Steven Gets CORRUPTED?! How and Why! Steven Universe Future FINAL Villain Theory!
The Roundtable
A popular theory going around for Steven Universe Future is the concept that the giant beast looming in the background of the villains crowd shot is none other than Steven himself, corrupted. How and why could this happen? How would this impact the Crystal Gems, the humans of Beach City and the Diamonds? Let's break down the original theory and spin it into how it could work organically into the story!
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  • The Roundtable
    The Roundtable

    Do you guys think Steven could get corrupted into the giant beast in the theme song? We have another theory on who this creature could be, but it was really fun throwing our two cents into this one! ORIGINAL THEORY: THUMBNAIL ART BY JANKYBONES:

    • Tyler Bell’s animation series PJ Mask Shows
      Tyler Bell’s animation series PJ Mask Shows


    • Danny Sylvain
      Danny Sylvain

      Here's a theory maybe ccorrupted Steven is controlling white like he did with the Lars, and the watermelons Stevens. then using white power combined with his i controlling multiple gems at once

    • Michael Brian
      Michael Brian

      Impossible, he’s the main character, the number one rule of a tv show is that the main character of a show doesn’t have anything bad enough that happens to them that it changes the character entirely (aka a main character can’t be completely changed in every single way)

    • Kire Gore
      Kire Gore

      yes I think that it is steven corrupted. Maybe he was forced to fuse with a corrupted gem? Just maybe...

    • Galaxy Kitty YT
      Galaxy Kitty YT

      I do

  • Galaxy Gaming
    Galaxy Gaming

    I’m naming is wormy boi!

  • meeee....

    I've watched the movie 10 times.... Am not unhappy

  • Gina Jackson
    Gina Jackson

    I'm on the sneeple train

  • B the skeleton
    B the skeleton

    Idea for pilot. . Split. edit tomorrow

  • mia rainger
    mia rainger


  • mia rainger
    mia rainger

    I think Steven tried to heal someone that's REALLY hurt them he got corrupted because he was stressing out

  • Super Pokémon bros
    Super Pokémon bros

    What if corrupted Steven corrupts the other gems! 😱

  • dat one dude be like
    dat one dude be like

    Mega oof when movie came out

  • Lucan Dasilva-Martinez
    Lucan Dasilva-Martinez

    Kinda looks like xol from destiny 2

  • Paola Angulo
    Paola Angulo

    If you see the cactus type of thing with multiple heads, doesn't it look like a type of Steven plant like the watermelon Steven except something bad happened to make it evil?

  • DragonCat Entertainment
    DragonCat Entertainment

    With the “Steven has a physical body” thing, It could be like his body being sort of... trapped in the bigger hologram with mass that is gem forms. Like being trapped in jelly or ice or something. Or piloting a giant robot

  • Nobody Important
    Nobody Important

    Bruh that Steven in the thumbnail is perfectly cut if you remove the worm

  • zEliteEpic

    one thing that could save him The Rose Quartz Healing Fountain with the diamonds

  • Uncle Dispenser
    Uncle Dispenser

    Am i the only one that thinks that Its Pink Steven got out of Steven’s body and reformed as a corrupted gem, this makes Steven a normal human without powers.

  • Jawbreaker The Hyaenodon
    Jawbreaker The Hyaenodon

    Maybe his corrupted form will look similar to Jasper’s except his is pink and has a long neck. Like a giraffe.

  • Hoih2

    That would mean steven would still have horns or something like jasper

  • břiãńńã_ťĕrrøñěś

    is it bad that I kind of want steven to be wormy boi💀

  • voomee or woomy
    voomee or woomy

    So would Steven get half corrupted bc ya know he is half human and gem

  • shadowy posts
    shadowy posts

    He isnt corrupted He just has a 10 meter long neck now

  • Joshua Jeong
    Joshua Jeong

    I was thinking that Steven would be PHYSICALLY corrupted, but not MENTALLY because of all of his changing.

