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  • Lord Maxwell
    Lord Maxwell

    When did data get fat

  • Tim Drake
    Tim Drake

    This show should be on DC universe

  • will smith
    will smith

    jonas brothers sucker

  • y r
    y r


  • MrCool

    This was basically Star Trek the next generation episode all good things remade badly without the time Travel.

    • MrCool

      @Gregred112 totally agrees with you

    • Gregred112

      Right from Picard going into back space. To admiral try to stop him. To him eventually meeting members of his old crew and Riker coming to his Aid then. Picard dies but he not really dead. its the same episode just made into a Star trek season badly. I feel like they just copied and pasted the script from all good things made a few changes took out the time travel added the Borg. took counselor Troi and Will Riker out of Starfleet for a bit ignored the episode where Bruce Maddox tries to encourage Starfleet to get over to him so he can examine also ignored the fact that data is essential being in the Androids have rights. Then ignored Star Trek Voyager when came to 7 of 9 and Commander Commander Chakotay because they were dating.

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith

    I usually watch this when I’m putting my eye drops in. All of the eye rolling helps me to lubricants my eyes.

  • Samuel Nathan
    Samuel Nathan

    What a dumpster fire this turned out to be!

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson

    We are Disney Lower your lawyers and surrender your company We will add your franchises and your characters to our own Your stories will be modified to be Disney like Resistance is futile

  • Thomas Baird
    Thomas Baird

    I was disappointed they could of did much better. Retired no star fleet Star ship to use and no star fleet crew in uniform. for a real mission? Pilots halo deck images of himself was strange and the big flowers from the planet were also strange to see in space. The view screen of what was supposed to look like they were flying through space at warp speed looked cheap.The booze and some language seems out of line, as children are watching it also. Clean it up and make it look like a Star Trek series if not i'm not interested.The acting was good the scripts they used could be much better. The story line seems to be about a retired Star Fleet Captain that made it to rank of Admiral but now is retired and tending his grape farm for wine production?I was looking for Data's memories to be downloaded into Before and Before to take the place of Data. Before was alive in last star trek movie. Now that is not possible do to deleting Data's memory bank in first series. Star Trek Discovery is more my speed, and I'm also retired. Age is just a number it is how you feel inside that matters most. Wake up Picard! Your an Admiral you can be issued a star ship and a real crew in uniform for you next missions. Become un retired and get on with the action. Or go back to the farm. The 1st series disappointed me I give it a 3 star.

  • Jeremy Johnson
    Jeremy Johnson

    This was garbage.

  • Mike Hood
    Mike Hood

    The app is not working But utube premium does even crunchy roll But not CBS there is always a error message 15 seconds after I watch 2 commercials Then the app shuts down and nothing I can Do about it 🤔🤔🤔

  • The Crack Cellar
    The Crack Cellar

    One Picard Review to Rule them all. The Crack Cellar Reviews- Star Trek: Picard @

  • Ares Langer
    Ares Langer

    I haven’t watched Picard yet, how was in terms of stark trek lore and stuff? Was it good ?

    • Samuel Nathan
      Samuel Nathan

      Imagine there is a porn parody of TNG. Now replace sex and orgasms with violence and hopelessness. That's ST(FU)P.

    • Katie Carr
      Katie Carr

      They wrecked canon, destroyed the integrity of Seven and brought back racism, drug use, smoking and alcoholism on Earth.

    • Chromeberd

      It's no longer Star Trek. It's destruction and xenophobia. Except something closer to JJ's Star Trek.

    • Peter Parker
      Peter Parker

      lots of deep lore cuts and consistent with events of tng/dsp/voy. probably the best first season of any of the series

  • William00048

    It's Picard Jim, but not as we know him. Not as we know him. Not as we know him. It's Picard Jim, but not as we know him. Not as we know him, Captain!

  • JamesFeiffer

    100X better than Discovery, from an original Trekkie.

