Steven Universe The Movie Trailer BREAKDOWN! New Gems, Homeworld Era 3 & Details You May Have Missed
The Roundtable
Steven Universe: The Movie Trailer BREAKDOWN!
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Steven Universe: The Movie finally dropped its first trailer and blew our minds with a look at the world after the timeskip! How much has Homeworld changed since the start of Era 3? What exactly is this new Gem Town the uncorrupted Crystal Gems are residing in after the events of Change Your Mind? Why does Bismuth have a brand new reformation? What's new about Alexandrite?! AND JUST WHO THE HECK IS THIS BRAND NEW VILLAIN?! Are Steven and Connie dating?! Join us to break it all down and give you the rundown on everything in the trailer you may have missed!
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Hosted by: Kevin Williams
Edited by: Kevin Williams
Produced by: Kevin Williams
Graphics by CabooseJr
Artwork by Kaitrin Snodgras, Nikki Thompson, MikeCatSU & Kitsune Zakuro!
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  • The Roundtable
    The Roundtable

    The time for hype is NOW! Big thanks to Ridge for sponsoring this episodel! Here’s the site if you want to check them out and support us a little bit more!

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      Shanna-Jane Laker

      😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻come to my Chanel car Mr cat

    • Ruel Grandma toes
      Ruel Grandma toes

      The Roundtable wait hold up if it’s killing all organic life killing Steven wait hold remember when white diamond took out Steven gem then the non emotionally pink Steven came so will Steven gem come back out if Steven is no longer have contact with the gem anymore😱

    • Lizard LP
      Lizard LP

      on the day the movie is coming out i'm having my birthday 🤩

    • Rammie


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      red broly-kun


  • Moonstone the magical gemstone
    Moonstone the magical gemstone

    Is Little Homeworld

  • Clash Games
    Clash Games

    Or maybe Greg and Steven are fusing

  • Maddox Cameron
    Maddox Cameron

    No one: Spinel: I’m about to do a pro gamer move

  • Alex Hamilton
    Alex Hamilton

    I 100% do NOT ship Steven and Connie guys please stop

    • Alex Hamilton
      Alex Hamilton

      Is saying what you are any LESS immature?

    • Not_in_the_mood_right_meow

      While I respect your opinion, telling people to stop shipping it wont work, and is pretty immature

  • Alex Hamilton
    Alex Hamilton

    Gosh the crystal gems are weak they got their butts handed to them by the court jester

    • I'm Scared
      I'm Scared

      Gosh you are so annoying bitch

  • Jirini

    " Showing her similarities to Monkey D. Luffy-- throwing punches " My man, I don't think those are exclusive to Luffy.

  • ReroMan

    Here we are in the future and this is wrong!

    • Fanatica Feax
      Fanatica Feax

      ReroMan Smooth.

  • Kaka Bautista
    Kaka Bautista


  • Itz Faith
    Itz Faith

    It s kind of cringey how wrong it was about who Spinel was Still loved the videos and live the channel no hate

  • Melissakdog aj
    Melissakdog aj

    Have you never Sean a injecter before?

  • Sirake

    Um.... Whitebeard was the 4th emperor for hundreds of episodes, that counts as a pretty massive spoiler

  • Charles Williams
    Charles Williams

    What if the DNA is Pink Diamonds DNA. It would make since if Spinnel wants to get revenge on Pink.

    • Charles Williams
      Charles Williams

      But then again, how would Spinnel get Pink's DNA?

  • hybrid of clod
    hybrid of clod

    New fusion Me 2 weeks ago:hah maybe is lapis+peridot or other Me after watching the movie: What seriously a steg

  • hybrid of clod
    hybrid of clod


  • RoseDark Animations
    RoseDark Animations

    I can't find the movie in my country 😥

  • Cecelia Pokorski
    Cecelia Pokorski

    If steven using his magic kisses to heal the ground after the battle mean he can heal the prime kindergarden

  • The Rem Master
    The Rem Master

    I wanna sleep, please I need it. I'm so tired, help!

  • trueninja01

    6:33 was that an uwu??????? UWU POLICE!!! oh wait that wasn't an uwu, you're good

  • Mc Diggles
    Mc Diggles

    24:05 I can’t believe you didn’t notice it was stuck onto the wall with a Pearl Point.

  • Diamond Breeze
    Diamond Breeze


  • Ryne Tuzon
    Ryne Tuzon

    Of course he will save the world by singing

  • GNAnimations

    Wow this is outdated!!!

  • Torren County
    Torren County

    Spinel could unlock gear 4th🤭

  • That Dude
    That Dude

    Half of this video was correct

  • That Dude
    That Dude

    I love how the change overview was spot on

  • Geek E Media
    Geek E Media

    She wasnt pink diamond lmao

  • Xxlegit DashxX
    Xxlegit DashxX

    “A new fusion was teased” People who saw the movie: steg intensifies

  • Xxlegit DashxX
    Xxlegit DashxX

    People who saw the movie: intelligent intelligence intensifies

  • Layla Cooper
    Layla Cooper

    The new fusion will be a STEGosaurus

  • Zaiden Farnsworth
    Zaiden Farnsworth

    And yes pearl did get pearl got to fuse into opal

  • Zaiden Farnsworth
    Zaiden Farnsworth

    I watched it the scythe made Steven have no powers that why he had bags under his eyes

  • 5000 subs with no vid Challenge
    5000 subs with no vid Challenge

    Why is this the first time I’m hearing of this

  • Rachelle Ramos
    Rachelle Ramos

    Is it just me or that gem injector looks like a Bacteriophage Virus.. Come out Science Geeks.