  • Tyler Bell’s animation series PJ Mask Shows
    Tyler Bell’s animation series PJ Mask Shows

    WHo SAyS it’s a gem gem gem gem’s that’s all there is in the series big whoop maybe it is actually a different race

  • Fizzydrizzle 66
    Fizzydrizzle 66

    Could the one that looks like white be corrupted pink

  • Hqckz

    Trash movue

  • Wavvy Ben
    Wavvy Ben

    Steven will be fine!!!! I don’t want anything to happen to him.

  • Wavvy Ben
    Wavvy Ben

    I don’t think it will be Steven because the worm is so big! If you saw Jaspers corruption she was almost the same size as she was before as original Jasper before her corruption.

  • Angel Guevara
    Angel Guevara

    Steven can't get corrupted because no one else is corrupted that he can fuse with and why would the diamonds corrupt Steven.

  • Arista Dyan
    Arista Dyan

    I reallllly hope this doesn't become a thing because of how heartbreaking it would be, but if it does I just hope he can be saved.


    nah, i think this is the gem that comes out of the earth after all of the injector juice from the movie

  • ItsUnicornPlayz

    Okay let me explain some more. Okay Steven is corrupted. They need all the diamonds to save him. But wait! Steven is a diamond!!! Okay let’s rewind to Steven running. Wait is that a black shirt I see? So if your not on the same page as me what im saying is in Steven Universe original series Steven had a red and yellow shirt. In Steven Universe the movie Steven has a blue shirt with a yellow star and a pink (I forget). So in the original Steven universe Steven has a yellow star on his shirt. Maybe that meant yellow diamond...? Then in Steven Universe the movie he has (already told ya) so the blue might mean blue diamond and pink might mean pink diamond. Okay now onto Steven universe future. He has a black shirt. Black diamond? Will the black diamond save Steven? Okay onto another theory. Okay so Steven helped centipeedle. Maybe this is the time centi will help Steven. Not much stuff to backup this idea :/ What do you think?

  • Dr Wrecker
    Dr Wrecker

    My theory is that Steven trained himself to live without his gem over the 2 year time skip

  • Shadow

    I really hope Steven gets corrupt and if he does then I *NEED* to see the centipedle help Steven just like Steven helped Centipedle

  • William Mao
    William Mao

    It could be a corrupted spinel

  • Danny Sylvain
    Danny Sylvain

    Here's a Theory maybe corrupted Steven is controlling white like he did with the Lars, and the watermelons Stevens. then using white power combined with his i controlling multiple gems at once

  • Mahekanis Ormandy
    Mahekanis Ormandy

    It could be a corrupted diamond

  • The Animaniac2
    The Animaniac2

    *worm boi created white diamond*

  • Kamara Wood
    Kamara Wood

    what i think is after fixing the earth (smooching it like a million times) he picked up poison on his lips and when he gets emotional he goes corrupted until something calms him, i say this because he could partially heal corrupted gems, so why not heal himself in which he cant do it for very long thats where the emotional part i added comes in, seeing corruption is seen as a tear in the mind his mind could become sensitive to emotion, so yeah thats my theory.

  • Cora Nugent
    Cora Nugent

    One of the episodes said that corruption was caused by white diamonds light radiation

  • Mēêp Mørphš ಠ_ಠ
    Mēêp Mørphš ಠ_ಠ

    imagine if that weird pink/cluster white diamond corrupted steven.... if... if... AHAHAHAH I GOT IT MABYE BABY THE PINK WHITE DIAMOND CORRUPTED STEVEN HOLY FRIK DUDEEE

  • maseeh murshid
    maseeh murshid

    I think it's white diamond the giant worm

  • maseeh murshid
    maseeh murshid

    are you sure???????????????

