
    I Pee My Pants

    Just hit 15 months clean and sober. Love and prayers to anyone struggling. It gets better

  • ZenTeT

    nova could be a roll model you just need to look at difeerently

  • Jennifer Grayless
    Jennifer Grayless

    I needed this thank you so much

  • jay wuestewald
    jay wuestewald

    Yo I am 2 years clean from a 10 year opiate addiction! I never thought I would be able to say that. Recovery is possible with a good support system. U gotta reinvent yourself, new friends, new values, new lifestyle and in the end when you start to love yourself and love life again.... Well there are no words to describe how happy I am to be me again! Now anything is possible, I survived heroin.... I can handle whatever life has to throw at me!

  • Keegan Bernier
    Keegan Bernier

    I'm 32 with a 20 year addiction to whatever is there. Recovery is the only thing that has given me back a life I thought unattainable. It doesnt happen quickly, but it's worth every second that you put into it. My story is the same as anyone's in many aspects. Jail time, loss after loss and insanity. Now I have my son back in my life, I have a family, i have a job and self love. You only need to change one thing in recovery.... and that's everything. Bless everyone who truly wants it and is working towards it, I know it's not easy and I salute you for fighting that demon daily. To those who may be struggling and may read this, do yourself a favour and go to a meeting you may not like the idea but what else do you got to lose?

  • SelinasLyrics22


  • Ashley Bromley
    Ashley Bromley

    Literally my life

  • Garrett Murphy
    Garrett Murphy

    This song spoke to me 65 days clean today

  • Matt Laviolette
    Matt Laviolette

    Glad you here with us still Mad, and Tom your my guy.

  • Jimi Steenland Sr.
    Jimi Steenland Sr.

    This is my shit. Just got sober myself. I love it Tommy boy. D.r.u.g is my favorite song rn, keep it up

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith

    Everybody always forgets music is subjective

  • Brad Elie
    Brad Elie


  • Joseph David
    Joseph David

    whats up my name is mad child and i have zero talent and now im tanking homies career.. man i hate this dudes voice for real. he could be saying im winning the lottery and im still clicking next

  • SutroFPV

    Thank you for not being like the others in rap, you have achieved a whole new level of greatness over them

  • MickeyOnTheCoast

    Tom MacDonald is proof that the system can be beaten. This guy is going to singlehandedly smash the evil industry machine that makes puppets like Eminem. Sorry, Century City. Your model is officially irrelevant. Art always leads to the light. TM's message cannot be stopped.

  • 8vedder3

    Madchild and Tom Macdonald are definitely bum buddys. Cheers.

  • Carissa Lawson
    Carissa Lawson

    Look I how everybody starts to not be an addict I love u guys im here

  • charlie pennington
    charlie pennington

    I'd love to see the future of Tom and Mad! Deep down i think something of the Nature of Swollen, But different direction, The Conviction of These Homeboy's stories, Something is Brewing,,,

  • patrick reynolds
    patrick reynolds

    Today is day 19 and tom is one of my favorite artists...truth

  • Tyler Greer
    Tyler Greer

    So this is what happens when the Mickey Mouse club gets sober

  • Tyler Ozbon
    Tyler Ozbon

    Were the people disappearing dying or getting sober?

  • Nicholas Eriksson
    Nicholas Eriksson

    Ok, so I like Tom no shit, I really do. But didnt he just chop up Mac Lethal, and in the song, smash him for his addiction problems?

    • Chris Hansen
      Chris Hansen

      True. But Mac fucked up his career because of it. Tom hasn't slipped up to lose it. He is saying he is stronger. I see where you are coming from though. It was ammo for a song mostly.

  • bob cozamucus
    bob cozamucus

    Who is the pink haired girl? Please let me know I would love to take her out for a date just to get to know her I mean maybe it would work out out maybe it wouldn't but I would really like to know her

    • Fear Quest
      Fear Quest

      ryan miller Nova, Tom’s gf.

