Stop Harrasing Me! - LWIAY #00112
This has gone too far!
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  • Ismael Rivera
    Ismael Rivera

    I completely agree with pewdiepie on jojo. First season wasn’t that interesting so I skipped a huge portion

  • Percy Jackson
    Percy Jackson

    Yes what is the lead pen? PEWDS IT IS A PENCIL

  • Chairman Of Apple Juice
    Chairman Of Apple Juice

    The intro is probably the greatest thing I’ve ever seen

  • 1k subs with 0 vids do it
    1k subs with 0 vids do it

    That intro mannnnn

  • Isitvya Mukesh
    Isitvya Mukesh

    Floor gang ouh

  • Cohen

    Pewdiepie killed slippy Now really

  • William Cook
    William Cook

    felix: I finished terraria me: *face palm*

  • ibra elghandour
    ibra elghandour

    6:55 thinking that now he and I are FLOOR GANG

  • Diego Damian
    Diego Damian

    Finish jojo and understand the beauty

  • Sam

    Today is the last day of may 2020🥺🥺🥺🥺😢

    • Razvee


  • Grant Redacted
    Grant Redacted

    Watching a non floor video makes me uncomfortable

  • Asha Cherian
    Asha Cherian

    Felix no more floor gang? ?????

  • Duck Helga
    Duck Helga

    Never had neighbours kid, I live in the neighbourhood of boomers 😂

  • Barbara

    "May 2020 I will go bye bye" May 2020 : bye bye minecraft

  • Laura Watson
    Laura Watson

    I love that the meme is that we’re 19 year olds because I am, in fact, 19 years old

  • TheArtsyDragon

    Also didn't a new update come out for Terraria? 15:05

  • TheArtsyDragon

    Dude, instead of watching Phineas and Ferb read the cliffnotes.

  • Valen Bersani
    Valen Bersani

    8:21 I

  • Samuel WHITE
    Samuel WHITE

    1 month ago, when life was good

  • Mason Wyatt
    Mason Wyatt

    It may 26 and u haven’t went bye bye

  • Ann Esparta
    Ann Esparta

    Lmao when he saw Stephan0 I was like 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Xx Clot xX
    Xx Clot xX

    So when you gonna measure it Felix huh

  • Sir Afriquatious
    Sir Afriquatious

    Rest In Peace pewds. It’s past May 20

  • BlueMicrobe7

    Pewdiepie: Well boys, it’s lunchtime! Girls: never eat lunch again

  • Mister Aranha
    Mister Aranha

    Alguém pt ou br?

  • Ivan Roberts
    Ivan Roberts


  • Iron Fan 3000
    Iron Fan 3000

    "A multimillionaire doesn't know what a pencil is?" I just realized that I don't even need to study

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B

    The triangle is Phineas the rectangle is ferb and the half circle is Isabell

  • Dubbed Catastrophe
    Dubbed Catastrophe

    We can ignore the fact that Felix doesn't know what a pencil is BUT HE SPELT "harassing" WRONG!!!!!!!

  • MrMCKlebeband

    5:15 claus von wagner?

  • K2's Lab
    K2's Lab

    He said bye bye at may 20 .. and he said bye bye Minecraft at may 22

  • ScorpioSpawn

    he foreshadowed floor gang remix on Spotify

  • RoxMaxMedia

    i started watching you when i was 15 Years old, now i'm 9 Years old

  • Chloé Stewart
    Chloé Stewart

    Please play animal crossing! 😬🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • lorenx. co.14
    lorenx. co.14

    It's May 22 and he didn't leave 😂❤

  • Vince Pabi
    Vince Pabi

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that Felix said that he's gonna die in May 20, 2020

  • IRllyLiekMemez

    8:29 Naruto Shippiden episode 501

  • Megan Cooper
    Megan Cooper

    That’s not true there is a lot of updates in trareu

  • Dr. James Bond
    Dr. James Bond

    Me on May 21st : Pewds is with us no more...

  • Son Shu
    Son Shu

    His mustache is so unconfort me

  • Carter Han
    Carter Han

    LWIAY never fails to make us laugh

  • Preston Graves
    Preston Graves

    8:44 bruhhhhh

  • Olivia Ross
    Olivia Ross

    Ok ........ So when He said "JoJo Week" I actually thought he meant JoJo Siwa 😂🤦

  • Kushagra Pandey
    Kushagra Pandey

    May 21 and we still have pewds❤️

  • GoodLuck Game
    GoodLuck Game

    What is the subreddit PewDiePie is using?

    • Just__An__Introvert

      R/bros I would assume considering its the official Pewds subreddit

  • ツSan

    May 20 2020 👀

  • Reaching for the Stars
    Reaching for the Stars

    I want to hug this man

  • Gio Dacara
    Gio Dacara

    PewDiePie bye-bye now

  • karmen

    ITS 2020 MAY 20 FELIX ARE YOU OK?!?!

  • Irrespons

    Bye bye, its 20 of may.

  • gameing warrior
    gameing warrior

    8:42 me wacthing this on may 20😣

  • DaFlashlight

    Today wasn't the day we lost a legend thank you life very cool❤

  • Lily

    He said hes gonna DIE TODAY!!!!!!😭😭😭😭

  • Expanded Tree
    Expanded Tree

    Welp today is may 20 pewds is still here

  • Alex. Careaga
    Alex. Careaga

    Dog lovers as soon as Pewds says Male pups are simps: Earnie prepares to commit a hate crime

  • Julian Gomez
    Julian Gomez

    Felix dies tomorrow

  • Bennett Dole
    Bennett Dole

    Do minecreaft

  • Dale 459
    Dale 459

    it was phineas and ferb🤯🤯not markipliar and jacksepticeye

  • JoleaDragon

    LWIAY, not to be confused with "LAWAY" (saliva in Filipino)

  • Simone Bach-Nielsen
    Simone Bach-Nielsen

    Play Skyrim!! ❤️

  • Hardik Meel
    Hardik Meel

    when you realize that sweden is just a rip off of finland lol

  • game_kid 6495
    game_kid 6495

    Their are pencil that have eraser for decorating

  • Lee Adrian CatFox
    Lee Adrian CatFox

    May 20, 2020 it's really soon

  • Gabrielle Cabral-Fielden
    Gabrielle Cabral-Fielden

    6 more days until he goes bye bye

  • Themanbehindtheslaughter

    4:48 that’s epic.

  • Bree Honey
    Bree Honey

    Watching this in may like [• ] [• ] [ • ] [ • ] [-] [-]

  • Brynn And The Bandits
    Brynn And The Bandits

    As soon as it showed him on Spotify, I went and followed him.

  • Nyan Cat
    Nyan Cat

    May 2020.... I'm scared. Pls don't go bye bye Pewds.

  • Stu Padasso
    Stu Padasso

    3:25 lmao

  • RandyDaGamer

    I hate this new intro

    • RandyDaGamer

      Alden Robinson Thanks for asking why instead of being mean to me ^-^ I hate it because he’s using the word pps... I dislike it.

    • Alden Robinson
      Alden Robinson

      RandyDaGamer why