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When a rogue AI program takes over America's computer systems and learns to manipulate the weather, two robots must fight to gain control of the program before it's too late.

  • andrew simmons
    andrew simmons

    humans have not been a good shepherd to this planet something about a virus

  • Caminante Solitario
    Caminante Solitario

    We are in the future watching this movie in the middle of the quarantine

  • Eric Rogers
    Eric Rogers

    Cheese ageddon.

  • Гленн


  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown

    WTF wow a cop shot and killed that boy in the library

  • hisbeaconlight

    Be careful with what you allow your eyes to behold. The devil has tricks everywhere, and attempts to deceive all he can with his cunning evil schemes. What some of you may or may not realize, is that the three main characters (The robots) named Adam, Cain, and Abel, are based on the names of three biblical characters: Adam, the first man, and Cain and Abel, two of Adam's sons. Unlike the Bible, where Cain, was wicked and did not obey God's request, and thus killed his brother Abel, in the movie, both Cain and Abel are evil. Also, according to history and Scripture, Adam is not the Savior, God is. Adam is simply a created being (albeit the first human), just like his sons Cain and Abel. Adam is NOT the Savior, nor was Adam created to protect of Save anyone or anything. Only Jesus Christ, the Son of God, can save, and it is only through His blood, and by trusting and believing in God, that there is any hope for being saved from the wickedness of this earth--there is no other way--and btw, it was Jesus Christ who died for the salvation of mankind.

  • Lara Rose
    Lara Rose

    Wow this was a pretty bad one......thanks anyway.

  • Vannak Lifestyle
    Vannak Lifestyle

    So cool movie

  • Phil Widdifield
    Phil Widdifield

    Lots of comments but is this movie worth watching retards??

  • Jon Avenger71985
    Jon Avenger71985

    Another bad Terminator ripoff.

    • Marquisha Jerry
      Marquisha Jerry


  • Sun Simaj Bey
    Sun Simaj Bey

    when you have nothing to do in quarentine

    • Mortar m
      Mortar m

      Quarenteenie (runs into desert)

    • Elijah Mumford
      Elijah Mumford

      ...PEOPLE ARE LOSING THEIR MINDS SITTING @ HOME ...They need to GET ...ouuuuuttttttt--''''''

    • Marquisha Jerry
      Marquisha Jerry


  • Wyatt Neary
    Wyatt Neary

    Titanus Ghidorah: hmmmm this weather combined with my hurricane will kill all humans within less than 3 or 2 months or weeks!

  • Wyatt Neary
    Wyatt Neary

    ° ° __

  • J. Mendana
    J. Mendana

    Great time. Like watching Arnold's Terminator Terminal Man a bit of MIB. Over all great evening at home not fully implemented yet but stay homes ordered in our City. Thanks fir the downloads.

  • Dock Slammers Featuring Pickle
    Dock Slammers Featuring Pickle

    Her sidekick is so fucking annoying

  • Kat Yarn
    Kat Yarn

    23:38 See Y'all the really handsome mysterious man said to "Buckle Up" Wearing your seat belt is cool! At 1:15:00 I was like, "Molly?, Here kitty kitty"

  • Tommy Krazy Klaun
    Tommy Krazy Klaun

    25:30 wow what a great shooter. He was probably the best of the best marksman in the Navy Seals or Special Forces .😂😂

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller

    GM caused it

  • Mickey Mishra
    Mickey Mishra

    Im seeing a lot of GoD Bless comments. This is a Christian Movie isn't it? Oh no.,......

    • Marquisha Jerry
      Marquisha Jerry

      No it's a TR-my movie🙂.

  • Jose Silva
    Jose Silva

    True government cover control

  • ɮᴇᴄφᴍɪnɢ

    Best way to sum up this movie: LOL

  • Gloire Kabongo
    Gloire Kabongo

    This movie is trash did anyone see the girl that was supposed to act dead blink🤣

    • Marquisha Jerry
      Marquisha Jerry


  • Faith Peace Hope
    Faith Peace Hope

    Screen is black wtf

  • Kris Beavers
    Kris Beavers

    And I literally have that exact t.v. they have, point 9.26. Jesus lmfao I bought it in Philly

  • Kris Beavers
    Kris Beavers

    The bold guy in the beginning is really one of the men in black!

  • michelina wildlife expert
    michelina wildlife expert

    President doesnt run this counyry the ""Good ole Boys do"" And who are they??? Ted turner founder of CNN Bill Gates microsoft Oprah Winfrey and many more and they all have one commonality they are Multi-Billioniares ... Bill Gates and Ted turner was on video talking about this world being over populated, and that people who don't contribute shouldn be here - Bill Gates owns some chemist and claims he's always working on vaccines, funny how after that video bill gates goes down to Africa and vaccinated a village and opps unfortunately they all died - now look at what's happening covid-19 is taking out 1000's Oprah Winfrey said on national Television ""how could anybody with a brain believe there's only one God"" - wtf is really going on people ??? and all this can be fact checked - you can google it for Lords Snakes

  • james larson
    james larson

    Rita easy girl

  • james larson
    james larson

    Nothing like cheese

  • Cece Princess
    Cece Princess

    All these free movies stupid

  • feuriger Stern
    feuriger Stern

    Something to keep me mind off covid19

  • Erick Chavarria
    Erick Chavarria

    hated the mom lines but hate the girls lines more she has said what more than a hundred times

  • Carolyn Perry
    Carolyn Perry

    When they see us

  • Omie Luis
    Omie Luis

    17:40 the dead girl in blue just blinked her eyes HAHAHA

  • Rita Daniels
    Rita Daniels

    So what I they trying to say to us now because they are doing too much lies and foolish things to the people everybody are going crazy and confused about everything else that don’t make any sense at all.