  • Ivan Gretskov
    Ivan Gretskov

    Man, I gave up substance abuse and now cut too feel anything. Scars are my tattoos, dont look as cool but i did them myself and its hard to see when your bleeding. I'll fight forever, I was trained and sent overseas to do it. Now I just dont know or particularly care where to point my rifle..

  • mono187dgaf

    I wanna get sober but can't and scared too...

  • Joseph King
    Joseph King

    I love tom he is just about the only person who can make music about the the evil in the world and the evil in people keep up the good work man love ya

  • Scott Wylle
    Scott Wylle

    I've never done drugs. I saw a guy doing the pot and I got really scared


    This guy is changing me I’m hook on his music

  • Lyndsay Willow
    Lyndsay Willow

    This just made me cry. Thanks for making this. Needed it. Struggling to stay sober but I'll keep going

  • Amelia Kraft
    Amelia Kraft

    This song touched me deep!! I'm a year clean and it's still an every day battle

  • Shoshone Stover
    Shoshone Stover

    Fuuuck I need help

  • Kevin Coffman
    Kevin Coffman

    It's been 15 years and maybe this stopped it again.

  • ColdbeeR42O


  • Tee Zay
    Tee Zay

    9 months sober heroin & meth

  • james war
    james war

    Fuck I love this song reminds me how I can always do better

  • Chase Phillips
    Chase Phillips

    Your diss to mac lethal makes this song so fake...

  • Barbara Smith
    Barbara Smith

    Tom macdonald is a God

  • toni lewis
    toni lewis

    Really What Ever .

  • chefboyarleezy

    If you’re going through it stay strong and try to see the light at the end of the tunnel it wasn’t long ago I was 340 pounds I lost my job my family my kids and my life then one day I hit rock bottom and got sober cold turkey went through the withdrawals by myself which I don’t recommend and I joined a gym. In five months I lost 100 pounds and got my family back not only that I was able to start my own business and I’m going on five years clean and sober next month 3/13/2015. I still know I’m one drink away from losing it all again.

  • Juiced BREW
    Juiced BREW

    Been in the street scene for 16 years. Sober 6 months. Drugs and alcohol have been my life. Good to see an artist spitting the truth. Nice to have people on my side. Cheers madchild. Keep telling the truth Tom and Nova. Your impact is massive.

  • whats next
    whats next

    The best power house couple ever 🖤🖤🖤

  • Johnathan Royal
    Johnathan Royal

    4 months sober from meth. This song hits hard, if anyone is struggling with the chemical demons know you're not alone

  • Daniel Florence
    Daniel Florence

    Yeah okay, how many times has madchild said he been sober before. i dont believe you

  • kills the game
    kills the game

    i'm so emosnol I almost cry'd

  • Nathan Jimenez
    Nathan Jimenez

    3 day 18 mins of being self harm free this song has touched me especially only being 14 and being off and on from rehabs for 5 years.

  • Tyson Murphy
    Tyson Murphy

    I've been sober from everything for 2 years and it's been the hardest 2 years of my life and I listen to this everytime I feel like I wanna do it all again it pulls me out of what I used to be much respect Tom and madchild

  • OG Ellsworth Gaming
    OG Ellsworth Gaming

    This song hits home

  • Don Ronnie
    Don Ronnie


  • Derpy Poodle
    Derpy Poodle

    Sadly not many people realize the issues that go along with using meth. There is very little withdrawl, for which many people don't believe that it really needs treatment. Living in Arizona I see so many people like addicted that would kill their parents for a 20 sack. Got my Just for today tag from my NA group, went after hearing this shit. Got me inspired to try again.

  • Jessica Barron
    Jessica Barron

    This song has been playing in my head non-stop for a week. I love it.

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G

    Ohh so sad white people whining. It’s so hard to be white preach brotha haha 😂

  • Jeremy Mosher
    Jeremy Mosher

    been happier than i ever been being sober..... i used to drink 2 gallons a day but its down to a pint a day of vodka

  • Jeremy Mosher
    Jeremy Mosher

    great song ive been sober for one day but still struggling with this war of alcoholism