Steve Harvey threatens to destroy the set if THIS is up there! | Family Feud
The question is... "If they sold a Steve Harvey costume for Halloween, what might it come with?" Steve Harvey threatens to pull down the game board if THIS answer is up there! Find out what it is!

  • amal zuhair
    amal zuhair

    “If it’s up there ima tear this board down!!” *Guy behind the board hurriedly deletes “big nose” and add whatever the guy says so Steve doesn’t have a break down*

    • Vinnie Mystery
      Vinnie Mystery

      I bet u that guy behind the game board shit 💩 his pants lmao 😂😂😂😂

    • slamerz417

      Lmao so true

    • GOD BODY
      GOD BODY


    • SameoldPrimaldata

      "Oh Steve won't mind he's got a GREAT sense of humor" Steve threatens to tear the board down and go home "Abort! Abort! Steve is not with the foolishness today, this is not a drill" I'm surprised he let Big lips/big Teeth go...

  • DIO

    Forgot how annoying the, "gOoD aNSwEr" line is.

  • Claro1993

    4:04 Answer not found.

  • Malik Jones
    Malik Jones

    “Now that's how you clear the board” 😂

  • Ghostwolf 2.0
    Ghostwolf 2.0

    I hope to one day be able to take a joke like Steve can lol

  • Al Coulter
    Al Coulter

    This Show is a low braul show that only idiots and Neo cavemen watch, it's only purpose is to amuse the lower intelligent class of our society

  • Jebin Abraham
    Jebin Abraham


  • Skullcandy

    Somebody should’ve said a mr. Potato head

  • Metal Michael
    Metal Michael

    Kamisha can get it.

  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong

    Yk he was serious there. Because he didn't joke about it after the X came up.

  • Chanté aicats
    Chanté aicats

    This family is intelligent

  • Junior Gonzales
    Junior Gonzales

    Damn Steve gettin roasted by the fam

  • Kenneth Wolff
    Kenneth Wolff

    This guy keeps threatening the set. Many occasions. Some how he gets away with it

  • Michael Wagoner
    Michael Wagoner

    GCU Lopes up!

  • Jinx

    "Guys... we pushed him to far... he ain't playin'... change it... CHANGE IT! DAMNIT, CHANGE IT OR SO HELP ME- NOW!

  • metalman5

    I honestly thought she said Bob Cat XD

  • Collin Edgington
    Collin Edgington

    Why is quavo on family feud?

  • Marcus Tanner
    Marcus Tanner

    “Ight lil Wayne” I’m crying

  • XX crump
    XX crump

    Steve Harvey's nose👃is outrageously large

  • stroke0187

    Lil wayne was awfully excited.

  • Dave

    Big Tits

  • Andrew Only
    Andrew Only

    I laughed like a newborn!!

  • Jay K
    Jay K

    Big ass nose lol 🤥

  • Florida Patriot
    Florida Patriot

    Damn I was really hoping it was up there

  • Xavier Samuels
    Xavier Samuels

    3:40 mY BROTHER

  • Raymond Johnson
    Raymond Johnson

    Love how they just laid into Steve..big nose,bald cap,big lips and teeth😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • UnHealthyGainz

    A “Suit “ isn’t up there ? Wow

  • Mr. Conservatarian
    Mr. Conservatarian

    I still can't decide if that guy looks more like Lil Wayne or young thug.

  • Hans Chitzlinger
    Hans Chitzlinger

    Glad this wasn’t a white family. How uncomfortable would that be...

  • star boy
    star boy

    Guy behind the board change the answer big ass nose quickly to microphone

  • D33N9

    I tell u wat

  • FruitNDoggie

    Brown shoe polish. Why? Well, I'm sure you can figure that out. Those shoes don't polish themselves Steve.

  • Michael Humphreys
    Michael Humphreys

    The whit jawn he went up against was thick.