  • B-9 M-3
    B-9 M-3

    Ok, I've now seen the entire season 1. What makes any story good is that you care about the characters. In this case, the only thing I cared for with every episode was waiting for it to end. The only thing "Star Trek" about this show is the name, and I doubt any subsequent seasons are going to change that. Another attempt, like the JJ junk and Discover to cash in on a storied franchise with no regard to what made it special in the first place.

    • Katie Carr
      Katie Carr

      Agree 100% I was burned by episode 5 but continued to see just how it would end. I was appalled. Shame on everyone involved - especially the writing.

  • Taco Tom
    Taco Tom

    I Like the show but HATE the profanity!!!

  • G MAN
    G MAN

    episode 6 is BORING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BaronvonPiano

    I’ve seen a bit of TNG, do I need to watch more of it or any of the movies before watching Picard?

    • Mark Smith
      Mark Smith

      You can watch Lazytown and you’ll be just as caught up.

  • Ping

    Data got fat :/

  • Paul Berberich
    Paul Berberich

    Was fun watching Picard for free for a week, but cancelled after that because it's not worth the $ just to be able to watch only that one show I'm interested in. Used to watch Star Trek The Next Generation in the 90s on cable TV without any extra cost, and now can stream every Star Trek except Picard on Netflix. No point paying for CBS All Access when I have Netflix.

  • Gonaddabarbarian

    All Good Things...

  • Derek Rose
    Derek Rose


  • Statler Waldorf
    Statler Waldorf

    IF I WANTED A BABYLON 5 REBOOT, I'D ASK FOR IT.... 🙄 TNG wasn't a soap opera.

  • Mark L
    Mark L

    Without William Shatner there is no star trek. He is 89. You must acknowledge him at every opportunity.

  • pantslizard

    Picard as a doddering old fool. FAIL. :

  • sclogse1

    That Blade Runner moment..

  • Riley Bell
    Riley Bell

    Meh this show is so bland and corny. Story is hard to follow at times and just lacks depth. Terrible character development. Acting isn't very good at all. I forced myself to watch four episodes in and I'm still not interested at all in the show. Not sure why so many people rated this show so highly. They wouldn't know a good show if it slapped them in the face. If you want a good star trek type show that isn't ruined by CBS go watch Orville it's great.

  • Kurt R
    Kurt R

    HOW IS EVERYONE ABLE TO VIEW THE SHOW?? I cant get the stoopid CBS All Access to work.

  • dave miller
    dave miller

    So this show has Picard and appearances by TNG characters as well as 7 of 9 from Voyager. I hope season 2 has appearances by major Kira or Garak or some characters from Deep Space 9. Season 1 had a brief reference to Quark but that isn't the same as getting to see someone. it would be a shame to include a character from Voyager but snub Deep Space 9. A cameo by Q is basically required too.

  • Riley Bell
    Riley Bell

    Is it a movie or show??

    • Mark Smith
      Mark Smith

      Is a pile of poo.

    • Kurt R
      Kurt R

      It's a made-for-streaming series. Like a TV show miniseries.

  • T. Diddle
    T. Diddle

    I don't designate a hero lightly, yet Patrick Stewart is my f******* hero!

  • Stuart Hollingsead
    Stuart Hollingsead

    What makes star trek is the low budget that forces writers, actors, set designers to get creative. Sometimes it fails, but sometimes it is genius. Give a show unlimited money and any special effect you want and you do not force ingenuity into the show, but rather you bleed it away... star wars the search for gas is a classic example of this phenom.

  • ManuelPabloArnao

    Why is this online and not on prime time tv?

    • Kurt R
      Kurt R

      That's the $64,000,000 question isn't it? I think it has to do with the attempt to maximize impact on a niche market (i.e., by streaming, and ONLY with their service, they not only get your money, but your information, too.) I hate it when things get greedy. "Selfish" I understand. But not "greed".

  • T.M. B
    T.M. B

    Ugh, watching this old man Picard show is like going to a senior citizen home and watching them grow old!

