Steven Universe The Movie Trailer BREAKDOWN! New Gems, Homeworld Era 3 & Details You May Have Missed
The Roundtable
Steven Universe: The Movie Trailer BREAKDOWN!
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Steven Universe: The Movie finally dropped its first trailer and blew our minds with a look at the world after the timeskip! How much has Homeworld changed since the start of Era 3? What exactly is this new Gem Town the uncorrupted Crystal Gems are residing in after the events of Change Your Mind? Why does Bismuth have a brand new reformation? What's new about Alexandrite?! AND JUST WHO THE HECK IS THIS BRAND NEW VILLAIN?! Are Steven and Connie dating?! Join us to break it all down and give you the rundown on everything in the trailer you may have missed!
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Written by: Kevin Williams
Hosted by: Kevin Williams
Edited by: Kevin Williams
Produced by: Kevin Williams
Graphics by CabooseJr
Artwork by Kaitrin Snodgras, Nikki Thompson, MikeCatSU & Kitsune Zakuro!
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  • The Roundtable
    The Roundtable

    The time for hype is NOW! Big thanks to Ridge for sponsoring this episodel! Here’s the site if you want to check them out and support us a little bit more!

    • Shungite CG
      Shungite CG

      do the name leak!

    • little panda 56
      little panda 56

      You forgot one thing HE OBTAIN DA NECC

    • Da Slim boi Jim
      Da Slim boi Jim

      maybe like GNA? Gem-Dna



    • Nightmare 0907
      Nightmare 0907

      Bring the Kaiju Queen obsidian!!!!!

  • Cappy & Bottle
    Cappy & Bottle

    Just saying the gems name is probably heartstone

  • fire channel
    fire channel

    Greg at least needs to try to run random pink thing over with his van and crack her gem. *LeT mE dRiVe My VaN iNtO yOuR hEaRt*

  • ρєαcнєsゔヰギ

    ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

  • trolplayzzz

    I need to see the off-colors

  • Doodlescnof

    If this doesnt come out it 2020 i will poop my life

  • H.I.M

    The gem injector machine strongly resembles a T4 virus >>>>>look it up

  • Joanne Block
    Joanne Block

    17:50 the gem YEETS Steven into the air Pause it Look at Stevens eyes lol 😂

  • Joanne Block
    Joanne Block

    4:20 although one kinda looks like a taller era one peridot but the colors are off Me they are an off color!

    • Gamepls 47
      Gamepls 47

      Well the gem kinda looks like a emerald

  • Mr. Chipnoodle
    Mr. Chipnoodle

    Steven has a neck!!!!!

  • 3.14159265359

    Other people: this looks like a movie with a compelling storyline and interesting characters. It looks really good. Literally the entire fandom: *STEVEN HAS A NECK NOW!!!!*

  • Samantha Latson
    Samantha Latson

    Steven and Connie:kiss* Everyone else fans:SFHKHYIHOXK

  • Sad Sweatshirt
    Sad Sweatshirt

    I think the new fusion will be between peridot and lapis

  • Justin CHOY
    Justin CHOY

    And they say dimond is unbreakable

  • Justin CHOY
    Justin CHOY

    There is only one person that can save them:joskue pt4 with crazy dimond

  • Im a WEEB
    Im a WEEB


  • Yuri Arca
    Yuri Arca

    I think the part 11:23 will be in the making of TR-my Rewind 2019.

  • Addison Pasteur
    Addison Pasteur

    Stop juging it you don't know what it,'ll look like or you have not watch it so stop. it's comeing out soon so stop it watch it then you could have sayed what you think like watch it. so stop it

