Stephen A.: Kawhi’s Uncle Dennis' alleged free-agency requests violated the CBA | First Take
Stephen A. Smith breaks down why the Los Angeles Lakers shouldn’t feel slighted by Kawhi Leonard’s decision to choose to sign with the LA Clippers in free agency. (5:19) Stephen A. reports that people in NBA circles are talking about the alleged requests Kawhi Leonard’s Uncle Dennis made of teams interested in signing Kawhi in free agency.
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  • Ronnie Wellington
    Ronnie Wellington

    6:33 - A legend was born

  • Jo Alin
    Jo Alin

    6:34 brought me here 🤣


    I'm here to telling you right now i don't care about the NBA I'm just here for the meme 6:34

  • Calvin Pasin
    Calvin Pasin

    6:33 when your friend puts his victory royale on his snapchat story

  • Tyler White
    Tyler White

    6:34 a meme was born

  • Justine

    i'm here to tell you right now --- 6:32

  • jaypck


  • The88Dario

    6:34 Messi meme brought me here 😂

  • Hoops Galore
    Hoops Galore

    What you all wanted to see is at 6:34. Ur welcome

  • Teareal Davis
    Teareal Davis

    Ryan Hollins says honest things no one would dare to say . I fuck with him because I live honestly and don’t give af how a mf feels about it . Shit at least I’m keeping it real instead of saying what anyone to say to be approved or accepted


    Lebron ha the only super team in the NBA then kd joins steph and it's unfair bunch of clowns man


    Lebron can win MVP while playing with another top 5 player but it's not ok for other like kod and steph these clowns

  • Coach B
    Coach B

    Guess what SAS the Raptor's have a Championship and the Knicks will never win again. Btw it takes a team to win a Championship last time I checked.

  • LI Outdoorsman
    LI Outdoorsman

    Nothing makes me NOT want to click on a video MORE, then a headline containing the words “KAWHI’s UNCLE”

  • Sanman

    These players are now keeping the money in the family and whitey hates that

  • N Wilt
    N Wilt

    difference is that Kawhi still plays solid defense besides solid offense.

  • devin williams
    devin williams

    🤷🏾‍♂️ what does James Dolan have to do with the clippers building a new stadium ?

  • aaron begon
    aaron begon

    The Lakers and raps arent upset, THE MEDIA IS UPSET!! HAHAHAHA SUCKERSSSSS

  • turboplazz

    So Steven A Smith basically said.....Salary cap Schmalary cap! Balmer MAY HAVE played the heavy melon and paid through the back door to get the signature. Personally, I hope this is true and this might be the beginning of the end of the Salary cap days. .....Interesting.

  • Vinh-An Nguyen
    Vinh-An Nguyen

    Bunch of sored Lakers fans trying to claim something cuz they lost out of KL!

  • Valarie Johnson
    Valarie Johnson

    😂 I want to hear more talk about "Uncle Dennis" 😁

  • Mitchell S
    Mitchell S

    I just want clippers to win so I can see ballmer lose his shit x10... and kellermans wire reference is on point

  • Mateen Quwi
    Mateen Quwi

    Max always making some rap reference now you watched the HBO wire series... who are you friends Max, this my guy Lmao

  • Cody Foster
    Cody Foster

    Why does everybody blame the super team big 3 on Lebron all the time? Wasnt it Ray Allen, Garnett, Pierce the team that was put together that was beating Lebron before he went to Miami????

  • Josh R
    Josh R

    Why TF do you guys ALWAYS YELL? It’s so tiring to watch

  • 65 Belshaw
    65 Belshaw

    yo MOLLY dress is hella short S/o to jalen rose for getting all up in that

  • 65 Belshaw
    65 Belshaw

    Mac Kellerman a gangster for that THE WIRE line

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia

    this video is the most useful, even so when I must immediately payoff a few monthly bills I utilize this here *GetPaidHome. Com*

  • Mark Stackhouse
    Mark Stackhouse

    Stephen A Smith just fucking snitch but then try to say he ain't trying to put nothing out there bro you on national TV the whole world seen this now smh

  • Brandon Perez
    Brandon Perez

    SAS just gave Bron the kiss of death for next season.

  • Cold Bizzness
    Cold Bizzness

    Max kellerman 100% respect kawhi saved the NBA you are 100% correct

  • Cold Bizzness
    Cold Bizzness

    LBJ winning the MVP Stephen A Smith you have been so wrong lately it's crazy

  • Rob L.
    Rob L.

    Anthony Davis is in the top 5, what are you HIGH egghead and Toronto had marginal players, if you look at the Raptors record without Kahwi they were somethink like 17-5. You should do your homework before you hit the airwaves EGGHEAD. EGGHEAD Smith

  • December1014

    Ugh it irks me & irritates my soul when white people try to incorporate black culture and lingo into their analogies (it comes across forced & unauthentic). He had the audacity to ask Stephen you know who Marlo is 😤. Stay in your mayo lane.

