Starlink Mission
SpaceX is targeting Monday, November 11 at 9:56 a.m. EST, 14:56 UTC, for launch of 60 Starlink satellites from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. A backup launch opportunity is available at 9:34 a.m. EST, 14:34 UTC, on Tuesday, November 12.
Falcon 9’s first stage supported the Iridium-7, SAOCOM-1A, and Nusantara Satu missions, and the fairing was previously flown on Falcon Heavy’s Arabsat-6A mission earlier this year. Following stage separation, SpaceX will land Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Of Course I Still Love You” droneship, which will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Derek Guo
    Derek Guo

    The rocket flew around the world in around 40 minutes!

  • felipe rojas
    felipe rojas

  • Vincent Williams
    Vincent Williams

    This is what humans should be watching and learning...not looting. Just a thought.

  • Johnny Boi
    Johnny Boi

    I don’t know how somebody could have possibly disliked, Ive watched every starlink launch and they are all amazing.

  • Дженифер Лопес
    Дженифер Лопес

    захватывающее зрелище поражающее воображение

  • kvin akl
    kvin akl

    23:21 - the most miracle moment

  • Roblox Movies Productions
    Roblox Movies Productions

    I can't tell its apoapsis

  • Anderson Galo Sousa
    Anderson Galo Sousa

    Gosto muito de ver vídeos da espace x ..acho muito bom 👍

  • Conscious Truth
    Conscious Truth

    who asked you to pollute the night sky and beam down more radiation? Did we vote on it? what is going on here?

  • Pedro Rita-Pereira
    Pedro Rita-Pereira

    23:23 reverse video

  • Jacare Downes
    Jacare Downes

    Fucking weirdos leave or planet...


    It's true, with skynet, all "humanity" will be able to have access to pornography, the dark web, the creepy and violent amateur videos, the neo nazi websites... In fact it will be "humanity" in all its splendor, revealed in every corner of the planet that was still untouched by all these horrors, a real humanist revolution !!!!

  • Hari Purwanto
    Hari Purwanto

    the happiest employees in the world :D

  • Kresley Silva
    Kresley Silva

    I just saw those flares in space here in SP/BR today :D I think is these Starlink. 3 "orbs" in the same distance; When the first disapear, other appears next in the last line. Nice!

  • Adhara Astronomie
    Adhara Astronomie

    On n'en veut pas de cet internet qui pollue le ciel !

  • Cristian Fattinnanzi
    Cristian Fattinnanzi

    Dear Elon, I am wishing you the worst evils. Then I would like to know, who sold you the Space? Isn't it a World Heritage Site? You have to pay handsomely all the 7 billion people who will no longer be able to see the sky as before, if you want to launch your fucking satellites ....

  • Harjit singh
    Harjit singh

    Starlink mission is awesome 🇺🇸👑💕

  • rock stocks on the blocks
    rock stocks on the blocks

    Thank you Mr Musk for polluting our skys and everything else in betwen.

  • Samples

    David Ickes calls Elon and Gates fill in the blanks "p_yc_op_t_s"

  • Chefrocker

    Why is no video outthere how the satellites start? 60 satellites in a row, i am extremly interrested to see, how this look like at the start and how this work!

  • Activated Oxygen
    Activated Oxygen

    The ruthlessness of Elon Musk: It means that Elon will turn the world into a microwave oven, very bad for our body`s immune system.. Just wait for the next virus to hit.. with corona you ain`t seen nothing yet. Also: everybody who has chronic brain infection, like Lyme Patients, people with ADHD, Alzbeimer, autism, we talk about tens of millions of people around the globe.. all might suffer greatly when it is installed, many might die in great pain.. This has never been tested on people with these conditions.. I can tell you from experience, being EMF radiated is no fun when having Lyme Disease

  • scotty

    when elon musk dies he would have advanced space travel enough to be cremated by the sun

  • scotty

    i belive every century we get a genius what gives us a technological revolution.

  • scotty

    i bet every time one of elon's crazy ideas works he just thinks "ha, told ya"

  • scotty

    and to think ive been getting my internet from a crushed CenturyLink dsl box for 13 years.

  • Cobia 1
    Cobia 1

    Will I still be able to use my flip phone?

  • kakashi mua
    kakashi mua

    maybe u can threaten the existence of great fire wall.

  • manis x
    manis x

    Algeria Telecom more than a year for the end of your dictatorship !



  • Krey Z
    Krey Z

    En kısa sürede türk telekom belasından kurtulmak üzere iyi çalışmalar

  • Ali Alkinani
    Ali Alkinani

    i need service like this in my country ☹

  • David Sorell
    David Sorell

    RIP B1048.5

  • Rui Santos
    Rui Santos

    This is the fourth really done attempt to do this kind of things. The others have a kind of failed .. ... 1- Iridium, Globalstar and Thuraya ...

  • Jon Steedley
    Jon Steedley

    Hello; COME ON STARLINK! I have service rated 50 Mbps by the ISP, but usually 18-25. Lately its been as slow as

  • Mitchell Lockyer
    Mitchell Lockyer

    Cant wait my internet is slow as f**k

  • Tammy Leeder Whitaker
    Tammy Leeder Whitaker


  • Test Pilot Tim
    Test Pilot Tim

    Hurry I need this service very urgent .

  • Shaun Notyourbiz
    Shaun Notyourbiz

    All "Flat-Earthers" should be put in prison.

  • DynoSauR

    My vacation home internet can only get 6 Mbps. DSL from AT&T which is currently $40 and is about to go up to $50 which I will refuse to pay. Please hurry up and bring this service online and let the people who have such crappy local internet sign up first.

  • roy proulx
    roy proulx

    can I sign up soon to be one of the first to use the service.