  • RegretfullPudding

    I watched the movie twice, and nah fam this ain't right

  • asterasea

    how is no one talking about 7:05, when he mentions that change is one of the strongest recurring themes in su? that prediction hit the nail on the head!

  • L0G1C BreaK
    L0G1C BreaK

    Its called LITTLE HOME WORLD in the movie

  • Luca Pena
    Luca Pena

    LMAO you were wrong on almost everything XD

  • Koko Keenan
    Koko Keenan

    Thats ametis

  • Gabriel Ruppert
    Gabriel Ruppert

    This dude was so spot on about the theme of change O.O

  • William Butler
    William Butler

    Watched it 3 times, and no, no, no.

  • Benjamin Tan Ch'ing Jui
    Benjamin Tan Ch'ing Jui

    This movie suprisingly was amazing I had doubts about the antagonist which I thought would ruin the movie since she seemed so wacky and like weird but she actually was actually a really good character one of my favorite ones actually this movie was truly amazing I suggest watching it

  • XxFanderxX 89
    XxFanderxX 89

    So I've seen the movie already but I do have a theory on this new gems motives. The injector does look similar to the ones in the kindergarten, except this one is fancier than the others. So what if, and I'm just putting it out there, what of this new gem was sent by some higher force to create a new PD. With Steven returning to earth, the diamonds could get angry and replace him all together. Therefore sending a gem to create a new PD.

  • Millicent Schächter
    Millicent Schächter

    Speaking of things staying the same forever... Poor Spinel

  • Millicent Schächter
    Millicent Schächter

    _I think the new gem is someone that pink betrayed, and is here to get revenge on Steven_ (Sarcasm, I watched it today during my Drafting course)

  • Level Tv
    Level Tv

    What would happen if the diamonds got rested 🔄

  • Eduardo Rebolledo Jr
    Eduardo Rebolledo Jr

    Mas genocide more like Mas genocide run im i right undertale fans

  • The Vegan Merman
    The Vegan Merman

    I guess Spinel did become Pink’s replacement 😂😂

  • Reyniel Gonzalez
    Reyniel Gonzalez

    your chanle suck

    • I'm Scared
      I'm Scared

      Look who's talking? A channel who have no subscribers insulting a channel who is famous in steven universe? If i were you, i would be ashamed of course. Who are you to insult him dummy

  • Eliander Valderen
    Eliander Valderen

    I have to admit I really loved this movie. I didn't quite watch you all the way through cuz head things to do I did see a good portion of it

  • Jose Asencio
    Jose Asencio

    Her name is (SPENIL)♤♡

  • Toby Toby
    Toby Toby

    me watching a bunch of movie clips and then watching this theory: Lol cant wait until he realizes how wrong he is

    • EDSBeGaming

      Purpal Live! More than likely already knows.

  • Santana Williams
    Santana Williams


  • Courtney Vause
    Courtney Vause

    Jeez that gem thing would be cooler

  • That one artist In the corner
    That one artist In the corner

    Ohhhh how they were so wrong about Spinel...

  • Uyen Bui
    Uyen Bui

    The movie was AWESOME is was really emotional and I almost cried and I was surprised that the diamonds came back

  • pikachu mew
    pikachu mew

    Is the movie in the theatres

  • The Animaniac
    The Animaniac


  • Lord doge Games T
    Lord doge Games T

    The new Steven universe movie is shit

  • Rowan James
    Rowan James

    aaaaahhh im watching the movie today at 6 on live tv IM SO EXCITED

  • John Greer
    John Greer

    I think that the new Villain is pink diamond old pearl that was replaced with pearl that’s why pearl Recognized her in the second trailer

  • Missaskip

    Fuck this shit I’m out

  • ❼❼❷

    First time in the world 🌎

  • AverageDayOfShay

    It is now confirmed the image of the gem using a horn is to signal to the injector “ ayyyy! Do the thing! DO IT!”

  • Stop Motion Lego
    Stop Motion Lego

    Where Lion

  • Cloutboyrocket

    My theory is you know pink diamond/rose Quartz gems that she put in the earth one of them might be the villain

  • Adriana Ramirez
    Adriana Ramirez

    In 2 more days it comes out

  • Jj Cavazos
    Jj Cavazos

    I think the best guy in Steven Universe the movies actually diamonds old pearl

  • Crystal Gems
    Crystal Gems

    How has no one made the meme Steven: I want my happily ever after back Shrek: well you better keep looking

  • James Meyer
    James Meyer

    I think that the mystery gem is the original pink diamond but was maybe replaced cause she was defective