  • Don King
    Don King

    Love that wire example max 🔥🔥🔥💯

  • Eduardo Santiago
    Eduardo Santiago

    NBA commissioner had to investigate if it's TRUE concerning Kwahi Uncle Dennis .

  • pHantom

    He looks refreshed

  • Jake Collier
    Jake Collier

    Damn, now Lebron is gonna suck because stephen a hole predicted he will be mvp. Lebron doesn't need that curse on him.

  • Tuatara Taniwha
    Tuatara Taniwha

    dont sleep on uncle dennis

  • Utkarsh Dave Sahni
    Utkarsh Dave Sahni

    Who cares about the CBA honestly? Players and owners are just going to do what is best for them regardless of the rules and if the rules don't allow that, they will just find a way around it. You trying to tell me if i'm making 30 million a year, i'm going to be fazed by the possibility of getting a 10 thousand dollar fine if I get caught? Of course not. Get out of here. The CBA has been irrelevant ever since the 15th player on a roster that get 2 minutes a game started earning as much as a CEO.

  • Anj B
    Anj B

    Uncle Dennis is a hustler

  • Bruce Rivers
    Bruce Rivers

    AD is not a top 5 players. He top 10 though. He’s not better than: Kawhi KD Greek Steph LeBron Jokic Embiid

    • ItsJace

      Bruce Rivers 👋

  • Raptors2019

    Fuck uncle dennis

  • josefino72

    It’s Steven A. who SAYS the Lakers got played, not The Lakers saying they got played. I hope he gets laringitis for the next two weeks so I don’t have to hear his outlandish takes.

  • Andre Johnson
    Andre Johnson

    He came there for 1 year and won them their ONLY ever championship.. ungrateful much!?

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian
    Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Molly looking hot

  • epitome1986

    The lakers should have just taken Patrick beverly, signed reddick, and went out for cousins. lakers could have sent out beverly, reddick, Lebron, ad, and cousins while still having Kuzma leading the bench.

  • Makaʻāinana Kine Stuffs
    Makaʻāinana Kine Stuffs

    Max finna write a book.

  • Rithik Iyer
    Rithik Iyer


  • Boss

    Max with The Wire comparison was on point. This man is invited to my cookout 😂

  • Adil A
    Adil A

    I can’t believe that black guy jalen is banging molly shieettt

  • Lawomenshoops

    Bron is 33/34 with tons of wear and tear on his body. Father Time never loses! Bron has to play at least 60 games next year, and that may not happen! I don;t care that he's in great shape. Kobe was in great shape then got injuried 2 or 3 years of his final 5 years.

  • Justin Figgins
    Justin Figgins

    And of course SAS doesn't mention Magic....

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    Why is Ryan Hollis even a commenter? Like literally who is he bribing or blackmailing that has him as the back up for the goat sports personality ???

  • onlyonesmoke

    Kawhi just want to play at home. LA his town and just want to play closer to his family. Thats about it..

  • Laurence Fenske
    Laurence Fenske

    Stephen A still salty he had to go through customs to cover the finals. What a douche. Great reason to black ball an entire nation of NBA fans. He’s obviously unaware these Raptors also averaged 53 wins the last 5 seasons before Kawhi got there. They don’t win without him, but he was hardly alone. 🤦‍♂️

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      Glad he did come to the Lakers we got a great squad... boggie, Danny, etc that’s a core

  • Ghost of Bill Cooper
    Ghost of Bill Cooper

    "He wasn't meant to play the son." No. He was meant to play the nephew.

  • Buck Nutz
    Buck Nutz

    I don't care for Stephen A ..... Though he's Waaayyyy better then that clown Hollins

  • King Reo
    King Reo


  • ThatAtheistBastard

    Come on Max, why you gotta spoil the wire for everyone?

  • Johnny Vex
    Johnny Vex

    Why is that Bimbo even in that same room with Max and A. Smith

  • kretles

    Kids this what's referred to as stating the obvious. Stephen A. needs help. He states the obvious and acts like he discovered America.

  • Brandon Allen
    Brandon Allen

    Max, never mention that idiot Jason Whitlock again. Ever. Again.

  • emeraldo

    Ryan Hollins punching the air right now. 😂

  • J-b as Detox Damalix
    J-b as Detox Damalix

    Why is Max still not fired ? Since he bought a pair of balls and raised his voice ton trie and debate with S.A he looks, sounds and talks like a four weeks old garbage bag. Get that man outta here please, he just gives me headaches

  • David Huerta
    David Huerta

    Max: Welcome back Stephen A. Stephen A.: Let me be very very clear about this; you're wrong and here's why.

  • Craig Harrison
    Craig Harrison

    Kawhi dosen't need Lebron and AD to win a championship...they need him. Don't get it confused.

  • G. Money
    G. Money

    He was never signing with the Lakers!!

  • Khan The Video game hunter
    Khan The Video game hunter

    I am happy for Kawhi I am from Canada. I think Kawhi will do well in LA and create a good rivalry with the Lakers.

  • Peleg Beck
    Peleg Beck

    Kawhi or Kobe who is the more similar player to Jordan