  • Ka Ramos
    Ka Ramos

    Amazing - 24th century sci-fi and black males are STILL omitted - WTF why????

  • David Williams
    David Williams

    Admiral Worf has got to Show Up.... A Klingon in Command of the Enterprise will Bring the House Down

  • JamesFeiffer

    One of the best series, much superior to the previous CBS one, 10 times better.

  • Jerms_McErms

    I know im late but if riker doesn't lift his leg over chairs. I wont watch it.

  • 13th Evergreen
    13th Evergreen

    But... Is it Good?

    • fez


  • Professor Thascales
    Professor Thascales

    Your show is vacuous and pedantic.

  • RedditISasshole

    No movies are good. Just SJW pieces of shlt.

    • RedditISasshole

      @The weird history nerd I'm still not wrong. Whether this is a movie or not.

    • The weird history nerd
      The weird history nerd

      ??? Picard isn't even a movie what are you on about?

  • Liya_Marie

    Hmm no Jordie Laforge🧐🤔

  • The Calendar
    The Calendar

    I think with episode 7 there is the promise, no matter what develops, Picard will not be alone. With a little help from his friends, Picard promises it could be something great. Hopefully the story, the plot, will live up to this promise as well. Picard may not have the direct support of Starfleet, but I would like to see that he still has amazing support as a result of his amazing life. As it is now, he's shown as a bit too vulnerable, more likely to be in need of protection from the youth and vitality of the young cast. No one wants to see a useless octagenarian. Picard's strengths must come from his prior relationships, and knowledge, something that only a lifetime of experience and good will can develop, something the young won't have but need. He would not be an Obi-Wan Kenobi who also draws his strength from the mystic Force of the universe, but an icon that is imbued with the love of people he has helped, who can and will help him on whatever mission he now finds himself on. And please cool it with his the friends who are drunken drug addicted doesn't make it better. Maybe have them recover through the process of associating themselves with a noble mission. Anything less would not be Star Trek.

  • Kevin H
    Kevin H

    I am not so sure I like the darker tone of the story line. But when Picard showed up at Rikers place I gotta admit, the old chemistry was just right there....

  • Khris Trid
    Khris Trid

    full episodes huh all i am seeing are a bunch of trailers to the show what a bunch of shit

  • Joseph Solomon
    Joseph Solomon

    Stop giving "bad trek" an audience! EHs were already doing android jobs making an android workforce just stupid! The show runner Analex Shitzman and writers are not Trek fans! They're not worthy and they suck!

  • Feral

    Idk why but its hard to see Sir Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner so old.

  • Brenda B
    Brenda B

    I love Sir Patrick Stewart. The man, his acting and YES! Captain (Admiral) Jean Luc Picard. Whatever this series is to some people or whatever people believe it isn't, I'm loving it! I'm a blogger, therefore I did what a blogger does. I wrote a blog entry inspired by this new series. Please be kind.

  • xIGEHD

    I've watched this shit and its ass Lol Discovery was wayy better

  • Jon Jon
    Jon Jon

    Seven of nine in episode 5 was a complete badass

  • Mark Jr Bessett
    Mark Jr Bessett

    Literally almost half way through, Im just waiting to see Riker and Troi.

  • Sean Newhouse
    Sean Newhouse

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  • ajax1137

    Brent got fat.

  • Erik Markle
    Erik Markle

    this show is so Pc its sickening....two episodes in and exwctly ONE other white human male...EVERY CHARACTER IS FEMALE , MINORITY OR ALIEN....its juct pcism rammed down our. throat

  • kinggzz

    literally in the womb my mother watched original trek every episode, so im a prebirth trekky. I really njoy picard and his co stars and all of the star trek tv shows. but the writing so far on this new series is lack luster at best. ep1 was a complete waste of time, in fact.... the first 4 episodes shoulda been a 1 hour season premiere with no commercial interruptions. that's where ep2 should picked up, instead it took 5eps to get there, with a buncha boring dribble in the middle. hopefully the remaining season 1 eps will be filled with eye candy and reunions galore and season 2 will be the badass picard we all wanted. please ENGAGE our minds and get with it already. remember... TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO1 HAS GONE B4, not... to boldly bore you to death with pointless dribble.

