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Watch the NYCC Trailer, debuted during the Star Trek: Universe panel at New York Comic Con.
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  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali

    I can never ever ever get tired of TNG..ever and this crew is the best thing on our screens, I get so emotional with the respect, loyalty and relationship the crew have for one another as they work together as a team.

  • John Andrew
    John Andrew

    Goody something to look forward to and not on streaming services!

  • Roman Gaytan
    Roman Gaytan

    Yes! This made my day! 😃😃

  • Tig

    PLEASE let Picard command the Stargazer once again. :)

  • 1337penguinman

    I still think those attacking ships we see are Jem'Hadar.

  • arny ziff57
    arny ziff57

    YES ! Its About Time ..... Welcome Back, Captain Picard, Sir.. ( With Honor & Respect, The Klingon Empire ) Qapla'

  • Fred Grimley
    Fred Grimley

    @02:06 It's OK, simply keep rewinding to this spot. I am, and I can't stop smiling and fist pumping. Let's Make Trek Great Again. Step aside kids, go back to your Jar Jar house, the real actors have arrived and will take it from here.

  • Matthew Kretschmer
    Matthew Kretschmer

    Wow. Seven of nine with Picard. That guy, in the end with Picard, reminds me Kirk.

  • Anthony Campos
    Anthony Campos

    I need to see Levar Burton and Whoopi Goldberg.

  • midgetydeath

    When your character is so popular they make a TV show focused on him just because *you're more popular than Star Trek.*

  • Travis Snyder
    Travis Snyder

    I'm going to get hell for this but bring back Wesley Crusher as well. !

  • James Foreman
    James Foreman

    Awesome. Who thought about Renegades when watching this.

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    How dare you not put this free

  • Iball nonya
    Iball nonya

    "Sweet Jesus, Discovery's tanking the Star Trek brand harder than J.J.'s reboots! Quick, reboot Star Trek: The Next Generation before we lose even more money on this dog of an IP!" -- CBS Executives everywhere

  • Alt F4
    Alt F4

    There are 4 lights

  • Chillin Charlie
    Chillin Charlie


  • FlippyTiger

    Better not be discovery

  • Darkstar

    Is this a TV show or a movie?

  • Matthew KsE
    Matthew KsE

    Picard: Last Blood

  • Large McBigHuge
    Large McBigHuge

    why do they have data looking so weird? I know it's gotta be B4, but he didnt look that weird in the movie.

  • Linda B
    Linda B

    Seven of nine comin in guns a blazing!

  • James Evenden
    James Evenden

    DAD! WHAT!? STOP YELLING! Things really haven't changed in 400 years!

  • Jon Morgan
    Jon Morgan

    The Ressikan Flute song from The Inner Light should be the opening theme song. DO IT

    • Jason Johnston
      Jason Johnston

      Man I'm so glad you said this, YES!

  • Michael MacLeod
    Michael MacLeod

    Nice trailer, but Star Trek needs to move into the 25th century. Im tired of TNG fu*kbois wanting to retread the 2370's over and over. This looks promising, but Trek needs to evolve into the future. Stop clinging to the past.

  • Trackthesia And Songrail
    Trackthesia And Songrail

    I forgive Riker for ruining the Enterprise finale.

  • David Howard
    David Howard

    As a huge Trek fan I can guarantee if Picard is as "WOKE" as Discovery I will not watch it either.

  • Brand X
    Brand X

    Member berries

  • Buju 3000
    Buju 3000


  • Sam P
    Sam P

    I wonder if John De Lancie’ “Q” will make an appearance?’

  • John Hardin
    John Hardin

    Jeri Ryan looks better than ever.

  • OrangeCRUSH 480
    OrangeCRUSH 480

    Spoiler: in episode 2, someone loses their aarp card

  • danny huang
    danny huang


  • Banish All
    Banish All

    Left-wing shitbug

  • Abrahm Moil
    Abrahm Moil

    7 of 9 is BACK!

  • Za Goudou
    Za Goudou

    Think any of us forgot? Beam the entire crew of the NCC-1701 up too. Many of the primes have left this realm. Even the initializor. Where they have gone, perhaps will be seen. On the subject of 'beaming', why has no one utilized personal transporters more often? What do you know of shunpo? 🤔 Anyway exciting! ❣️

  • Cara T
    Cara T

    They brought back Seven!? Way cool.. I may have to get this

  • Alex Perales
    Alex Perales

    We go fast Worm holes blind of your eyes 😂😂😘🤩😍 😘😂

  • Alex Perales
    Alex Perales

    radio wave telescope frequencies nano DNA Molecule natural fusion Nuclear structure B+. .. ..Mt 13:11 Exodus 20:12

  • JGPlisken

    SPOILER: who all signed that clapper board? The choice to investigate is yours! I think I have a good episode/movie list ready that isn't from the internet. Would love to hear yours if it's original, knowing what we know. Can't wait!