  • Rebekah Wolkiewicz
    Rebekah Wolkiewicz

    That “good joke” was a really clever answer! I wouldn’t have guessed that!

  • Rebekah Wolkiewicz
    Rebekah Wolkiewicz

    Grand Canyon University! I almost went there!

  • 90s Alternative Rock
    90s Alternative Rock

    I don't think I've ever seen anyone not get at least one strike!

  • Jordyn Matlock
    Jordyn Matlock

    “Family Feud sucks!” 😂😂

  • [fąte] mstank13
    [fąte] mstank13

    Steve bought to use 2% of his power

  • eddiemackalicious


  • Rohan Poddar
    Rohan Poddar

    One item that won't be with the costume is a wig. 🤣

  • dmoney141414

    Steve Harvey always be doing the most Steve: Name something you put in a bowl Guy: Cereal Steve: WHUT!? Guy: ....cereal Steve: Whut in the hell is wrong witcha boy!? *goes on rant for 60 seconds* ok, show me cereal Board: #1 answer

  • Wesley Register
    Wesley Register

    Steve said "ok Lil Wayne" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Robert Harrell
    Robert Harrell

    Oh, Robert. How you fell... Fell so hard

  • KingTurtleJeff

    The other family never even got to steal 😂😂😂 ©

  • iamsocorny

    Thought that was Lil wayne in the thumbnail

  • Luke

    Turned from Family Feud into a Steve Harvey Roast


    I was gonna guess black face >.>

  • Jettanyia Gumbs
    Jettanyia Gumbs

    Ok...They caught me...I clicked cause I thought the guy in the thumbnail was"The Greatest of All Time"...😅 #Jaqueef


    The Roast of Steve Harvey coming this summer 2020 on Comedy Central

  • Robert Patrick Atmojo
    Robert Patrick Atmojo

    I'm surprised a costume of him wouldn't come with a miss universe MC card

  • Aaron Moise
    Aaron Moise

    Big ass nose 😂😂😂

  • Dirty Harry
    Dirty Harry

    Best show ever was with ‘double D’

  • ovnox

    I can’t believe they got it!

  • Master Omega
    Master Omega

    Tech people frantically deleting big ass nose

  • Ralph Stevens
    Ralph Stevens

    Steve the best MC of family feud after Richard Dawson

  • win2008workstation

    2:25 - I SWEAR Steve Harvey said "ALRIGHT Lil Wayne" . The dude does look like Lil Wayne too xD xD xD

    • Lamont Fountaine
      Lamont Fountaine


  • YellowSTS

    Kamisha....mmmm mmm mmmmmm

  • Toa Ninjis
    Toa Ninjis

    Was waiting for someone to say "Mrs universe card"

  • Daniel Wharton
    Daniel Wharton

    that family was awesome! fun to watch

  • joshua bolton
    joshua bolton

    Im glad they let Melly out of jail for this 💯

    • Lamont Fountaine
      Lamont Fountaine

      Coulda came harder than that lol

  • Mr.Ander Sonn
    Mr.Ander Sonn

    I havent laughed this hard in a while.

  • Atomic Gaming
    Atomic Gaming


  • Paul O'Neal
    Paul O'Neal

    The older models probably came with a toupee...

  • Sina Butts
    Sina Butts


  • Elena G
    Elena G

    Calm down there lil wayne😂😂

    • Lamont Fountaine
      Lamont Fountaine

      Nah, I keep doin me

  • Copper Jaguar
    Copper Jaguar

    Should be titled "Family wins before other family gets to play" 😂

  • Andre King
    Andre King

    You can tell they joke about his nose behind the set a lot if he got mad that quick. He told them not to put that up there before and they probably was going to

  • humaneshadowx71

    They love trolling Steve XD

  • hooderaw

    Imagine if the white family had to answer these questions.

  • Predator Productionz
    Predator Productionz

    So im the only one thought that was jacquees in the thumbnail?..