    Same two guys from alien code WTF

  • muradi asd
    muradi asd

    Stormageddon 1080p Full Movies »»» айлык алгыныз келеби? Бирок сиз бала менен уйдо

  • Eldrath

    wow this movie sucks

  • Naren A
    Naren A

    Thank you TR-my in this LOCKDOWN allowing us to watch movies with no ADD , Thanks a lottttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Rene Medina
    Rene Medina


  • John Dou
    John Dou

    Over acting movie

  • Rita Daniels
    Rita Daniels

    I got to stay in prayer just to keep my mind stay focused in the Lord Christ Jesus Amen. So scary to see them thangs acting like this evil evil deals. Well I’m sorry hopefully we will be out of here no more to be around this world 🌎.

  • Rita Daniels
    Rita Daniels

    So this is what they are doing to us now??? It’s all been exposed to us now. This is so crazy look at this compute people

  • Ah. Mustafa Rahmani
    Ah. Mustafa Rahmani

    It’s a wastage of time movie!!

  • Benjamin


  • skdkoc

    loved this movie!!! rob

  • GB06 Chomp Chomp
    GB06 Chomp Chomp

    1:16:26-1:40:00 last visit to my chiropractor felt like

  • GB06 Chomp Chomp
    GB06 Chomp Chomp

    Mr. Cleans been putting in some work👨‍🦲🙊👨‍🦲🙈👨‍🦲🥴🤣🤣 The glare on that head

  • EpenCrep B-Ten Games
    EpenCrep B-Ten Games

    Love the cheap LED PC case fans on that futuristic chair lol 😆

  • Robert Askins
    Robert Askins

    Good movie

  • Sheryl Lee
    Sheryl Lee

    I can't stand Molly. She's weak.

  • Tauveve Suafoa
    Tauveve Suafoa

    Girl on this movie is terrible actor.. I hope she not on another movies..

  • Calvin Adams
    Calvin Adams

    Trump did it. !!!

  • veg mex
    veg mex

    Good movie 😷🦠

  • sing along
    sing along

    Covid-19 Gang killa squad u gunna get Kilt niqqa

    • Kreyol -USA official L
      Kreyol -USA official L

      Mount Zion belong to no jews....or Jamaican ancient black babel gang.

  • Gerald Sullivan
    Gerald Sullivan

    Isn't A I wonderful? Beware of PC's ruling our lives. Just a thought....

    • Kreyol -USA official L
      Kreyol -USA official L

      Welcome to ancient of days....

  • K.O Mami
    K.O Mami

    🔥 🔥

  • Dave Woodruff
    Dave Woodruff

    Coronavirus movie was published bk in early Feb and looks its actually real now a movie like this better keep our eyes open

    • Hollywood T
      Hollywood T

      @Dave Woodruff Nah.

    • Dave Woodruff
      Dave Woodruff

      @Hollywood T you replied so u fuck off dumb ass

    • Hollywood T
      Hollywood T

      Fuck off, idiot.

  • Gregory Gibson
    Gregory Gibson

    This was a good movie just chill and watch it

  • D S
    D S

    funny, so many computer graphics but nobody seems to be able to use a mouse or it's like it has not been invented yet.

  • Zoran Kafadar
    Zoran Kafadar

    All you-tube movies is peace of shit !!!!!

  • Lovely Meek
    Lovely Meek

    Throw the whole woman away 🤦

  • Douglas Crabtree
    Douglas Crabtree

    a lil corny but this movie kicked ass

  • I AM VICTORIOUS the loud mouth of the south By God
    I AM VICTORIOUS the loud mouth of the south By God

    These movies won’t play

  • ApacheCheynne Miller
    ApacheCheynne Miller

    Lousy acting on the woman's part as she runs and faces the bugs trying to spray with all her etchy screams...

  • carlos Hernández
    carlos Hernández

    Es como Terminator pero mas chafa

  • Shigeo Misuda
    Shigeo Misuda


  • Tristan Gray
    Tristan Gray

    2:21 when technology turns on humans

  • Gil Sanchez
    Gil Sanchez

    That guy looks like super star aj styles

  • John Sharich
    John Sharich

    I know I am not crazy, but if you look the time segment 17:40 - 17:42, the supposedly dead girl on the chair blinked. That's some really bad acting, for Christ's sake.

  • Alostibios Vomitare
    Alostibios Vomitare

    Y el español??????????????????????????????????????????????????