  • Mr.Muffin


  • Karkos Vlogai
    Karkos Vlogai

    Big chubby worm :3

  • Rewind 120 154
    Rewind 120 154

    Even gets corrupted by either chipping his gem or it is have to deal with that pink version of white diamond

  • Itz - Eli
    Itz - Eli

    Technically, if Steven gets corrupted, there is almost no possible way to bring him back. You can’t really bubble him because he is half human, and if you were to take out his gem, he would become even more dangerous and normal Steven would most likely die instantly because of the corruption.

  • The Glitches
    The Glitches

    Oh maybe, pink steven returns and they're the one to be corrupted

  • Unknown Lord
    Unknown Lord

    Why did you have to make the thumbnail so terrifying

  • Toby Mizell
    Toby Mizell

    possible explanation for Pink-White Diamond and "Corrupted" Steven: White Diamond tried to ruin literally everything in one massive assault on Earth, and therefore Steven did a thing which caused corruption. Therefore Pink-White Diamond. But, it backfired somehow and therefore Wormy Boi

  • Funtime Gamer Fred
    Funtime Gamer Fred

    I don't think Steven will be Corrupted because say it with me STEVEN IS HALF HUMAN

  • Barry In a nutshell
    Barry In a nutshell

    But aren’t all gems girls? .-.

  • Austin

    Steven: gets corrupted. Pearl: Garnet where's Amethyst! Amethyst on corrupted stevens head: Hey its me.. I'm a horse.


    - see's wormy boi A.k.A steven destroying the city- - connie pulls out her sword - Connie : I'll do it for him....

    • Belu 1003
      Belu 1003

      That would be truly heartbreaking but epic and amazing

  • wavii oof
    wavii oof

    I think it has something to do with the cluster

  • Lore m
    Lore m

    I don't know what that is🤔🤔

  • Sebastian Buenafe
    Sebastian Buenafe

    Why he use ok ko refrence?

  • Villager Iz here
    Villager Iz here

    This theory is Spaghetti/10 Spaghetti means 900

  • Laniya Williams
    Laniya Williams

    Imagine if...PD comes back..not possible but still

  • Noah Graham
    Noah Graham

    How can Steven get corrupted he's half human

  • • Jackie •
    • Jackie •

    Nobody: SU fans that play hollow knight: *It’s a wyrm.*

  • Devil-angel Within
    Devil-angel Within

    Corrupted Steven: *exist* Garnet:He’ll be fine. Amethyst:Is it me or did Steven’s neck got shorter? Pearl: *_MY BABY_* (Not really an original comment)

  • raffayplayz

    Wait what if the beast was Steven corrupted but wd is mad cuz she lost pink again!

  • French Fries
    French Fries

    But hey its just a theory _A CRYSTAL THEORY_

  • Anjani Kumar Tiwari
    Anjani Kumar Tiwari

    It's not TRUE >:(

  • Master Mixilei
    Master Mixilei

    If This Is True, Then I Think It Would Be Because Of Spinel’s Gem Rejuvenator Because Of All Of The Times He Was Struck With It

  • PikaGamer 0519
    PikaGamer 0519

    That thumbnail is a cursed image

  • Nannd

    I thought that the rejuvenator could restore corrupted gems, because (from the episode Monster Reunion) the corruption kicked in again when Centipeetle remembered what happened.

  • Kire Gore
    Kire Gore

    I DID RESEARCH!!! The Worm Monster is a former corrupted Gem that first appeared in "Bubble Buddies". As of "Change Your Mind", the Worm Monster has been uncorrupted, along with the rest of the Corrupted Gems, when Steven and the Diamonds combined their powers at Rose's Fountain. (I just looked up who it is so yeah...)

  • A L E X I A
    A L E X I A

    0:58 lOOk aT the Noses

  • CherryRock

    nononononononononononononononononononnononononononononononononononononnonononononononoonnononononononononononnoonononononononononononononononononononononononononoonnono if this is real im going to grab my gun and do self harm nonononnonononnoononononononononnonononononononononononononononnonononno

  • The Dragon King
    The Dragon King

    Why are you yelling