  • spee773377ee

    I want this

  • 1202Sid
    1202Sid Can someone explain the particles flying around at this stage ?

  • Roy


  • TiaguinhoO



    22/02/2020 and as of 20:25 hrs, in Perth Western Australia, can anyone explain to me why I just witnessed 10-15 small, bright lights following each other from the North Westerly direction into a South Easterly direction in the sky. There were around 8 others travelling in opposite directions but mostly moving into true north and true south directions. They were not planes, meteorites or space junk. Two appeared as though they were about to collide. I am not tripping, stoned or drunk. Any clue to as what they may have been would be greatly appreciated.

  • Jeremy Gibbs
    Jeremy Gibbs

    Damn science you are cool!

  • Morgan

    At 1:16:35 something flew across the screen. Was it space junk or a UFO?

  • Jayce MacInnis
    Jayce MacInnis

    OMG Falcon Heavy is at 0:06

  • Canadian Tinkerer
    Canadian Tinkerer

    The mission timer is all over the place. I get it might be adjusted before launch but those shure are not equal seconds going by

    • Canadian Tinkerer
      Canadian Tinkerer

      Good job on the flight though.

  • Samvel Sargsyan
    Samvel Sargsyan

    Пожалуйста! Запустите старлинк в России!:( мы устали от трактования правил местными операторами (( живем как рабы..

  • BlueSea

    Elon is putting a mesh of satellites around earth, this will block the future rocket launches a satellite traffic jam

  • Nick Peacock
    Nick Peacock

    Can't wait.

  • Ares

    Bring Starlink to Bagdad AZ, we are your source for clean mined copper ore, Elon. Pushing mining out of the U.S. kills more people and produces far more pollution than U.S. Mining. We all share the planet we cannot outsource pollution! Here we are producing clean copper ore, but we need access to reliable internet, the only ISP we have gouges us, has frequent outages and basically flips off laughing since we have no alternatives.

  • Joe Hecker
    Joe Hecker

    I never get tired of watching falcons land.

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    Humans, so smart but also very stupid at times. Glad to have some more competition in the telecom industry.'re going down.

  • Ednilso Muller
    Ednilso Muller

    When can i log with my martian login:

  • urubiero

    Wow! Glad to have seen this unfold right before my eyes! Even as an engineer, I am still marvelled. Kudos to Elon and the SpaceX team!

  • mm

    Ketika negara lain menciptakan roket untuk perang, elon menciptakan roket untuk kebaikan manusia

  • kermit peck
    kermit peck

    i envision a city, where every building is powered by the sun and wind, where theres a greenhouse in every apartment, where hyper-consumerism is replaced with self sufficient living and using money only when you absolutely need to, where everyone barters for something, where only taxes are sale taxes and a healthy mix of industry and tourism help the city achieve maximum profit. where the city only owns the courthouse, police, fire and city hall. everyone packs heat, even the teachers at the local charter and private schools, and knows self defense. the only border the city would ever have is a border to the county, because its not built on the coast. the city is super small business friendly, driving innovation to new heights. the only thing thats wrong with this capitalist paradise, is corporations are in the same room as small businesses. they do not pick and choose favorites in this city, on the contrary, the city enforces competition and healthy amounts all around. there is no i in this city, everyone is friendly and helps one another out, because everyone knows the horrors of hyper-consumerist corporatism. every good is built locally, with extras sold globally for a quick extra buck, except for internet access. 5 small ISPs, 10 medium ISPs, and 10 large ISPs, coupled with starlink make the place wonderful for internet access. everyone has 90+ coverage throughout the city and there is not less than 5 ISPs in a single area. downtown is a hyper busy district, with companies calling home here, big and small, with lots more office space and industry space up for grabs. a surplus of housing has prices down to buyer levels, and is kept that way so people can afford to live there minimumly. overall i envision a self sufficient libertarian capitalist city, a city that desires innovation, progress and enlightenment, a city that wants competition and plays no favorites at all. the people who live there know not to elect the wrong people, because everyone packs some heat and knows their way around the dojo on top of it all. everyone hunts as well or buys organic free range meats from the farmers market. lazy people and people who bitch, and moan about stuff usually are ignored and left to rot unless they run for office, then they are automatically shot.

  • Mukul Upadhyay
    Mukul Upadhyay


  • Marduk 2023
    Marduk 2023

    So you get better internet for the 15 minutes it takes for the satellite train to pass over. Get your info quick. Such a load of bullshit.

  • Nietlispach1

    Stop it immediatley.

  • Duncan Alexander
    Duncan Alexander

    @SpaceX is Starlink an opportunity to develop the tech necessary for a Dyson Swarm?

  • Al Jawhar Karim
    Al Jawhar Karim

    Do you want to see the truth, no CGI or animation: the sun under the clouds, watch this:

  • زيد راهي جياد فرحان
    زيد راهي جياد فرحان

    45:01 that's me

  • It‘s Leoo the Bambus
    It‘s Leoo the Bambus

    I saw starlink flying in the sky when I watched out of my window( 🇩🇪 ) first I didn’t know but then I did research and found some information. Great project 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Dan O
    Dan O

    Free internet for all with ads and a premium ad free option. Do it, Elon. (:

  • MCM Maggile
    MCM Maggile

    When the true effects of all this radiation starts showing up, the world may blow the US off the map for what had been done to the world.

    • Dion Haff
      Dion Haff


  • MCM Maggile
    MCM Maggile

    Killing off life on this planet with world wide non-step radiation is nothing to be proud of.

  • MCM Maggile
    MCM Maggile

    There is no THANKS to this horrific breech to the safety of mankind. This is 24 hour radiation of everyone with no place to hide. We have millions of people who have been damaged physically by radiation here on earth. The irresponsiblitiy of doing this to the entire human race is reprehensible.