  • Big Duke
    Big Duke

    The white male Trojan horse.

  • Karl Smith
    Karl Smith

    I remember when I saw the delted scenes segment in the special features of Star Trek:Nemesis, specifically the deleted scene of Data and Picard sampling a bottle of wine from The Chateau Picard, when Patrick Stewart had described what was happening in the scene, he'd made a comment about how Riker and Troi might eventually become parents Well, looks like that actually happened

  • User Id
    User Id

    "Only on CBS All Access" just translates to "Only going to be a minor pain in the ass to find for free online"

  • AirIUnderwater

    Hmm... CBS you say...

  • Leon Evelake
    Leon Evelake

    About 30 seconds of this looked good... the rest pretty awful and more like its some other property But damn just seeing Picard and Riker again was great

  • Pokemon Master
    Pokemon Master

    This is non Canon.

  • Scooter30FTW

    I didn't know 7 of 9 was going to be in this.

  • Wade Torres
    Wade Torres

    This 2nd Trailer "Looks Great," but this (Picard-Timeline) that I personally call it, should've continued about 18 yrs ago just after ST: Nemesis.....Not the "STUPID🙄/SHITTY💩 JJ Abrams reboots!!"

    • Wade Torres
      Wade Torres


  • Hundred Percent Steve
    Hundred Percent Steve

    F**K Yeah!

    • Wade Torres
      Wade Torres

      Exactly! 👍👊🖖

  • Steve Sinner
    Steve Sinner

    Picard is an Excellent Actor. !!!

  • Zurin Arctus
    Zurin Arctus

    I still think Captain Picard and Romulan Commander Denatra, had that e Romulan Ale...and out popped his daughter!

  • Velos

    Picard is 79, Shatner 88, Uhura 86, Chekov 83, Sulu 82 all in excellent health. CBS can use them all in an episode for the ages.

  • vahi37

    I wonder if Section 31 is going to a part of this.

  • SpiceBoy84

    Epic i got chills

  • eman297 361
    eman297 361

    I feel like 7 is holding chakotay in her arms when she is crying. At least I hope tbh

    • DonnE Starside
      DonnE Starside

      I think she is

  • The Meme Archive
    The Meme Archive

    How much is CBS all access again?

  • Way of the Warrior
    Way of the Warrior

    Cant wait for this series to happen.

  • Mitch Hunter
    Mitch Hunter

    Stop screwing up good TV shows. Maybe your all women man hating board can stop doing their god damn nails and identity policies and run a TV station. Here in america we love Trump, and hate your guts. DONT FUCK THIS SHOW UP LIKE YOU DID star trek discovery. PUT YOUR HAIR DRYER DOWN.

  • Epsilonsama

    Too much action. This feels like too new Star Trek for my taste. I just want a cozy Star Trek show that deals with philosophical and moral issues. I want it to be a smart show that deals with intergalactic politics and makes me think not some action rump.

  • Commercial Communication
    Commercial Communication

    Wouldn't it be great to have a wild card....a horta shows up somewhere?

  • Commercial Communication
    Commercial Communication

    7 of 9!!!!

  • btqy

    STD: We're the future of Star Trek. STNG: (Dusting the dust off their boots) Hold my Aldebaran Whiskey,

  • Commercial Communication
    Commercial Communication

    Why did Data say he is 'too old?" Obviously he is not. He looks great. Even if he did look older, which he doesn't, they could always say that he did an upgrade that included aging.

  • Commercial Communication
    Commercial Communication

    WOW, this looks so great. It breaks my heart that I won't be able to see it, since I can't get pay TV.

  • lovepurple83

    Does anyone think the woman in the portrait looks like Captain Janeway?

    • Katie Carr
      Katie Carr

      Woah! Never even thought of that!

  • Timothy Cook
    Timothy Cook

    Picard: That's his name: William Thomas Riker. Riker: I like Number One. Picard: We named the dog Number One. Dumbfounded other character: You are named after the dog!

  • CrashPower

    And I thought Star Wars was screwed! lol This was sad to watch

  • Furious Sherman
    Furious Sherman

    Obviously, the greatest thing about this show will be that the dog is named Number One.

  • The Rainmaker
    The Rainmaker

    Data's elderly hand is shaking as he's holding the palette...

  • E Mok
    E Mok


  • Max Kielbasa
    Max Kielbasa

    What are the Top Picard Quotes???

    • Max Kielbasa
      Max Kielbasa

      @starfox earl grey hot

    • starfox

      "theres coffee in that nebula"