  • Paola Rodriguez
    Paola Rodriguez

    Pink zircon? “Cubic zirconia... are often used as an alternative to diamond” (cheaper alternative). She could easily be trying to resurrect her if that’s the way we’re gonna go on about it. But someone on here did mention she could just be trying to build a colony. Either way- it looks like all she wants to do is destroy, so she’s just kind of malevolent. I really like this character, I don’t know why. 😂 I don’t watch Stephen universe much (if at all), but this hyped me for absolutely no other reason than that character looks mighty interesting... also, my very uninformed theory is: she’s probably a type of fighter/soldier, built specifically to destroy worlds if not for the purposes of colonizing and allowing the injectors to do their thing, flawlessly. But I don’t know ANYTHING about Stephen universe so; 😂 likely way off. She seems to have a mind of her own, though, considering she’s standing on top of the injector by her lonesome at some point, likely watching over and waiting for it to be over and done with. Stephen is likely going to try to reason with her, which could point to a past with her... or something like that. Anyway. That’s it- that’s all I got. My initial thought was that she was going to be kind of like a crony, and point to the fact that she’s a left over from what happened in the way past...? But, yeah, she seems to have motive. It’s just interesting we don’t hear her talk at all, save for a laugh. Real good way to hype everyone up. 😦❤️

  • Cheese Eater
    Cheese Eater

    Every time I see this I keep thinking what would happen if Steven got pooffed

  • Festivia.

    One of my main theories I've been fantasizing about concern the negatory of this "Gem Town" to be some form of communicational method towards the other gems and species Steven has met and communicated with for the alleged 2 past years. In an earlier part of the trailer, it shows Steven communicating to the Diamonds and Homeworld on a Diamond Communication Hub. (Or the name of what ever Peridot used to contact Yellow Diamond in the episode I have no idea so go away). Just kidding about that last regard, but seriously. I do think this could be the reasoning, and if not it's just a theory. I don't know LEAVE ME ALONE 🤔

  • Rose Quartz
    Rose Quartz

    I can't wait to see this movie 😍

  • Junior Gabe
    Junior Gabe

    Wait, Pink diamonds gem is upside down. The Protagonist's heart is upside down.

  • Robert Gaming and video
    Robert Gaming and video

    I wanna see the cluster destroy the drill

  • Cosmica The explorer
    Cosmica The explorer

    Never seen this show but I get this theory

  • aurora

    cross over episode with harley quinn

  • JUB Gaming
    JUB Gaming

    Netflix give cartoon network 1 million dollars to make this more faster

  • Charlette Paskins
    Charlette Paskins


  • RandomPotato

    *literally counting the days until this comes out*

  • hey its the man
    hey its the man

    i like when amethyst and pearl hold hands while there falling

  • The warriors
    The warriors

    How can you watch Steven universe the movie without cn

  • Nani mator
    Nani mator

    I don't know about you guys but my hype train exploded

  • TheBoe-Eyes

    Welcome to crystal clear!! Where we take a 2 minute video and turn it into a 26 minute video!!

  • Sae ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ
    Sae ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ

    I think u nearly predicted the plot of the movie, I didn’t even think about her being a pink diamond 2.0. Also if I don’t see a lapis peridot fusion I’m gonna cry

  • jasmine robertson
    jasmine robertson

    Wow I didn't even realized that was a warp pad

  • Your Mother
    Your Mother

    "These aquamarines could just be beryl." Why cant they be off colour?

  • jareb matt breily ando
    jareb matt breily ando

    The villians name is SPOILERS Spinel

  • Mary Is Fluffy
    Mary Is Fluffy

    spoiler alert: the villain's name is spinel

  • spx builds
    spx builds

    The dna is the energy from organic life mostly plant life being obsorved to make the new diomand


    pink diamond 2.O gem looks like a harmony core

  • Mike Millsap
    Mike Millsap

    That thing on peridot had was the melecular structure of the goo...she must have been looking at what it will do and looking for an antidote for it.

  • DM_Authority

    The new gem upside down heart well round table how about you look at the main character in one pice His name is Monkey d. Luffy and he has the same powers as the new gem so I hope this helped. And his powers are gum witch turn his body into rubber making him super stretchy and immune to electricity witch maby has something to do with Erra 3 in gem world.

  • Leyderman Escobar Diaz
    Leyderman Escobar Diaz

    Ha yeet that’s a good one

  • Travis Dicken
    Travis Dicken

    Pearl said gems can not change but they have different clothes I think they were in a war

  • Azarael Hernandez
    Azarael Hernandez

    Turles 2.0

  • Ken Plays
    Ken Plays

    Gum gum vs shanks who would win Shank win

  • Zeosaki Keno
    Zeosaki Keno

    Where is Lars ?? Did he pass in the show pls let me know.