  • Tyrrell R. Parker
    Tyrrell R. Parker

    Here's the truth I purchased CBS all access subscription free now for Star trek Picard. I did not for Discovery. I'm a lifelong fan, I like old and new Trek. I'm a fan of the Kelvin Universe & Prime universe viewed from a multiverse approach. But I do acknowledge that there are definitely flaws within both universes. With that said I would like both Kelvin universe and the Prime universe to continue. However, I do believe it best for ViacomCBS to still separate the universes and not merge them. I say this Not from a divisive point of view, but from a having the option to choose which. I believe having Prime (traditional) universe on the television show I.e. CBS all Access with stricter adherence to Star Trek Canon. Also, keeping the Kelvin (progressive) universe for the movies which allows for a bigger Budget & more flexibility with the universe rules and such. To be honest with you, If done properly Star trek could be capitalized on just respect the Cannon, remember it's a space science fiction show emphasis on space and science and please stop dropping F-bombs. I'd spend more 🤑

  • bloodrunsclear

    And now Star Trek is going the way of Star Wars. Nostalgia is a b*tch when all companies use it for is to spit in your face.

  • Loren Cahlander
    Loren Cahlander

    This show has forgotten "Darmok at Jalad at Tanagra"

  • Jason Wheet
    Jason Wheet

    And then you would think it would get better but it only gets worse 🤦

  • Jason Wheet
    Jason Wheet

    PLEASE just bring Discovery Back. Didn't this dude do enough messing up X Men? I'm watching this mess four episodes in 🤦. Data has a daughter?🤦 I can't. Who wrote this? Who casted this? After Discovery being so good, and the this?

  • Wapper Jaw
    Wapper Jaw

    It seems pretty good for Scifi ... but this whole incident concerning the Romulus Planet being destroyed from the movie in 2009 to the Picard rescue mission just does not make a bit of sense. Earth now has all sorts of colonies now as well as the Klingon's and the Vulcan's ... etc. You mean to tell me Romulus has no colonies to send ships for a rescue mission? Why would they depend on the Federation? Plus Romulus now has more than enough time to prepare since both Spock's are now in the same timeline in Star Trek 2009 movie. Would both Spock's not say a thing to warn Romulus of its impending destruction? Not too mention the Romulan who is able to travel back in time long before it happens and instead of warning his home planet that would save the family he so dearly loved is so bent on revenge toward Spock ... that he does nothing to prevent the loss of his family. Just think what should have happen??? Nope does not make a bit of sense!

  • Matthew Nguyen
    Matthew Nguyen

    Number One, I order you to take a Number Two!

  • Dev Env
    Dev Env

    Dude, we live in a time where SJW"s ruin media. Did they ruin this show too? Is it filled with sociological and political propaganda that reflects our real life political tide in an unimmersive way?

  • David Baertsch
    David Baertsch

    Might have watched this if not alienated by Sir Patrick Stewart comments that the new 'Star Trek' Series Will Take On Trump, Brexit ... I have had more than enough ultra left liberal preaching already. I sure would not pay for more

  • Alan Day
    Alan Day

    I am unsure why the premise of a human like synth is new. Data's mother was a complete human form synth. An she was not made in pairs? I do however, enjoy the regular Star Trek Universe. Not the Poop Emoji Klingon ones.

  • kinith saephan
    kinith saephan

    i dont even watch star trek, and this looks hype

  • gatordood !
    gatordood !

    Huge disappointment this is not Star trek...

  • Georgia Moffat
    Georgia Moffat

    NICEEEE! I love seeing old faces from my childhood. Sweetness.

  • Mike Hood
    Mike Hood

    They won't accept my email address without Google i cannot pay !!!!