  • Steelstriker

    This movie will fucking suck. Why? Spoiler, they are going to redeem the villian. Just like how they fucked up the ending of the show.

  • TheCrazy _Gamer
    TheCrazy _Gamer

    I thought the gem was spinel

  • Kafei Mewtwo
    Kafei Mewtwo

    I have a theory that the reason for the diamonds being the way they were to begin with was they feared something, and tried their hardest to stop it by creating their empire as a buffer zone, and as the villain appears to be very silly and childish I believe that there's a group of gems who are completely chaotic and the diamonds were so rigged and strict to counteract them. idk just a theory Also what if she has the power to make other gems go psycho like her, kinda like how white diamond controlled the crystal gems.

  • M. T. McCoy
    M. T. McCoy

    We've never seen a Steven-Pearl-Amethyst fusion. That would be amazing. 😍

    • dada pika jackson
      dada pika jackson

      It would be like a yoyo with blades on it

  • Ebaa Emad
    Ebaa Emad

    *Other* Well HE HAS A NECK!!!!

  • ThisIsMyName

    I'm Scared Connie Might Die Because She Is A Human And When She Dies, She Dies And Remember When Connie Said She Will Protect Steven Like Pearl Did? She Might Have No Chance Of Surviving! LET CONNIE LIVE!

  • Screaming Parrots
    Screaming Parrots

    forgot about the n e c c

  • Aleeha Phoenix
    Aleeha Phoenix

    Is it just me or does the new gem look like DeeDee from Dextor's Laboratory?? 12:24

  • Pablo Beserra
    Pablo Beserra

    Steven: I want everything to stay like this and never change. Connie kisses steven. Steven: Why did eveything change?!?

  • Hanna Thompson
    Hanna Thompson

    Ship ship ship!

  • 22Jack Petrovic
    22Jack Petrovic

    HUZZAH, Another One Piece fanatic! Rebecca, My Respect For You Has Grown!!!

  • HoodedTundra__ 675
    HoodedTundra__ 675

    I don't really care about the villain im just happy that steven has a neck

  • Jessica Finley
    Jessica Finley

    Im guessing if they need a entire planet just to grow one gem it must be a red diamond as pink was a failed red she (I’m gonna assume it’s a girl) must be trying to create a new red diamond cause she thinks pink is a mistake thats why she wants to kill steven Edit:I’m pretty sure that the gem is pink sapphire

  • Gohon_games !
    Gohon_games !

    Juicy no you

  • Lux3 FTW
    Lux3 FTW

    Steven universe: No fighting pls That pink thing: *let me just make a pro gamer move*

  • Phoebe Draws
    Phoebe Draws

    i think the pearl that white was controlling is pink things pearl because of the hair things and the reason she was controlled is because she would let out a secret

  • Angie Pineda
    Angie Pineda

    The new pink gem is opposite of t Rose

  • Infinium Dankstar
    Infinium Dankstar

    At 15:40 That is a molecular structure on peridots screen. The theory that this is a failed link diamond seems more likely given the fact this seems like a subtle hint.

  • Samuelito Ibarra
    Samuelito Ibarra

    I cannot wait to see father and son Jammin their guitars. Long live rock out.

  • Legit_lemons 45
    Legit_lemons 45

    I actually understood this because i watch this show so i know everything that happened, i even watch some episodes over and over to pay attention to little details. I love steven universe and how creative it is. I spotted some little details in the trailer also! Tell me what you spotted in the show or the trailer!

  • Luna wolf 93456 2
    Luna wolf 93456 2

    Holy friken lord I am a genius what if aqua marine created a robot to make a new diamond then the gem of pink dude is her pod then that explains how she can stretch without glowing aqua marine was mad because she didn’t really catch rose quarts and at the begging of the first teaser you can hear her cakle but it sounds like aqua marine and her laughs it could just be her voice distorted

  • James Daniel
    James Daniel

    Oh yas talking about the curapted gem there is one curapted gem that haven't seem,the gem that parodot bubble and it is at the bun

  • Jacob Chadwick
    Jacob Chadwick

    I think Steven is going to die